Packers Lose to Bears in Embarrassing Fashion

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Aaron Rodgers goes down

Aaron Rodgers goes down

The Green Bay Packers dropped a 27-20 decision to the beat-up Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field on Monday night. There was that and the reason they dropped it — the primary one is that quarterback Aaron Rodgers left after the first series and didn’t return.
And some asshole beat writer suggested the Packers would be just fine without Rodgers earlier this week…
Without him, the Packers were left to rely on running Eddie Lacy against nine guys in the box, a little trickery and backup Seneca Wallace, who probably still doesn’t know half the playbook.
Oh, and a defense that looked like a shell of the defense that showed up for the Packers in recent week.
That shitstorm of a defense let Bears backup — because Jay Cutler didn’t even suit up for the game — Josh McCown throw for 272 yards and two touchdowns.
As usual, the Packers defensive backs couldn’t generate any turnovers. That’s been a season-long story. However, the Packers have been able to generate a pass rush, even without Clay Matthews… except in this game. They got one sack.
Pathetic. Dom Capers’ defensive scheme for this game was shit.
Unadulterated shit.
The Bears held a six-minute time of possession edge in the game, even though the Packers gained 28 more yards rushing. That’s because the Bears ran 20 more plays.
What was also pathetic and/or shit was the Packers inability to make tackles. They let Matt Forte run for 125 yards. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery dominated the Packers’ cornerbacks. When Forte wasn’t running through A.J. Hawk, Marshall and Jeffrey were running over the Packers’ secondary.
Morgan Burnett played maybe his worst game of the season. Tramon Williams, even though it was more because of his coverage issues, ditto. After Williams struggled early, we called for Casey Hayward and, of course, he didn’t do any better.
The Bears’ receivers were just too big and physical for the Packers’ defensive backs on Monday.
Those guys made McCown look like a superstar. Well, those guys and the Packers’ DBs.
Even though the Bears were playing run all day long, they still couldn’t stop Lacy, who ran for 150 yards and a touch. They couldn’t stop James Starks, either. He had 40 and a touch on just six carries.
The problem here was Seneca Wallace. He couldn’t do anything. The passing game was non-existent once Rodgers exited.
Wallace was 11-of-19 for 114 yards and a pick. That’s a terrible 6 yards per pass. He also took four sacks — several of which a guy who’s been in the league as long as Seneca Wallace has shouldn’t be taking.
Now, we get it. McCown was taking all the snaps for the Bears this week. He was prepared. Wallace was probably taking five here and five there. Not prepared.
That doesn’t take away from the fact that he looked terrible. Wallace was only able to complete short passes and he misfired on several passes badly, as well as making some awful decisions. Wallace legitimately could have had three picks on the night.
Matt Flynn was just cut by the Bills, but, oh….
Mike McCarthy likes his quarterback room. We forgot!
If Aaron Rodgers is out for an extended period of time, the Packers are fucked. And Eddie Lacy is probably injured, since they’ll have to hand him the ball 40 times a game.
A fucking embarrassment.

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82 Comments on "Packers Lose to Bears in Embarrassing Fashion"

  1. pf4l

    I’m so disgusted, I don’t even know where to start. Another Dom Capers embarrassment. Can someone, anyone, please tell me why Tramon Williams is being paid 7 million?

  2. Luke

    That guy McBellend got 3 sacks in the process breaking Rodgers. Who was he lined over? Don fucking Barclay…….

    • pf4l

      McClellin. Barclay got exposed. Don Barclay can run block. But in reality, he’s a back up guard. Marshall Newhouse came in for Lang and pretty much played like…Marshall Newhouse.

    • KregN.

      I agree Luke, he’s been a damn problem all year in the pass game, and now our best player is out because of his wiff on a guy who had .5 sax on the year coming in. Barclay/Newhouse combo gave him 3 to add to his yearly total. Math……Shea accumulated 6x the number of sax he had all year. F’n perfect.

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      This from a guy who had 3 sacks for his whole career and who Bears fans have been labeling a bust.

    • valpoPackers

      Barclay moved to guard in the 2nd half after Lang got hurt. Newhouse was just as bad. Not much depth at tackle after Sherrod, JC Tretter, and Bulaga went out.

  3. Andy

    I was surprised we hung around like we did, but eventually 9 in the box took away the running game. My two big gripes here were:

    1) not challenging the quarless catch. You have literally nothing to lose by doing so and the offence clearly needed a boost at that point. The catch was just about in field goal range so that was a real blunder.

    2) Not running in goal to go after the onside kick. I know chicago stacked the box, but lacy was smashing though the first tackle every time so I like the odds of that more than getting seneca wallace to throw something to the corner, which he was way off each time.

    I’m dissapointed the D didnt step up. not even one turnover against the backup qb.

    • Phatgzus

      I mostly agree with 2, though Wallace should have had a TD to Quarless who took a different path on tge option route than what Wallace anticipated, both made good reads but if God’s Gifts runs a made it’s an easier play, and the pass wouldve been right on the money.

      As for 1), I thought it was a good no challenge-Quarless Lost control then re-established it but landed OB with the knee, at that point his two feet don’t count because he needs to re-establish them after the bobble, or make a football move (e.g. tuck the ball away, turn, spin, juke, etc.); he did neither so the location if knee contact is tge determining factor.

  4. pf4l

    Why is it..Whenever Cutler gets hurt. The back-up QB always lights us up? Caleb Hanie, and McCown (twice). I’m watching McCown play just about a mistake free game, and I have to wonder, why would the Bears give Cutler a big contract, or even franchise tag him? You can always count on Cutler to make multiple mistakes against the Packers. Concerning Seneca Wallace….It’s no wonder why he hasn’t played in the league the last 2 years. The dudes 5’10 or 11″. He looks like a child out there. Drew Brews or Russell Wilson he’s not. At least Vince Young could move around, and played with some passion. What TT saw in Wallace over Young, i’ll never understand. It’s pretty hard to win a football game when you are 1/9 on 3rd down conversions.

    • Phatgzus

      The main reason I was worried about this game was that if McCown played well the Bears’ front office might realize they don’t need Quitler. As a Packer fan I desperately want him to stay (especially at an exorbitant salary), more so than any Bears fan, simply because he can not beat the Pack.

  5. Richard Cranium

    Fuck Bob McGinn… That assfuck needs a pink slip ASAP!

    If he’s out 4 weeks they go 1-3… Sit at 7-6 and have to win out to make playoffs… For once I can now agree with wolfE the season is crumbling away.

  6. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    What an embarrassing, awful game. Without Rodgers this team is so one-dimensional (and without Lacey, it’d be a zero-dimensional tire fire.) Would have much preferred Vince Young out there, he at least would have kept it interesting.

  7. Mike R

    Huge let down by the defense. Let’s pray that we dodge a bullet with the Rodgers injury. If his collarbone is broke, throw the towel in on the season.

  8. T-Pack

    What a mess. Fractured collarbone is being reported. We’ re fucked if that’s true. Wallace is clueless.

    Agree why wouldn’t challenge that quarless catch. Passes were all over the place. And god damn defense was useless.

    Eagles game could be ugly as we will face another back up QB.

    • PF4L

      Fractured collarbone is about 3-4 weeks. I broke mine. I was out for about 7 weeks. It was reported that Rodgers had a lot of swelling, i’m wondering why his shoulder wasn’t iced.

  9. Disposable Hero

    If Rodgers is out for the remainder or majority of the year we might as well take the preseason approach and play all of our backups to avoid further injuries. Or just take Indy’s suck for luck approach and try to get a top 10 draft pick. Wallace was a fucking mess, o-line couldn’t pass protect and the defense said fuck it, I think labeling this game as a polished turd would be a compliment. Running game was the only positive aspect but how many more games can Lacy go with 25 or more carries until it catches up with him?

  10. KregN.

    Well…Brad Jones returned to his starting position and our D looked like shiite…..and Hawk regressed to the best tackler who gets dragged 10yards after contact. Please let Lattimore keep his starting job!!! A blocked punt and an onside kick recovery. He is a baller and he makes Hawk better. Jones plays a mean piano but Lattimore deserves his spot.

  11. Bob

    It’s Rodgers fault.

    How many time has he ran beyond his O-line to just mill around looking for a pass?
    When you run past your tackle you better keep on running.
    You have an undefended, 290lb+ monster barreling down on you from a blind side.

  12. Ryan

    You people need to get a grip.

    Of course this team is going to struggle without Rodgers… he is the best QB in the league and no backup, Flynn included, is going to easily replace him. Had the Packers defense shown up, GB probably would have won this game… with Seneca Wallace playing the way he did.

    Last night was a doomsday scenario for the Pack. Rodgers goes down and the defense resorts to its old tricks: missing tackles, blowing coverages and generating zero pass rush.

    The defense had really played so much better this season until last night. I have no idea what happened but it was very frustrating and unsettling.

    But, MM has been incredibly good about keeping this team together through adversity. Once again, he will be challenged. Let’s see what he can do.

    • PF4L

      When the defense all of a sudden, takes a step backwards in 1 game, it’s usually due to being outcoached. Not to mention not making much adjustment if any. Packers got outcoached and outplayed on both sides of the ball.

    • Phatgzus

      Logic and rationality? inconceivable! Beautiful, absolutely fucking pulchritudinous, bless your soul, man (or wo-man).

  13. Ivomitonvikingfans

    Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery raped every DB the Packers have and then went out and cornholed their wives and girlfriends. Time to get some legit corners and stop running out 4 guys who should only be playing nickel. AJ Hawk of the last few games was just an illusion after all. Is Johnny Jolly wearing out? If I were Lacy I would fake an injury so as not to get beaten like a rented mule for the rest of the season.

  14. A fucking embarrassment? This site is an embarrassment. All you ever do is bitch like a little girl, boast how you know more than the “Buffoon” and Ted Thompson, and talk shit about everyone else. You’ve perfected the art of verbal diarrhea. Please claim your award after I take a dump on it.

    PS This is the comment where I tell YOU to go fuck yourself.

    • PF4L

      Relax Packer Bob..Don’t have a meltdown. Stating the facts of the game is for Green Bay Packer football fans, good or bad, that are capable of thinking and anaylizing the game on their own. Maybe…Just maybe….TT and MM are human, and make mistakes. Just because fans want the packers to be accountable for poor play, doesn’t equate to fans being little girls. It’s making opinions about the game. Isn’t that what this site is for? Expressing opinions? I think you are the one that’s bitching like a little girl. Pull your skirt up Packer Bob, and try acting like a big girl.

    • Phatgzus

      Think about that statement, he was just cut…by the Bills. Who else do you know who was cut by the Bills?
      Yeah, sure, fine, differing circumstances, still: He was cut…by the Bills.


    Packer Bob,,,you may not be wrong,,,,but get a pair, don’t be a sheep, and go to different packer sites if you hate this perspective. Here’s 2 sites to go to:

    No one is forcing you to read this. Crack me up!


    Favre would have played out the game at least!!!
    Pick up Flynn off waivers TODAY!!!
    As long as they can go .500 in the next 4 games they will be fine

    • PF4L

      Rodgers has a fractured collarbone. Would you be happier if he came back in behind that O line, and completely broke it?

  17. valpoPackers

    Mike R:

    Huge let down by the defense. Let’s pray that we dodge a bullet with the Rodgers injury. If his collarbone is broke, throw the towel in on the season.

    Team has to “dodge bullets” every week, it’s ridiculous.

  18. tedtomato

    Once again tramon shitbag williams sucked. No runs on goal to go? No pressure on mccown at all? Capers can bullshit all he want about unscouted looks..every team who plays them has unscouted looks! Goodbye dum! Your defense fucking sucks! Ive never seen so many guys wide open..this game was winnable! Terrible coaching once & corner play terrible.

  19. buster bluth

    Rodgers out three weeks. They put a number on it. Back for Thanksgiving day against the Lions.
    Philly, NYG and the Vikes. Yikes. Publicly they have given the keys to Wallace. But Tolzein will be activated from the practice squad.
    The back up qb problem bites us in the ass.

  20. Nacho Libre

    Buster Bluth, I read Rodgers will make it back for the post season, that’s if they get that far. A quote from Chris Wesseling. I’m hoping he’s wrong and you’re right.

      • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

        Rodgers texted the guys on Green & Gold Today and said “where do these guys get their information? I haven’t even had any tests today.” So he could be out less, could be out more. Three weeks sounds like just a rumor gaining traction.

        • buster bluth

          Of course they X rayed him last night at the stadium.
          But they wouldn’t even admit that. They will wait
          for the MRI to confirm what they already know.

          • Phatgzus

            ‘X-Rayed’ has a hyphen there, Bub.
            Started a sentence and new paragraph with a conjunction? Studly display of grammar, big ups to you, Champ.
            Generally, doctors prefer to run more than a single specific test before they jump to a conclusion, yes that is how it works. Learn something new everyday dontcha?

  21. Nacho Libre

    That’d be great if he were to be out for maybe 1 game. 2010 season all over again? Stupid bears fans chanting in the background on our turf cuz they beat GB without our elite QB, all of a sudden Choke-n-Go is going to the Super Bowl, fuckin ass jockeys!

  22. Mike

    Well a few weeks ago some homers on here gave me some real SHIT for saying MM sucks, well guess what! He really does! some of those calls were embarrassing! Not running it at the goal line! Not running more on the right side after the way they were dominating that side in the second half! Just running left, where they were getting fucking stuffed every time! Where was the flag on the Quarless catch? And Dom Capers! That guy continues to prove his schemes are a fucking joke! And the tackling? What tackling? If it was not for some good individual plays by Starks, Lacy and Latimore (and a good on-side kick by Crosby, the one decent and aggressive call mm made) last night would have been epic in it’s horror. Da Bears came to play, were OBVIOUSLY coached-up for this game, and the Packers despite A Rods exit were NOT PREPARED for this one! MM sucks! will always suck! and will never be the coach that Packer homers (rationalize ridiculously by the way) think he is! So to all you fucktards that blasted me a few weeks ago, this is what I said will happen and continue to happen, If we do not have A Rod in there to offset MM’s game time coaching we will go nowhere! He does not have it in him!

    • MM definitely got out plat called last night…shameful. But his offense is dependent upon Rodgers. Capers on the other hand is only as good as the guys on the field and given how well they have played in the past few weeks it is not Capers fault..just look at how they have played up to this game…it is the guys..they need to get the heads out of their butts…Rodgers went down which means the D has to step up…period and they didn’t. TT is to blame for Senaca…who in their right mind would have ever thought of this for us? Really…and as far as Vince Young is concerned…he is a fungus who ruins the connectedness of a team.

    • Ryan

      You are a total idiot.

      We are homers because we support a coach who has taken our team to the playoffs 5 out of the 7 seasons he has been the coach? The coach who has helped to develop the best player in the league? The coach who has kept his team together after more injuries than our worst nightmares can imagine and the biggest officiating joke in recent memory last year in Seattle?

      If that’s the definition of a homer (it is NOT by the way,) then I’m fine with that (misplaced) label.

      Oh, and I’m sorry MM got out play-called. He had a backup QB that had not taken one live snap with the team in at QB.

      The defense lost us that game. Not McCarthy.

  23. PF4L

    Now…As far as the QB situation. I understand Seneca Wallace hasn’t had the reps..blah blah blah. But why cant he connect on a 1-15 yard pass in the red zone, or not? His passes were aweful. reps or not, i’d expect an NFL caliber QB to be able to throw a football for more than 114 yards. Those are Tebow #’s. After seeing Wallace…Wallace has no mobility whatsoever in the pocket other than running scared. He’s maybe 5′ 11″. I’d take V Young over this schelp any day. At least Young can see over the lineman and he’s mobile, plus he plays with passion. I saw none of that from Wallace. But TT knows best I guess, Wallace was 6-15 as a starter in his career…Sorry TT….FAIL.

  24. Mike

    Why in the hell do you not run Lacy and Starks when your down near the goal line? WTF!!! they were running great all day, and they put the ball in senaca wallaces hands???? the guy is washed up. sucks as a nfl qb
    nice job mcfatty

  25. Mike

    Oh well I was looking for something better to do with my sundays anyhow, this season is over, time to get my road trips going
    see you all next year

  26. Mike

    I would love to be in the film room when they replay this defensive meltdown,,,,im guessing tails between there legs?
    the defensive performance was horrible and senaca Wallace was…senaca Wallace (he sucks)

    tweets from neal and raji apologizing to fans is a joke,

  27. rebelgb

    Funny I remember saying on this site several weeks ago that the homers needed to wake up and realize that the only reason MM is still coaching and has the record he has is because of Aaron Rodgers. Guess we saw that last night.

    Terrible play calling. 2nd and 5 on 40 of the Bears and he calls a pass play? Boom sack, drive is over. What a fucking tool. Throwing in the red zone with a backup qb? Nice call.

    Not throwing a flag on the Quarless catch is inexcusable. There was NOTHING to lose. But hey dont question MM about it at press time because he will surely chew your fucking head off.

  28. cd4packers

    How many free chances does a team get? You can’t keep letting your star QB get pummeled week after week, year after year, and not realize that eventually it is going to catch up to him. I think TT and MM put way too much faith in the fact that Rodgers is quick and will usually avoid a sack. But it only takes one time to end a guys career. As soo as I saw Barclay miss his coverage and MClellan come barreling through, I knew Rodgers was toast. And to be honest I had a hard time watching the games after that…knowing that the Bears were going to run all day with Forte and eventually wear that defense down. Which they did. We all knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time.

  29. cd4packers

    And….I know it may sound trivial but it also totally screwed up my FF. There goes the envied Bundybowl trophy and $500. :/

  30. GBslacker

    Forgive me if you’re tired of hearing this… but I’ve had real concerns about the defense since the Cardinals playoff loss. Perhaps it’s not “football-ish” or technical, but this defense is just not stout.

    I think it starts with the dLine. Rushing two linebackers, and asking these guys to get pressure and hold the edge on runs, is just stupid. These LBs are going up against the best athletes on the oLine, the offensive tackles — guys that out-weigh them by 70 pounds. The few players that can perform burn out and get injured. For the others, it’s a revolving-door tryout: it may flash for a game or two, but starts anew the next season. When the OLBs rush with hair-on-fire, they get gently guided upfield and out of the play. This opens running and passing lanes — all the QB has to do is outrun a couple of fatties and he has 5 – 7 yards.

    Two things upon which the Packers are too reliant…

    (1) The blitz. For some reason our blitzes never seem to get home. One blitzer seems to block or trip the other. One oLineman seems to stymy a Packer dLineman, and the two blitzers behind him. The ensuing clusterfuck sees a QB or RB running away from a pile of would-be tacklers that have tripped, blocked, and fallen over each other. Other blitzes develop at a glacial pace as a CB runs half the field to get in on a play late. And many blitzes end with the guy trying to tackle high — the QB bends at the waist and shrugs the guy off, or the play is flagged for any number of reasons: hit to the head, helmet-to-helmet, unnecessary roughness, etc.

    (2) Turnovers. While turnovers are great, I’d much prefer a team that tackles well and gets a 3-n-out — that can be as good, or better, than a turnover IMO. I worry that the defense, particularly the secondary, has a mindset that gives up yardage knowing the next play will be a turnover opportunity. Stripping the ball is fine, if another defensive player has tackled the guy — but to swat and poke while the runner gains additional yardage is not fine.

    We’ve seen it many times a season, for many seasons. No pressure, no contain. Secondary and LBs exposed and exploited in (zone) coverage. It’s the same shit, year after year. If you complain, someone will talk about a good game against a bad opponent (that still saw the defense yield one or two garbage-time TDs), and give you shit.

    But these are the big things.

    One small thing the Packer defense could realize: RBs don’t always stay in the backfield and block. Oftentimes, they leak out for short, safe passes and romp undefended for 10-15 yards.

    I’m not panicking, or over-reacting. IMO, the 3-4 has never been realized. We’ve never had that counter-point to Matthews. We’ve never had the classic 6-6,315 defensive ends. These are huge parts of successful 3-4 defenses. We are in nickel more than base. And it’s possible we might lose our nose tackle (although I’m concerned about paying him big bucks with age 30 looming).

    I think the whole D needs to be reevaluated — a truly constructive critique as opposed to a rubber-stamp endorsement.

  31. PF4L

    It seems when teams pass on us, their receiver is wide open…But when our offense completes most passes, it has to be in a tight window because the defender(s) are draped all over him. Why can’t our receivers get more separation? That’s why Rodgers has to hold the ball.

  32. Vijay

    Well, well, well…told you Ted Thompson is still a bit overrated. We are not prepared across our roster and it’s evident when you have ZERO answers at backup QB (understandably you never want to see them play) and you’re so called defensive ‘backups’ can’t apply ANY pressure against an O Line with 4 out of 5 new starters. Let’s see, the Bears had a O Line problem and what did they do? Hmm…sign a couple of quality, affordable vets and draft two young studs while keeping Roberto (the heart of their line).


  33. Vijay

    Ted Thompson Rd#1 Draft picks
    2005: Rodgers = WIN
    2006: Hawk = OK, Push
    2007: Justin Harrell = Yeah, remember him? LOSS
    2008: No first rounder taken = LOSS
    2009: B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews = OK, Push for Raji and WIN for Matthews
    2010: Bryan Bulaga = OK, Push
    2011: Derek Sherrod = LOSS (mark it down)
    2012: Nick Perry = OK, Push
    2013: Datone Jones = OK, Push

    Two first round WIN players in 8 years!!! Now you all are seeing what the smart ones, like myself, have seen all along. You can build a team Teddy’s way, but when you do it, you better be right a lot more than he has been in the early Rds or your depth will suffer. The only reason we are this competitive year in and year out is the coaching staff. Dom and Mike do the best they can with the players they have. Kudos to Ted on hiring exceptional coaches to make up for his draft day shortcomings.

    • GBslacker

      Hawk was a 5.
      Raji was a 9.

      Most others were LATE picks in the first round — when the talent is really 2nd round material. That’s just being a victim of a good record and likely playoff material.

      So, quit acting like the Packers have the number one pick in every fucking draft.


      • Phatgzus

        Hey, ya gotta scream to be heard on the internet-thoughts have to travel a long way from his computer to yours and there’s all sorts of silly stuff in the way.

    • E. Wolf

      First of all, the draft consists of mroe than just the first round. To suggest otherwise is insane. About 09, do you know how bust heavy that draft was?
      Bulaga is a solid tackle, too early to tell about Perry or Jones.

  34. good comments from mike,pf4l,gbslacker.Like I said last yr. when rodgers goes down we are in trouble. Def. not good enough to help the Off. and it looks like a 2nd string QB wasn’t that important.Because Rodgers would never get hurt or sacked.D.C. to me was and will aways be a bad hire… But T.T. and M.M. will keep him until they are gone.Mike M. what the hell are you doing,besides thinking about your new job.Get them to get a new DEF.COACH NOW Won’t win the big game with him…

    • Phatgzus

      What the fuck were Saturday, Pickett, Chuck, and Greene (you know one of the 2 guys largely responsible for the pick-six in SB XLV?), janitors? Wait, that’d make them UDFAs, who comprise pretty virtually half of the roster. You know why TT doesn’t pay big bucks to over-the-hill veterans? He doesn’t need to-he has younger, better, cheaper talent.

  35. Phatgzus

    Wow, just wow. Shameful display of fandom. I hope you people don’t talk about and turn on your family, friends, and acquaintances this way. Seriously, people: blaming MM and Capers for poor execution when one lost his star QB on the first drive and the oter called a gameplan similar to the one’s of the past 4 weeks. MM didn’t get out-coached, Wallace, Newhouse, and Quarless got out-played.

    How about the running game, with 8 in the box no less, or the onside kick, or Hawk, Shields, and Hayward all being in position to stop the final Bears drive in Bears territory? Nope let’s ignore all of that and present a biased, knee-jerk, emotion-fueled opinion as a surrogate for ratiocination.

    Ah, America, the only Nation where Ignorance is a virtue; Land if the Ignorant, Home of the Conceited.

  36. if my players could not execute,they wouldn’t be playing for me.If there were 8 or 9 in the box throw the ball.short or slants.That on side kick was an act of desperation and stupid.We can’t stop the bears so of it didn’t work they get the ball at middle field we are fucked.So many comments are not with you so I think that your head is so far up M.M. and D.C. ass that your brain has turned to shit

  37. hay phatgzus Mike Florio on NFL sports when asked who is his most dysfunctional team in football,he said the packers for NOT HAVING A BACKUP PLAN FOR QUARTERBACK IF RODGERS GOT INJURED!!!AND one of the worst o-lines in football

    • Phatgzus

      And Mike Florio is who now? The second-coming of the Messiah? He’s infallible, eh? If he thinks the Packers are more dysfunctional than the Dolphins, Buccaneers, Vikings, Giants, Raiders, Falcons, Steelers, Browns, Jaguars, Texans, Cowboys, Chargers, Rams, or Ravens then be probably isn’t.

      Florio is a mediocre sports reporter (that’s like being a C-student at a vocational school) who works on a self-identifying rumor site and whose main contribution is titled “The Rumor Mill”. He is also a lawyer (you know a person whose tools of the trade are hyperbole and legerdemain) and, most incriminatingly, a Lifelong VIKING Fan. That last is all the information requured to invalidate his opinion (not that opinions are ever valid as factual evidence, but it seems you don’t realize that).

      By all means continue to have your hair pulled over your eyes and choose to regurgitate the specious opinions of a wolf in your clothing instead of thinking for yourself.
      As for me, I’ll be tabulating members of your ilk en route to a peaceful night’s sleep, that is to say one not derived from ignorance.

      Deuces you pitiful sordid ovine.

  38. here are some statistics from football outsiders for you to digest.Pass protection rating:mia-30 tb-12 min-21 nyg-20 oak-32 atl-3 pit-29 jac-22 hou-9 dal-7 sd-4 stl-13 bal-15 GREENBAY-24 only 3 teams worse than the pack.adjusted sack rate 8.2% only 7 teams worse than that= our star QB is going to get hurt.instead of using big words start using your brain

    • Phatgzus

      Way to refute the germane information regarding Mike Florio’s character and intentions, particularly the facts that he works for a rumor website (they exist merely to be polemic) and that he’s a LIFELONG VIKINGS FAN.

      Sorry I’m using words you don’t approve of, but uh the 1st Amendment says you can suck it, ya understand dem words homie? Point of fact, my ability to correctly use more
      complicated, lesser-known words indicates I have at least a
      somewhat expansive vocabulary, that, in turn implies I
      exercise my brain quite often.

    • Phatgzus

      32-24=7, eh? That’s you using your brain is it? Mortifying, petrifying, terrifying, stupefying (shame this reference will be lost on you given the criteria of this “debate”).

      For one, my comments were regarding the Packers’ rating prior to Monday night, they gave up 5 sacks in that game (that means they had 17 in 7 games prior to that, extrapolated to a full 16-game season that’s fewer than 40 sacks for the season whih is solid). They (ahem, Newhouse) also gave up a ton of hurries and knockdowns on Monday.

      Did you even bother to read PFO’s qualifications for O-line pass-blocking rating? I think PFO is one of the best sports statistical reference databases (up there with ProFootball/Baseball/, but some of the determinants are arbitrary and even ridiculous-assigning a point value to each yardline based on the likelihood of
      scoring from that yardline? Really? C’mon man. Additionally, Rodgers needs to incur some of the responsibility for those ratings as he still holds the ball too long, he did it on the play in which he was injured. PFO doesn’t include the QB-ball-possession-time-per-pass-play metric. That’s one flaw right there.

      Finally, the Packers have played against the Niners’, Ravens’, Bengals’, Lions’ defenses. The Browns are 2nd in sacks, the Ravens 8th, and the Bengals 11th. The others are mediocre to bad this year32-24=7, eh? That’s you using your brain is it? Mortifying, petrifying, terrifying, stupefying (shame this reference will be lost on you given the criteria of this “debate”).

      For one, my comments were regarding the Packers’ rating prior to Monday night, they gave up 5 sacks in that game (that means they had 17 in 7 games prior to that, extrapolated to a full 16-game season that’s fewer than 40 sacks for the season whih is solid). They (ahem, Newhouse) also gave up a ton of hurries and knockdowns on Monday.

      Did you even bother to read PFO’s qualifications for O-line pass-blocking rating? I think PFO is one of the best sports statistical reference databases (up there with ProFootball/Baseball/, but some of the determinants are arbitrary and even ridiculous-assigning a point value to each yardline based on the likelihood of
      scoring from that yardline? Really? C’mon man. Additionally, Rodgers needs to incur some of the responsibility for those ratings as he still holds the ball too long, he did it on the play in which he was injured. PFO doesn’t include the QB-ball-possession-time-per-pass-play metric. That’s one flaw right there.

      Finally, the Packers have played against the Browns’, Ravens’, Bengals’, Lions’, and Niners’ defenses. The first three are 2nd, 8th, and 11th in sacks, respectively; the rest have been mediocre to bad (not going to delve into the quality of the o-lines for each opponent of each team, but it does matter). The Niners have been without their leading
      sacker from last year all season, except for the game against Packers. The Redskins, Bears, and particularly the Lions and 49ers all have front 7s that are very capable at getting to the QB as well.

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