The Packers Have Confidence in Seneca Wallace, Kind Of

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Seneca Wallace

Seneca Wallace

Seneca Wallace is not Aaron Rodgers. No one is expecting him to be, but it sounds like people on the Green Bay Packers don’t have a ton of confidence in Wallace’s ability.

Coach Mike McCarthy said he has all the confidence in the world in Wallace, but he also said this.

“I’d much rather play games with Aaron Rodgers,” McCarthy said.

That’s probably obvious to everyone, but it isn’t really a declaration that the Packers will be fine with Wallace under center while Rodgers is out with a broken clavicle.

Then you’ve got receiver James Jones begging Wallace to play within himself.

“Please, Seneca Wallace, don’t go out there and try to be the MVP quarterback,” Jones said. “Go out there, be Seneca Wallace, throw the ball around, have some fun.”

Outwardly, no one is panicking, but then you wouldn’t expect the Packers to panic.

“There’s not a single person in here panicking right now about this week,” Nelson said. “Obviously it would be great to have Aaron there, but that’s the situation we’re in and we’re going to rely on Seneca to go out and make plays.”

Unless they’re panicking on the inside…

The good thing is Wallace is a veteran. He’s been in this position before and he knows his game and his limitations.

“Obviously I’m not going to be Aaron Rodgers,” Wallace said. “He’s been doing great things here for years. My job is to try go in and maintain things at a good level and win some ballgames until he gets back good and healthy. That’s my job.”

The other good thing is the Packers play the Eagles this week. Their defense is awful. They’re 32nd in the league in yards allowed, giving up an average of 419 per game. They’re also last in passing yards, giving up 307 per game.

Is Seneca Wallace going to go out and light them up? Probably not, but if he can move the ball against any team, it has to be this one.

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