Micah Hyde is In Play on Kick Returns

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Micah Hyde

Micah Hyde

Rookie cornerback Micah Hyde showed he can return punts last week when he took one back 93 yards for a touchdown. He’ll remain in that role and now he’s in play as the Green Bay Packers kick returner.

Both he and rookie running back Johnathan Franklin worked in that role during practice this week. Coach Mike McCarthy says he hasn’t made a determination on who will handle those duties against Chicago on Monday.

“I haven’t made decision yet. Hyde and Franklin are both working back there,” McCarthy said on Friday.

Franklin has been pretty mediocre as a kick returner this season. He took over that job after the Packers cut Jeremy Ross earlier this season. Franklin has returned three kicks for 60 yards and his long is 26.

Not exactly world beating numbers.

So could Hyde be the answer?

Well, he’s played well in pretty much every facet of the game when the Packers have put him on the field. And with Franklin’s lackluster performance, there’s pretty much no reason not to give him a shot.

The Packers don’t really have a true returner on the roster, other than the injured Randall Cobb, so they’re going to have to develop one. Hyde may well be that guy.

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9 Comments on "Micah Hyde is In Play on Kick Returns"

  1. GBslacker

    “Coach Mike McCarthy says he hasn’t made a determination”

    Sure he hasn’t…
    …especially after Franklin’s impersonation of Pat Lee.

  2. GBslacker


    The Packers have been “flexed” out of the Sunday night slot against the Giants.

    I posted this concern weeks ago — someone tried to assure me that the NY market in combination with America’s Team would win out. No such luck!

    My bet is that the 49ers/Saints will get the FOX game of the week, so there will be no nation-wide love for the Packers in week 11. Sniff, sniff…

      • A.J. Hawk's Middle finger

        Hey Slacker, I’m going to the game on nov. 24th, have they flexed that one to sunday night? where did you get that info? It’d be great to have more time fueling up in the parking lot.

        • GBslacker

          TotalPackers has gone BATshit.

          Internal Server Errors — all sorts of horseshit.

          Would’ve replied sooner…

          Saw it first in a WesHod tweet.
          Then again at CBSsports.com

          Doubt the GB/MIN game would be flexed — not as sexy as DEN/KC.

          • Savage57

            Monty has sold his soul and become an internet ad revenue whore. The site has turned into a nest of distracting shit.

            Used to love it, but all the ‘white noise’ and glitches on this site are just fucking irritating.

            But hey, a man’s gotta get what a man’s gotta get. If you can post a bunch of random, obscure, provocative or pandering shit and generate enough traffic to make some serious bank, more power to ya.

  3. Savage57

    Lets see…

    On the one hand, we have a guy who is sure handed, decisive and an instinctive natural athlete.

    On the other, we have a guy who basically shits all over himself when he touches the ball.

    And MM says, “I haven’t made a decision yet”.


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