At Least Aaron Rodgers is Having a Good Time

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Aaron Rodgers photobomb

Aaron Rodgers photobomb

He hasn’t played football in almost a month, but at least Aaron Rodgers is having a good time. This was Rodgers pulling his usual photobomb of the Green Bay Packers captains on Thursday.

Except, he upped the ante with some sort of muppet and a turkey. Nice touch that the muppet is wearing a Rodgers’ jersey.

Ryan Taylor looks amused.


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40 Comments on "At Least Aaron Rodgers is Having a Good Time"

  1. What’s he got to worry about? He’s got the largest contract in NFL history, and he’s getting paid to stand on the sideline and watch.

  2. PF4L

    Rodgers is happy all right, happy he didn’t have to get his ass kicked behind his O line.

    Nice job Teddy, keep up the good work.

    • Iltarion

      Actually, I think TT has 4 of the OL positions on lock down- Bakhtiari, Sitton, EDS and Lang. All four should be pretty good once Bakhtiari has a little more game under his belt. The right tackle position is obviously still a need.

      There were 3 high first round draft picks on that Lions’ DL with the advantage of playing at home, who are paid to get to the QB. Sometimes you have to give the opponent a little credit.

      • PF4L

        Before we put Bakhtiari at left tackle lock down, lets get him through a full season. But lets assume that’s the case and assume Bulaga comes back full strength. Now, as rare as injurys are, what happens if the O line suffers injurys?…fucked again. Maybe we can draft and develop, or sign some more useless UFA offensive lineman. Players like Lane Taylor, Greg Van Roten, Sherrod, Newhouse, need to leave town, and stop this charade of belonging in the NFL.

    • PF4L

      Who would I draft?…I don’t know faux, it isn’t my job, but if it was my job, after 3 seasons I’d like to think I could have fixed the O line holes by now. (Like the Ravens and Bears have done) Ted Thompson was taking a nap when the Ravens stole Eugene Monroe from the Jags. I do my job well faux, I expect Ted to do his well.

  3. hate faux fans

    Iltarion don’t forget bulaga, and pf4l when the draft came around the pack believed to have solved the OL situation hindsight is 20/20. Different teams have different needs and last year OL wasn’t one if them

    • PF4L

      Was safety a need? I keep hearing TT doesn’t draft on need, he drafts on best player available……What ever his formula is, it clearly isn’t working anymore.

  4. PF4L

    If you thought last years O line wasn’t a need at the time, means you felt Marshall Newhouse was a competent Left Tackle and Barclay would learn how to pass block…………………Lack of depth isn’t hindsight faux, It’s Ted Thompson’s realty.

  5. PF4L

    I’ll say this also…..Not only did Rodgers have the most sacks since he become a starter, i’ll go one further, You put another QB, who isn’t is slippery and escapable in the pocket. The O line would have been twice as worse as they were. However you look at the O line, having Rodgers, made them look “not as pathetic”, as they really were, because he could elude sacks….(sidestep,stepping-up, roll-out, run) whatever was needed. If you doubt any of that, please watch the 7 sacks and 15 hits taken in the Thanksgiving game over gain.

  6. hate faux fans

    Don’t get me wrong i hate the fact newhouse is still a packer, sherrod is still an unknown and back ups are exactly that for a reason. TT dropped the ball in last years draft in Jones (i like him) but safety seemed like more of a priority

    • Phatgzus

      I believe he drafted Jones as a countermeasure to the read option-three of last year’s playoff teams (plus the Eagles) ran it. Jones is by no means a bust, nor a stud, but I agree that a safety would have been a good pick, he would have had to trade up or down to get one that fit that spot though (unless he wanted Cyprien).

      • PF4L

        Drafting a defensive lineman in a 3-4 is a countermeasure to a read option? Linebackers/safety would contain a QB in a read option. Please think before you post.

        • Phatgzus

          Here are some figures for ya:

          40-Yard Dash-4.8s
          Bench Press-29 reps
          Vertical Jump-31.5″
          Broad Jump-112″
          3-Cone Drill-7.32s
          20-Yard Shuttle-4.32s

          These are Jones’ official Combine results.

          His 40 was faster than 7 of the LBs who participated and on the low end of the middling times.
          His Bench was tied with the most prodigious LB.
          His Vertical was better than 3 LBs and tied with another and essentially the average time.
          His 3-Cone was faster than 5 participating LBs’ and also almost right on average for the group.
          His Shuttle was faster than 6 LBs’ and again circa the average.
          Only his broad jump was not better than any LBs’ and only by 1″, considering he was about 30lbs. heavier than any of the participating LBs that’s not surprising (Broad jump is of course a measure of leg strength vs. weight).

          All this to say that TT essentially drafted an oversized LB, much like he did with Perry and the converted Neal, except Jones is significantly larger than either. A very possible purpose of these moves is, in theory, to have players who are both good at stopping the run (as a result of their size and commensurate strength) and getting after the QB, especially stringing the faster ones to the sideline or even being able to tackle them from behind if their progress is impeded at the second level.

          Please exercise due diligence and actually research information then ratiocinate ratiocinate before assaulting
          another’s position.

          Thank you, and here are some sources for current and future reference:

          • PF4L

            WOW!!….it’s a pity a good bench press doesn’t get someone voted rookie of the year.

            It’s a shame a good combine vertical doesn’t vault someone right into the H O F.

            It’s regrettable his 3-cone time won’t get him voted into the Pro Bowl.

            Unfortunetly players can’t make a living on pretty combine #’s. They have to play well on the football field. Thank you for understanding.

        • chucks

          It’s not Phatgus’s theory.. It’s how the packers explained their pick. Or possibly how vic ketchman explained it. He’s fast. He’s basically built like a linebacker. The theory was that he could tackle Mr. chicken legs before he gets any positive yards, or force him out of bounds instead of letting him get around the edge. That being said, I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now. in a 3-4 the D linemen have gotta be fucking huge!!

          • PF4L

            #17 written by chucks
            12/01/2013 – 12:30 am
            It’s not Phatgus’s theory

            It’s not? Gee, i think he just posted above, that it was his belief Why do you feel you need to speak for phatgut? Interesting “Chucks”.

        • the real russ letlow

          if you read anyone else’s comments regularly, you would know that Phat probably puts as much or more thought into his comments than everyone here – you and me included. Calm down a little, bro – we are all Packers fans. Except for the occasional dipshit fans of others who take a peek in here now and again.

  7. PF4L

    I posted the last 2 years, and as early as a 2 months ago, that without Rodgers, this was a 3-13 team. I got shit for that comment from other fans on here. When I said, 3-13, I may have been a little too generous.

    Vindication is a wonderful thing.

    • Phatgzus

      Did you also include Randall Cobb, Bryan Bulaga, Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Casey Hayward, Dujuan Harris, and even Sam Shields, Brad Jones, James Jones, Don Barclay, EDS, Mike Neal, and a number of backups or 2 starting WRs, 3 starting O-linemen, a 1st-string HB, 3 starting LBs and at least 3 backups, and a backup D-lineman all missing at least 2 games (half to a full season for the majority, especially the starters)?

      • chucks

        agree with Phatgzus here… PF4L — everyone’s always right if they distort the facts. See “thank you for smoking”.

          • Phatgzus

            Nope, not interesting-as your expert sleuth mind has likely uncovered, chucks and I are clearly the same person.
            Nothing to see here folks.

            BTW simply because a person believes something does not make them the originator of that belief-advocacy.

      • PF4L

        Well…Why don’t we keep crying a river. It seems phatgut and iltarion think the Green Bay Packers are the only NFL teams that have injured players.

        How about this ladies. Quit fucking crying about players being injured, its the NFL, it happens, every season, every game. If you skirts run out of tissues, let me know.

        • Phatgzus

          Says the dude whose eyes are the source of the Nile, with TT, Raji, MM, and Capers clinging on for dear life.

      • PF4L

        Wow, go figure…A NFL team has(had) injurys. I never would have guessed it, how does this happen Phat?

        Does this happen to other teams as well, or is it just the Packers? We better get to the bottom of this, no wonder the Packers are losing.

    • Phatgzus

      Possibly, I would be interested to see them run the 4-3 perhaps alongside the 3-4 (particularly for read-option teams). That likely won’t fix the issue at safety though.

      • Phatgzus

        Plus, as many have said or implied, it would also get players like Jones and Daniels out there more often (and they don’t seem to tire as quickly as the sumos) and would take Brad Jones out more often (Hawk won’t go anywhere, still hard to believe Matthews is inca

      • Phatgzus

        Plus, as many have said or implied, it would also get players like Jones and Daniels out there more often (and they don’t seem to tire as quickly as the sumos) and would take Brad Jones out more often (Hawk won’t go anywhere) and as most know is better in theory vs. the run. Then again, CM III wouldn’t be rushing nearly every play as he does now, and Lattimore and some of the young LBs (Mulumba) have shown some promise.

        I honestly believe the 2 biggest issues in the run D are Raji and the DBs inability/reluctance to tackle.

  8. hate faux fans

    Matthews could rush almost as much if he’s used like von miller. I’ve given up on raji, there’s no drive in him anymore, he has his ring so now its all about the dough

    • Phatgzus

      Good points (now that you mention it the Niners do much the same with Aldon Smith) and nice Raji pun. I would say, though, that with Matthews rushing more then both Perry and Hawk would draw the bulk of the coverage assignments (not that Hawk doesn’t already).

  9. tedtomato

    Gee..wasnt it mcfatty himself that said he felt his staff could coach up any players to at least be decent players? Obviously he has blinders on when it comes to campen..slocum..capers..moss..whitt & perry…either that or they all give good head!! I wouldve shit canned em all after last years playoff debacle!

  10. hate faux fans

    Good thing you’re not the GM if the packers because than we would experience what the browns and jags go through on a yearly basis


    Funny how crappy TT and the front office are during a rough stretch…. Guess that’s why 3 of TT’s top dudes (Schneider, Dorsey, McKenzie) have become GMs in the past 3 years.
    Its a bump in the road peeps,,,,not a derailment of the train.
    Lighten Up Francis!

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