Jermichael Finley Says He’s Coming Back, Is Pissed

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Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley

Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley had spinal fusion surgery this week. Former Packers tight end and current radio talking head, Mark Chmura also said he didn’t think Finley would play ever again.

Well, Jermichael says otherwise and he’s also pissed off.

Earlier today, Finley sent out this tweet (and then apparently deleted it because it isn’t on his timeline anymore).

For All The Craziness That’s Going Around “I’m Not Done With The Game Of FootBall”. Thanks To “Dr. Mark Chumra” For The False Story.

He also sent this and didn’t delete it.

Anyway, of course Jermichael wants to play again. So did Nick Collins after having the same surgery, but the Packers never cleared him and subsequently released him.

That’s not to say Finley has no chance of playing. We really don’t know the severity of his injury. It was said before he had the surgery that it was merely a precautionary procedure.

Even if it wasn’t, guys have returned to the NFL after having their spine fused. Look no further than Petyon Manning, who’s playing at a pretty high level.

We probably really won’t know anything until sometime next season. Complicating matters is Finley’s contract situation. He doesn’t have one once this season ends and it seems doubtful anyone, including the Packers, are going to be quick to sign Finley during the offseason due to his uncertain future.

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12 Comments on "Jermichael Finley Says He’s Coming Back, Is Pissed"

  1. Derek

    Chmura was just stating his opinion and he is educated enough on neck injuries to do just that. Finley is done, he just doesn’t know it yet.

  2. PF4L

    Ok…I might as well say it now.

    For all of you that thinks Finley shut his loud mouth, because he’s a “changed man”. Not because he’s in a contract year. We will see in time.

    It’s my contention. Once the Packers tell Finley Thanks, but no thanks, on returning to Green Bay. I write here today, stating he will get all negative over the Packers and Aaron Rodgers once again.

  3. PF4L

    If Finley doesn’t need the surgery, except to be able to play again. I say why even do it? If someone doesn’t have to have a neck fusion, and is able to live life, why even go there? To play football again?

    If he can’t play, he’s due 10 million tax free. Why not call it a career and enjoy life and family?

    Didn’t Finley, not long ago, express how his boy wanted him to retire because of a concussion? I would think this is a bit more serious.

    So lets say he has surgery, and is cleared to play. Who signs him? And for how much money? One could assume he’d have to sign a 1 year veterans minimum with none of the money guaranteed to prove he can make it through a season and be productive because the past doesn’t matter after a injury like this. He’s not Peyton Manning, and his job…is to take shots going across the middle. This is assuming he gets cleared to play, which may or may not happen. Doctor’s are funny when it comes to signing off on an athlete to play when there is a chance of long term injury or worse. Just ask Nick Collins, Tim Lewis, and others.

    • Savage57

      His career was over after the Cardinals playoff game in 2009 for anyone who was paying more attention to the results than the hype.

  4. buster bluth

    Think he’s have the C 3 and C 4 fused together.
    Boy thats nothing to mess with. Manning is playing with
    something similar, but he doesn’t go across the middle to catch passes.
    Hope the bluster is all for show. It ain’t worth it Jer Mike.

  5. E. Wolf

    Never really liked this guy (at all). But put up with him because he can make plays when not dropping balls. That was a brutal hit.

  6. vj

    Difference being Peyton is protected by at least 5 big boys at all times vs. J-Mike who could be exposed going over the middle to further damage.

  7. GBslacker

    Does anyone know of a single TE that has had this surgery and played afterwards?

    Can you imagine how stiff he’ll be, looking for balls over his shoulder?

    The rest of my thoughts are the same as those of PF4L.

    There is just a perfect combination of idiocy, bravado, bad advice, ego, and testosterone to foment a truly tragic outcome.

  8. elafave

    I dunno’. Jermicheal payed a pretty high price on the field for the Green and Gold. I feel like he deserves a little more respect… Maybe he is making an unwise choice. Yeah, he acted like a d-bag here and there throughout his time at 1265, but he made an effort to turn it around, and every thing was pointing to that he had.

    Can you blame hi for wanting to play again? I highly doubt that he is going to be taking any of our opinions on the matter into consideration when the time comes. Weather or not some team gives him a shot is a whole ‘nother story.

    Good luck and get well, J-Mike.

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