James Jones is Still Injured

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James Jones

James Jones

Ah, so there’s a good reason receiver James Jones hasn’t exactly been tearing it up the past few weeks. It’s because he’s still injured.

Jones had two 100-yard games for the Green Bay Packers in the first four weeks of the season, including a bonkers 178-yard performance in week 2. Then he hurt his knee in week 5 against Baltimore.

He’d miss the next two games while recovering. Since returning, Jones has put up games of 17, 44 and 55 yards (and zero touchdowns) and he hasn’t really looked like his normal self. Apparently, he’s playing through pain.

“It’s getting better every week. It’s a process,” Jones said. “I have to play with a little pain. That’s football. Everybody on the team is playing with some pain. I have to play through it. That’s where that’s at. I’m fighting through it and trying to be the best player I can be to help my team win.”

The good news is you can see Jones getting a little better every week. He hauled in a deep ball for the first time since the injury, last Sunday. That’s what the Packers need right now — big plays, and Jones has supplied his fair share in the past year.

In addition, the Packers obviously aren’t getting the injured Randall Cobb back anytime soon. And 3/4 of James Jones is probably still better than a full Myles White at this point.

Injuries. A Green Bay Packers tradition like no other.

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  1. Lakedog5

    I miss Favre! We have to wait for everything to be just right for Aaron. Dude- this is football. You’re paid $10m a year to endure pain. Know how many nights/yr I have to work a 40 hr day?! …no typo, n this pussy wants his shoulder to stop hurting before he’ll come out n play. Wtf. Man up. Throw a pass. Hand it off. One series. Show some leadership. Think #52 was ready when he came out?! ….n waiting till the chance of a re injury to be minuscule means he’ll never play again. What a dope! Berkeley fag. Here’s what he could do: first series, throw on 3 step drop 2x, then mix up w play action pass n hand offs. Take a rest, assess it while Tolzein plays. Come in n handoff repeatedly…. Zero chance of injury. Get the D off the line!! Come in only to throw on the first play. Screen plays n flee flickers. This isn’t hard MM!!

  2. hate faux fans

    Aren’t you just a special little genius, I’m glad you do whatever it is that you do instead of being a coach because that team would be worse than the jags

  3. Cheese

    Seriously, what…. the…. FUCK….

    This season is a total crapshoot. Who gets injured this week? Who do we find out is still injured from 5 weeks ago?

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