So Greg Jennings Apparently Apologized to Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings

Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings

For real this time! You probably saw Greg Jennings grab Aaron Rodgers after the Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings last week.

Jennings had some not so flattering things to say about Rodgers during the offseason after bolting the Packers to sign with the Vikings. Jennings offered a half-hearted apology through the media for his comments and that was that until last Sunday.

The two former teammates met on field after the game and Jennings grabbed Rodgers and was talking in his ear for quite a while. Rodgers looked totally uncomfortable during the entire thing.

On Thursday, James Jones addressed what was said — as far as he knows — during his radio show.

Essentially, Rodgers wanted nothing to do with Jennings, but Jennings apologized. Apparently, he was sincere this time.

Check the video.

(Via CHTV)

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13 Comments on "So Greg Jennings Apparently Apologized to Aaron Rodgers"

  1. A.J. Hawk's Middle finger

    I think Jennings was just trying to take on the persona of a typical Queens fan and talk a bunch of trash before hand and have to eat crow after. He fits right in now. Watching that game wasn’t even that enjoyable. Eventually after watching a heavy weight champ beat a 120lb nerd to a pulp you have to just look away.

    • E. Wolf

      I beg to differ. It was orgasmic in terms of satisfaction. Only unpleasant part to watch was when the defense took the foot off the gas and allowed those punks to regain some modicum of respectability.

  2. E13

    JJ to Rodgers: “I dished on that sideline convo that you really wanted to keep private. Sorry, bro.”
    Rodgers: “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” (Rodgers grows huge and muscly and pops out of his retro-tan Packers pants.)
    JJ: “Dude, I said I’m sorry. Do I still get the ball?”
    Rodgers: “I got your balls right here.”

  3. E13

    Just having fun w/ that previous post, guys. Really.

    That Rodgers-Jennings pic is begging for a caption, isn’t it?

  4. therealChuckywasCecil

    As I commented on an earlier 15 related post, probably the most uncomfortable hug ever. I saw Aaron pulling away only to be drawn back in by 15 again, then you could sense an eye roll coming on but ever the pro, Rodgers knew the cameras were on him and let it pass. I can only imagine what was going through 15’s self absorbed mind as the seconds ticked off the clock. “What the f*#k was I thinking” I’m sure crossed his mind. Enjoy that quality quarterback crew you have and those 2-3 victories you will get this year.

  5. Abe Frohman

    I think the real question is why did 15 wait until after the game to “apologize”. Surely he has AR cell number. Do it in private. I think he wanted the spotlight before and after the game. Lord knows he didn’t get it during the game.

    I think the whole reason he left was because he didn’t want to be one of many. He wanted to be the stud and he wanted the money. I can’t speak from experience, but I’m sure it’s a looooong season when you’re 1 and 7. Surely it’s worth a little bit less money, and the money we’re talking about is obscene to begin with, to be on a winning team with a future HOF QB.

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