A Green Bay Packers Tie with the Minnesota Vikings?

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn

Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn

I just don’t get it. I’ll be honest. I was drunk then. I’m drunk now. It still doesn’t make any sense. The Green Bay Packers tied the shitbag Minnesota Vikings at 26.

So I went and watched the game at a bar. Was pretty sure the Packers had no business in that game at all. Fourth quarter rolled around and the fucking Vikings tossed it away and let the Packers get back into it.

I didn’t even want to write this. Can you tell?

Scott Tolzien? Didn’t get it done. He was 7-of-17 for 98 yards in about three quarters. And then your savior Matt Flynn came in.

Flynn led the Packers back, mostly because they were playing the Vikings. And let’s remember, the Vikings start Christian Ponder at quarterback, so they’re jack shit, regardless.

Anyway, the Matt Flynn era began!

Without any practice reps, this guy came in and threw for 218 yards and a touch. Does Matty Flynn know the system? Can he sling the ball?

I think he goddam can!

Play that fucker!

In the meantime, the Packers’ defense still can’t get off the field.


Are you terrible?

Oh, really, you are?

I understand.

I’ll just get out of your way then.

If the Packers’ defense would have played during the game on Sunday, then we wouldn’t be talking about a tie. A tie to the Vikings. At home. The Minnesota fucking Vikings.

Let’s be honest. Matt Flynn was a badass. Eddie Lacy bossed it up, despite consistently facing eight in the box, with 110 yards. Jordy Nelson and James Jones caught balls, regardless of who was throwing the pass.

The Packers tied a joke of a football team because of their crap defense and their crap coaching.

Somehow, we’re still in it though.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

57 Comments on "A Green Bay Packers Tie with the Minnesota Vikings?"

  1. K.L.

    Matt Flynn is a badass. He gave the middle finger to all those teams that cut him with his excellent performance today.

  2. rebelgb

    Tie does us shit. Same as a loss. To win the division we still have to finish with same amount of wins and any other division leader. Coaching was suspect, again. The whole organization is in question really. Why was Matt Flynn not brought in weeks ago? Was it because he took a big contract and went somewhere else? Fucking really? Was the guy supposed to piss away $32 Mill to stay a Packer?

    If we had brought in Flynn 2 months ago, had him repping with our #1 offense, we would be 4-0 in last 4 games.

    Capers needs to be fired and TT needs to stop being such and anal asshole..

    • TyKo Steamboat

      Disagree. We didn’t lose & the Lions & Bears did…it’s as good as a win as long as we take care of business again see them again.

    • Phatgzus

      Flynn was claimed by the Bills before the Packers had a chance at him, that’s why.

      Definitely a stinker, at least in the pass scheming (House couldnt cover anyone in man today), by Capers. They did run a lot of base but Raji and Wilson got buried, and then Wilson got hurt.

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      Be careful…. TT can do no wrong and is in no way responsible for the state of this team. Any criticism of “The Ted” will be met with scorn and name calling. Just listen to the local post game radio honks(Bill Micheals) they will tell you so. According to these asshole we are in the middle of a glorious Packer Dynasty.

      • bster bluth

        Big picture, players, coaches gm, the packers are still a top ten franchise. Obviously Rodgers was worth his contract. I have
        NEVER thought Matthews is worth his carefully crafted hype.

        Mc Carthy is too fat and needs to loose some dead weight coaches….This is their biggest problem right now.

        • Phatgzus

          Matthews is one of the best defensive players in the game, pure and simple-he performs everything at a high level, not just pass rushing.

  3. TyKo Steamboat

    “A Tie is a lot like kissing your sister.” -Daryl K. Royal, Texas

    In this case. It’s your very ugly sister.

  4. Phatgzus

    Matty Fuckin’ Flynn-as many TDs in 1 half as GB QBs not named Rodgers had in 3 games-welcome back prodigal QB.

    Dready Eddie “I Drink Your Milkshake” Lacy almost outdid AD, almost; hope it was asthma and not broken ribs.

    Boykin-same shit, different day.

    Defense-same shit, different day. Good 1st and end-of 4th, the rest (outside of Matthews) was virtually indescribable-made birth look like the Venus de Milo.

    Masthay-good job, guy.

    The rest of Special Teams-solid job, better than last time at least.

    House- glad to see you’re healthy, outside of that last play, not a good game, dude.

    Bostick-if you’re trying to be the next Jermichael, good start.

    At least Detwa lost, if we somehow next week, well, then anything can happen.

  5. E. Wolf

    Remember kids, we are reduced to 2nd and 3rd string at many core positions. Still not sure why all of a sudden we cannot stop the run….

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      Their entire secondary is 3rd string for Christ’s sake. Hell you can name a few who shouldn’t even be on any NFL roster.

      • Phatgzus

        Xavier Rhodes played a whale of a game, ’til he hurt himself.
        Flynn still had a Hell of game, regardless of the D; it’s a bummer he couldn’t finish it, but at least he gives them a chance.

    • Vijay

      Elite teams 2nd and 3rd stringers can kick the a$$ out of our 2nd and 3rd stringers any day of the week. We are not an elite team with Rodgers (however we can beat anybody on any given Sunday) and we are certainly not elite without him.

  6. Dick Trickle "33"

    The loss of CJ Wilson, Johnny Jolly; and the addition of Jerel Worthy, are big reasons we could not stop the run.

    • cd4packers

      Oh really? You also said that Tolzien was our #2 and that he was going to light up the Vikings and that we would come away with a win. I was not so sure about all that. Flynn may have only had a n 85 passer rating but at least he looked somewhat in control out there. And he didn’t look afraid and nervous like both Wallace and Tolzien looked. The Vikings played a heck of a game. Their D looked far more engaged than ours did. Their D played with heart and they never gave up. My impression of the Packers D yesterday was that they are a team that has lost their gumption. They simply don’t seem to care anymore. That is on the coaching staff. They have not properly prepared this team for life without AR. For Ponder to have a passer rating of 103 at Lambeau in the freezing cold tells me that the Vikings aren’t at the bottom of the barrel as you and others have previously suggested. We played a tough team that came at us with everything they had. I knew that is what they would do. But MM and DC were ill prepared to defend our home turf against the always unpredictable Queens. Sad, very SAD!!!

  7. PF4L

    Well, the Packers defense “held” Ponder to a passer rating of 103. Congrats to Flynn for lighting it up with a 85 passer rating against the leagues worst defense, at Lambeau. Different QB, different week, same shit. Thank you AJ Hawk for the forced fumble, nice to see one person making a play.

    • Savage57

      You gotta own that one. You pretty much went to the wall for Tolzien last week.

      Moral: Never go out on a limb unless you know it can hold the weight.

      • PF4L

        I can own it. I never make predictions, like my post stated. But i decided to strap on a pair and make a prediction. I’m guilty of being a Packer fan. I was looking for some positive energy. I was being a homer. I should be stoned to death. GDI.

        • PF4L

          BTW…..Tolzien’s accuracy was just off, no other way to put it. He left a lot of positive plays and yardage on the field due to his inaccuracy. I wonder if his game was off because he was worried about throwing picks. Idk, i still like the dude. Anyone that comes in their 1st 2 NFL games and puts up 280, and 339 yards, has some talent.

  8. dave

    this defensive line was not hurt at all when they let the shitty bears ram it right down there throats and end the game, they followed that up with 3 more horrible games. This defense and its coaching staff are the worst I have seen in the NFL. But wait, that cant be right, we have the great TT and his brilliant Draft and develop ONLY strategy at work….

    • Savage57

      The 180* swing that happened in run D will be one of the mysteries of this year’s team. Gerhart is probably a pretty decent back, maybe even a starter on a team without AP. But man when I saw the immense gashes in the Packers D that he had to run through and then the DB’s looking like Smurfs draped on him as he dragged them 5 yards down field, I asked myself, “Are these guys that big of pussies that they get owned every down, or is this defensive system of Capers that fucked up and the entire NFL knows how to exploit the shit out of it?”

      Then, since I spent most of the afternoon muttering to myself anyways as I slowly lost my fucking mind, I answered “yes”.

  9. NICK

    Well I dont want to beat a dead horse but like I have said all along we get OUTCOACHED!!!!!!!!
    Mccarthy and capers need to go


    Well if the “Brett Favre Rule” wouldn’t exist we would have won. Fuck this no more sudden death with a field goal shit.

    • Phatgzus

      You talkin’ ’bout that bomb to the former GJ vs. the Donkeys, Willis? ‘Cause if you’re talkin’ ’bout not knowing the OT rules, that was McNabb, homeslice.

  11. Sgt Handle

    Sounds like the dumbshit Philly fans who wanted Andy Reid to go!


    Well I dont want to beat a dead horse but like I have said all along we get OUTCOACHED!!!!!!!!
    Mccarthy and capers need to go

    • Phatgzus

      “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, somewhere out in the cosmos, he’s smiling, or at least 2 particles are bouncing around excitedly.

  12. T Pack

    Tolzien was terrible. Flyn should have started the 2nd half. No idea why he was still out there. And we are going nowhere with this defense. Its painful to watch. This Capers experiement was a bust a long time ago. Let him go already. Rodgers coming back for Turkey day?

  13. the real russ letlow

    Matt Flynn – welcome back ol’ bean!!!! we REALLY missed you. It still amazes me what a change he made to our offense’s ATTITUDE! Eddie Lacy trucked just about every defender on the pussies team at least once, and I think he got some dudes on the sideline too. He was in full beast mode man. WOW. My thoughts when we were down 23-7 were very much gloom and doom. To come back and take the lead with Flynn leading the way at QB was amazing. It was a horrible series that the D had when they let those douchers tie up the game in OT. It wasn’t a win and that sucks big time, but it wasn’t a loss either and I’m OK with that. Not cool, just OK. SOOOOO….one thing we can’t do is lose the division by a tiebreaker scenario. With all of our conference losses that would have been a distinct possibility. We haven’t lost anything yet – we just have to have the same amount or more wins than the lions or the bears – PERIOD! Their schedules are not a cake walk, and we play each of them again. We have got to get all of our crap in one bag right now – get healthy, get better and get some wins! the Big Push starts now!! (if you’ve read Instant Replay, you’ll get the reference!) GO PACK GO!

    • Phatgzus

      He’ll yeah! to everything; the defense stepped it up a bit when Flynn came in as well, it didn’t last but it still happened, I swear.

      • the real russ letlow

        agreed. the D looked juiced when Flynn started drving the O to scores. He had an effect on both sides of the ball

  14. tedtomato

    Good to see richardson back out there!! Hopefully thats the last we see of me dumb jennings..i thought burnett sucked..but..that guy and mcmillian redefined the term suck. If that team didnt have peterson..their o-linr might not get away with so much holding!!

  15. tedtomato

    Might as well call it a loss..itll probably come back to screw em at the end of the season! Way to go dum and your shit defense..any time mcfatty says they need them to step up..they suck even worse! I remember mcfatty saying a couple yesrs ago that its their job to coach up players..well..guess what? Your coaches arent doing their jobs..especially on defense!!

    • Phatgzus

      I’m occassionally inclined to agree with you and then you drop insults that would make Dane Cook cringe; you’ve hated these guys for months, years and that’s all ya got? C’mon maaan!

  16. NICK

    Please i cant believe you people defend mccarthy,he calls the plays and they are so predictable,1st down play action pass,incomplete second down run the ball to try and get a few yards,no gain,3rd and long a pass to the sticks,incomplete,i see his plays a mile away and i am no expert,can you imagine what the other teams defensive coordinators are thinking.

    • Phatgzus

      Uh huh, and those same damn plays worked pretty fuckin’ well when ol’ Matty Flynn stepped in, didn’t they? Players, not plays muthafuckhaa!

    • Phatgzus

      I dunno, maybe something along the lines of “How in the fuck do we stop Eddie Lacy or Clay Matthews?” or “Thank Baby Jesus Rodgers isn’t in there?”

    • Phatgzus

      Mmhmm, and how about tge other 45 or so plays?

      MM usually runs on 1st anyway, so a PA is a good call, too bad Robison made a good play on one and Starks couldn’t pick up a block on the other. The Packers also had been running down Minisoda’s throat all day, and if you can run then you do so most of the time on 2nd-and-10, especially with a back-up QB, 3rd-and-6 is significantly more manageable than 3rd-and-10 or longer.

      So is there a reason you’re not a coach in the NFL?

  17. Mike

    Agreed NICK! They did Run, run, pass on that first and goal! Then a had to make a field goal! The Vikings stopped those plays dead. The way Flynn was making those short passes, MM should have stayed with the passes.

        • Phatgzus

          My point was that MM called a pass play that should have worked but failed because of Flynn; I think the first down run was a good call, Lacy almost scored. The second down run I’ll give ya; if Rodgers is in they at least pass twice, and probably go for it on 4th.

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