Green Bay Packers Outclassed by the Detroit Lions

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn gets sacked for the safety

Green Bay Packers quarterback Matt Flynn gets sacked for the safety

Even the things that went well for the Green Bay Packers couldn’t make up for the things that were terrible in a 40-10 loss to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

For once this season, the Packers actually created turnovers. They intercepted Matthew Stafford twice and recovered two Lions’ fumbles, but couldn’t do anything with the majority of those turnovers.

The Packers offense was anemic. They couldn’t run the ball — 16 yards on 10 carries — and they couldn’t pass the ball. Matt Flynn, a week after sparking the Packers in the second half against the Minnesota Vikings, had just 139 yards passing.

In total, the Packers had only 7 first downs. The Lions had 30.

The main issue, was the offensive line. The Lions defensive front dominated Green Bay up front. In addition to not allowing the Packers’ running game to get going, the Lions defense also had 7 sacks.

The Packers offensive line was a joke.

Maybe Josh Sitton should have kept his mouth shut.

The Packers defense wasn’t any better. Yes, there were the turnovers. However, the defense also gave up 563 yards to Detroit. The Lions ran almost 40 more plays than the Packers.

They couldn’t stop Calvin Johnson, who pretty much ran a slant pattern on everyone of his receptions. Johnson finished with 6 catches for 100 yards and a touchdown. Reggie Bush played an equally important part in torching the Packers D, piling up 182 yards in total offense.

The Packers defensive line was invisible again, but their two inside linebackers — A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones — played like a couple clowns. Sure, they racked up their usual team-leading tackle totals, but both of them were continuously blown off the ball.

The Packers have the worst inside linebacking tandem in the league.


Other than the turnovers, I have nothing good to point to in this game. And let’s face it, the Lions turn the ball over, so that wasn’t totally unexpected.

The Packers got outclassed from top to bottom on national televisions by the Detroit Fucking Lions.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

199 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Outclassed by the Detroit Lions"

  1. Disposable h3ro

    37 unanswered, Detwat never punted and never had a three and out, great game on both sides of the ball. I would like to see some people fired but let’s be honest, that’s not the Packers way. I would also say that I am looking forward to the draft but we will likely spend our first 6 picks on defense, since that has worked out so well for us. Fucking embarrassing.

    • PackAttack

      Ted Thompson is a joke. What has the guy brought on defensively over the last three years? Datone Jones (where is this guy), Nick Perry (BUST!), Jerel Worthy, Mike Neal, Jerron McMillian, Mike Daniels…..only playmaker on defense is Clay Matthews. Charles Woodson still hasn’t been replaced (leadership or productivity). There is ZERO, ZERO, ZERO pass rushers on this unit, no pressure, no coverage, no adjustments. The safeties are beyond a joke. Burnett and Jennings — it’s time to make a change here. Sorry, it hasn’t worked get rid of these two piles of shit. Brad Jones? Why is this fucking loser on an NFL team? Why is AJ Hawk still running coverage on a base 3-4 scheme? And who the fuck is Victor Aiyewa? Where the hell did Thompson pick this fucker up from?

          • K.L.

            Ouch. I look forward to hearing a sensible opinion from you once you are done with your little temper tantrum.

          • Phatgzus

            K.L.-I’m not a physician (though I did just stay at a Holiday Inn), but my earnest recommendation would be to not hold your breath-PA’s hissy fit has been raging longer than the legendary “Red Eye” of Jupiter. In fact I’m pretty sure it may be a concern troll.

      • Mike

        Hi PackAttack, I could not agree more with you on the overblown TT! He is NO demigod! Personally I see more mistakes from him in the last few years in regards to not pulling strings before the season starts on position(s) of need and not firing lame coaches than I thought would/should have happened. This guy is a tight-wad arrogant GM who keeps players that he likes over better performing athletes, and as we have all seen, jettisoned anyone who he has not been personally involved with acquiring! I would say that these may be a few of the reasons for their abysmal efforts the last few years! I could go on . . .

    • PF4L

      Raji is busy strategizing with his agent on a counter offer after turning down 8 mill/year from our genius Ted Thompson.

    • Phatgzus

      Has anyone seen by good friend Raji? Has anyone seen my good friend Davon? Has anyone seen my good friend Aaron?

  2. Kenny

    That was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. I really hope the front office noticed something. For one, Raji isnt worth a third of 7million a year. Capers obviously cannot get the job done. When will this be finally realized? Yeah ted, the grooming of undrafted free agents into servicable players is cute and adorable, but it doesnt work obviously for serious super bowl threats. This team is a pathetic joke. I dont want to hear it about the injuries. Yeah, they miss rodgers, finley, cobb, but this is a joke. The rams have blown out the bears and colts in back to back weeks with kellen clemons. If I were rodgers i would ask to renegotiate my contract and ask 30million plus. The packers would have no choice but to give him the money. Tramon williams and morgan burnett are the most overpayed defensive players in the league.

  3. tedtomato

    Why is lane taylor in for smith..but..lets let outhouse struggle and sherrod ride the pine.mcfatty team was sooo..indpired..for first 10 mins

  4. 702packerfan

    No accountability in the defensive management structure. The O-Line allowed 7 sacks on Flynn and the D… well, 563 yards pretty much says it all. The Pack needs to take a clue from the Chiefs!!! Time for an enema!!

  5. Jurgens

    Maybe Sitton’s comments gave them some motivation, but it’s not like the Lions proved him wrong. Poor sportsmanship, personal fouls and dirty hits the whole game.

  6. PackAttack

    The Green Bay Packers have finally fallen. These last five games have proven that this organization is NOTHING without Aaron Rodgers. Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson have been hiding behind their lucky star for six years and it’s finally been proven how big of a joke they are without him.

    Injuries on the offensive side of the ball are understandable but when you go winless in five games without your star QB, bordering on noncompetitive, it shows just how big of a loss McCarthy really is. His play calling (finally exposed for the shit that it is), the OL (accounting for injuries) is still pathetic and undeveloped — all proves that this is a bottom 5 five team without Rodgers. The coaching is horrendous, the player development a joke and even when you get these guys back from injury there is no guarantee of success with this group.

    The defense. Okay, here we fucking go. If anyone wants to dispute any of this please call me 782-998-4234. Let’s start with Dom Capers who is thee biggest fucking joke in the NFL. What improvements has this fucking tard made in a calendar year. There is virtually zero athleticism on this defensive unit. No pass rush, the LB’s are slow and CONSONANTLY out of position, the safeties are the worst in the league (hands down), Tramon Williams is cutable come next spring, where is this “improved” pass rush? Capers runs a scheme designed around speed and awareness except the unit that’s been assembled has next to to none of those attributes, this is a slow, constantly miss-matched defense that can’t stop the run or the pass. No playmakers, no adjustments, no development. AJ Hawk and Brad Jones? How much fucking longer is the great Ted Thompson going to stick with his shower buddy Hawk? How fucking pathetic is this guy?

    So I come to Ted Thompson. The man who is constantly getting his dick wet for all the “great” moves he makes. Are we not seeing how “lucky” he got with Aaron Rodgers and how much of a difference one player makes to an entire organization? Thompson on the other hand has yet to improve the defense (3 years and zero adjustments), he’s yet to upgrade the offensive line (or fix it), it took him almost 6 years to draft a running back after his strategy of Brandon Jackson, James Starks, Ryan Grant failed. Now he’s stuck with the trash on defense, including Capers, running out clowns like Hawk, Jones, Nick Perry (this piece of shit is soft and shitty), MD Jennings, Morgan Burnett and Datone Jones.

    Thompson is a complete piece of shit. All the talk about him being this great GM should finally be put to an end (but knowing the idiots around here they won’t be). Your team is designed around 1 players, your D is trash, the majority of your draft picks are complete busts, there is no depth, no development, no adjustments, no coaching — what am I missing here? Fuck McCarthy and Thompson, they’ve lost this team and this franchise.

    • 702packerfan

      You’re spittin’ pure truth Dogg!!! Those two collected a lot of Packer loot sitting back and resting on the Rodgers. Why work when you have the Double Check?? He’s gonna handle it anyway!!! Time for a change.

  7. K.L.

    Way to spoil thanksgiving for everyone that love Packers football. Just a horrible, effortless display of mediocrity. At least make it look like you’re trying to win the game. Goddamn.

  8. icebowl

    Highlight – TIE VIQUEENS …

    Can’t make this up !

    NOTE TO TT, MM : Have you finally figured out why Flynn was dropped by 3 teams in 2 years ????? Why was Tolzien not playing second half ?

    Let #12 sit out rest of season – dump Flynn and let Scotty Tolzien get time-on-the-turf – he’s the only viable option for the future ….

    While you’re at it dump Capers and MM – pay Chuckie Gruden anything he wants to return to GB as head coach ….

  9. PackAttack

    Tramon Williams shoves a ref. That’s disciplined coaching right there. You got your finger on this team McCarthy, keep calling those HB dives with Kuhn you fat piece of shit.

  10. hate faux fans

    Wow some if you need to calm down, saying TT is shit us a very big exaggeration.everyone in offense wad drafted by him the only bad one is brewhouse and he was a very late pick, defensively Perry and Mathews are the play makers and if you disagree your blinded by rage, I’ve said this before the secondary is shit but it had players

  11. PF4L

    Let me say this………

    For all those people, (TT apologist) who whined to me (you know who you are) when I’d call out the DEFENSE, CAPERS, TT and the OFFENSIVE LINE, dating back to the 2011 15-1 season.

    I FUCKING told you this would happen if Rodgers wasn’t there to cover up this mess.

    Just as I called it.

    So in closing….Praise TT, praise Capers all you want…Then when you’re finished doing that.


    Happy Thanksgiving,


    • E. Wolf

      We are reduced to second and third stringers at so many core positions, including center and tackle.
      Get rid of Capers, subject the medical and training staff to an extreme audit.
      Here is another consideration–change at defensive coordinator transformed the Saitns defense. Get a decent safety and this defense can be reclaimed. Believe it.

  12. hate faux fans

    TT its not the issue,let me guess its his fault the best QB is hurt and is hindering the offense, capers on the other hand needs to be shown the door ass soon as the season ends, there are quite a few playmakers on D aside from Matthews/Perry and to all you band wagon fans who are here (yes we know there are a few of you here) you guys can leave with capers and to the rest of packer nation relax

    • PF4L

      TT isn’t the issue?…..Who brings in the talent?….Who over see’s the coordinators and coaches? Why has our O line sucked for 3 seasons? Why has the defense been soft and pathetic for 3 seasons?…..its not a TT issue?……If not TT, who else is responsible for the teams performance? The towel boys?

      No its not TT’s fault the QB is hurt …it’s TT’s fault that without that QB…..The rest of the team is pathetic.

      Hence, why some other knowledgeable fans, and myself, feel that Rodgers skill and talent, has covered up weak area’s of this team.

      This team had the same problems when Rodgers was playing. the difference now is when he is out, those problems become magnified.

      • E. Wolf

        Half the talent is injured fer chrissake. Most teams would be pathetic without their superstar QB. We are without Rodgers and are starting tackle (center wend down in this game) Cobb, Finley, Casey Hayward, the list goes on and on an on.

        • kluck a luck

          So, you are saying if Hayward was healthy, all would be fine with the defense? The defense is healthy, they just suck ass. Seriously, who is out on defense that would make a difference?

          And we don’t expect the Packers to be the same without Rodgers, no one is saying that. We should atleast be competitive, which we aren’t. But, keep on with your TT love affair…

      • Phatgzus

        Fuckin’ eh you’re a funny motherfucker-rippin’ on others for ostensibly being conceited and then referring to yourself as knowledgeable when pointing out one of the best players possibly in football history covers up weaknesses? No shit Dick Tracy.

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      TT is a major issue. The fact that Newhouse is even on the roster to see game action shows TT is a fucking moron. His early round drafting has been a fucking bust for a few years now. And the players he does draft don’t fit the system. Everyone in the world knew the Packers needed a safety and he did nothing. He chose to extend Brad Jones, AJ Hawk, and Morgan Burnett. That’s some real building for the future there. Wasting three fucking years on Graham Harrell and completely fucking up the back up QB situation. I know I don’t have much confidence in him building a winner anytime soon.

      • PackAttack

        Spot on. Someone see’s the big picture. Thompson shouldn’t be given a pass for this shit. I’ll give the offense a pass on the account that the only player on the roster worth a shit is down, the OL is still garbage. Go read the OL rankings. Bakhtiari ranks 56th among all NFL LT’s and Marshall Newhouse is 64th! That is absolute trash. That means there are fat fucks on practice squads who don’t even suit up who are better than these two dipshits and Thompson is all but licking their balls and “sticking with his guys”. Ok Ted. Your star QB has been sacked the most in the NFL over the last 3 years and is out with a broken fucking collarbone for a reason.

        Thompson brings in trash like Seneca Wallace, doesn’t develop a #2, it took him 6 years to draft a RB worth a shit. He hasn’t done shit. Early playoff exits because of shitty D and now this…..I think the writing is on the fucking wall.

    • PackAttack

      Injuries, injuries, injuries. Blah blah blah blah. Offensively I can see your excuses being valid — defensively, sorry NO.

      Ted Thompson is responsible for the talent on the defensive side of the ball and there is none — fucking zero. Who are these playmakers you speak of? Perry!!!!??? Okay guy, where’s his play making ability been the last two years when he’s not nursing some BS injury? Either he’s soft or invisible because he sure as shit ain’t productive. Who’s on the DT that presents pressure? Where is Datone Jones? Pro Football Focus, Football Reference and ESPN all rank the Packers as one of the worst defensive units in the NFL and of their so-called “playmakers”, Matthews is the only player on the roster who’s considered a top 75 player in the league on defense — no other Packer is even close. THAT IS PATHETIC!!!!! The Packers don’t have more than two players even close to being considered above average on D.

      You need to figure it the fuck out guy, there’s a big difference between what Thompson and McCarthy say is potential and what is actually production. The numbers speak for themselves and there is ZERO, ZERO fucking production from this defensive unit which is virtually at full health. Burnett sucks, Jennings is beyond even talking about, Brad Jones and Hawk? Holy shit. I mean, what the hell are you watching?

      Going back to Thompson his defensive draft picks haven’t worked out, he hasn’t gotten rid of Capers, he hasn’t changed the culture, he hasn’t replaced Woodson, he hasn’t brought in leadership. It’s on him, it starts at the top.

      You give our fan base a shit reputation with your pathetic knowledge and complacency towards mediocrity. It’s idiots like you who’ve gotten down on your knees to blow Thompson and McCarthy and praise them for being mediocre while Rodgers covers up their shortcomings. You don’t just go 0-4-1 all the sudden because of injuries alone, this is a very poorly constructed and coached team and AGAIN it starts at the fucking top. Wake the fuck up.

  13. PF4L

    How many times, how many games, does this team and their fans need to be embarrassed to this level, on a National stage?

    Mark Murphy? I don’t ever hear or see anything from you, are you still with the Packers?

    God forbid…You, TT, or Capers, ever come in front of the camera, media, and be held accountable, or be questioned about the team performance.

    Ted Thompson, Capers, Shawn Slocum. Need to be shown the door.

    The fans (shareholders) should stage a rally outside of Lambeau, demanding that Murphy and Ted Thompson come out and speak to it’s owners.

    As a shareholder and lifelong Packer fan, I’m embarrassed once again. is asking somebody in upper management to speak, too much to fucking ask?

    Its funny, when they want to sell shares and raise tens of millions, they’re all out in the public eye. after they get the money and the team stinks it up…They’re never to be seen.

    • Phatgzus

      Hey there comrade, TT and MM take responsibility all the time, and Capers took the podium to receive flagellation, sorry, whipping, not 2 weeks ago (granted he rarely ever does correspond with the media.

      Denigrate them all you like, but do keep it to criteria that’s within the realm of reality.

  14. hate faux fans

    I actually agree with the lovie Smith signing maybehawk can show why he was a top 10, his best season was in a 4-3

      • Phatgzus

        Chuckie’s a great coach no doubt, and I think Rodgers would have a great rapport with him, but if you are among those who think MM is conservative, Chuckie runs almost the exact same system as Holmgren did.

        Additionally, MM is also a great coach (feel free to jump on that haters) and it is rare that the dissolution of an established QB-Coach tandem the likes of Rodgers and
        McCarthy produces greater results (see Favre-Holmgren, Starr-Lombardi).

  15. PF4L

    Find a new GM…Who hopefully fires Capers, promotes Kevin Greene (Someone with passion) And leave it to the new GM about the head coaching job. Lets not waste Aaron Rodgers best years on this sad excuse of a O line and coaching staff. Lets stop the bleeding

    • Phatgzus

      Since you’re such a vast repository of knowledge, where say you might we find said GM and coaches to replace a group that is no worse than half of the rest in the NFL? College? High School? The local Piggly Wiggly?

  16. Richard

    This team is complete fucking garbage. No effort, no pride. I’m not sure how they expect the fans to care when it’s clear these fat lazy fuckers care about nothing but their paychecks. Rest Rodgers til next season, lose out and make the top 10 draft pick count for something next year. Maybe another fat fuck offensive lineman who can’t stay healthy to keep Bulaga and Sherrod company on IR

  17. PF4L

    Matt Flynn had absolutely no chance at all the whole game. I don’t mind Sitton talking….if he, and the O line, can A) Give Flynn 2.5 seconds to pass the ball, B) Open a hole in the run game.

  18. the real russ letlow

    wow, a lot of negativity here, lots of upset stomachs, mine included. What I saw was a total team failure – offense, defense and special teams. every member of the team from the head coach on down that participated in this game should be embarrassed. Except maybe the punter and kicker. Detroit is not that much better than the Packers. But I’m not jumping off the wagon. Been here for 40 plus years, seen the lean and the fat, the good and the bad. What I saw today was a team who is the shell of the one in the first 6 games of this season. We miss our QB 1 very badly, (who knew how bad it be?) but there are certainly many other problems here that may not be identified until after the season. The status quo is not working.

  19. PF4L

    As I read these comments, what comes to mind, I wish the team and coaches had 1/2 as much passion that these fans in here do.

    • Christian Ponder Stole My Patio Furniture

      If you think MM lacks passion, you should see Leslie Frazier’s press conferences. It’s the same rhetoric every single week. “We didn’t play as well as we’d like to have today. We’ll look at the tape and clean some things up.” yaaaawwnn……

  20. Iltarion

    In the words of Sgt. Elias – “We been kicking other peoples asses for so long, I figured it’s time we got ours kicked.”

    Today was Detroit’s day. The Packers looked like they were on bye.

    Take your ass-kicking like men and stop whining. Unless you are women, of course, then carry on.

    • the real russ letlow

      its been a rough 5 days for the good guys in Green and Gold. take 10 days off and get ready for the last quarter of the season, good or bad.

      • PF4L

        In the last 5 days the Packers offense converted 5 of 26 3rd down conversions. The Defense gave up 473 yards rushing, 535 yards passing. The Packers offense had to punt 14 times. You know the rest.

        I don’t call it a rough 5 days. I call it season ending.

    • PF4L

      Public Service Announcement: Iltarion will be back shortly after he visits the Doctor, seems he has Teds cock stuck in his throat, still. IN TED WE TRUST!!

  21. PF4L

    AJ Hawk is getting slammed a lot in here. let me say this about him.

    No, he won’t be a H O F’er. He’s not the best linebacker in pass coverage.

    What Hawk does do, is comes to play every game, and plays all out, up to his talent level, EVERY game.

    Leads the team in tackles, tackles for loss, has 5 sacks (1 short of the team high). His production this season will surpass all his other seasons, including his Pro Bowl season of 2010.

    He just comes to work every week, and gives you everything he has. Rarely ever misses a game. And say what you will, he plays with passion, and leaves it all on the field. I wish I could say the same for most of the other Packer players.

  22. Phatgzus

    Worst Packers game I’ve ever witnessed, period. I’d like to say House is awful, but that’s an insult to awful. Unfortunately, outside of CMIII, Perry, and maybe Shields, not one of those players should be allowed on a football field for at least a month.

    Now I’m dejected, yet, somehow, were not technically out of the Playoffs, though it’d probably be in our best interest if we were. At least we can drug ourselves to sleep on turkey tonight.

  23. hate faux fans

    Since TT had been gm the pack have had 2 losing seasons and 1 8-8 season plus a SB win under his resume `its a joke how most of you have become so spoiled on winning you can’t except a down season. I’m sure most of you were singing his praises not too long ago do quit acting like a bunch of babies

    • PF4L

      Since when is dealing with the reality of the Green Bay Packers considered whining? Ever wonder what it’s like, doing your own thinking? Being able to process your own thoughts and opinions. Keep being a naïve puppet. IN TED WE TRUST!!

    • PF4L

      Yea..faux fans is right. If a GM’s team wins a Super Bowl. That GM should never ever be judged or questioned, or have opinions about, by anyone for years to come. No matter how badly transparent his deficiencies are. We as paying fans and shareholders should be seen and not heard.

      Here’s the joke faux…That you think its a “joke” for fans of a team having the right to voice their views and opinions of their football team. that’s the joke.

  24. PF4L

    I’ve watched a lot of football games in my time. I can honestly say. I can’t remember watching any team, play worse offense, than what I saw today, EVER. 15 carries for 24 yards. 102 total net passing yards (56 in garbage time). That’s not even mentioning the defense, or lack thereof.

    I thought I was embarrassed after the last 2 49er games. This is a new low.

  25. hate faux fans

    Not a puppet,i just don’t get butt hurt because my favorite team is losing PF4L logic ” oh no were losing lets fire everyone because that’ll make things better” I can agree capers needs to get the boot and MM has rocks for brains some times but unlike you i understand that there will be ups and downs and that the pack will not win every year

    • PF4L

      So let me see if I understand you faux.

      You don’t think a butt hurt fan should be calling for someone getting fired. But you think Capers should be fired.


  26. K.L.

    I heard an idea recently that I thought could work. Fire Dom Capers and hire Lovie Smith as defensive coordinator. Not only would that be a probable defensive improvement, but it would be a slap in the face for Chicago.

  27. Nacho Libre

    I agree on resting Rodgers and giving Tolzien the starting job for the remainder of the season. Even if A-Rod were to play next Sunday, I don’t see him having an explosive come back after an injury like he did back in 2010 when GB destroyed the Vagiants and went on to win the Super Bowl as the 6th seeded team. Either way, go pack go..

  28. PF4L

    The reality is, if Rodgers can play, he will play. He makes over a million a game. I’d be shocked if Rodgers wasn’t playing next Sunday, after getting back to practice this week.

  29. Nacho Libre

    …I’ll have to agree with Mr. Faux, we can’t win every year. Maybe it’s time for all the shitty teams to win a Lombardi trophy for once. How many great teams with elite QB’s have lost year after year, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning for example, great future hof’s who both share the same number of world championships. The pack will be back next season.

    • PF4L

      Yea, lets just forget about some of the worst performances in NFL history. The most embarrassing playoff games in Packer history. The most pathetic game on Thanksgiving in NFL history. the 2nd worst defense in NFL history in 2011. Simply because you cant win every year. Lets not make anyone accountable for their jobs. Can we all just not judge the Green Bay Packers personel please?…..This is a Green Bay Packer football discussion chat forum…This is NO place to critique the Green Bay Packers!!! How dare you!!! IN TED WE TRUST.

      Faux, Nacho..pull up your skirts.

      • Phatgzus

        Yeah, definitely not the worst Playoff losses in Packer history.

        And aheeey! While we’re at it, let’s forget that we won a Super Bowl not 3 years ago while dozens of excellent teams and coaching staffs have failed to do so.

        Here’s a multipart query for ya: Are the Saints garbage? Are the Broncos hapless twits? Are the Falcons (not just this
        year’s team) a band of incompetents? How about the Niners? or the Seahawks? or Bengals? How many of those teams have as many Playoff appearances or Super Bowls as the Packers since TT, MM, Capers and co. arrived?

  30. PF4L

    I think if you were a Packers coach, in any capacity, you’d want Rodgers on the field playing, if you valued your job. Of course that’s assuming, Somebody, Somewhere, in the Packers front office, wanted to demand some accountability.

    • chucks

      you have to think about next season too… wouldn’t want to ruin Rodgers’ career by bringing him back early… You can’t be short sighted if you want to be a good GM in the NFL. Fans need to quit being so fucking short sighted.

  31. hate faux fans

    I’m not butt hurt tho,i want capers gone because the players the pack have would thrive more in a 4-3. No one said anything about not being able to voice your opinion i just said too relax and no a butt hurt fan shouldn’t want people fitted because they come off as babies

  32. hate faux fans

    Hayward was capable of playing than he hurt his hamstring again, Perry was able to play than hurt his for again, Matthews was able to play and was useless so yea lets have Rodgers come back and play just because he’s highly paid

    • PF4L

      lol….Rodgers was cleared medically to practice, assuming he’s medically cleared to play next Sunday. Do you realistically think a healthy, ready to play Rodgers, is going to sit out the game on the sideline?

  33. PF4L

    faux..Lets do this then..Tell me how you think Ted Thompson is doing, in his job performance. Don’t be afraid to go into detail. I’ll wait in great anticipation for your thoughts.

  34. Richard

    What’s even worse is that after this shitshow they will probably go ahead and run Lacy into the ground the rest of the season instead of giving him a break and planning ahead for the future.

  35. hate faux fans

    You keep harping on the defense and I’ve already agreed capers should be let go but since that’s all you’re harping on its clear to see you can’t back up your reasoning for firing McCarthy or Thompson

  36. hate faux fans

    Kluck i used Hayward as an example of what could happen if you rush some one back just because they are able to play smart guy

  37. PF4L

    faux..Lets do this then..Tell me how you think Ted Thompson is doing, in his job performance. Don’t be afraid to go into detail. I’ll wait in great anticipation for your thoughts.

  38. PF4L

    faux, if you don’t want to, or cant answer the question, please acknowledge it somehow, vs ignoring it. Thank you.

  39. Pete Rock

    it would only make sense to replace MM and TT if there was a chance we could get suitable replacements. i don’t think there’s many coaches or GM that could replace and do better than what theyve done since they started.

    Capers had one good year and has been shit since then. you could replace him with a character from acqua force hunger team and get a better result

  40. Me

    I think the whole injury argument is just a copout. Half the guys are not elite players at their positions, the majority of them would be on the bench elsewhere, but the are starters here, and not much better than the shit backing them up

    And to say that thompson does a great job, weve seen rodgers get dropped on his ass repeatedly for 3 years now, and the solution somehow still involves newhouse, they came into the season with barclay and bahktiari at tackle, but because they think they are smarter than everone else with the whole draft and develop horseshit, they thought that was ok

    • E. Wolf

      Newsflash Bulaga has been out for the year. And EDS went down. How is Ted respobnsible for that exactly? It is a miracle it has help up this well.

      • Ivomitonvikingfans

        Obviously Ted isn’t responsible for injuries, but he sure as hell is responsible for Newhouse being a backup.

      • PF4L

        Every team has injurys, why are the Packers injurys more of an excuse than another teams injurys? It pisses me off, when fans use injurys as an excuse. The defense got 4 starters back for the Detroit game. Stick the injury excuse up your ass, and while your at it, take TT’s dick out of your mouth.

  41. hate faux fans

    I guess comprehension isn’t your strong suit and i can’t judge TT seeing as how I’m not of that caliber but neither are you, its easy to take the cheap way out and be a couch coach

    • PF4L

      So what I believe your saying is….You have no thoughts or opinions on how Ted Thompson is performing in his job. Because you aren’t qualified enough to judge? (fair enough). But earlier you said that Capers needed to be fired. So you must feel you are of the caliber to judge Capers performance? That’s interesting.

    • PF4L

      faux, based on your recent post. I can’t let your illogical ramblings dumb me down any further. No offense.

    • Phatgzus

      “I guess comprehension isn’t your strong suit…”

      It really isn’t, nor is dysphemizing, but if you want a good ol’ illoogical diatribe there’s few better than PF.

  42. Me

    And the how the hell could they not at least have an adequate backup for rodgers, to go into the season with wallace as your backup, rodgers goes down then wallace, so you go to tolzien now flynn

    Without rodgers, theyve turned into the fucking cleveland browns at qb, and that colossal fuckup is entirely on TT

  43. PF4L

    People …Please…..Lets not be critical of Ted Thompson please. there are some Ted fans in here that would feel more comfortable if you would refrain from critiquing TT. Thank you for understanding.

  44. the real jeff ircink

    after lauding Sitton for what he said about Detroit just a few days ago, NOW you say maybe Sitton should’ve kept his mouth shut.


  45. hate faux fans

    I want capers gone for different reasons, i want a dc who is on the sidelines with his payers to motivate them and get after them ( might have misread who made the chuckie comment, might have) and Sgt your in a dark place bruh its not that bad (wasnt alive yet) but cmon man

    • PF4L

      Dumb shit, You said you couldn’t judge TT’s performance or whether he should be fired because you weren’t qualified…But at the same time you judge Capers and want him fired?….Which is it?….Jesus Christ dude, don’t post how logical and reasonable you are, then being so fucking stupid, contradicting yourself.

  46. rebelgb

    Our defense seriously lacks talent. Raji has disappeared and there is no way we are giving him another shot at that 8 mill now, so he will be gone. Pickett is too old and Jolly is always hurt.

    Our linebackers have been a huge disappointment other than MIII. Our secondary has Shields.

    Thats a lot of holes and theres no way we can address that in one draft.

    Capers schemes havent worked in 10 years. The Super Bowl year was an aberration. Capers needs to go. The 3-4 needs to go because TT doesnt know how to draft for it.

    Thompson needs to get into FA next year to fill a few holes on D.

    MM was out coached today. Forget the injuries, the lack of talent…what exactly was our game plan? Someone tell me why we didnt come out after our Defensive TD and not go into the No Huddle? Why we didnt run the NH the entire game? Where were the quick slants to burn the blitz and get Flynn into a rhythm? Why didnt we try Tolzein in the second half? Detroits secondary is shit and Flynn cant throw deep. Where were the roll outs? Wheres the reverse? How about a flea flicker or some other trick call to change things up?

    Seriously fuck MM and Capers. Im not jumping off any bridges but its time to start thinking about where this teams future is and who should be leading them there.

    I dont see MM getting canned, TT loves him, but if Capers isnt gone at the end of the year then im taking up Golf next year and finding something better to do on Sundays.

  47. Me

    Yes bulaga is hurt for the year, but can point out when he has been a great lineman, i remember last year against seattle when they routinely walked right through him, and that was at rt

    The only reason he was moving to lt this year is because there wasnt anyone else capable, the alternatives were newhouse barclay and bahktiari once he went down, how is that not on TT

  48. PF4L

    Maybe someone at 1265 Lombardi Ave needs to realize we don’t have the linebackers to run a 3-4 (among other problems I don’t feel like writing a book about)….Lets stop this charade ok?…the rides over, stop the bleeding, lets stop embarrassing the Green bay Packers and their fans. If this keeps going the way it is, the rest of the NFL will be laughing at the Green Bay Packers just like they did in the 70’s and 80’s

    • PackAttack

      PF4L is 100% correct in each and every one of his posts.

      Ted Thompson is an overrated clown masquerading as mastermind GM, not one person on here can justify otherwise. The man got “lucky”, and that’s exactly what it was “LUCK”, in drafting Aaron Rodgers in ’05 when he fell 20 slots in the 1st Round. Thompson “reluctantly” drafted Rodgers whom he called “organizational depth” at the time and even stated in a 2006 interview that they had no plans on drafting Rodgers but felt the pick was justifiable because his draft strategy is about “drafting the best player available regardless of position”, he also talks about how close the Packers came to passing. I don’t consider that to be a stroke of genius, more like a stroke of luck. The rest is aftermath after Rodgers turned out to be a golden goose.

      Since Rodgers emerged as the best player in the league Thompson and McCarthy have just rode the wave, building and betting everything they have around one guy. They didn’t improve the OL (both developmentally and from an organizational standpoint), they haven’t done shit on defense (this doesn’t need to be re-explained), they haven’t made adjustments on the coaching staff, the play calling has FINALLY been exposed as absolutely horrendous, the depth of this team is remarkably bad —- and in the NFL it just goes to show you how all of this can be covered up by one fucking player.

      If anything consider Rodgers going down a good thing because it finally exposed the frauds of this organization. This team doesn’t win because of Thompson, it sure as fuck doesn’t win because of McCarthy, it sure isn’t run by Clay Matthews, there sure isn’t any leadership — and the Packers are a bottom 5 team in the NFL without one player.

      I don’t see any of those FACT being disputed. These trolling fans who claim to be “true blood Packer fans” who’s optimism is embarrass I’m sure will dispute these claims and will continually find ways to suck Thompson’s dick — but the facts are indisputable….

      WInless without Rodgers. Embarrassingly bad defensive unit for two years straight. Pathetic developmentally. Poor coaching staff. Lack of depth. Bordering on non-competitive without one player.

      He hasn’t taken the steps necessary to improving this team on defense, special teams, coaching staff, personnel,

  49. PF4L

    Does anyone believe any team in the NFL is afraid to play the Green Bay Packers?…I have a thought…..”Maybe next year”..Now, I sound like a fucking bear fan…lol

  50. PF4L

    The only question left is. Was that Packer performance, on both sides of the ball, the worst game statistically in NFL History?

  51. Phatgzus

    Hey Faux, you aren’t the only one here who subscribes to logic, I agree with most of want you have to say; however I believe we should give Capers one more year-his D’s have been pretty good in at least 3 seasons. I agree iit would be nice to see him on the sidelines motivating, but that would essentially be purely aesthetic, ask Sitton how well that works.

    That said, most of these honkies, especially those who manifest after a loss do not subscribe to reasonable thought; and for those that do, it’s essentially a transient indulgence. Certainly now is not the time to engage them, I’d recommend giving them at least a few days to chill the fuck out, before attempting any rational discourse. Although, you probably won’t educe any logic from them (if there is indeed any) until our next win, or even next year.

    • PF4L

      Well, You are officially the 1 person that wants Capers to stay.

      I think Capers needs to stay up in his coaches box. I think he likes the overview he has up there, (plus it’s warm, and they serve all-beef hot dogs) to watch plays develop and to make in game adjustments. it seems to be working well for him so far.

      One thing though. I don’t have a dictionary handy. What’s a honkie?

      • PackAttack

        Honkie = idiot who spends money and time watching Scott Tolzien and James Starks get blown out by underperforming NFL teams. Would rather waste years of Aaron Rodgers career and seasons so team can move up in draft order to take another Derek Sherrod or Nick Perry in the 1st round. Would rather have Com Capers giving motivational speeches than see a new coordinator come in who’s competent enough to know how to stop a below average NFL offense.

        • PF4L

          In all fairness to Dom Capers. he’s not done kicking back with his feet up still basking in the enjoyment of winning the Super Bowl in 2010 and fleecing the Packers of his yearly salary, under the guise that the game hasn’t passed him by yet.

      • Phatgzus

        “Officially”, eh? You’ve performed the due diligence required to make such a statement legitimately in the past half a day? Damn impressive, PF, watcha doin’ wastin’ your life on this blog with all the skill you possess?

      • PackAttack

        Yeah — let’s use $10 words to show off our vocabulary on a green bay packers message board….fuckin sweet dude.

        • Phatgzus

          No bombast intended, that’s how I speak oh belligerent one; and those really aren’t advanced words. But by all means continue the lambasting if it makes ya feel better, no worries on this end of the Internet Superhighway. Just think though, in the time it took to substantiate your disdain you could have learned something new; food for thought.

        • Arcturus

          “Mrs. Plath?” I’m sure that will be lost on him, perhaps a Mrs. Doubtfire reference would have been more appropriate.

          • Phatgzus

            Sounds like he’s attempting a great impression of a hot dog? No wait, maybe it’s ’cause his tits are on fire.

  52. cd4packers

    What’s to say? The Packers sucked far worse than I thought they ever possibly could. I thought they had a good start and then everything turned to crap. They are like a team with no direction. That is on the coaching staff on both sides of the ball. It’s time to do some house cleaning in this Packers organization. The fans have to speak out. To stay quiet and not voice outrage at the indifference being shown by the management of this team is unforgivable.

    • Phatgzus

      Season still ain’t over, technically, not that they’d make it far in the Playoffs with that D if they somehow made it in (e.g. Bears and Lions plane crashes).

      But yeah, there is indeed always next year, until there isn’t. I’m not worried, I have faith in this organization and, as a Sawx fan, I’ve learned to be patient-good things come to those who wait, patience is a virtue, all that good shit that I’m sure you enjoy hearing.

  53. PF4L

    Fun Fact: Former Packer Jeremy Ross had 1 carry, rushing the ball for 24 yards. The same amount of yards, the Packers, as a team gained rushing throughout the entire game.

    • Andy

      that is a fun fact! Interesting how we went from a one dimensional passing team, to a one dimensional running team to a zero dimensional team

  54. Ivomitonvikingfans

    Never fear everyone, I have on no authority that Ted has his eye on some undersized ILB from Kent St. or some shit who is real raw but has tons of upside if he can make the conversion to safety. I am also quite sure the next franchise Tackle is quietly rehabbing his second ACL after starting one year for Arkansas Techand making 2nd Team All Great American Conf. The Genius is also quietly maneuvering via rotary dial phone to turn his 5th rd. pick into 3 7th rd. picks, The Dynasty lives!!!

  55. vj

    Now who was right? Can someone say…men against boys? Wow…I think the non-homer fans could see a Beatdown like.this coming for awhile…the homer fans now see the garbage pile of high character quitters and collection of undeserved ego maniacs we have assembled on this team…not to leave out this unending collection of middle of the pack talent….yikes! Funny thing is the Lions have had a better roster for years, they are only now beginning to live up to their potential..

  56. Travis Jervey

    The entire team has problems. Rodgers can get us to the post season but it takes more than a good qb to win a Super Bowl. This last month has been terrible and someone needs to be held accountable.

  57. T-Pack

    Wow. Tough day. I took a day to comment to think about this game. Defense needs a serious overhaul starting with a new coordinator. Did you guys see Burnett try and knock megaton down instead of wrapping him up. Embarrassing. Offense was prett much what I expected. Listen this loss was on it’s way. Every team gets buried from time to time. Bottom line we can still make the playoffs. And I don’t care if we get knocked out in 1st rd just get in.

    I was surprised how hot the D came out and played then went completely flat. Wtf. Capers has to go. Will be interesting how the rest of the season plays out.

  58. kluck a luck

    It’s just unwatchable. Even with Rodgers, our O-line is a seive and wouldn’t have made a difference – Maybe we would have only lost by 14 with Rodgers playing. Unfortunately, change isn’t coming…McCarthy and Thompson will continue to do the same old shit, as evidence by his presser yesterday.

    Imagine A-Rod on a team that was competent? I guess our expectations, according to the TT apologists, should be for 10 wins with Rodgers, but if he gets hurt, a tie or two and team that wouldn’t beat the fucking Jaguars. Do I have that right? Is it the “Next Guy Up – Unless if it is Rodgers, Then Wait Til Next Year” philosophy? All we needed is one damn win while Rodgers is hurt and the season could have been salvaged. ONE WIN and they couldn’t do that. Nicely done Packers’ coaching staff… it is really fun watching your run, run, pass, punt offense.

    On a final note, why is it so absurd to expect the Packers to still be good without their starting quarterback? Plenty of teams have made the playoffs with a back up quarterback and a few have even won the superbowl with a QB2. But, let’s go ahead and keep that bar nice and low…

  59. nick

    I have been a packer fan since the sixties.TT sucks,mccarthy cant call plays to save his life and dc has no clue.

  60. Mike R

    I’ve always supported MM, but not being able to win a single game since Rodgers goes down really does raise some serious red flags for the entire coaching staff. Not to mention the teams that they have played the last 5 weeks have been either bad or average teams at best. It is very clear the players are not motivated and I think the last 5 weeks have really shown us how much #12 has covered up for the coaching staff’s mediocrity the last 6 years. He makes them all look great, and now that has been exposed. Let’s face it, Mark Murphy is not going to fire TT, at least not without a couple more disasters like this. I fear that TT may not be as good as he has gotten credit for, but I don’t feel that it is as black and white of an issue as the coaching staff. Either way, TT needs to seriously start thinking about giving MM the boot. Dom is not even a question, get him out now, the season is over anyway, and he sucks. You need to win at least 2 games in the last 5, considering the competition, and failure to do so falls solely on the coaching staff in this situation.

  61. chucks

    We are Packers fans, not Eagles fans. Support the team every week and let the problems work themselves out with time. Even if this season is a bust, we still have a better chance at a Super Bowl over the next few years than most teams in the NFL. Ted has managed the cap well, so in GB there is always hope for the future.

  62. tedtomato

    Why doesnt anyone ever ask mcfatty the tough questions..why is newhouse even on the field? Why cant your team tackle? Most of these guys played football for half their lives and they cant your getting paid too? Why does dum sit up in that box? Its not like hes making any md really that stupid? Wheres sherrod? Lane taylor comes in..but not sherrod? What happened to baktiari..sure has played like shit last 2 games..why cant our receivers get open? The other teams receivers are always wide open…wheres all these changes you were so adament about after the eagles game? Why are you such a blow hard?

    • Mike McCarthy

      All valid points. let me try to address them.

      Newhouse is on the field because my fuck stick boss doesn’t have a clue how to build an O line.

      Yes, we’ve had problems tackling, but just like I said back in the 2011season, we’ll get those issues straightened out. It takes time, sometimes years

      Dom sits up in the coaches box because frankly, he smells of old man ass, so I don’t like him down on the field.

      I put Lane Taylor in ahead of Sherrod because he bought me a happy meal the day before, so i owed it to him. I put Sherrod in the last minute or so, when nobody cared.

      Bakhtiari makes Sherrod look like an over weight girl scout. Bakhtiari will be fine, as with all draft picks and acquired UFA’s, lets give them years to develop, unless of course, they don’t.

      The other teams receivers are open because our guys are slow and can’t cover. Dom is working on some new schemes. Be patient. They should be fully implemented by 2016.

      I did make changes. I changed my breakfast schedule.

  63. Been a Packers fan for over 50 years now…seen some poor deliveries and this obviously ranks (pun intended) right up there with those…but we will get better again. I guess this is how vikequeens fans feel most of the time!
    So many teams build their offense around one player and this is not working this year well…look at the elite teams that aren’t doing as well as were predicted. No DECENT BACKUP QUARTERBACKS CA– — USE THEY HAD TO PAY SO MUCH FOR THE STARTER…no backup centers …cause, I don’t know they aren’t essential? There seems to be a lot less team building than there is building a team around one player…and we see the affect. The crucial word here is team…We have been through lean years before and hated it then…we will rise from these ashes and we WILL succeed again!

  64. Steady321

    Not even sure where to start after that debacle yesterday. First, time for Capers to go. The man has not improved a clearly inferior defensive unit since 2010. Get a FRIGGIN PASS RUSH!!!!! Spend some money for a decent back up QB or suffer the consequences. When a team plays the way the Packers did yesterday, i.e. with no emotion or desire, then it is time to re-evaluate the coaching staff including the head coach. No need to bring Rodgers back this year. Why risk further injury.

  65. kato

    This is the worst packers game I have ever seen. I would rather watch the 4th and 26 play over and over again for an hour than watch that game ever again. Imagine if Rodgers played for a decent team with a supporting cast, aka a good offensive line and a defense that was mediocre or better. (49ers, seahawks, panthers, ect). He probably would have had a 60 td season already.

    • Really…the worst…when was it 1980, I think, when we lost to the Bears 60 something to 7. You younger guys obviously don’t remember the worst decades for the Pack…70’s and 80’s. We weathered them…we weathered bad games …we even weathered well the worst call ever made against us last season…and we will weather this as well…Stay firm and stand tall as Packers Fan…one bad day doesn’t define a dynasty! Even a few bad days…we will be back!!!

  66. hate faux fans

    @ Chuck THANK YOU, finally some one with reason
    @ kato do you know many years those teams were picking in the top ten, every team has deficiencies. And to the rest, yea lets just get rid of everyone who isn’t performing because it would inconceivable that they could develop

  67. kato

    Every team has deficiency? This team has deficiencies at every position. No viable backup qb. Ted has really squandered that one. Offensive line is one of the 5 worst in the league and has been for 4 years. Safety position is totally neglected. worst combo in the league. Morgan burnett is not even close to being worth the money he was given. He has value only because he isnt awful (MD Jennings, jerron mcmillan, chris banjo cut by the jaguars!!!). It took ted thompson 5 years to finally realize he had to draft a running back rather than the guys he had going out there. Brad jones gets blown off the ball on 75% of running plays. I am sick of everyone coming to ted thompsons defense. His draft and develop scheme sucks. For every randall cobb, there is an erik walden. Actually more failiures than wins. Especially on defense. It brings me much pain to say this, but i really hope rex ryan gets fired and comes on with the packers. The guy is a moron and I hate him, but when it comes to defense, the guy really knows his stuff. The idea of scrapping the 3-4 defense is awful. What would happen to guys like matthews, who is the best defensive player on this poor defense btw?

  68. hate faux fans

    K I’ll start on defense, the dline has a chance and the potential to very scary but in a 4-3 (only way we keep raji) Perry and Jones stay at end with neal in rotation, have Daniels and raji be our inside with worthy as a back up. Do the same with clay as the broncos did with miller put him at strong side have hawk be middle seeing as how he played that in Ohio and had his best season as a packer and either draft a linebacker or put lattimore at weak side (not a fan of Jones). Have Burnett go back to SS where he thrived this way we just need a FS ( a few good ones in the draft). Show Williams the door and get a new secondary coach.

  69. hate faux fans

    Offensively theres not as many issues as you guys are complaining about, bulaga will be back so it becomes a toss up of who starts at LT bit either way barclay (great rin blocker sucky pass blocker) and newhouse wont be starting, sitton is a pimp (4th rnd pick by TT) and lang get shit done and EDS has come into his own. The only position i see the pack picking up on O is either a TE to replace finley ( i for one want eric ebron out of UNC) or a WR depending on if they let Jones go because boykin is a stud in the making (also an undrafted FA)

    • Lance McCullers

      So, Bryan “Mr. Average” Bulaga is going to save us next year on the O-line? I guess he is better than what we trot out there week in and week out, but it’s not like he is a perennial All-Pro.

      Let me ask you this, Faux, If the O-line are a bunch of studs or “pimps” in the middle, like you say in your post, why do they continually get manhandled? Everyone agrees our O-line is ass, aren’t they a big part of it? Also, if they are so good, why has Rodgers been sacked more since 2010 than any other quarterback? Lots of holes to plug in the dam, but Tight Wad Teddy won’t go into free agency and will give BJ Raji 8-10 million. IN TED YOU TRUST?

    • PF4L

      Sucky? Are you 12?….Also…Please note, You capitalize people’s names, not just some. Not sure what grade you are in, but i wish you good luck when you get into high school.

  70. PF4L

    #109 written by Phatgzus
    11/29/2013 – 4:26 am
    “I guess comprehension isn’t your strong suit…”
    It really isn’t, nor is dysphemizing, but if you want a good ol’ illoogical diatribe there’s few better than PF.

    • PF4L


      Everyone is real impressed with your $20 words. But how about you learn how to spell the word illogical correctly. Before using the word dysphemizing.

      Do you really think, anyone on this site, knows what the word dysphemizing means? Really? You using that word, makes you look like a pompous asshole.

      • Phatgzus

        Uh-oh, made a typo, you caught me! Heil ze Grammar Führer and his Thought Police. Dude, you continue to flaunt your hypocrisy, stating (fallaciously, naturally) that I concern
        myself with correcting others grammar and make no points in regards to football (also erroneous); yet here you are pouncing on a typo, all the while never having responded logically to any of my rebuttals specifically regarding football.

        Dysphemize isn’t a real stumper: Dys-Phemism, antonym of
        Eu-Phemism. Dys- meaning bad or not, as in dysfunction or dystopia; eu- meaning good or true (hence the opposite meanings with the same root word) as in eukaryote, euglena, eulogy, etc.

        You’re welcome for the introductory lesson in etymology.

        • PF4L

          Everyone is real impressed with your $20 words. But how about you learn how to spell the word illogical correctly. Before using the word dysphemizing.
          Do you really think, anyone on this site, knows what the word dysphemizing means? Really? You using that word, makes you look like a pompous asshole.

  71. hate faux fans

    @Lance i said sitton was a pimp, Lang gets stuff done meaning he’s not the greatest but he’s not the worst, must of the pressure had been coming from the outside or the right side, if one side collapses it makes the QB move and possibly into a defender from the other side

  72. PF4L

    Lang is the back up center, who looks like he’s never been in the shotgun snap in his life. I could snap the ball better than he did.

  73. hate faux fans

    Pf4l unless you have a legitimate argument outside of slinging insults with your internet bravado would you refrain from using the net because everything you have said is either an insult or complaining so instead of acting like an immature grade schooler how about you act your age. I’m sure after this you’ll do one of two things: 1. You will try to say something witty to male yourself feel superior. 2. You will resort back to insults e.g “take TT’s dick out of your mouth” or something along those lines. So next time you respond to me try to make sure it has a little insight.

  74. PF4L

    1st) Let go of your Mommys skirt. 2ndly) If you don’t like my post and they hurt your feelings, don’t read them. But please try to put on your big boy pants and stop whining. Thank you for understanding.

  75. PF4L

    The guy who calls me an immature grade schooler, describes things as “sucky” and doesn’t know how to spell the word run. (“great rin blocker sucky pass blocker”) <—nice. Faux. go help your mom with the dishes, and stop being a whiny little bitch.

  76. E. Wolf

    Good god so much idiocy, TT sucks, fire McCarthy blah blah blah. You’d think that the Packers are going to suffer a 20 year draught and will wind up like the Bengals or Raiders after their super bowl losses. The talent on defense is obviously and young, and most all with some exceptions have shown flashes of brilliance.
    Basic points:

    1) the team is reduced to 2nd and 3rd stringers at seemingly every key position on offense (LT, center for that game, TE, Cobb, QB
    2) Datone Jones, Perry, Matthews are all playing hurt.
    3) hayward out, shields off injury.

    4) get rid of capers, get someone who can develop this young talent on d that has shown ability
    5) get a safety and nose tackle.

  77. Me

    Ok, enough with the 2nd and 3rd stringer bullshit, our first stringers are 1st string by fucking default, not because they are actually fucking better.

    If they eventually have to put mcmillian and jennings on ir, you’ll still use the excuse hey our first stringers are hurt, newsflash the first stringers suck dick

    • E. Wolf

      Hey puppy pup, I said we need a safety (or two). The rest of the underperforming positions have either

      1) shown promise
      2) been or are injured
      3) both.

  78. Me

    Hey barclay cant Pass block for fucking shit, but he sure is one hell of a rin blocker, lets see how that run blocking works when his horrendous pass blocking gets our qb hurt

    Oh wait were finding out now, the line cant block for fucking shit

  79. Organicbuzz

    True Packerfan or parting buddy of Ryan Pickett’s, would go to Vegas now and laydown a couple grand on Pack winning the Superbowl on today’s odds.

  80. PF4L

    Yea, thats what a Packerfan should do, lose a couple grand on a Super Bowl bet, before the end of the season even gets here, good thinking.

  81. Organicbuzz

    Are you a fair weather fan PF4L? Uncle Ted and Coach Mike will get us there. Oops do not forget about Dom.

  82. tedtomato

    Since when has burnett even played 2 good games? He had 1 good quarter yesterday amd actually looked like he earned half his game check…however 2 good plays..and..30-50 bad plays isnt being this supposed great player he gets bragged up to be. He wouldnt even be a starter on most teams..neither would the other 4 undrafted guys playing back there. Shields was a good find..ill give tt that..but when you keep replacing starters with undrafted rookies..well..we’re seeing the results. Funny shit mike mccarthy!

  83. Mike

    You know what they say, change is hard. And realizing this, people are, or become conflicted. That being said, I see many conflicted individuals on this site. With that I see people that are riding the fence, jumping the bandwagon, or are so conflicted that angry denial is the flavor of their day! But do not feel anger is a bad thing! no one wants to be wrong about what they have invested time and passion into! But believe me! you guys will come around to the stark reality that TT, MM and D. Capers have been leading all of you around for quite some time! Then, as usual, you will accept, and find a new bandwagon to attach to and start your petty little overt pissing matches again! Because after all, that is what you do when you realize you bought the wrong ticket . . . kind of like pushing the rock up the mountain . . . most people never accept change even when it is good for them!

  84. Cuban

    Heres what i dont understand, FAUX says that thompson shouldnt get blame because he has put the talent on this defense, we just need a new dc, and a 4-3 scheme because all this “talent” is better suited to a 4-3

    Well if that is remotely true, well then thompson absolutely deserves blame because they run a 3-4 base, they have for years, so why in the hell would he be drafting guys better suited to the 4-3

    • Mike

      He is grabbing at anything he can to rationalize his POV. Cognitive dissonance does not always make sense! lol

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