Green Bay Packers Drop an Awful Game to an Awful Eagles Team

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Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers

Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers

Hey, everyone! How about that Green Bay Packers defense!? They’re fucking stout, right?

No. This is the same goddam defense the Packers have had for the last several years. Except for one difference. There are no playmakers. Zero.

And Clay Matthews with one hand doesn’t count.

That guy probably shouldn’t have even been on the field. He wasn’t effective. Made no impact. Couldn’t wrap anyone up because he was playing with club on his right hand.

A lot of people will want to blame this loss on the Packers offense, who had a backup of a backup quarterback playing most of the game. You shouldn’t do that. The Packers offense, although they didn’t score as much as they could have, did their job.

That backup of a backup, Scott Tolzien, wasn’t half bad. He threw for 280 yards after getting what? Five practice reps all week? It was the two picks that killed him.

Tolzien wasn’t terribly accurate, but he was good enough to win the game. The Packers offense did their job by controlling the clock and keeping the face-paced Philly offense off the field. Believe it or not, the Packers had almost a 10 minute time of possession advantage in this game.

So, back to the defense.

Let’s just say it. The Packers talk about how deep their secondary is all the time. Well, I’ve got news for you. The Packers’ secondary is shit.

Dog shit.

In the past two weeks, the Achilles heal of this team has shown itself. And it’s that unit.

Morgan Burnett — glad we gave him a contract extension — has regressed. Can’t tackle a 500-pound sow running around inside a pen.

M.D. Jennings — shouldn’t be in the NFL.

Davon House, and I hate to say it, go back to special teams. That guy got burned so badly today that I’d think about cutting him from the team tomorrow, if I were the general manger of the Packers.

Casey Hayward, I’m not sure what happened to you. Sophomore slump?

I could go on, but what the fuck is the point?

The Packers can outscore teams with Aaron Rodgers at the helm. When he’s not at the helm, they have to play some defense and clearly, they’re still not capable of doing that.

Yes, the offense has to do more regardless of who is QB1, but no one should be putting up 27 on the Packers in Lambeau Field.

It’s fucking shameful.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

101 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Drop an Awful Game to an Awful Eagles Team"

  1. K.L.

    Agreed. What the fuck is up with our defense. It’s the same shit year after year. If it is Capers’ fault I think he seriously needs to go.

    • Savage57

      Reminds me of the Asian guys in the baseball movie, ‘Major League’ I think, that look at each other and say…’

      ‘These guys are still shitty’.


  2. Sam

    The game has passed capers. Time to move in I think this is a bad enough loss where someone needs to get fired. If it is t capers then it should be Ted. No backup QB or center plan how can a team operate without those? Because the draft has been good to Ted it will be capers to go but I think promoting Greene will bring some life to the D!

    • Savage57

      Right the fuck on!

      To paraphrase John McKay, when it comes to old Tramon Williams, he can’t cover and he can’t catch but he makes up for it by not tackling.

    • PackAttack

      NEVER. Oh God FORBID you dare to point any finger at the almighty Ted!! GOD NO!

      He drafted the greatest players of all time, he picks up street free agents like DuJuan Harris! He drafts all pro players like Nick Perry, Morgan Burnett, Datone Jones, Jerel Worthy, Davon House — I could go on and on and on and on and on….

      Ted Thompson is the GREAT ONE!

  3. tedtomato

    Fire Capers..whitt & perry..promote Greene or at least somebody with a pulse!! are paid wayyyy to much to suck this bad!!! Different week same deficiencies on defense..enough of this shit!! All this supposed depth in secondary doesnt help if they all suck!!

    • Savage57

      How about Mike ‘a bunch of consonants with a vowel somewhere in there’, the DL coach? Never has someone done so little with so much.

  4. Nacho dan

    They suck at getting turnovers quit trying to go for the strip and just tackle the guy! I swear there all playing with clubs on.

  5. Mike McMuffin

    Yay. Can we just forfeit the games until Rodgers comes back? Maybe no one will get hurt then unless they hurt themselves walking into Piggly Wiggly.

    At least the Bears lost.

  6. PackAttack

    The bottom line of the bottom line is this. This season is over without Rodgers, this team is nothing and certainly not a playoff threat without him. A loss in NY next week drops this team possibly 3 games back in the North and if Rodgers doesn’t comeback until after Thanksgiving and GB can’t manage at least one win without him — the season is over.

    This team (this Defense) isn’t going to go into NY and win without him. You can probably squeeze out a win vs MN in Week 11 but without Rodgers they’ll get toasted in Detroit and if he’s still out by then I wouldn’t be surprised to see Atlanta end the season at Lambeau in Week 14. Going into Detroit, Dallas and Chicago in the next two months would be tough enough games to win with Rodgers let alone without him.

    This season is over.

  7. PackAttack

    Seneca Wallace is 6-15 in his career as a starting QB. Only Blaine Gabbert and Brady Quinn have a worse winning % as a starter than Wallace, that’s beyond embarrassing. The Packers are the laughing stock of the league for having gone with Wallace as the backup to the most valuable player in the league, there is no bigger drop off in the league than Aaron Rodgers going down.

    Ted Thompson should be shot for this. Seneca Wallace must have bought some really good weed during his Seattle days and smoked up Teddy nice and good to get himself a job with this team because no right minded thinking individual would roster this piece of shit and give him a job.

    Karma for Thompson, the fans and the media for thinking this team could compete without Rodgers and no serviceable backup.

  8. Mike

    I have to say, PackAttack is most likely on the money. Until this “D” is addressed, we are in trouble. The “O” scored enough, and held the ball for enough time to win this one (even with the two picks!), and the ALMIGHTY “D” blew it again! When is enough, enough with this defense?

    • PackAttack

      It’s painfully obvious. The D HAS NO PLAYMAKERS!! NONE! Zero! Nada! ZIP!

      Thompson is a fool. His “build entirely through homegrown talent” theory is killing this team especially the defense. Make all the excuses you want for him drafting this guy or that guy…. at certain positions, sure, he’s done well but look at the development of the offensive and the defensive lines — two of the most important positions of this team and in the last 4 years he’s done nothing to upgrade these fronts.

      Datone Jones, Nick Perry, Jerel Worthy, Mike Neal, Patrick Lee the contract extensions to Tramon Williams and Moragn Burnett!!! None of these guys are playmakers, none of them can step up and play with consistency. The offensive line is even a bigger joke to speak of. Don’t blow smoke up anyone ass’s with this “injury bullshit” either. Sherrod and Bulaga are unproven and unproductive.

      You want skill players. MAKE A FUCKING DEAL! Sign a FA, make a move, do something. It’s his fucking team. Be creative and find a fucking playmaker besides Aaron Rodgers.

  9. the real russ letlow

    I’ve been reluctant to blame the D, up until now. with the commanding time of possession they should have been much better. Man, they gave up the big plays! a shame. Datone Jones had 2 sacks, but where the hell was the secondary? they need to place the blame where it belongs, on the D. Tolzien played better than I think Wallace would have, but we just couldn’t get it in the end zone. He can play QB in NFL. I’m really, really, really bummed about the D. everyone had to be better with Aaron sidelined, and they were not. And the injuries continue – EDS and Barclay in the same game? screw me running…….

  10. Nacho dan

    You can’t blame the game on Wallace he was 5-5 and was only in a couple minutes. Tolzein played as well as you could expect. Rodgers has carried the defenses ass for way to long and now they’ve been exposed. They are who we thought they were!

    • PackAttack

      Wallace is a fucking joke. He has ZERO business on an NFL team much less backing up the best QB in the league. The guy is being laughed at by every media outlet in the country, nobody is feeling sorry for him or gives a shit if he was 5 for 5 before his vag starting hurting.

  11. Nacho Libre

    What about the officials? Those ass jockeys overlooked a lot of penalties being committed by Philly.

      • the real russ letlow

        the officiating in our games this year – all of them – has been really sub par. and that is a compliment. I mentioned a few games ago I would love to watch our game and not feel like the refs jobbed us multiple times. the NFL refs suck, and today’s crew sucked all day long. we got a few, like them missing the obvious face mask, but their right corner molested our receivers all game long. we got one call. injuries, bad refs and a defense that is falling apart does not give one much confidence.

  12. Arcturus

    Whomever planned that pathetic “card display” during the national anthem should also be fired. Over half the crowd had no idea when they were supposed to do it, how long, etc. I notice there are no photos of it on any of the local news coverage tonight because it was a clusterfuck!

  13. Phatgzus

    Mike Carey’s squad is as bad as the replacement refs-they missed at least half a dozen PIs, numerous holds (D and O) and hands-to-face (on both teams).

    The defense was absolutely awful, except Datone and Tramon, they were mediocre at least (Tramon stepped up for ya PF4L).

    As for the rest of you, if they fire TT, MM, and DC, who the fuck are they gong to hire that’s better?

    • PF4L

      Tramon got a fumble, sucked the rest of the game…..Praise be to the football Gods. That should be enough to Justify his 7 million huh? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!

      • Phatgzus

        Uh, he would have had a pick as well, he deny get beat like every other DB, again made a number of plays at the line vs. the run, and had no penalties (granted He got away with a minor holding at least once). Also, he’s making $5M this year not $7M-is he worth that? No, I’ve already agreed with you on that, but he has played well the past 2 games, the ONLY DB who has.

        Also, as a result of my innate inquisitiveness vis a vis human nature arises this question (no judgement of morality is entailed, honestly): “Why do you have two separate pseudonyms that you use to communicate with each other on this site?” Please don’t feel the need to deny it, as you revealed yourself on a post in which I replied to your PF4L moniker, to which I received a reply from your CD4 nom de plume (very similar name structures in addition to a very similar writing style, particularly the cornucopia of ellipses) in which you repeatedly used “I” even though that was the first post on the article under said alias and my response to your
        PF4L screen name is the only comment I had made on the article.

        Is this just a tactic you use to get enjoyment from potentially causing confusion? Are you trying to subvert others’ opinions? An attempt to gain support for your comments by indicating another agrees with you (indirect peer pressure)? Is it an attempt to present an aura of mysteriousness and intelligence? Or perhaps do you have a dissociative identity disorder? I’m very curious, legitimately.

  14. Iltarion

    Yawn… more idiots talking about firing people. I didn’t even read their shit. I don’t have to.

    Poor article, Monty. You only needed one sentence to describe everything that happened in this game- Scott Tolzien played QB.

    Enough said. NO team can win with their 3rd string QB.

    By the way, all the idiots who wanted to bash MM or TT for not having a 2nd string QB just got pawned. Guess what? It doesn’t matter WHO you have as your back up if he gets injured during the first series of the game. So, unless you want to argue that you should have a quality 3rd string QB, you have nothing to say, so STFU.

    Lastly, the defense is crushed with injuries as well right now. We have zero pass rush, as we should since all of our best pass rushers- Matthews, Perry, Neal, Mulumba- are ALL dealing with injuries and obviously slowed down by them.

    Foles had ALL day to throw on all three of his TDs, and yet still finished with just 228 yards passing, 50 of which came on a BS play where Burnett deflected the ball off of Williams right to Jackson.

    This game told us nothing. NO ONE can overcome all these injuries. The entire organization is going to get a pass. So, for all you bitching about it… sorry.

    • PF4L

      idk if you watched the game iltarion. But if you think Wallace is a #2, and Tolzien is a #3. Then you’re just as fucking dumb as Ted Thompson is on that call.

    • K.L.

      Ignorant fucks like you frustrate the hell out of me. Then again maybe that is what you are actually trying to do.

      Tolzien played exceptionally well, especially considering he got zero reps in practice and the game plan was built for Seneca Wallace.

      Please, next time, look at the situation from all angles before you type out a page of bullshit like this.

    • Vijay

      Sexy Rex Grossman begs to differ–He could win games and he’s a 3rd Stringer.

      Can’t get any worse next year, or could it? The odds and Packer gods must once again favor us next season.

  15. CA

    PackAttack you’re a fucking moron and the worst kind of fan. What playmaking FA did you want Thompson to sign? Probably clamoring for Stephen Jackson at the time.

    I’d love to hear who you’d want over TT. Injuries have been ridiculous, and the defense has played awful the past two weeks but shit happens. Jump ship, the packers don’t need fans like you.

    • Ryan

      Agreed. Well said. (Iltarion too.)

      Obviously it was a bad loss. Considering the QB situation, the offense wasn’t really disappointing. The disappointment was the defense.

      But, writing that Ted Thompson “should be shot” is pathetic. You (PackAttack) shouldn’t be allowed on this blog (or the internet in general) if you are going to write such ridiculous things. Get a grip.

    • dave

      Really ?? how many injuries are there to our defensive backs???? ONE Heyward, So what is the excuse for these knuckleheads getting burned game after game year after year???? It s almost comedy real with these guys falling over each other, while a lame duck ball goes for TD.. This defense sucks period!!! and has for 3 straight years. Quit drinking the kool-aid

    • Vijay

      Ah em, no…we do need fans like PackAttack and PF4L. It’s that discord coming from the “other side” that makes all these debates addictive and interesting in the first place.

      I wonder, are Ted Thompson lovers also Favre haters? Should we take a poll? I bet the divide is as clear as Dems and GOP’ers.

      Sorry way off topic. But maybe there are some parallels to draw there.

      Anyway, I love the Ted criticisms, I love holding our GM accountable because that’s HIS FUCKING JOB. He (Ted) most recently said that “If something went wrong at the backup quarterback position, it’s my fault. It’s not somebody else’s fault. It’s not even one of those quarterbacks’ fault. I just didn’t get it worked out right” Read many Ted-isms here:(

      Fans who criticize the way our GM runs our team have every right to do so. Love it or hate it.

      • Vijay

        Somewhat ironically, the Ted article I just posted asks early on about the possibility of injury to #12 and what that would mean.

        Ted refers to it as something not to think about or discuss (for fear of jinxing it). That article was written November 9, 2013.

  16. rebelgb

    MM was as mad at his post game conference as ive ever seen him. He referred to an issue that keeps reappearing over and over and how thats going to be addressed first thing tomorrow.

    My guess its either about the poor tackling or the blown coverages by the secondary.

    I hate to say it but our safeties are fucking bad man, i mean really bad. Burnett was horrible today, I mean wow bad

    MM’s play calling once again was horrendous. This guy is a fucking tool. 3 and 1, 3rd string QB, hey lets throw!! 4 downs to score from within 10 yards of the goal line? Hey lets throw!

    Isnt the 3-4 supposed to have like crazy switchero cross pathing blitz packages? I mean think Baltimore and Pittsburg. Our vanilla ass defensive schemes are pathetic. Stop rushing AJ Hawk please, hes the worst blitzer ive seen since Nick Barnett. The run by Foley for 16 yards im not sure wtf Hawk was doing on that play. Blitzing but not really but sort of kinda?

    Giants gonna lay one on us next week boys.

    • Vijay

      He was referring to all of those but mostly the trend of losing one on ones or the whole game itself is my guess. I like Mike and Dom, I think they were great coaching hires by Ted.

      Ted picks up really nice receivers, street FA’s and really good coaches and keeps our cap managed well. Not sure about anything else though.

  17. PF4L

    When everyone was bitching about Jerron McMillian. And begging for Burnett to comeback, I told you all, he wasn’t gonna provide that much better.

    • Savage57

      Not sure he sucks, but clearly another case of Packer nation conducting a premature coronation as ‘one of the best corners in the NFL’.

      Kind of like what happened with FinMe.

  18. tedtomato

    Burnett sucks! Why they ever overpaid that piece of shit is beyond me! Get some teal fucking safeties..its been 3 fucking years since the back end of the defense has been even close to good!!!

    • Phatgzus

      No, no, no! Teal does not match the Packers green and gold, if anything we need some magenta safeties. Nothing says I don’t give a fuck like the non-spectral color magenta.

  19. Deepsky

    In the offseason, Green Bay sports writers kept talking about how good the Packers secondary was going to be, how were they going to field all those playmakers? I didn’t get it. I saw one average safety, a couple of nobodies, a couple of average corners and a bunch of nobodies. There are no playmakers in the secondary since Williams got hurt and Woodson got old. I blame this on TT who will continually throw first and second round picks on lineman who get injured while passing up playmakers for the rest of the defense.

  20. PF4L

    Most (not all) but most Green Bay Packer sports writers, are all of afraid of the Packers. rarely do you hear them ask a tough question. (Don’t want to ruffle any feathers.) McCarthy might get mad at them. I remember a reporter asking McCarthy about Dom Capers performance as Def. coordinator. McCarthy just about had a meltdown. I think the dude lost his press pass.

  21. cd4packers

    Ha! you guys are so cranky in here. It’s not the end of the world for the Pack. I still haven’t given up. This is the NFL and s…t happens. We are so lucky that AR lasted as long as he did. I hope we can hang on the next couple of weeks until Rodgers gets back.. At least we can take solace in the fact that the Bears and the Whiners lost. Packers are down but they are not out yet. And frankly all the bitching in the world won’t help it. Unless of course TT and MM actually read these comments and take them to heart that is. BTW PF4L!!! I still don’t know why you are mad at me. I wish you would man up and tell me. You just up and left without a word. I think that stinks. We have been friends for a very long time. What is going on?

  22. PF4L

    Congrats to Scott Tolzien for his performance in his 1st regular season NFL game. 280 yards in your 1st game is pretty G D good. Sure he got picked twice. So did Favre. But Tolzien has that it factor, this kid can wing it. Needs to clean up his accuracy, but I feel very comfortable with him if Rodgers can’t go. McCarthy was obviously very impressed with him per his post game interview. Also made it clearly understood he’s starting next week. Looks like we found our new #2 for a while anyway. Kudos Scott.

      • Vijay

        Ted did that…but only after he let go of Graham (3 year wasted project), BJ Coleman, Vince Young and let Matt Flynn go without any compensation. But yeah, what a find! Oh wait, he was already playing well on a 49ers team and most recently he was highly coveted by the Browns which forced Ted’s hand to make such a move and pay more to keep his rights…but yeah, that was all Ted’s doing, there were no other factors involved. In short, 3 – 4 QBs later, we came upon Scott Tolzein, our saving grace.

        • Phatgzus

          Yeah, and the 49ers let him go, didn’t they? So they could keep Colt McCoy (another Browns castoff); it’s only been one game, but from what Tolzien displayed on Sunday it’s very likely he will be no worse tha McCoy ever was. Furthermore Vij, you don’t know what went on in TT’s war room during the Tolzien’s draft-they may have had their eye on him since that year (or earlier) but he was drafted before where they felt he his value lay. Perhaps they have kept his eye on him since then; perhaps none of the former are true. The point is, Vij, we don’t know, all we can do is a speculate and speculation has no reasonable value. What we do know is TT did have the to pick Tolzien up and pay him more to stay with the team, and he deserves credit for that, regardless of the unknown.

  23. rebelgb

    Yeah I like a big arm QB and Scott has that for sure. He could have been picked 5 times today though if you watch the tape.

    Check this shit out bros: Next Sunday there will be 2 starting QB’s who are Ex-Wisconsin Badger alumni! 2!! Noone ever thought that was possible.

    I do have to say, from MM’s post game conference and the way he immediately pointed out that Scott was starting I got the feeling he was not happy at all with Wallace. Honestly I think that that Wallace quit on his team and MM knows it. Wallace also called a couple of audibles and I wouldnt be surprised if after last week MM told him that was a No No.

  24. PF4L

    We shoulda had a 2 or 3 picks also…But we didn’t. Woulda, shoulda, could have scenarios are for bear fans.

  25. cd4packers

    It was a terrible game. I want to just forget about it and move on. Of course, that’s easy for me to say. Now the hard work really begins for MM and Capers. I hope they are up to the task.

  26. lol, pussies

    LOL! all you fare weather fans are a bunch of fucking whiners, clean the sand out of your cunts and SUPPORT your team, don’t throw temper tantrums like a spoiled 3 year old who got their favorite toy taken away… you fuckers make me sad to be a packer fan. grow up, and understand its a fucking game that has zero impact on your personal lives, and if it does affect you that way… seek help, or put on some pads march your ass on that field and put up or shut up. sorry you cant partake in the glory of something you have/had nothing to do with. pathetic.

  27. hate faux fans

    Wow i see a lot of are fair weathered, fans yea the d played like shit but there are bright sides y’all are just to pissed to see it, Jones has two sacks,boykin is a pimp and tolzien is a viable back up.seasons not over

  28. PackAttack

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. Illitarion complaining about injuries again and again and again — what else is new this team is always fucking hurt all the fucking time. Who’s got something new? Anyone — please, give me a creative suitable excuse for this team right now without the “rah rah I’m a true hard core Green Bay Packer fan who stands behind Thompson and McCarthy thick or thin”…..nobody fucking cares, true fans want WINS! They want fucking improvements, they want WINS in the fucking playoffs!!! Not blowouts losses in the 1st fucking round and not shitty draft picks who don’t produce.

    Seneca Wallace is trash, he should have never have been the god damn backup to begin with Ilitarion you stupid fuck. Clearly your butt buddy McCarthy hadn’t a clue Tolzien was any better or he’d have gone with him, speaks highly of his managerial and talent evaluation ability, but then again he is sticking with Dom Capers as “his guy” on defense so that says enough about that Fat Mike.

    Can’t wait to hear the excuses rolling in next week when NY obliterates this pathetic defense. But shhhhhh, it’s okay because Ilitarion says we got a lot of injuries up front so we shouldn’t expect much, it’s okay that we lose just as long as we stick behind the guy with all the gray hair. Ok Ilitarion, okay bud.

    • Kozak

      Just fucking go away. Find some “winning” bandwagon to jump on. To think you can have the number of injured players the Pack has and move on like nothing happened is moronic. Shit happens, some years you have a lot of injuries. This is one of those years for the Packers.

      • Savage57

        Naaah, PackAttack, don’t go away at all. Nothing like a good, hate-laced, vitriol-filled rant to help anyone else who’s a little less than satisfied with the way this team’s playing of late.

        Nothing the matter with pouring out the bitter frustration on these pages and letting anyone associated with the team take one up the tailpipe because you’re pissed about a loss.

        And then next week, if they win, we get to come back and talk about how fucking awesome and kick-ass this team is. It’s what the fuck this whole goddamn circus is all about.

        Kozak, if you want calm, measured demeanor and civil discussion on the relative merits of the contest, go check out a curling blog. Otherwise, STFU and stop trying to tell other people what they can and can’t think and say. Fucks like you make my blood boil.

  29. E. Wolf

    The Ted haters are coming out of the woodwork.
    I really believe the defense’s problem is coaching and schematics. These guys have shown they can make plays. It is time for Dom Capers to move on.
    As for all the Ted haters griping beause we do not have a backup quarterback, I reiterate; half the teams in the NFL do not have adequate starters. Far fewer have serviceable backups. If Brees or Brady went down, that would be it.
    Ted has filled a lot of holes. His pick of Bakthari kept us in contention until last week. You fucksticks who want to blame Ted for all injuries and bad luck make me sick. Ted is the single biggest reason why were a contender this year, why we will an even stronger contender next year, and a contender for years to come.

    • PackAttack

      RG3 has Kirk Cousins, possibly the best backup in the league. Jake Locker has Ryan Fitzpatrick (not bad) but the Titans suck balls. Eagles have Nick Foles but okay. I hate Colin Kaepernick with an absolute passion and hope he fries in hell but even if Colt McCoy had to take over that offense I don’t see that running game or defense succumbing to an absolute collapse like Green Bay. Brady has Mallett, I put nothing past Belichick, nobody had a fucking clue who Matt Cassel was either until he pulled off 11 wins in ’08. Case Keenum looks to be ok but Houston sucks and so does Schaub. Andrew Luck has Hasselbeck. Romo has Kyle Orton, Peyton Manning has Brock Osweiler “the franchise QB of the future” who’s 6″7 and has an absolute cannon for an arm, The Saints have Luke McCown who apparently is better than Seneca Wallace because the Saints released Wallace’s ass to keep McCown….

      Your not going to find elite backups all over but organizations find ways to overcome major injuries. Seneca Wallace HAD THE WORST record of all QB’s in the NFL not named Brady Quinn and Blaine Gabbert and Ted Thompson rostered him. THE WORST RECORD AMONG ALL NFL QB’S!!!! Now he just got beat out by a third string practice squad player.

      Elbow injury or not, Matt Flynn should have been signed immediately last week, no excuses, no BS on the elbow injury, Thompson is too full of himself to go back and get Flynn when he bolted Green Bay for more money two years ago. Flynn knows the system, he knows the players, the coaches, the playbook. Cut Wallace, sign Flynn. Not very fucking hard.

      • Vijay

        Wonderfully stated and well thought out…Nice job PackAttack! A move for Flynn and a simultaneous release of Wallace would show some real desperation on their part, so it may not actually happen. Plus, who knows what Flynn’s elbow story is really all about–none of the fans or “owners” are privileged to such classified details anyway.

    • Savage57

      There you are.

      I was concerned you’d expired in a fit of apoplexy because your sole purpose for existing lost another game.

      Oh well, there’s always next week.

  30. PackAttack

    Great franchises can overcome injuries to key players. NE did it when Brady went down and some nobody named Matt Cassel stepped in and led them to an 11-5 season. NO, Cassel isn’t an all pro superstar (he sucks) but he kept NE competitive, stuck to the system when Brady went down and won games. In ’02 Marc Bulger came in for an injured Kurt Warner and went 6-0 and 12-4 the following year. Vick goes down, Nick Foles steps in (3rd round nobody from AZ) steps and keeps them competitive. Instead Green Bay looks like the 2011 Indianapolis Colts and we all know how that turned out, a great team went from Super Bowl contender to 0-15 all because of one fucking position, one fucking guy.

    Right now there’s no team in the NFL that’s more vulnerable than the Green Bay Packers are in this respect. They lose Rodgers and they become an automatic self destruction machine like the Colts, which is the worst possible attribute for any team in the league and it speaks volume for how poor everything else on this roster is. There’s no excuse for something of this magnitude to happen where it affects the entire franchise this negatively. The Packers aren’t even competitive without Rodgers they’re just like the Colts in 2011. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team lost every game like they did until Rodgers returns.

    • Phatgzus

      That’s 3 (potential-Foles season is only 4 weeks old) exceptions to the rule in the entirety if the salary cap era (5 if you count Favre and Brady). Those teams also didn’t have the incredibly debilitating amount and type of injuries that the Packers do, those backups also had continuity, something Wallace and Tolzien haven’t been privy to.

      Keep harping though, even a blind squirrel tells the the time correctly twice a day, or is it even a broken clock finds a nut every once in a while?

      • Phatgzus

        Oh, and only one of those QBs have led a team to a Playoff appearance or victory (Bulger, 1-2). Bulger also had three key members of “The Greatest Show on Turf” helping him out. He had two and a half good years then became garbage when he lost some those players.

    • Kozak

      Right. And how does NE do if they lose Brady, both starting tackles, the TE and 2 starting wideouts? Oh yeah and throw in both starting outside LB, their backups, inside LB, DE, and a corner and safety? The fact the Packers were competitive until Rodgers got hurt was amazing. Most teams would have been playing for a draft pick after week 4. And despite it all, with some grit and some luck the Packers STILL have a shot at the playoffs.

  31. E. Wolf

    Matt Cassel is a good backup quarterback, could even be a good starter. And in case you have not heard, it is not just Rodgers who is down.
    I reiterate, a majority of NFL teams do not have one good starter. Far fewer have good backups.

    • PackAttack

      It doesn’t fucking matter if the whole god damn team is down, it doesn’t make a fucking difference. It’s the 2011 Colts all over again. Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Brown, Saturday, Mathis, Bethea, Angerer, Freeney all their top players played that whole fucking season. A team that basically went from Super Bowl in ’09 to 2-14 in ’11.

      Packers are the same damn team.

      • E. Wolf

        Whatever man. I can explain it you, but I cannot comprehend it for you. The Patriots with Cassel is the exception, not the rule. In any case, that team did not lose a starting tackle, their number one receiver and featured starting end. Nor was their superstar linebacker without his right hand.

  32. PackAttack

    Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this team is fucked. I guess these guys are self absorbed ass holes too.

    Does Rodgers’ absence put a fork in Green Bay’s divisional hopes and playoff hopes?

    “It’s going to be hard, depending on how long he is going to be out,” Warner said. “We have heard a possible three weeks. I think it probably is going to be longer than that. But how do you overcome losing a guy like Aaron Rodgers? He means so much to this football team. The one thing you have to like is they are running the football better. Since week five he is number one in the league running the football. Maybe they can weather the storm. They play the Giants. They play Minnesota. Maybe they can get those wins. But for me it comes down to . . . making some big plays in the passing game. This team is based off big plays. Aaron Rodgers is third in the league in making big plays with his arm. . . . I don’t think they can continue to win games playing defense and running the football.”

    Marshall Faulk of the NFL Network did reach for the fork when it came to Green Bay’s playoff hopes.

    “Deion Sanders calls Aaron Rodgers ‘Like That’ for a reason,” said Faulk. “I mean, when you get a name ‘Like That’ . . . because he plays like that. And when he’s not in that offense, it’s not like that. I don’t expect them to make it to the playoffs. They’re done (without) Aaron Rodgers. They’re done kind of like the Colts without Peyton Manning. I’m telling you, everything that they do revolved around what Aaron Rodgers is capable of. That offensive line, the fact they are moving guys around, guys are hurt, because Aaron Rodgers can get out the pocket, throwing the ball down the field when he’s pressured. Listen, their playoff chances are over if Aaron Rodgers is out for an extended period of time.”

    “I think it affects everything,” Warner said about Rodgers’ absence. “It’s a quarterback-driven league. Everybody in this division, even the 2-7 Vikings average 24 points or more. You have to score points. That obviously falls back to your quarterback. Look at the Green Bay Packers and Seneca Wallace. He is 6-15 in his career when he starts and he averages 17.5 points a game. That’s not enough to get it done in this division.”

    To hear Cris Carter of ESPN tell it, maybe it was a blessing Tolzien played most of the game and not Wallace.

    “There is no drastic drop off in position in the National Football League more than quarterback and the backup,” Carter said. “Then when you go to the elite of the elite, that drop is even larger. Seneca Wallace has not been successful. We make fun of him a little bit for his name and everything. Unless he has had a growth spurt or something this past week, another four inches or so, I don’t have no confidence in him. They lost the one guy that they cannot afford to lose.

    “Seneca Wallace is a 6-15 as starter in his career,” Carter said. “Among active quarterbacks with at least 20 starts, listen to these names, only Blaine Gabbert and Brady Quinn have a lower winning percentage than Wallace, who hasn’t started a game since 2011. So laughing and joking aside, this is what you are dealing with.”

    • Vijay

      One final thanks to you PackAttack! Nice quotes retrieved from guys who know the league and the game. I’m already looking at players for next year’s draft and getting pumped that we may get a top 15 pick!

      By the way, I noticed your detractors were quick to attack you personally but offered some pretty weak arguments to support their viewpoints which were counter to your own. I think they need to dig a little harder when presenting their cases, instead of just bullying you around all of the time.

      Yes, it is unfortunate that we’ve had so many injuries this season, but in past years we did not lose that leadership in the locker room. This current roster is devoid of the type of veteran leadership that we’ve become accustomed to having around here. It just seems that this team lacks an identity.

      • Phatgzus

        His arguments shouldn’t need to be refuted as there is little to no logic behind them they are based almost entirely on emotion, not reason.

        Since you requested one, here’s an explanation for you: Money. Many say TT is a “tight-ass”, that’s nothing more than a dysphemism for someone who is not a spendthrift. He spends his money logically, and rarely overspends (Hawk, Williams) and when he does, he rectifies the situation (Hawk, Crosby).

        Here are the salaries of some of the QBs mentioned:

        Fitzpatrick-had a 6-year, $69M contract with the Bills, was scheduled to earn $10.5M (with bonuses) this year. Making $3.25M with the Titans.

        Hasselbeck-was scheduled to make $7.25M with Titans, will make $5M this year with Colts; approximately $8M over 2 years.

        Matt Cassel-$7.5M with Chiefs, $3.7M with Vikings.

        This is money that can go towards re-signing players such as Shields, JJ, Jordy, Big Jahn, even Pickett. It essentially boils down to whether you’d rather have one of those players for approximately 16 games a year or someone who’s 10% as good as the guy we normally have and who will play about 5 games every half decade.

        Furthermore, if our o-line is as awful as people say, wouldn’t it be better to lose a QB making the Vet minimum to injury than one making $4M a year?

        BOOM! Logic.

        • Vijay

          Not really logical. In reality, we could have NOT drafted either Casey Hayward or Jerel Worthy and ended up with a $390K pear starting caliber QB in Russell Wilson…but not, let’s waste second round selections on the Brian Brohms of the world…

          There’s your logic. I agree that you don’t overspend to sign a backup, that’s sound and fair. However, you also don’t waste picks by picking a shitty player in an early round either. I believe Kirk Cousins was also available around that point in the draft, either would have been good cost saving moves for us to shore up the backup…

          Well, it’s all mute now because we did manage to finally keep what appears to be a decent one in Tolzein.

          • Phatgzus

            Vij, that is not my logic, that is a bastardization of my logic intended as an argumentum ad hominem. That’s akin to someone purporting that the Bible allows even encourages bigamy therefore it is not immoral to do so.

            Your very first statement alludes to one of the reasons why TT didn’t draft another QB in the second round.

            1) We could have grabbed Wilson, then yes we wouldn’t have had Hayward or Worthy, we still don’t know how those 3 players’ career will develop, so you can’t present a valid argument as to which was the better pick.
            2) Once Wilson’s contract is up (or even before) he will be owed a LOT of money, since he is a 2nd round QB. Thus, if the Packers had drafted him, he would have been owed a substantial amount in the first contract and a lot more after that (if he as a 2nd-roud pick wanted to remain a backup for even more years) all to play in what, 6 games in 5 years? THAT is a waste of money AND a very high draft pick. This isn’t fantasy football, Vij, you’re dealing with real people and real people, not binary code. Figure it out, it’s not hard.

  33. PackAttack

    This team is fucked… closed. Night over. LATTTTA!

    I’m out and will not be responding to messages. If you need assistance please dial my secretary Miss Ilitrarion at 1-800-SPANKME

  34. Vijay

    Four Words: John Dorsey, John Schneider

    Ted’s right and left hand men have left the building and its now becoming clear to everyone that while Ted has some skill at selecting talent at certain positions, the top assistants that moved on clearly had a very tangible and substantive impact on player/ personnel advice, decisions, etc. Those ships have sailed and boy have they ever sailed—look at the Chiefs and Seahawks today, jealous anyone? (especially those NW Birds)

    Bottom line is that you all can blame the coaches, scheme, whatever you want but at the end of the day its the players that make the plays and since those guys left (especially Schneider) there is a noticable difference in talent level on this team. Gone is the roster full of All Pro/ Pro Bowl players (whether due to injury, getting old, etc) and the current regime has reached and reached time and time again but not been able to replace that talent with elite position group leaders and this is the result. The post Super Bowl gradual erosion many, namely me, saw for years is now rearing its ugly head. You cannot win Championships without a balance of great drafts (which includes early picks too!) and a few key free agent acquisitions.

    By the way, Fox6 news did a great story on Nick Collins who feels he’s fully healed and ready to play again–but spoiler alert, Ted and Mike aren’t takers at this point.
    Here’s the story (I promise it will brighten your week)

    Better luck next week Green and Gold!

    • Vijay

      Ted is actually really, really good at hiring coaches as well. He’s still a top 10 GM because he is so damn fiscally crafty at building a competitive roster–but I would not put him in the Top 5 in the league, let alone #1 like some of you would. He needs to win more Super Bowls to prove the one Super Bowl victory was not a fluke.

      • PF4l

        I would never call the 2010 Super Bowl win a fluke. The Packers rolled over everyone in the playoffs, and they had to do it on the road. They handled the Steelers with Rodgers, and made plays when they needed them, like Clay’s FF on Mendenhall. Nothing fluky about it.

        • Phatgzus

          Absolutely, and Tramon’s picks vs. Matty Ice (granted he was beaten on one) and Vick, and his SB-winning knock-down (no this is not a plug to keep Tramon around) and Collins’ pick 6.

          Capers deserves a lot of the credit for that run as well, just as he deserves a portion of the criticism for the failings (lack of TOs, secondary play, the last 2 games) and exhalations for his successes (Run D prior to the last 2 weeks, creative pressure packages that have created a lot of sacks, again up until the last 2 games).

          I get it, you think Rodgers’ talent is being wasted. The fact is Capers had a fantastic defense when he had capable, healthy players. The defense has been nowhere near as good since; they are in a period of transition, yes it’s a cliche but that doesn’t mean it’s untrue. They have also suffered a ridculous amount of injuries. They are a young defense, particularly in the areas in which they have struggled (LB sans Hawk CMIII, DB).

          Give Capers 1 or 2 more years, he deserves that much he
          helped win a Super Bowl, as you said, that was no fluke. Hus defense has also improved 2 years in a row, that is a fact. No they are not a top tier defense right now, but they are top 15, and that’s without Clay Matthews and Nick Perry. Be patient people, we’re not going to win it every year, we just can’t; trust me, I’ve been a Red Sox fan for 2 decades. You think 3 years is bad? Try 15.

      • Phatgzus

        Top 5, almost indubitably. Ozzy Smith, Baalke, Dorsey, Loomis, Schneider, TT, and possibly Belichick (in no particular order) are all of relatively equal calibre. Elway, Allen, and possibly Grigson, Gettleman, and Dimitroff are next level.

      • Phatgzus

        2010 was no fluke, almost all of the players on that roster (probably 67%-75%) were Ted Thompson draft picks or free agent signings.


    I have not seen mention of Missing Crosby giving points away. As I can only follow on RZ until next year I am assuming he shanked a few again?

  36. Let’s be fair about one thing. Two of the Philly quarterback’s “long touchdown passes” were just good luck for him and bad luck for the Packers. On the first one, we had the Eagles’ receiver blanketed with perfect double coverage; we deflected the pass away but then it dropped right in his bread basket at about the five. Our coverage and execution were perfect.

    On the second one, again, we had the Philly receiver blanketed perfectly with double coverage near the goal line. Had the pass been accurately thrown, it probably would have been batted away or intercepted. But the pass was off the mark, a few yards to the right. The Philly receiver spotted it before we did, lunged a few yards to his right and made an excellent shoestring catch. Then rolled across the goal line. I say again, had the pass been accurate, it would have sailed into perfect double coverage. Bottom line here is that on both of those TDs (one a complete fluke) our DBs executed textbook double coverage.

  37. rebelgb

    PackAttack is a fucking retard, seriously im pretty sure he is a mongaloid.

    Anyways he is right about one thing, not that it takes a genius to figure it out, there is NO FUCKING excuse for our QB situation.

    If your Cleveland maybe your ok with having Seneca Wallace as a backup. I mean you team sucks anyways so what does it matter? But if your supposedly this super talented team with a shot at the Ring, why would you completely neglect the second most important position on your team? (Backup QB)?

    Why the fuck wouldnt you go into free agency in March and pick up a Matt Cassel or a Ryan Fitzpatrick? Why not get a guy who can keep your supposedly talented football team .500 while your main guy is out? God forbid you spend a bit of cash. The league is fucking laughing at us right now. You go out and get a guy who hasnt played in 2 years and is 35+ years old and then your surprised when he pulls his groin?

    Everyone wants to act like MM is this incredible QB guru who can make any QB good, someone tell me why? Rodgers would still be a God even if MM wasnt his coach. So other than Rodgers what QB’s has MM turned from turd to gold? Not one. His track record frankly sucks.

    Everyone wants to jump on the Tolzein bandwagon. Look the guy wasnt good enough to play for a real college football team. I mean the guy played for the Badgers for christ sakes. Good QB’s dont go play for Bucky. WIlson is an abberation. Take out Wilson and then tell me the last NFL QB from WI that was worth a shit?? Yeah but Tolzein has a great arm! SO? There are hundreds of college QB’s with strong arms, most of them dont make it to the NFL, and most that DO make it fail. You have to have more than a strong arm. The guy threw 5 interceptions! 5!! So what if Philly missed 3 of them. They were still out there for them.

    Giants are gonna roll us up. Dont get me started on what Detroit is going to do to us on national tv on Thanksgiving. Uggh thats going to be embarrassing.

  38. NICK

    The problem with this team is the coaching,it has been the problem for the past couple of years,it starts with mccarthy and his horrible play calling and ends with capers,they get outcoached game after game after game.

  39. nurseratchett

    Can I panic yet? I’m trying to hold on to hope, but geez the D SUCKED ASS; couldn’t stop the run, couldn’t cover in the secondary….I don’t even want to talk about all the missed tackles.

    Tolzien didn’t do half bad, especially considering he was on the practice squad a week ago.

    We just need 2 wins while Rodgers is out to keep us in the hunt. I don’t give a SHIT about winning the NFC north; we didn’t need it in 2010, we don’t need it now.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  40. Richard

    Every championship run is fluky in some way. You think last years Baltimore team beats Denver 5 times if they replay that game 10 times? Doubtful. Packers got a major break with Pouncey out and that was the direct cause of Nick Collins pick 6 in that game.

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