Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders: Status Quo

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Green Bay Packers cheerleaders

Green Bay Packers cheerleaders

If you’ve ever been to a game at Lambeau Field then you probably know the Green Bay Packers have some cheerleaders. They’re pulled from St. Norbert College and UWGB.

The Packers used to have a, uh, professional cheerleading squad back in the ’80s. My old man used to tell me they were all players’ wives, which was probably just his way of inferring the players were banging them.

Anyway, the team got rid of those broads in 1987. Bob McGinn took the cheerleading question to the Packers again and, as you might expect from an organization that is run by a bunch of uptight dudes, the pro cheerleaders aren’t coming back. Because it’s not the Green Bay way… or something.

“Most of us feel the college cheerleaders fit with the image we want to project,” Packers President Mark Murphy said Friday. “It’s wholesome. I hear mostly good things about our cheerleaders from fans. I think they find it kind of quaint, to be honest.”

Wholesome. Woooooooo!

McGinn also talked to some players and got their opinions on Packers cheerleaders. The votes were pretty much split.

“I would definitely like to see it go down to five with Green Bay adding a team, yes,” said quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “I think it’d be great.

“Take the last home game, for example. They showed a couple cheese bikini-clad women in the stands and the fans went nuts. The ‘Bikini Girls’ in general, I don’t know if they’ve shown pictures of them yet on the Jumbotron, but they’re a big hit.

“I’m all for it. No offense to the (college) girls. They do a great job.”

We’re, of course, all for it too, but obviously it’s not going to happen.

Here’s the best quote though, from tight end Ryan Taylor.

“I don’t know that it would add anything. There are other teams that want to put on more of a show, I suppose, because they’re worried about selling tickets. There’s another team in our division that feels it has to put on a show.”

The Minnesota Vikings are the only other team in the NFC North that has cheerleaders. A very well-placed thinly veiled shot.

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9 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Cheerleaders: Status Quo"

  1. Cheese

    Who gives a shit about cheerleaders? Like there isn’t enough drunk sluts in the stands for some hopeless chode to put in his spank bank. I’m here for the football.

  2. E. Wolf

    That gal in the picture is better looking than most of the brown bag specials with the “hot,” often enhanced bodies that make up a lot of pro squads.
    I wish they would get rif of the St Norbert ones as well.
    I think it is cool that the Packers are among a handful of old school teams wtihout cheerleading squads. Right now I think the Giants and Steelers are the only other teams, now that the Jets started doing it.
    One thing I do not want to see ever happen is the Packers have some dumbass mascot.

  3. Iltarion

    Yeah, agree with Wolf.

    The gal in the picture is pretty fine.

    No use for pro cheerleaders other than ogling them in their Halloween outfits.

    Something we don’t need to be spending money on.

    • Savage57

      When living in Cinti, we had the Ben-gals and they were more notorious than a lot of the players. In Atlanta, the cheerleaders are pretty much a roll of dimes. All in, just another pleasant visual diversion at the game, albeit one your date/wife/punch isn’t all too pleased about when she catches you glassing them with the binoc’s.

      The question I have with the Packers trying to field a professional cheerleading squad – are there 24 attractive women under a deuce in the entire state that could make the squad?

      • E. Wolf

        That is such a tired old trope. I saw lots of attractive, down to earth midwest gals during a few short days in Green Bay.
        I saw the Ben Gals feature on here, a lot of “enhanced” body work with facial features that are not quite right.

        • Savage57

          I grew up and lived 30 miles from Green Bay, so despite what your few short days revealed, I’ll stand on my comments. I think maybe you like ’em big and plain, and if that’s what works for you, hey, more power to ya.

  4. T-Pack

    I’m all for a good Cheerleader but agree it doesn’t fit in with the Packers feel. In reality they bring nothing to the game anyway. Watch football. Bang the broads afterwards.

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