Five More Thoughts on Packers Loss to the Lions

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Calvin Johnson: slam dunk

Calvin Johnson: slam dunk

Let’s get this over with. The Green Bay Packers dropped a heartless, disgusting game 40-10 to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

Worse, uninspired football, I do not recall from the Packers. Here are five more thoughts on that travesty.

Enough Marshall Newhouse already
So, center Evan Dietrich-Smith goes down. That moves right guard T.J. Lang to center. Who do the Packers bring in? The human calamity Marshall Newhouse. So, first, they stick him at right guard, which I don’t get. Newhouse has only played tackle in his NFL career. The last time this happened, the Packers moved Don Barclay to right guard and put this shit stain at right tackle. Granted, he was a fucking joke there, but at least he’s familiar with the position. Anyway, Newhouse predictably got dominated by the Lions defensive tackles. So the Packers took their worst offensive lineman and stuck him in a place where he was matched up with the opposition’s strength. That’s brilliant. Second, can’t we at least get a look at Derek Sherrod? One, he couldn’t be any worse than Newhouse. Two, we did waste a first-round pick on him not too long ago. Three, we keep hearing he’s going to play at some point. Well, there was your opportunity to play him, Mike. Sherrod must have screwed Mike’s wife or something. In any case, Marshall Newhouse doesn’t belong in the NFL.

Here’s an idea — run to the outside
The Packers tried to establish the run game early against the Lions. It went nowhere. Eddie Lacy had only 16 yards on 10 carries. In the second half, the Packers were pretty much forced to abandon the run because they were getting pounded. However, I don’t understand the game plan when they were running it. Everything was up the middle. Again, that’s the strength of the Lions team. Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley occupy the middle of the Lions defense. So the plan is run right at those guys? Huh? How about a toss or a sweep? Don Barclay was back at right tackle. Last I checked he can run block. Maybe get behind him and get to the outside? Nope. We’ll just pound it away right at Suh and Fairley. That will totally work.

Here are some fun stats
The Lions only punted once on Thursday. Matt Flynn lost two fumbles and threw one pick. He led the team to just three points. Detroit had just two more drives than the Packers, but 23 more first downs. Detroit was 9-12 on third down. The Lions outgained the Packers by 435 yards. On the ground, the Lions had an advantage of 217 yards. Two Lions ran for more than 90 yards. The Lions held the ball more than 20 minutes longer than the Packers. Detroit had seven sacks and nine QB hits. The Packers had one of each. Green Bay missed eight tackles. Detroit missed none. That’s domination in every aspect of the game.

At some point, we have to look at coaching
I’ve been reluctant to jump on this bandwagon and I’m not fully on it yet, but it’s time to call into question the coaches in Green Bay. Frankly, I think the game plan and decision making of the coaching staff has been shit for about a month now. See above. See last week, when the Packers started big-armed Scott Tolzien and then refused to take any deep shots. See the special teams unit that can’t cover a return. See the continued issues with tackling on defense. Oh, we’re gonna fix that. See that same refrain I’ve been hearing since early in the season. See the shitty excuse we’ve been hearing week after week of, well, we’ve got to play better as a football team. No shit? I see you’ve been doing a lot to make that happen. You know, since you tell it to me every week after your team goes out and embarrasses itself. See the complete lack of passion and pride. I don’t know. I hear a lot of people saying that someone or everyone needs to get fired. I’m not totally there yet, but I’m starting to think maybe it’s time to gut this thing and start over. Not in season, but after. There’s obviously some talent on this football team, but the Packers aren’t getting everything they can out of it.

I bitched about Calvin Johnson, but…
Yesterday, I noted how the Packers couldn’t cover Calvin Johnson on the slant. That’s true, but overall, Sam Shields actually had a decent day against Johnson. In fact, I’d say Shields is one of the only guys on the Packers defense who had a decent day. He had a pick and knocked down two other balls. Johnson finished with six catches for 101 yards and a TD. Against the best receiver in the game, those numbers are fine. No, where the Packers really sucked a fat dick was against the run. I mentioned the stats above. The primary reason — and the primary reason they lost the game — is because A.J. Hawk and Brad Jones are terrible. Seriously. They miss tackles, they get run over, they get dragged around after contact and they get swallowed up by blockers. Ted, take a look at San Francisco. They have some inside linebackers. Those are what inside linebackers are supposed to look and play like. Not the two jokers you are in love with and force onto the field because you gave them big-money deals. One more thing. Take that contract offer to B.J. Raji off the table. It’s now two weeks in a row he hasn’t made a tackle or any impact at all on the game.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

71 Comments on "Five More Thoughts on Packers Loss to the Lions"

  1. Buster Bluth

    Mc Carthy was a good coach. It is now debatable if he can coach a contending team ever again. Tubby twinkle toes will be back next year. I am not sure that is cause for celebration.

  2. Brewtown Packer Backer

    1) Capers needs to go and probably some of his underlings. 2) Murphy needs to let TT know that if ever fucks up anything like he did the backup QB spot this year, it’s his ass. 3) For the love all that is holy, take away play-calling from McCarthy. It should now be painfully obvious to all that Rodgers’ audible ability has been covering for McCarthy for years. 4) I’m about one more 3-and-out from saying that Rodgers should be put on IR and concentration should be placed on draft position. What a shitty month. On a lighter note, this blog kicks ass and thanks for keeping it real!!

    • Buster Bluth

      ” For the love of all that is holy, take play-calling away from McCarthy. It should be painfully obvious to all that Rodgers audible ability has been covering for McCarthy for years ”

      Best take on the last four weeks that i’ve seen. Their shouting match on the sideline during the Bengal’s game was a clue that all is not right with those two.

      • PackAttack

        2 words Play Calling

        McCarthy’s play calling has been absolute shit for the last two years now. It’s predictable and conservative.

        • chucks

          he’s lulling the D to sleep, and then BANG! hit em with a deep ball or an onside kick. The problem is he lulls them for way too long. Also, you can’t lull them to sleep if you only have 3 plays to work with.

  3. INeedARemedy

    Capers needs to go, and I will fly to WI to make sure the door hits him on his way out

    Time to call Joe Philbin and let him know that there’s a spot as OC warm and ready for him back in GB. I’m sure he’ll be stoked to get the hell out of that clusterfuck

    I’m done with AJ Hawk and Brad Jones. So over that shit

    Someone needs to slap Tramon and let him know that he needs to calm the fuck down. Pushing a ref? Seriously?

    Sam Shields is the truth. I love that guy, one of the few that actually showed up

    And lastly… Raahgaahs… I miss you so much…

  4. Phatgzus

    MM’s playcalling and decision-making yesterday was awful no doubt about it, besides the running he just didn’t call enough plays, didn’t use Starks (who is at his best on AstroTurf) enough with Lacy struggling, and hentried to throw it at the 4 and 2 yard lines with the Leos blitzing and the o-line getting dominated.

    Capers put the D in position to make plays again, and this time they at least forced some TOs (Perry/CMIII/Burnettx2, Shields, Tramon), but they can’t stop the run for shit. Raji seemingly doesn’t care anymore (if he ever really did, winning the SB as a rookie must’ve gone to his head), Jones shouldn’t be starting, and the DBs not named Hyde don’t know how or don’t want to tackle.

    • Cheese

      They won the Super Bowl his sophmore season. Call it serendipity, but I missed the whole Lions game because I was too hung over from the night before. It doesn’t sound like I missed anything.

      • Phatgzus

        It was like watching your best friend drown in a kiddie pool, so unless you’re a Schadenfreudist consider yourself luckier than a presidentially pardoned turkey.

  5. Iltarion

    It seemed to take MM a long time to figure out that running Lacy straight ahead against that defense was a recipe for disaster. It also took him until the fourth quarter to realize that Marshall Newhouse can not be on the field for any reason. Sherrod finally replaced him. Too little. Too late.

    I have no idea what made Capers think that we could afford to play the nickel all game when our nickel has been giving up 11 yards per carry. You only have two defensive linemen on the field. They can’t get off a block or take on a double team, and so, yes, your middle linebackers get mauled.

    Lots of guys were thinking ahead to their Thanksgiving meal yesterday. Props to Shields and Tramon for just showing up.

    The Packers’ defense looked like Indiana against Wisconsin out there. Didn’t even look like one pro team playing another.

    These are Capers last days. The only question is do you can the entire defensive staff? Do you promote Greene? Darren Perry has to be gone IMO. Even our veterans like Burnett and Tramon don’t communicate properly. I can see promoting Greene, but I would only do it if it means going in a new defensive direction. No carrying on the Capers’ legacy bullshit.

    • Lance McCullers

      Well done. But what happens when MM and TT refuse to can Capers? They defend him like he walks on water and have made it clear that Dom is going no where… It’s just so frustrating.

    • Mike

      I agree with most of what you are writing Iltarion, however, I have trepidations about K Greene being a possible replacement DC. I am not very impressed with the LB’s period! Does he not coach them? Perhaps he does a great job and Capers system fucks his LB coaching up? If nothing else I might think that he could finish the season as DC and see how that works

    • You gotta gut the entire D staff and let the next DC make selective retentions. I’d like to see them sign up Lovie. As much as I disliked him as HC in Chicago, the dude presided over very competent defenses his entire tenure to the best of my recollection. I think there is talent in this defense and the performances we are witnessing tell me this coaching staff has lost it.

      And if I see a DB give up an inside slant move to the receiver right off the LOS on a third and short again, I may strap on vest of explosives and go conduct some housecleaning on my own. Just putrid.

      • Mike

        I am actually in agreement with your summation. The only reason that I even partially agreed with the K. Greene thing was it would most likely be temporary (this year only), and I like his passion as well! Otherwise, GUT THIS ENTIRE DEFENSIVE STAFF!!

    • PackAttack

      Illitarion don’t even start. I have every post you made last year about how great McCarthy is and how great Capers D is and how he’s coming off this SB and bla bla bla bla bla. The Packers aren’t Aaron Rodgers, Ted Thompson is GOD, bla bla bla. I have every fucking word from your shit, not even a full calendar year ago.

      The same fucking problems last year, believe it or not, are coming out now the only difference is the loss column is filled with more L’s and your just finally starting to open your fucking eyes.

      How about I re post all your shit from a year ago and make you look like an even bigger jackass than you do right now.

        • PF4L

          I think iltarion’s posts are easily remembered, and easily found on this site, I’m sure by collecting, he didn’t mean he made a separate file for them. But probably meant they are easily attainable if someone was so inclined to spend a whole minute looking back at them.

          Now citing the fact he was referring to iltarion, and not yourself. I think iltarion is a big boy and can speak for himself and doesn’t need you to be his Daddy.

          • Phatgzus

            Wait, aren’t you defending Mike in the exact same manner as you incriminate me of doing for Iltarion? Hey, at least you didn’t imply I was a woman, baby steps.

  6. Nacho dan

    I say we go to a game show format where the fans get to vote the next play, at least until Rodgers is back.

  7. icebowl

    Great job Monty, my sentiments exactly….
    Sad to see your exceptional analysis skills wasted on such a sorry team and coaching staff….

  8. Dave

    No offense + No Defense + No special teams = embarrasment @ Detroit. We all know that 12 is the real deal. Don’t risk him for 2014 by trying to salvage the already lost cause that 2013 has become. I bleed green N gold, but I am a realist. The Pack managed only a tie against the worst team in the division and then got blown out by the best. With only 4 games remaining, 2013 is done. Really glad that those 2 teams were not reversed – it would really suck to get blown out by the Vikes.

    I agree with Brewtown Packer Backer. Save 12 from the insanity of 2013 and turn the next 4 games into a tryout for the rest of the roster. Let some of the untested backups play and maybe give Scott T. another chance at QB.

    PS – Read the Milwaukee JS article by Bob McGinn dated 11/2/2013. That was “spot on” – NOT!!!

    PSS – Keep up the great work and no BS here.

  9. Mason Crosby

    I’m glad to see so many of you are football experts(sarcasm)… Stop poking at MM, he’s a top 5 coach in this league. It’s funny that when the team is great you praise him but when they stink you’re all calling for his head.. The run D was the major problem… But on the bright side, I kicked a long field goal!

    • Mike

      Dude! I have always seen his weaknesses and have always written about them! and further more taken heat from guys like you. You go right ahead and keep singing his praises! Do not forget to wear a life preserver when you FINALLY have to abandon that ship though . . .

    • PF4L

      The run D was the problem?….How about the pass D?…How about special teams? How about the O line? How about the running game? Those weren’t problems?
      As head coach, isn’t it part of McCarthys job to oversee the defense, offense, and special teams, and make sure they play at a certain level? Take away Aaron Rodgers, and tell me if Mike McCarthy is a top 5 coach.

  10. NICK

    I am glad you are finally starting to see the light,maybe mcarthy is a good coach but he cannot call plays to save his life,even when we were winning I questioned his play calling ability.I am no expert but if I can predict what plays are going to be called time and time again there is a for capers it is digusting how we get fooled by the other teams offensive coordinator,the bears totally had capers baffled scheme wise.

  11. “Worse, uninspired football, I do not recall from the Packers.”..Really??? Think 70’s and 80’s and the Dec. 1980’s game 61-7 and da bears win…there was some real uninspired football back in the day as well…everything goes in cycles.

    • Mike

      Well then M.S., it appears that we are headed for the 70’s and 80’s if we do not fix this! Or just fall into the cycle we are currently engaged in, which to me appears very similar to the 70’s and 80’s! . . .

      • Phatgzus

        Yes, 79-44-1/85-48-1 (one of those 85 being a SB) with 5 winning seasons, each spawning Playoff appearances, in 7 years is very much the same level of ineptitude as 122-166-8/123-168-8 with 2 playoff appearances (one in a shortened season) and no Super Bowls in 20 years.

        This team has as many Super Bowl victories in 7 years as they had Playoff wins in 20.

    • PF4L

      To say that the Packers last 5 games, are reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s teams, is an insult to those teams back then. Even they weren’t this bad. (Now excuse me while I become a non-thinking puppet) “IN TED WE TRUST.”

  12. Mike

    You know what they say, change is hard. And realizing this, people are, or become conflicted. That being said, I see many conflicted individuals on this site. With that I see people that are riding the fence, jumping the bandwagon, or are so conflicted that angry denial is the flavor of their day! But do not feel anger is a bad thing! no one wants to be wrong about what they have invested time and passion into! But believe me! you guys will come around to the stark reality that TT, MM and D. Capers have been leading all of you around for quite some time! Then, as usual, you will accept, and find a new bandwagon to attach to and start your petty little overt pissing matches again! Because after all, that is what you do when you realize you bought the wrong ticket . . . kind of like pushing the rock up the mountain . . . most people never accept change even when it is good for them!

  13. the real russ letlow

    I would love to be inside the LF locker room and offices for just one day, just so I could see and hear for myself just what is going on. We can guess and come up with theories and then write our opinions all day long, but really with no inside info we’re just all farting in a whirlwind.

  14. Iltarion

    1) This is a results-oriented league. Based on results, MM and TT are a top 5 coach and GM. Arguing that is idiotic. It is an empirical truth. One season out of the playoffs doesn’t change that anymore than missing the playoffs means Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin suck or Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh suck.

    That doesn’t mean they are above criticism, as I have said MANY times, NO ONE is above criticism.

    But don’t confuse credible criticism with me forgetting point number 1.

    I am changing my mind about Capers because this defense, whether the fault of the players or the staff, is clearly heading in the wrong direction, and we have seen this rodeo at the end of seasons before.

    With a big time offense, the Packers could benefit with a fresh scheme on defense… e.g. the New Orleans Saints.

    It WOULD be idiotic to form an opinion and then not modify your opinion based off the evidence you see every week.

    For instance, I hate when talking heads pick games in the playoffs, and they say- “Well, I picked them at the beginning of the year so I am sticking with them.” No, that is idiotic. Did you watch the effin season or not? And if you did, NOW what do you think? If you aren’t going to allow the season to modify your damn opinion, then you are a moron, sir.

    At 5-2 with a top 5 run defense and a top 5 running attack, I would have said the Packers are a contender. Now, I would say they are not. Having watched the game in between, that is logical. But for someone to say that MM and TT were good at their jobs at 5-2 and not now, that would be moronic. And if someone said they weren’t good at their jobs at 5-2, THAT would be moronic as well.

    “I have the gun therefore I give the orders. It is a very SIMPLE EQUATION!” – The Ref

  15. PF4L

    What iltarion was trying to say is, those people that complained about the 0 line, the defense, and Dom Capers back in 2011 were right all along.

    What iltarion also goes on to say is he thinks Uncle Ted and Uncle Mike smell nice, and that Uncle Ted is a sharp dresser.

    • Iltarion

      No, PF4L, those people formed a hypothesis and THEN gathered evidence to support their hypothesis. When the evidence does not support it, they simply disappear. When the evidence does, they show up again and we get 200 comments on here.

      It is a can’t lose game because obviously the Packers are not going to win every game, win every Super Bowl, or make the playoffs every year. And when that inevitable time arrives, they return to tell us how right they were all along.

      To be a hater is to be immortal. Since no one and nothing is perfect, they will always be right… eventually.

      Like I said, results-oriented league. Since the Packers were 15-1 at the time, whining about their defense, O-line, and anything else was pretty much effin immaterial. I WISH we had the problems that made us 15-1 again.

      • Mike

        Listen, I bitch when they win, lose or draw! I always have and will continue to expose the cracks in the armor! I have been doing this for quite a few years now, the coaches and TT are not what they appear, and even when they win I call out the BS! and if you would refrain from your cognitive dissonance long enough to gather the empirical evidence that is out there proving how bad some of the play calling, D schemes, 3rd string starters and piss poor drafting year in and year out is you may start to see the real Packers . . .

          • Mike

            did I hurt you wibble ass hole asshole? I know you have nothing in your wibble life but to make people feel bad with your snide remarks you fucking poster boy for Dunning Kruger effect . . .

          • Phatgzus

            Lol, Mike, you’re a hoot, man, I’ll give ya that. Dunning-Kruger “E”ffect, diagnosing someone you’ve never met based on their comments on a football blog, huh? I would like to point out that I’m not the one who believes he possesses a greater knowledge than the professionals (a requisite for said effect). I would certainly love your professional insight as to which of my actions are symptomatic of this effect, so that I may work to improve myself; as a practicing psychiatrist that is part of the Hippocratic Oath-to provide assistance to those in need and who desire it-you swore to uphold is it not?

          • Phatgzus

            Hey man, as I said before I’m just goofing around you’re the one up in arms denigrating and swearing like Lieutenant Dan in a hurricane. Don’t get me wrong, it’s almost as entertaining as Forrest Gump, but comments like that make it seem as though you’re seriously lacking in the self-awareness department. That, or you’re just a troll, granted that doesn’t negate the previous condition.

          • Mike

            I was merely pointing out the obvious-you! based on your snide, insipid and vastly over-engineered rhetoric that you blanket us with daily! your vomit of incongruence’s seem to default to said “EFFECT” ! By the way, it is usually an “unskilled” that falls prey to the “E”ffect . . . OH, you are one to talk on referencing maladies! lol

          • Phatgzus

            What evidence is there that I’m incompetent? My manner of speech certainly indicates no such thing, nor does my application of logic. If there is a specific (operative word) example of incompetence in any respect, please present it so that I may learn from it an improve upon myself.
            A clarification for you-it is ALWAYS an incompetent (at least in some respect) who is subject to the Effect, as that is a requirement for someone to be suffering from it-if they lack incompetence then the pathos is very possibly narcissism.
            I’ve never diagnosed anyone, nor when I make statements do I present them as certainties. The one time I mentioned any disorders was as a rhetorical technique intended to inform you of the unreasonableness of the diagnoses you had made in a prior post. I never attacked the “referencing” of pshological disorders, but the application of cursory “research” to individuals you have never met; talk about incongruity.

            I’m sorry that you find my writing bland (though by your
            scurrilous recriminations this is not so), however, if what you
            deem to be entertaining dialogue are biased harangues then
            I’m afraid I will prove incapable of entertaining you.

            While we’re on the subject, what qualifications do you possess that would validate your apparent role as adjudicator of acceptable dialogue

          • Phatgzus

            What evidence is there that I’m incompetent? My manner of speech certainly indicates no such thing, nor does my application of logic. If there is a specific (operative word) example of incompetence in any respect, please present it so that I may learn from it an improve upon myself.
            A clarification for you-it is ALWAYS an incompetent (at least in some respect) who is subject to the Effect, as that is a requirement for someone to be suffering from it-if they lack incompetence then the pathos is very possibly narcissism.
            I’ve never diagnosed anyone, nor when I make statements do I present them as certainties. The one time I mentioned any disorders was as a rhetorical technique intended to inform you of the unreasonableness of the diagnoses you had made in a prior post. I never attacked the “referencing” of pshological disorders, but the application of cursory “research” to individuals you have never met; talk about incongruity.

            I’m sorry that you find my writing bland (though by your
            scurrilous recriminations this is not so), however, if what you
            deem to be entertaining dialogue are biased harangues then
            I’m afraid I will prove incapable of entertaining you.

            While we’re on the subject, what qualifications do you possess that would validate your apparent role as adjudicator of acceptable manners of dialogue? Are you one of the Founding Fathers? Did you draft the Bill if Rights. Are you a justice? Did you just stay at a Holiday Inn? Is it Opposite Day? Are you saying it’s only acceptable to utilize a limited set of vocabulary, thought processes, and/or grammatical styles? (Do you really believe that’s air you’re breathing?) Interesting.

            Furthermore, by presenting your rebuttals with such “ten-dollar words”, are you not subjecting yourself to the same discordance you accuse me of?

          • PF4L

            Wasn’t posting this diatribe once enough? This is a football forum. Lets see if we can try and stay on subject and not just go off on senseless rants._Everyone.

          • Phatgzus

            Not a diatribe-it possesses logic; the first comment was incomplete and was posted accidentally.
            Hey, good sense of humor with that last-I see what you did there, props to you.

      • Phatgzus

        Dude, don’t you know zealots are impervious to ratiocination? They have to hold on to their beliefs even in the face of logic otherwise the fantasy world they’ve constructed, in which they are unimpeachable, will quickly crumble away and they just aren’t built to deal with reality.

      • PF4L

        iltarion writes: “I WISH we had the problems that made us 15-1 again.”

        That’s hilarious iltarion……You don’t think we have the same problems now as in 2011?…Bad defense, bad O line, bad special teams? Iltarion? Did you not watch the Packer games the last few weeks?…..SAME PROBLEMS…Plus an additional problem, Rodgers isn’t playing to cover up the problems.

  16. PF4L

    #42 written by Phatgzus
    11/30/2013 – 3:27 pm

    Dude, don’t you know zealots are impervious to ratiocination?

    • PF4L

      Can we start a small study club, to study and look up the meaning of words that phatgut writes in his post?

      I’m serious, this dude is so much smarter than all of us. I’m so fucking impressed i’m about to piss my pants with admiration. I want to gain intellectually from his vocabulary. HE ROCKS!!

      Brb, I have to go look up the word “rationcination”.

      • PF4L

        Noun, 1. ratiocination – the proposition arrived at by logical reasoning (such as the proposition that must follow from the major and minor premises of a syllogism).

        WOW…Fucking A…I feel smarter already.

        • Phatgzus

          Glad you took the time and effort to do so.

          That is one of the definitions, correct, but that one is almost exclusively reserved for discussions of Logic, particularly those pertaining to proofs. More broadly it means the process of logical thinking, i.e. reasoning or the carrying out of said process.

          • PF4L

            Well, thank you you phatgut. You are simply a gift sent from God. Now stfu and get off your high horse, you dont impress anyone in here with your air of supremacy over everyone.

          • Phatgzus

            You’re welcome welcome, PF4L. don’t you realize that by telling me to STFU (temper, temper) you’re climbing right up on that horse you accuse me of sitting atop? Sorry but you have no more right to voice your opinion than me, Madison, Washington, Franklin and the like said so. You’re just pissed that I call you on your illogical rantings-you’ve not once defended any of your beliefs with logic, you merely resort to ad hominem attacks. I don’t know why you choose to do so, there are a multitude of reasons (many associated with immaturity), but whatever the reason I feel sorry for you, I really do. I’m just trying to have a logical, level-headed discussion about football with others, whereas you continue to launch vitriolic personal attacks at all those who disagree with you, all the while ostensibly growing increasingly

            I don’t think I’m better than anyone here, more logical than some, sure, but not more deserving of anything; you, however, have indicated that you believe you’re better than some on here-Iltarion, Faux, K.L., yours truly, and numerous
            others. I’m only giving you a dose of your own medicine, because, quite frankly, it’s damn entertaining (that’s about the 10th time I’ve explicitly stated this and yet you keep coming back).

            I do enjoy reading Monty’s, Shawn’s, and many of the “regulars'” (Letlow, Tycho, Savage, Wolfie, Fitz, Faux, K.L., even Rebel) comments because they actually offer insight, humor, or wit instead of seeking validation or “vindication”.

          • PF4L

            3:27AM..WOW. When most people are in dreamland. You are up, thinking about, and writing novels of me. Obsess much?

  17. CO Bob

    Starting QB out, half the starting o-line out, down receivers/TE, secondary injuries, best LBs playing wounded…I’m not so sure this is Armageddon here….just fucked by fate. Problem is….this was the year we were fairly loaded to contend.

    Too many FA’s on horizon. Better draft well.

    No so sure it’s a coaching issue….in next year or so all this will be figured out. IMO we really had a shot this year….not so sure about next few yrs tho.

    Also…my opinions do not matter. I’m just a little bummed things aren’t panning out this year.


    • Phatgzus

      Agreed, Bob, though I d think we have a shot next year and every year Rodgers is our QB. We certainly have a lot of FAs, my thoughts regarding that:
      Raji is probably the most high-profile except perhaps JJ, and I think many Packers fans would agree we don’t really need/want him back.

      Resultant from the salary cap increase and the expiration of contracts the Packers have over $40M to allocate to 2014.

      Raji (unless for some God-awful reason the Packers Tag
      him) Finley, Newhouse, Wallace, and the Dr. are unlikely to be back.

      That leaves Shields (who may get tagged), Lattimore, JJ, JoJo, Pickett, EDS, Quarless, Kuhn, Francois, Neal, Starks, Wilson, Banjo who combined counted about $12.5M vs. The cap this year. All that to say I think the Packers may be able to keep most of their most useful free agents, as well as sign new draft picks.

  18. hate faux fans

    Injuries to bulaga and Cobb will actually have a positive effect next year (boykin & DB) and as longas Rodgers is playing I’m never worried about the offense its the defense that makes me cringe. I truly believe raji is only playing for a payday, he has his ring he just wants cash money now

  19. rebelgb

    Raji has been terrible. Watch the tapes man, he doesnt even command a double team anymore. He wants out of Green Bay its pretty obvious.

  20. NICK

    I have a question for PF4L or PHATGZUS.Whether the packers win or lose it does not make my life easier or harder,I do not bet on the games so it does not affect me financially.Why is it that I care so much whether they win or lose?

    • Phatgzus

      Because they’re the greatest fucking sports team in the world! The greatest history, the greatest, players, and the greatest personalities. Thank you for the reminder.

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