Conflicting Reports on Aaron Rodgers, But Probably Out Three Weeks

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Aaron Rodgers goes down

Aaron Rodgers goes down

Or I should say at least three weeks. While all the media jerkoffs were trying see who could piss the furthest after Aaron Rodgers got hurt in the Green Bay Packers loss to the Chicago Bears last night, there were all kinds of reports on what kind of injury Rodgers had.

First it was a separated shoulder. Then it was something with his elbow. Then it was his clavicle. Then it was his shoulder again. You know, because these guys are doctors.

Well today, the same morons are diagnosing how long Rodgers will be out. Adam Schefter says he’ll miss three weeks because he has a slight fracture in his collarbone.

Then you’ve got someone telling Ed Werder it doesn’t look good.

“It doesn’t look good,” A Packers source told ESPN’s Ed Werder on Tuesday. “This is the one we couldn’t afford to lose.”

Whatever the fuck that means.

So, we’re just going to assume Rodgers will miss at least three weeks, but he could miss more. Of course, the Packers haven’t run the full gamut of tests yet or made any announcement, so it’s fair to say everyone is just guessing right now.

In any case, the Packers will turn to Seneca Wallace and will have to add another quarterback to the active roster, since Wallace is currently the only healthy one.

The good news is, the Packers face three losing teams over the next three weeks and two of those games are at home. First up is 4-5 Philadelphia at Lambeau. Then to New York to face the 2-6 Giants. Then they return to Lambeau to face the 1-7 Vikings.

If the Packers can get through that stretch at 2-1 and then get Rodgers back for the Thanksgiving matchup with now division-leading Detroit the following week, they can probably still make something out of this season.

The assholes on defense will have to play better than they did last night to make that happen, though.

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39 Comments on "Conflicting Reports on Aaron Rodgers, But Probably Out Three Weeks"

  1. Scott

    And now you got Wilde tweeting that Rodgers is asking where this shit comes from because he hasn’t even had tests done yet today. Just the preliminary stuff last night was done.

    ESPN is using their WebMD search skills again.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    With the beatings AR has taken over the years, you knew sooner-or-later this was bound to happen. FML.

    During our Superbowl run in 2010, he suffered 2 concussions & missed 1 game a 3 quarters of another (we lost both games) . This effen sucks but we got a good team & some winnable games without him. Maybe run some read-option with Wallace & Co. until AR returns or give Matt Flynn a call.

  3. TyKo Steamboat

    I am a very firm Ted Thompson supporter & I rarely talk shit on Big Ted….But you need an insurance policy in this event.

    Especially when Rodgers gets hit as much as he does.

    • PackAttack

      I think you gotta sign Flynn. I don’t see why not. He knows the system and has at least had success in it. Seneca Wallace is not the answer for 3+ games, if Rodgers is out any longer than that the season is without question over.

  4. PackAttack

    Another brilliant performance from our Green Bay Packers medical staff who can’t seem to determine just what exactly is going on with a players body.

    I’m still finding it hard to believe that if he fractured his collarbone why wasn’t he in a sling and in considerably more pain — much less allowed to return to the sideline?

    Fractured collarbones are extremely painful, I’m no Doctor but this looked liked a left shoulder labrum or rotator cuff tear — looked liked after he was pinned to ground you can see his arm give a little indicating the shoulder might have popped out of it’s socket temporarily which would explain why Rodgers couldn’t use his left arm to get off the ground and why the medical staff couldn’t find the initial injury. Medically cleared dye needs to be injected into the soft tissue surrounding the muscles of the shoulder to know the true extent of the tear in rotator cuff or labrum injuries but apparently it’s the collarbone.

    I don’t see a bone fracture healing in 3 weeks. If he fractured it he’s out for the season and in any event you can cancel any shot this team had this season and just start looking towards 2014.

    Three games with Seneca Wallace is an eternity. It would not be a stretch to imagine the Packers falling to both Philly and NY without Rodgers.

    If his head, legs and right arm are fine I’d give some serious thought to playing through the pain for the remainder of the season.

  5. Ryan Ellison

    Its the Packers training staff remember. He will be diagnosed with turf toe for two weeks until a second opinion finds the real problem.

    • PackAttack

      If this is a small fracture? Someone give me the medical definition as to why he can’t play? For the exception he’d be dealing with pain?

      Does it affect his ability to run or pass?

  6. the real russ letlow

    I’m not thinking the announcement on Aaron Rodgers will be very soon or very informative. Coach to date has never indicated the injury suffered by Clay Matthews, our most important player on defense, or the timeline to be out. The timeline was established by media report the first week, and actually they were all fairly accurate as to the injury and time out. We’re screwed for however many weeks he’s out. The defense needs to play better than they have so far this year, and I don’t see that happening until 1.) we get all of our injured players back; and 2.) the injury streak has got to STOP. ugh.

  7. PackerfanInFL

    Can someone address the pink elephant in the room wearing the number 4 texting his cock? I’m really tired of the locals calling for this asshole to “save” his old team. He already did that he left!

  8. E. Wolf

    I think the season is pretty much is over. Rarely do guys come back at the earliest possible time with this medical and training staff. We already have three loses. You do the math.
    And now for a big fuck you and die to Bob McGinn. Ever hear the adage “speak of the devil and he shall appear.” You wrote that asinine article blabbering about how the Packers can win without Rodgers, causing sportstalk radio across Wisconsin and beyond to chatter about it non stop. That always seems to summon unknown forces in the universe, forces which man does not understand too well.
    About the only good thing to come from this is you have been exposed as far less knowledgeable than your insufferable pretensions would have us believe.
    While a good unto its own right, this is totally eclipsed by what this means to our Packers.
    Please, Bob, drive into to a tanker truck with a beat up pinto at full speed, or take a big swig of liquid draino. Your inane ramblings have summoned incomprehensible forces in the universe against our Packers. And for that, I hate your guts. DIE!

  9. typical fat packer fan

    Wow, now we know what it felt like to be a Bears fan in 2010, 11, and even after their last game. Well, I don’t mean we know what it’s like to be smarter, thinner, and less into punching our wives and roofie’ing our cousins, but the football part…. Ya hey, I had 3 extra bowls of chicken booyah last night i was so sad…then I thought I saw a black guy on Donald Driver lane and I was glad I had my rifles ready for huntin’ but it wasn’t a black guy, I was just drunk. Then I remembered Rodgers is hurt then I punched my wife and farted

    • Jurgens

      Wow, this is comedy gold. I assume you’ve studied with Chicago’s renowned Second City improv school. This is really strong material. I like how included not one, but two wife punching jokes. Classic. Hats off, man. This was very clever. Nailed it. I’m forwarding this on to all of my friends. It will probably go viral.

      • Jurgens

        Hey dude! This is big. I sent your comment on to one of my friends in LA. He works as a Producer for The Family on Fox. Turns out they’re hiring new comedy writers. He read your piece and he was “blown away.” His words, not mine. He wants to meet with you ASAP. Can you throw a resume together real quick?

        ps – CONGRATS!

    • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

      Yes I, too, know what it feels like to be a loser Bears fan clinging on to the past. Maybe you’ll get another Lombardi before this game is outlawed for turning every player’s brain into jello puddin’

  10. rebelgb

    Aaron DID NOT break his collar bone. Look drones, I played football, and rugby, and I currently race Mountain Bikes. I have seen my share of broken collar bones (a racing friend had a total break just 8 weeks ago). No way Rodgers is on the sideline without a sling if he had broke it. Further his reactions on the sideline would have been much more potent as a broken collar bone is one of the most painful bone breaks you can have (so ive been told many times).

    Small fracture? I suppose, but again if that had even been a possibility he would have been in a sling.

    Most likely he tore his rotator. If that is the case he should fucking man up and play. I know there was a franchise starting qb who played a whole season with a torn rotator in his non throwing shoulder some years ago, I just cant remember who it was (Tony Romo?). I will dig it up. Regardless anything short of a fractured or broken collar bone and I will be pissed at #12. Brett played spitting blood on the field. Brett played with a broken thumb and a fractured rib. Rodgers needs to fucking man up.

    Also ive been calling out our defense all year. I told you fools not to buy into their performance the last 3 weeks. I knew it was a mirage. You dont go from shit, to losing your best player on D, to suddenly being a golden goose. Doesnt happen. Look for Philly to light our asses up next Sunday.

    Too bad Reggie isnt around to give Arodge some Godly healing power….

    • PackAttack

      this is exactly what I thought as well. Collarbone breaks are outrageously painful. He wouldn’t have gotten up and walked off the field under his own power. I think the rotator or labrum tore, which would make sense.

      And I agree 100%, if that the case, he should not only be playing this weekend he could have returned to the game.

      Again — it’s not his head, legs or right arm. What am I missing here?? Why can’t he play?

      • PackAttack

        Philips Rivers played with a torn ACL. Brady played with a AC joint break. Stafford played with dislocated shoulder…..the NFL is full of guys who have manned up and played through shit. Rodgers needs to play, it’s a not a question, if this injury doesn’t affect his ability to throw there is absolutely no reason why he can’t play.

        3 weeks won’t heal a fracture regardless. He’ll be playing with pain if he comes back this season. Get the fuck back out of the field and help your team win. It’s your fucking job.

    • nurseratchett

      RE: no sling & a broken collar bone–I have broken my collar bone, & wondered myself why Rodgers didn’t have a sling on when he came back out to the sideline in the second half. If you closely at the shots of him standing on the sideline, it looks as if the left shoulder/collar bone area might have been wrapped or taped, or he might have been wearing a shoulder support. The PT & OT I work with use taping a lot in shoulder & collar bone injuries. I think if it was the labrum or rotator cuff tear in the shoulder he would have DEFINITELY been wearing a sling. I also think Aaron would have refused to come back out on the field in a sling… least that’s the hope I’m clinging to….

  11. Andy

    I guess now we’ll see how good the packers actually are. Its no secret Rodgers has been hiding some weaknesses on this team for some time now.

    As for Flynn he should at least be bought in for a backup to walace, remember this definatley isnt the Lion Bitch-Slappin Flynn from 2 years ago.

    I also wonder at this point if Walace was much of an upgrade over V.Y.

  12. BerryJS

    Flynn cant just be picked up. It is after the trade deadline and the Packers are about 23 in waiver priority. How much you want to bet the Vikings pick him up just to be dicks. I think we have priority over the Bears don’t know about the lions. The Philly or NYG could grab him also.

    • Vijay

      My guess is he clears waivers and NO ONE, not even the Packers pick him up. I’ve got to say, at this point in the season, I think that would be a knee jerk reaction. I think Flynn’s lost his confidence somehow. Or that BIG money went to his head?

  13. Jurgens

    Wallace was chosen over Young because he was able to learn the system. Young wasn’t learning the offense and was freelancing all pre-season.

    Wallace doesn’t have the physical skills anymore. Coach/player type who used to rely on his speed for his lack of arm strength. Both have diminished.

    Flynn is the answer here. He knows the system. He didn’t flame out in Seattle, he was beat out by Wilson who emerged as an elite QB.

    He was doomed to fail in Oakland like every QB before him.

    He knows our system. He can play. Pick him up. Now.

    • E. Wolf

      Word around the campfire is that Flynn’s arm is messed up. In any case he was turned down by BOTH the Bills and Raiders.
      There is no answer. The season is over.

  14. Jurgens

    Also, our bumbling trainer staff still has no idea what’s going. Rodgers will be out for the season. Mark my words.

  15. rebelgb

    Also rewatch the tape, the trainer has his hands under Arodges pads on the sideline and is rotating and messaging his shoulder. NO WAY that is happening with a broken collar bone.

    If he has a hair line fracture he should fucking wear bigger shoulder pads, take a shot of good happy juice, and fucking play football. Otherwise get #12 a pink skirt and some panties and someone get old Jo Bob on the phone.

    • PF4L

      The reason he was feeling under his pads is because if its broken, you can feel the break, its fairly obvious.

    • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

      Jesus christ you sound like a Bears fan after the NFC championship game some time ago. I believe he has a legit injury. Let’s just hope he comes back before the season is completely lost.

      If he is out for the remainder of the season. hold on and let’s hope for losses. Maybe we can get a decent draft pick and grab a new OT.

  16. rebelgb

    Love this scenario:

    Brett comes back, plays 4 weeks for us while Arodge heals, is on sideline as we go back to Super Bowl. Pack retires his jersey after season.

    Hey man one can always dream….

  17. PF4L

    I broke my collarbone completely , not just a fracture. It isn’t really that painful. The feeling is weird, because the collarbone supports your whole rib cage. When it’s broke, you “know” it, because it feels like your bone structure is detached “hanging” on the side it’s broken. Because it is. Hard to describe, it’s not like a broken arm, because the clavicle is supporting the weight of the rib cage.

  18. PF4L

    Brett isn’t coming back….And Matt Flynn isn’t coming back. Word out of Green bay is re-signing Matt Flynn isn’t even on the table. I don’t know if it has do with something on how he left, or his elbow injury depleted his arm strength and accuracy. But we know one thing. No team seems to want him anymore. When Buffalo cuts you, you have problems.

  19. Vijay

    The irony of all of this is that many fans, including myself, were clamoring for the Packers to pick Shea McClellan in the draft year where we ended up picking Nick Perry instead. People were shocked that the Bears picked him and we picked Perry who seemed like they’d be better off playing on the other team (Shea as a 3-4 Backer with GB and Nick as a 4-3 DE with the Bears).

  20. Phatgzus

    PF4L, not that you give shut one but spot on.

    PackAttack, JohnnyRebelGB, anyone else talkin’ shit out their asses and acting like they know-Rodgers indeed has a broken collarbone, nice cyberdiagnostics, you can eat your feet now. Even if Rodgers wanted to play (which I’m sure he does), this coaching staff wouldn’t let him, even without the current CBA in place. As for Rivers and Brady, Playoffs, both times, don’t remember Brady’s performance (year they lost to the Jets
    perhaps) but Rivers played awfully and hasn’t been tge same since.

    You guys were just waiting with bated breath to attack Rodgers personally, weren’t ya? Despicable fans, I’m ashamed to call you fellow Packers fans.

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