Clay Matthews’ Club is Humongous

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Clay Matthews club

Clay Matthews should return to action for the Green Bay Packers this week after sitting out four weeks with a broken thumb. However, he will be limited by a cast on his right hand.

Or, a gigantic fuckin’ club, if you will. Look at the size of this thing.

Clay Matthews club

Looks somewhat limiting, huh?

Coach Mike McCarthy said Matthews is still getting used to that thing.

“It looks like he’s getting more comfortable with the club, still trying to get right fit… It was different today than yesterday.”

Maybe he can just pound guys into the ground with that thing instead of tackling them. Like Whac-A-Mole.

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28 Comments on "Clay Matthews’ Club is Humongous"

      • E. Wolf

        You are the dummy here. It is a metaphysical certitude that we will lose against the Eagles, Giants, and Lions in Detroit so long as Seneca Wallace is at QB.
        Rodgers will likely be out at least four weeks. Probably longer. We have lost three games already. 10-6 is the likely minimum to get in the playoffs. A four year-old can do the math.

        • Kozak

          Fine so piss off for the rest of the year. Take your negative certainty and go use it on the Bears and Vikes. Fucking quiter .
          Seriously no one needs this shit around here.

          • Andy

            I agree, get this looser out of here. Not sure why you’d throw the towel in already, we’ve won games with aaron playing bad this year against better teams than we have in the next 3. At every chance he’s like SEASON OVER BLAH BLAH BLAH… Take that looser talk over to Minesota. It aint over till its over.

          • E. Wolf

            Curious that all you do is insult me. DO you think I like this? If yes, then FUCK YOU!
            Explain to me, given this guys track record how we can win one of those three games–Eagles, Giants or Lions. That of course would then require Rodgers to come back after just three games, which is by no means a certainty. And if he does, we have to run the table.

    • Chad Lundberg

      E. Wolf, your passion as a Packers fan is admirable, that much is undeniable. I have also approached this kind of situation the same way you did, with total pessimism because let’s face it, it’s best not to get your hopes up at this time.

      I honestly thought it was over when Rodgers was concussed and we lost to the Lions. We had too many injuries to overcome, and we were about to face a New England team that had completely EMBARRASSED the Jets in the week before. We still ended up making the playoffs that year.

      The reason why our game against New England was so close, IMO, was not because of Matt Flynn’s performance. Nay, it was because we were effectively running the ball!

      I have always held the opinion that the best back-up quarterback you can have is a powerful running game. And the Packers, IMO, have the best damn running game in the NFL. And I say the best in the NFL because the top seven running games in the NFL also have a mobile quarterback, which is statistically deceiving.

      The way I see it, Seneca Wallace doesn’t have to go out there and be Aaron Rodgers, heck, basically his job will be to just not throw interceptions. Let the run carry the load, and just dink and dunk. Just like we did against New England, and we nearly won.

      If we can just not screw up on offense, and if the Packers defense (which will have Clay Matthews and Nick Perry back) can simply keep their opponents contained, we can survive and probably go 2-2 in our next 4 contests.

      Just hang in there buddy!

      • E. Wolf

        Again, I think the difference is two fold
        1) Rodgers was just out one week. Effectively it cost us one to two games, the Lions and maybe Patriots. Rodgers will b e out for weeks. I’d guess that it is highly optimistic. Try more like five or six.
        2) Wallace is a significant downgrade from Flynn. His performance on Monday NIght coupled with his career statistics.
        Thanks for appreciating my passion. I do love this team so much. This does affect me in a dramatic way. I have lost sleep, been irritable, restless, Really did not eat much at all Tuesday.

  1. PF4L

    I don’t like the idea of playing with a club (playing one handed) Morgan Burnett was downright pathetic playing with a club. If it didn’t hurt the team so much, it was almost comical watching him trying to tackle. I know its CM3. But if you can’t use 2 hands, you shouldn’t be playing.

  2. PF4L

    These games are on the defense. Like i’ve always said, before we had a running game, without Rodgers, this is a 3-13 team.

  3. Phatgzus

    Won’t be able to bull rush or wrap up well but his club move will be
    Nas-tay, too bad you can’t clothesline a la Nighttrain Lane anymore.

  4. Kozak

    E. Wolf:


    Wallace practiced with the scout team. This week he prepares with the offense for the game. Flynn played like shit against Detroit, then when he had a week to prep he played great against the Pats in NE. Wallace has more game experience then Flynn did. Have a little faith in the coaches, and TT. They must see something in Wallace to have signed and kept him. Regardless pissing and moaning about it DOESNT FUCKING HELP. It is what is. Give the guys a chance to rally and at least TRY before you fucking write them off as loosing. Damn I’d hate for you to have my back in any tough situation.

    • E. Wolf

      Wallace ain’t no Flynn, and of course Flynn ain’t no Rodgers, but servicable enough.
      I am still watching the games. Still l have my Packers stuff. I am simply managing expectations.
      And in case you did not see some of my other commetary, I am not handling this well at all. I have lost sleep, been restless. It is like a really bad breakup or a death in the family.

      • RelampagoBlanco

        Only it’s not a bad break up or a death in the family. It’s a fucking football team with which you have clearly an unhealthy amount of emotion vested in. Jesus H. Christ get over it, the sun will still rise on Monday even if the Packers lose. Go ahead and try and spin this like I’m not a “true” fan because I can get over the fact that they may or may not miss the playoffs. Quit being a little emo bitch and grow up.

        • E. Wolf

          No, this or that high school team is just a football team. The Packers are something different.
          This is going to take me a couple of months to get over, maybe longer.

  5. the real russ letlow

    I think Clay should use that club to knock the ball out! c’mon, they let players punch the ball, right? well, club that thing! you shouldn’t grab when you tackle any way. “grab grab grab! everybody’s grabbing ou there and nobody’s tackling!!!” or something like that. grab with the left, rap with the right. hell, just freaking run over them. truck ’em!! grabbing is what cost him the broken thumb anyway!!!!!

  6. T Pack

    E Wolf has been all over this site crying like a bitch. Never seen anything like it. Maybe they will shit the bed but shouldn’t we be supporting them and give them a chance. Last time I looked bookies still consider them the favorite this week and lets face it they usually have it locked down.

    On a side note I have never seen “loser” spelled wrong so many times by so many people. lol.

    • E. Wolf

      I support them while managing expectations. I will be watching Sunday, but its gonna be painful.
      We could have run the table, or go 12-4 this year. That’s over. And yes I am not handlign it well, not one bit. The Packers are a very important part of my life, and Monday night pretty much scratches that whole thing for the year.

      • tequila

        Honestly dude, you are displaying symptoms of PTSD and it’s manifesting on this blog to the detriment of your Total Packers cred. Take some good advice and hang up your keyboard until you can stop making everyone around you catatonic. At least that way when you find your nuts at some point in the future we will all welcome you back from your much needed hiatus.

  7. Don Q

    Dudes, the Packers haven’t played yet and are rabbid to tear apart some Eagle asshole. Nick Foles has an inflated head from last week and the Packers D may be the needle to pop that fucker. Go Pack Go!

  8. elafave

    Jumpin’ effin’ Jeezuz… E. Wolf, I can hear your manhood and cred swirling down the bowl into the sewer as we speak.

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