There Were Chicks in Bikinis at the Packers Game

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Packers bikinis

Packers bikinis

Not sure how I missed this, but there were chicks in bikini tops at yesterday’s Green Bay Packers game. It should be pointed out that the temperature was somewhere around 20 degrees in Lambeau.

Bet there were some hard nipples in that section.

Crazy. And probably really drunk.

We salute you, whoever you are.


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16 Comments on "There Were Chicks in Bikinis at the Packers Game"

  1. Ivomitonvikingfans

    These chicks aren’t exactly top tier, but what’s with that stupid fat fuck thinking the world really wants to see his dumbass.

  2. rebelgb

    One on far left in gold bikini may be a man, I have bigger boobs. Two in middle are totally fuckable material, would do.

    What the fuck is up with the half asian fat fuck standing up and getting in the way? Someone find out who that is and kill him please….

    • Phatgzus

      Let’s be honest, the fact that they’re out in freezing temps. in bikinis likely indicates that they’re all men with cajones gigantes.

  3. Iltarion

    They aren’t cold. They have hats on.

    If they wanted attention, they got it.

    Not bad. There are worse things in the stands at Lambeau.

  4. E. Wolf

    #2 and #3 are actually really cute, without the pretension a lot of cuties have in other places. Wisconsin sounds like a great place to be.

  5. elafave

    Somehow one sole individual sporting an Elmer Fudd cap and a threadbare doody brown TripleFatGoose managed to blot out 6 bikini clad breasts in one fell swoop… It was like a total eclipse of douche-baggery. WTF.

    Act like you been there before.

    • Cheese

      They were at the Seattle game in 09, at least I think it was them. I was in the same section but much higher up so I couldn’t tell. Flynn played in that game too lol.

    • Arcturus

      Section 126. Had a brief flirtation with a bit of celebrity… About 3 minutes worth. I’ll take Front Row Amy any day.

      • Cheese

        Haha yes section 126 it was. I was in the top row so I had a wall to lean against and no drunks kneeing me in the back.

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