Casey Hayward’s Season is Pretty Much Lost

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Casey Hayward

Casey Hayward

The Green Bay Packers expected a lot out of cornerback Casey Hayward in his second season.

Hayward led the team with six interceptions as a rookie and looked like a genuine playmaker. Unfortunately, Hayward’s sophomore campaign has been derailed by injuries and ineffectiveness.

Hayward has played in just three games this year. He started off the season sidelined with a hamstring injury. He was injured again last Sunday in the Packers loss to Philadelphia and now coach Mike McCarthy says he’ll be out at least a couple weeks.

Hayward’s line on the year? Not too impressive. Eight tackles, no interceptions, no passes defended.

We won’t go so far to say that Hayward has looked lost when he’s been on the field, but he’s been nowhere near the player he was last season. Most guys show a dramatic improvement in their second season.

Hayward looks like he’s gone backwards.

Whether that has something to do with the injuries or not, we can’t say for sure. He certainly was given plenty of time to heal.

What we do know is Hayward isn’t making any kind of impact for the Packers and it doesn’t look like he’s going to this season.

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8 Comments on "Casey Hayward’s Season is Pretty Much Lost"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    Well fuck me, Kelly Clarkson…

    The news just keeps getting better. I hope Jerel Worthy sits on Eli Manning’s face…

  2. Dave

    Smart money says if Richardson shows he’s ready to play during the practice window, they’ll activate him from the PUP and put Hayward on IR.

  3. K.L.

    It could be wise just to put Hayward on injured reserve to free up a roster spot for now. I doubt he will be ready to play anytime soon.

  4. the real russ letlow

    its a shame. we certainly need his skills on D. but he hasn’t made any impact when he has played.

  5. Savage57

    Gotta love the guy for what he did last year, but it’s easy to see why all these early coronations of ‘the next sure thing’ or ‘a difference maker’ are so frustrating. Much like Finley in 2009, Heyward lit it up last year, but in the process, he goes from lofty hopes to questions as to whether he’s a one-year wonder when the level of his play finally has a chance to settle.

  6. PF4L

    Hayward needs to be done this season. This hamstring injury is now chronic.

    This injury 1st surfaced in June/July in camp. Out for 8 weeks he re-injured it again against Seattle. Out for another 6 weeks. Now the he injurs the same hamstring for a 3rd time. What point does it make to keep putting him out there?.

    To me, Hayward is a valued playmaker. One of the few we have. If he hasn’t, he should go see a specialist outside of Green Bay. Hamstrings can follow someone their whole career. I hope he gets treated properly and comes back strong next season.

    • Phatgzus

      He actually first injured his hammy working out on his own in the offseason (may not have happened if teams could have contact with their players).

      Other than that, you’re right, hammies can seriously affect careers (Matthews); let him heal, if the Packers somehow manage to make the Playoffs, then maybe consider getting him back on the field, then again he wasn’t able to shake off the rust the first time.

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