Brett Favre Knows When to Walk Away

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Brett Favre is walking away... from that pie

Brett Favre is walking away... from that pie

Seriously. Or maybe not so seriously. Brett Favre, your all-time favorite Green Bay Packers quarterback, is in the New Foot Locker commercial.

I know you’re groaning, but it’s actually kind of funny.

It’s, for some reason, about setting things right.

Mike Tyson gives Evander Holyfield back his ear. Craig Sager burns his awful, awful wardrobe. Dennis Rodman leaves the country for good.

Everything is right with the world.

I love how everyone cheers when they find out Rodman is leaving on a one-way ticket.

True story. I saw Rodman and his entourage rolling into a bar in West Hollywood one night. They took over the VIP and Rodman was totally cool when I went to say hi. And who am I? Of course, the bar was The Abbey, which is the quintessential gay bar in West Hollywood, which is the quintessentially gay part of Los Angeles.

You’re probably saying to yourself, what were you doing there? Well, I was hanging with some of my gay friends and picking up chicks. Because chicks never expect a straight guy at that bar. It’s like 5-to-1 in my favor — shooting fish in a barrel!

Anyway, here’s the video.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

9 Comments on "Brett Favre Knows When to Walk Away"

  1. Big B

    The director’s cut includes footage of the ghost of Don Klosterman, Los Angeles Rams GM, returning a handful of prized Packer draft picks to Dan Devine. John Hadl is retrieved from a dumpster and carried back to LA.

    • RelampagoBlanco

      You should probably start a petition to get this commercial banned until he gets a shirt with the correct shade of green and they can reshoot… You may have more success than your other one.

      • E. Wolf


        1) it is not over yet. THe petition does not expire.
        2) at least I tried. Let’s see you do better, in whatever aspiration may fancy you.

  2. Cheese

    WTF? Why does everyone hate Rodman?

    “I was hanging with some of my gay friends and picking up chicks. Because chicks never expect a straight guy at that bar.” – Sure, that’s what they all say.

  3. E. Wolf

    There are some problems with Monty’s strategy of going to gay bars to meet women.
    1) not sure how many women go to gay bars. Those that do could safely be said to be “fag hags,” no?
    2) you’d probably have to contend a lot more gay men mistaking you to be on their team.

  4. Carl with a "C"

    Monty, Illinois just passed gay marriage. Your dreams are coming true my closet gay and closet bears fan friend!!!!

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