Apparently, Datone Jones Hasn’t Quite Gotten It

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Datone Jones

Datone Jones Green Bay Packers first-round pick Datone Jones has been decent the past two games, registering three sacks, including two against Philadelphia.

That being said, he’s still only a part-time player and was invisible earlier in the season. The Packers are using him as an inside rusher on passing downs and Jones is getting around 20 snaps a game.

Part of the reason for that seems to be that Jones hasn’t adapted to the NFL very well. Mike Vandermause did a story on Jones on Friday and here’s the telling comment from defensive line coach Mike Trgovac.

“He’s not a one-time get-it kind of guy but he’s not a defiant kid at all,” Trgovac said. “He wants to learn. He uses the vets in our room as sponges. Him and I meet every morning early in the morning and he takes it all in. He’s a very coachable kid.”

Coachable is good, but not being able to pick things up quickly says, well… not too bright? At least that’s what it says to me. Coach Mike McCarthy talked about Jones’ consistency, or lack thereof.

“I think Datone’s getting better, and we need him,” said McCarthy after Jones’ two-sack game against Philadelphia on Sunday. “He needs to get a lot better, too. He’s got ability. He does some things well, but he needs to be more consistent Monday through Saturday, and I think it will help him on Sunday. I was very proud of some of things he did (Sunday). We need more.”

The positive here is Jones isn’t pretending he knows it all. He’s also heard the criticism and is using it somewhat for motivation. That’s where you get the “coachable” term from. Hopefully, he continues to progress and generate pass rush for the Packers. They certainly can use it.

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8 Comments on "Apparently, Datone Jones Hasn’t Quite Gotten It"

  1. E. Wolf

    I really do fear this season is a scratch. But I get the distinct impression this team could be well nigh invincible next year, in part because this guy and others will really come into their own next year.

  2. Phatgzus

    My estimation is that he (like Franklin) gives the impression of a legitimately intelligent and good person who genuinely loves the game when interview. He also sounds very confident (not arrogant), perhaps his selection in the first round by a team with a very similar defensive scheme and terminology him a bit overconfident. Not many get it the first time, it does seem he’s catching on, and it’s good to hear what seems to be legitimate praise (unlike some of the comments regarding Finley).

    Let’s not be too critical yet, Monty. He was a first-round pick, but not early- obviously he is highly-skilled, but also undersized (not unlike Daniels, Worthy, Perry and Neal) so he’s not gong to be able to utilize the DE techniques (3-4 or 4-3) in the conventional manner, as he’s essentially another hybrid player. Hes also mad some plays throughout the year, albeit with little consistency: blocked XP, FR and return, 1 or 2 batted balls, and some pressure.

    I’m also a fan of the Chuck mentality,especially when you’re a young player and/or have made few plays in your career; but celebrating after a play doesn’t make him the next Finley. Granted he has also played after the
    whistle a couple times, but that can be good or bad depending on whether or not he learns to harness that aggression and not follow Suh’s path, as there’s no doubt this kid has some attitude as well.

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