Aaron Rodgers Wants to be Back Before Thanksgiving

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Aaron Rodgers goes down

Aaron Rodgers goes down

We know Aaron Rodgers won’t return for the Green Bay Packers this week, but if he has his way, he just may be back sooner than expected.

Although there’s been no timetable set for Rodgers’ return from his fractured collarbone, most people have speculated the soonest he could be back was on Thanksgiving, when the Packers play the Detroit Lions. That would put him out almost four weeks.

Rodgers thinks he might be able to go sooner.

Speaking on his weekly radio show on 540 ESPN and ESPNWisconsin.com, Rodgers acknowledged that he has a game in mind for his return. Asked if it was the team’s Nov. 28 Thanksgiving Day game at Detroit, Rodgers replied, “I would like to be back this week. Now, whether that’s realistic or not remains to be seen. I would never rule myself out on a Tuesday. Now, Mike probably already has, I think.”

“I haven’t given up hope on playing any week. It depends on how I heal and depends on what the next x-ray looks like,” Rodgers said. “Obviously, this week is probably not going to happen — not going to happen. (pause) Probably not going to happen.”

Rodgers went on to say that he’s feeling better and isn’t experiencing pain when he sleeps or gets dressed.

So maybe next week against the Vikings? We doubt the Packers would take a risk with Rodgers and so they’ll probably err on the side of cation here.

That game seems doubtful because of the chance of reinjury. Detroit, maybe.

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13 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Wants to be Back Before Thanksgiving"

  1. Tom

    Bill Simmons saying he saw Cobb last night and Cobb said to him “12 will be back sooner than people think”

  2. K.L.

    I’m hoping we can gut out a win against the vikings without Rodgers. We will definitely need him for the thanksgiving game, though.

  3. Buster Bluth

    A loss on Sunday will put a lot of pressure on the pack to start Rodgers against the vikes.
    However only a couple days ago, Chicago rushed Jay Cutler back and that didn’t turn out well. Hopefully Tolzein plays better than anyone expects.

  4. the real russ letlow

    give the man what he wants and let him play!! I think he is smart enough, and the teams doctors are conservative enough, that we won’t see him on the field too soon.

  5. PackAttack

    People are blatant idiots if they don’t think a QB has played with this issue before. No your not going to find many documented cases of a franchise QB playing through many fractured collarbone injuries but the other day on AM620 in Mississippi Favre said he played through multiple bone fractures including what he believed to be a fractured collarbone on his right/throwing arm side in 1995 but never before brought it up because his job was to keep his mouth shut and play football. Steve Young also said he played through “multiple” collarbone injuries throughout his career and never said anything and wanted to remain on the field.

    Both Young and Favre said the same thing. Every time you walk out onto the field your facing an injury, it’s about how bad you want it and how much pain your willing to play through.

    If he gets hurt again well shit — guess it wasn’t meant to be. This injury should have never been considered “significant” especially if he’s possibly back this quickly.

    • Phatgzus


      Favre was also one of the craziest/toughest SOBs to ever play. Broken thumb on his throwing hand, two different years, torn biceps on throwing arm for 8 weeks, multiple concussions.

      • PF4L

        That’s fantastic that Brett played hurt, even if at the detriment of the team. 2005 and 2006 seasons were among the worst of his career.

        Brett refused to ever be replaced as the starter. He has said this himself.

        Playing when you are injured and hurting the team, doesn’t make him a hero or an iron man, it makes him selfish.

  6. PF4L

    You people sniffing Favre’s dick..Comical…Favre had Tauscher and Chad Clifton at R @ L tackle. Lately Rodgers has had Marshal Newhouse, Don Barclay, Bulaga and rookie D. Bahkitari. Not exactly Pro-Bowl caliber.

    Ron Wolf felt it was fairly important to have good tackles protecting Favre. No offense Ted.

  7. T Pack

    You want Rodgers to play with a fx collarbone? Why the fuck would they do that? One good hit and he is out for the season. That is why we have backups. And though I loved Favre he was an idiot. Cost the team more than there share of losses cause of his”heroics”. Plus that was a different era.
    Tolzien played well and I would expect him to play well this week. If defense would ever show up this would be a non issue.
    When then hell is Cobb back?

    • E. Wolf

      Not just that, but my understanding is that if he suffered a particularly unfortunate hit, it could have effects going beyond this season.
      Rodgers surpasses his predecessor in many ways–durability is not one of them. Of course, NO quarterback does. And no quarterback ever will.

  8. PF4L

    I suppose, Rodgers could play hurt, put up some shitty stats, then be hailed as a warrior and a iron man. No offense Brett.

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