Aaron Rodgers is Throwing, but Probably Not Playing Anytime Soon

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Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Aaron Rodgers: spectating

Sigh. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is throwing again, but it doesn’t sound like he’s going to be playing anytime soon.

Rodgers threw before the Packers went out and crapped all over themselves against the Giants. That went fine, but Rodgers told Jason Wilde that while he feels no pain from his fractured collarbone when throwing or running, that isn’t the biggest issue.

“It felt good,” Rodgers said of throwing. “I had the adrenaline going.”

“I think the biggest issue is not the pain at this point,” Rodgers said. “It is the risk of taking a shot like that and what it would do if [the collarbone] displaced. Obviously, I’d be out for the season and worried about any type of complications going forward.”

There had been some hope that Rodgers would be able to go next week when the Packers face the division-leading Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. Rodgers pointed to a 6-to-8 week recovery period, which is considered customary for non-athletes.

Rodgers injured himself less than three weeks ago and we doubt the Packers will be anything less than overly cautious with hin, as we all watch the season circle the bowl.

Rodgers hasn’t ruled himself out for this week and neither have the Packers, although that seems like a formality at this point. Coach Mike McCarthy has already named Scott Tolzien the starting quarterback against Minnesota.

“For [me to play], I would have to be on the field two days before the game,” Rodgers said. “So it would be Friday this week or Tuesday of next week, practicing. If that’s the case, then there’s a chance. If not, then I will be spectating.”


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36 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers is Throwing, but Probably Not Playing Anytime Soon"

  1. Lakedog5

    I miss Favre! We have to wait for everything to be just right for Aaron. Dude- this is football. You’re paid $10m a year to endure pain. Know how many nights/yr I have to work a 40 hr day?! …no typo. I made it from a dink town in Wisc to NYC making a sizable fraction of what he makes on the back of a boatload of sacrifices n this pussy wants his shoulder to stop hurting before he’ll come out n play. Wtf. Man up. Throw a pass. Hand it off. One series. Show some leadership. Think #52 was ready when he came out?! ….n waiting till the chance of a re injury to be minuscule means he’ll never play again. What a dope! Berkeley fag.

    • PF4L

      Rodgers is paid 10 mill/year? You’re pretty good in math. Good luck getting your GED………On behalf of all Packer fans…Fuck off.

      • Andy

        I second that fuck off motion. this aint the 80’s where you get man points for playing with broken bones. I want a-rod back at 100%, so if we have to sacrifice a few more games this season so be it. Who knows with how fucking useless the lions and bears are we could sustain a 4 game mid season losing streak and still take the division. Although we should beat those miserable vikings even if we do have Scott tolzien

    • darrin

      it’s not about the pain you dipshit. if that’s all it was, he would have come back against the fucking bears. tell us genius, how many nights do you work to make up a 40 hour a day. chrissakes, i thought there were only 24 of them fuckers in a day. go troll the viqueens website, assuming they have one. you stupid fuck.

    • therealChuckywasCecil

      this has to be the most short sighted, ill informed post I’ve read here in a while. I won’t even go into 10 mil a year or 40 hour days. I would rather have him healthy for the long haul than to sacrifice more damage. Man up? seriously? show some leadership? are you living in the 50’s? You gave it away though with the Berkeley fag comment. Fucking Viking fan. Oh, and congrats on making it big in NYC, Mr. Trump.

    • Kozak

      Hey asshole, under the clavicle you find the subclavian artery and vein and the brachial plexus ( nerves) Big pipes. If he gets hit again, and the nice sharp fracture splinters lacerated one of those he could have permanent damage ending his career. Or have a pneumothorax, or hemothorax, life threatening complications. Or end up with a non union of the fracture which requires surgery, and has a terrible complication rate that orthopedic surgeons hate to operate on. Fucking people who know something about the human body are advising the Packers and Rodgers . He’s taken more hits the last five years then any QB in football and never whines about it, so I’m pretty sure he’s tougher then you are. If he needs the rest of the year to heal right he needs to take it, and macho internet warriors like you can fuck off. So shut the fuck up and get to Grand Central Station where you shine shoes for 40 hours a shift or whatever the fuck you do.

    • Chad Lundberg

      If you actually read the article you would know that he WANTS TO PLAY DESPITE THE PAIN, it’s just that he might RE-INJURE IT, IN WHICH CASE HE WILL BE OUT FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR AND POSSIBLY LONGER!

  2. PF4L

    Thanks for repeating that post for the 25th time, i think we understood it the 1st time. I know 2 things. I will watch them regardless and i will watch Sunday when Tolzien beats the Vikings at Lambeau in his 2nd NFL start.

    • E. Wolf

      Hey asshole–

      One that was not a cut and paste. Second, never said I would not watch. Third, I love telling I told you so, although not so much with this. But since the season is done why not.

      • PF4L

        I think E Wolf needs a hug……….Let me guess what E Wolf’s next post will be………….”The Packers season is over folks?”…yea Wolf, we got that the 1st time you posted it 3 weeks ago.

        • K.L.

          Yea. I agree with a lot of what E. Wolf says most of the time but man, he has really been a pathetic sob since Rodgers got hurt.

          • E. Wolf

            I have been pathetic, in the original sense of the word, namely arousing sympathy or pity through sadness.
            I can only take solace that we will be a real contender next year. The gushing of injuries have to stop some time.

  3. buster bluth

    This may be Mc Carthy’s biggest decision of the year.
    The fact that Rogers talks about ” complications going
    forward ” if he reinjures the bone is telling.

    All of this makes the game against the Yikes all that more

  4. Mike

    Sit him the rest of the year! hell, with Capers D laying turds, half the better players Fucked up. This should be the time MM starts trying people out, resting some of the bruised up guys etc. If they do win against the Vikings, well then great! But this team would limp into the playoffs at best, then be handed their one or two and done (per recent playoffs) and then off to real life again. Stick a fork in their ass and turn them over, their done! Until MM stops play calling, and playing favorites (as evidenced again last week). Capers continues his out of touch schemes, and our chronic starting at the 16 yard line from our special, special teams unit every kick off, I would say that the fans deserve better. Believe me! I will watch every game, but their is no chance of a SB in the near future until these guys get healthy, get some new plays and some new (and better)coaching and a develop or redevelop a winning attitude!

    • nurseratchett@work

      Thank you, Mike!!! Better Defense could have beat the Bears and if Rodgers comes back with our CRAP O-line, then there is a distinct possibility he would get CREAMED and then out for the season or more. With the o-line in its current state, I DO NOT want A-Rog coming back against the dirtbag cheating ass Lions…Suh would risk a fine, suspension, whatever, in order to take out Rodgers–look what he did to EDS when their season was circling the drain!!!

  5. Dick Trickle "33"

    If this season is a wash, so might be the rest of Rodgers career. Look at how many players the team will lose this off season. TT hasn’t hit on a draft pick in half a decade. This team will be significantly weaker after this year and moving forward.

    Hey TT, sign another one of your garbage picks to a HUGE deal, how about Raji?

    • Vijay

      Yeah, no kidding, he offered Raji $8M per apparently. Um, yeah, he’s not worth more than about half that.

      Continue to draft and develop, draft and develop…someday, you’ll eek your way back to a Super Bowl.

      Anyway, I think as far as this weekend is concerned, third time (game) on the field will prove to be the charm for Tolzein. The Packers win going away for once against a pitiful Vikings team down their best starting cornerback (Robinson).

    • Cheese

      Maybe we can sign a bunch of undrafted free agents that will be up to nfl speed in about 4 years and then give them the big bucks.

  6. bob at 81

    I like so many of ya all. think the writing is on the wall. MM has to turn over the play calling or turn in his time card. wolf man, have some faith, stranger things have happened.

  7. Iltarion

    This is all pretty much BS in my opinion.

    I am pretty sure Rodgers could break his collarbone again or dislocate it whether he waits another week to go back or a year to go back.

    I am pretty sure I could break or dislocate my collarbone while walking my effin doggie.

    There is always the risk of injury.

    Here is an idea if you don’t want to get hurt- throw the ball away.

  8. Phatgzus

    Shots fired, blood int the water, and the sharks are eating each other in a frenzy. Who needs football when there’s this?

  9. MadCity Packer Fan

    You’re hopeless PF4L…”Tolien”? I am pretty sure the calmness in McCarthy and Rodgers is that they know the season is over.

  10. Rkom

    Sit ARod for at least 2 more weeks.
    If we win next two – bring him back.
    If not – sit him and all hurt starters for the rest of the year….

  11. T Pack

    I would bet most players are playing with some kind of pain or injury. But you cannot have your QB (one of the best in the league) go out and play with this kind of injury if it is not healed properly. I love football as much as anyone else but it is what it is. Get over it and move on.
    Chances were we weren’t going to beat the Giants even with Rodgers in there. They got our number-nothing we can do. So move on to the next one. Still only one game out of the division lead. Pull off a couple the next 2 weeks then we can start talking. Easier said then done I know but lets rally around the team.
    Unlike E Wolfe I believe this team can still win the division. Not throwing in the towel yet. The pessicism that wavers over this gorup is incredible. Such a waft of air of horrible emotion.
    Come one now!

  12. Nacho Libre

    Let the man heal. Don’t want to risk a worse injury that’ll affect his off season preparation.

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