Aaron Rodgers isn’t Guaranteed for Next Week

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Aaron Rodgers has already said he plans on playing when the Green Bay Packers face the Atlanta Falcons next week, but coach Mike McCarthy isn’t making any such guarantees.

Rodgers returned to practice this past week on a limited basis and has been throwing without pain after breaking his collarbone nearly four weeks ago.

On Friday, McCarthy said there are more tests to be done.

“I don’t know that,” McCarthy said. “I just know when we came off the field Wednesday that he wasn’t ready to play yet. So we’ll see how the testing goes, but it needs to be the right thing. I know he wants to play. I know he’s trying to gear up each and every week to play, but we’ll see what happens next week.”

It seems like the real question now is whether to even risk anything with Rodgers.

We understand that he wants to play, but after yesterday’s showing, it’s clear this team isn’t going anywhere this season. The defense is an embarrassment that not even Rodgers can mask. And if the offensive line plays like it did on Thursday, Rodgers is going to get killed.

He’ll either injure his collarbone worse or suffer some other kind of injury.

That being said, despite not winning a game in five weeks, the Packers are somehow still only a game and a half out of first place in the NFC North.

Can Rodgers cover up all the other problems with this Packers team and still lead them to the playoffs? We have our doubts — and this looks like another one and done playoff team even if they do make it — but it remains a possibility.

The Packers are off until Monday. We should know more then.

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24 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers isn’t Guaranteed for Next Week"

  1. PF4L

    As far as this season goes, this coaching staff, does anyone give a fuck anymore? At least until next years draft and training camp?

    After maybe, the most pathetically played game performed in Green Bay Packer history. And the embarrassment heaped upon Packer fans of said game. I am so fucking tired of McCarthys same ol same ol press conference Bull Shit.

    A new article is out how McCarthy believes in Dom Capers defense…Yea, Lets reward failure!!….Lets embrace failure!!

    I never once called for McCarthy to be replaced….For the 1st time, i am now….Fuck TT, Fuck Capers, and fuck McCarthy. I’m convinced none of them have any grasp of reality anymore concerning the Green Bay Packers, their fans, their shareholders.

    New GM and coaches, before Rodgers is wasted under Ted Thompson

    • Arcturus

      Stop talking about “shareholders.” The Packers have no such thing, and to pretend otherwise is ridiculous. You think Murphy or anyone in the organization takes into account those people who paid 250 bucks for a piece of paper? On the contrary, they know they have those people in their pockets. “Shareholders.” What a joke.

  2. PF4L

    How can anyone, after seeing the Packer/Lion game, talk about anything concerning the Packers and the playoffs? Give me a break.

    I’ve never ever seen a worse game played, on both sides of the ball, in my life.

    Feel free to talk about winning the Division, winning out and getting in the playoffs and having the Easter Bunny over for dinner.. The reality is, no team in the NFC North would get out of the 1st round of the playoffs. The season is over, watch it, laugh at it, but let it go.

  3. Nacho dan

    You gotta make tackles. I don’t care who your d coordinator is he can’t make the tackles for you. As for McCarthy I like the way he handles the press why give them any more information than you are required to who needs a media circus. It’s always seemed to me this defense doesn’t play well from behind as if there playing not to lose vs playing to win

    • PF4L

      Mike McCarthy press conference = “We have to tackle better”…..”We expect better play than what we got today”. “We’ll take a look at this and get it fixed”. “We have to clean some stuff up”. “We’ll look at the tape and get it fixed”. “We have to tackle better”. “Don’t you EVER question me about any of my coach’s or coordinators performance ever again”. “Sherrod looks good in practice”. “I don’t want to use injurys as an excuse, unless of course, we play so bad, that i use injury’s as an excuse”. “I haven’t seen the game tape, but yea, we have to tackle better, we’ll get those things fixed”. “Special teams didn’t have a good day, but we’ll look at that this week and get that fixed”. ” We were awful in all facets of the game today, we’ll be working on things, and fixing them as we go here”. Sherrod looked good in practice today. “Scott Tolzien is definitely our guy, until he isn’t our guy anymore”.

  4. PF4L

    I think we need to find out if Mark Murphy is still the Packers CEO, If so, get a petition started to convince Murphy TT has led this team on a downward spiral. I will personally purchase TT a 1 way plane ticket anywhere he wants to go.

  5. Big B

    According to Pro Football Reference the 435 yard differential between the Lions and the packers is the 7th greatest since the NFL-AFL merger more than 40 years ago. If you took away Jones’ 56 yard catch against the prevent defense in garbage time, then the packers would have had the record for the biggest disparity in the modern era. This was dysfunction of biblical proportions. It ranks with the worst efforts in packer history. This team is going nowhere, so it makes no sense to subject Rodgers to further trauma- we know what he can do. Preserve him. Give Tolzien 4 games to gain experience to be the #2; critically analyze the current roster, especially the defense. There is not much talent there and a major retooling of personnel and coaching is in order. The draft alone is insufficient to restock, judicious use of free agency is needed to supplement. Since the playoff loss in 2011 the trend has been steadily downward. Let the rebuild begin.

  6. rebelgb

    Well for once in a long time I agree with the use of Free Agency in the off season. However, keep in mind we dont have a lot of money to spend. We just paid Aaron and MIII. There isnt a lot of cap room to throw around. So we have to be realistic.

  7. K.L.

    Rodgers masked the horrifyingly bad defense in 2011, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to do it again.

  8. KF

    That game may have been the worst in recent memory, but it is far from the worst in team history. The Packers suffered three decades of mediocrity before the early 90’s. I’m not going to rush to blame Thompson or McCarthy, but it is hard to defend Capers anymore. This defense is not going to improve any time soon. And I agree that Thompson may need to spend at some point to improve the D.

  9. Iltarion

    I agree that it seems like pure fantasy to think that this team, with this defense, can win out, even with Rodgers. But still, you play Rodgers if medically he is ready to go.

    The Lions just lost to the Bucs at home. They may have blown their wad against the Packers. They could very easily lose two more games and finish 9-7. Until the Packers lose another game, their season isn’t over. You keep playing to win.

  10. pf4l, you are on a roll. Keep it up. I totally agree with you on all points.I have been saying and thinking about comments like that for a long time. Got your back. Just remember coaching staff( haha) Qbs like RODGERS do not come along every day and you are f-ing this up big time, you coachs and Gm should be real happy with your dumb ass selves!

  11. for what its worth Pro FootballFocus: run def grade-13 rank 24, pass rush grade-16.9 rank 28 pass coverage grade-29.9 rank 26 overall def grade -44.9 rank 25 debate this

  12. PackAttack

    Rodgers needs to play next week, the organization would be wise to move forward in that direction — if he’s medically cleared you play him. Holding him out for fear of injury while only being back a game in the NFC North and still fighting for a wild card birth would be a PR nightmare. The message your sending to your fan base, to the NFL and to the team is that of a complete quitters mentality — I would expect that from Ted Thompson but there are clearly smarter business people in the front office who know the consequences of mailing it in with more than a full month left. You don’t fuck over the fans and the people who’ve paid good money and do something like that. It’s not the fan’s fault McCarthy and Thompson are complete fucking morons, give the people something enjoyable to watch this last month.

    You hold Rodgers out with this team still technically in it, the organization is going to be a bigger embarrassment than it already is.

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