Well, the Detroit Lions Are Who We Thought They Were

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Nick Perry sacks Matthew Stafford

Nick Perry sacks Matthew Stafford

Yes, we’re a little late with our usual bitching and moaning about the Green Bay Packers due to a blown tire situation, but we’re here now! Packers 22, Detroit Lions 9.

The Lions were 3-1 coming into this game and riding high at the top of the division. Well, they’re still at the top of the division, but fuck the Detroit Lions.

They haven’t won in Wisconsin since 1991 and while we all thought they had a chance to win today, we were certain they didn’t have a chance as soon as it was announced that Calvin Johnson wasn’t playing. All the Packers had to do at that point was focus on Reggie Bush and they shut him the fuck down.

Detroit managed just 64 rushing yards and because Doughboy had no one to throw to, 286 total yards.

What’s this? The Packers defense stepped up and played like a bunch of bosses today?

Yes they did and it’s about fucking time.

Two words.

Morgan. Burnett.

He’s a difference maker. Or at least when compared to Jerron McMillian, he is.

The Packers defense also managed to sack Doughboy five times. Those came from Mike Neal, Clay Matthews, Brad Jones and Nick Perry — twice.

Nick Perry? Hello, Nick Perry! Thanks for showing up for once!

On offense, it was a lot of Eddie Lacy (99 yards rushing) and James Jones (127 receiving), plus some clutch catches by Jordy Nelson (87 yards).

Aaron Rodgers wasn’t particularly overwhelming, as evidenced by the snoozer of a first half this game was, but he got the job done and more importantly, rebounded from the turd of a game he had the last time out.

The tide is turning in the NFC North and the tide is green and gold.

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27 Comments on "Well, the Detroit Lions Are Who We Thought They Were"

  1. Maryland Cheese Whiz

    Think the Pontiac Pu$$ies had a flat tire,too, today. They are going to be tough to play at home but we’ll be clicking offensively by then. Go Pack Go.

  2. E. Wolf

    Saved the season. The offense is still sputtering. And, as I said would happen all along, MORE INJURIES.

    • Adam

      Brad Jones suffered a.. guess what?
      Hamstring Injury

      His replacement, Robert Francois was taken out with an ankle injury.

      And Clay Matthews broke his thumb while sacking Stafford.

      • Iltarion

        It is the same hamstring that bothered Jones in training camp.

        Francois blew his Achilles. Buh bye…

        Matthews broke his thumb and no one knows if that means a month or playing with a cast.

  3. GBslacker

    I was wwww
    I was wrrrrr
    I was wroon
    I was not right.

    I thought McCarthy would give up on the run, and have a pass-fest.

    But 33runs vs 30 passes equals bizarro-world !!!

    (but 3rd-n-short still equals bombs-away…)

  4. Iltarion

    zzzzzz…. boring game…

    Seems the Packers always have to play down to their competition.

    I am concerned that A-Rodge seems unwilling to throw the football into the middle of the field against the shell… still. Are the out and the sideline fly the only routes we run?

    Someone tell Mike McCarthy and A-Rodge that it is a legal play to run the ball on 3rd and short. My favorite was when we lined up with Cobb in the backfield, motioned him out, and then threw the ball to no one in the endzone. That was sweet.

    Oh, did Morgan Burnett play? Who could tell? I saw pretty much more of the same from our no-show safeties.

    That was probably the best I’ve seen the Detroit defense play since… crap, I don’t know. Their defense usually sucks, but their LBs and safeties were actually making plays today.

    I was wrong. When the Packers struggled to punch it in during the preseason, I said who cares, it is the preseason. It doesn’t mean anything. Wrong. Hey, here’s an idea- RUN THE EFFIN FOOTBALL!!

    Wow, Mike Neal and Nick Perry… Welcome to the party, pal!

    Geezus, Jordy Nelson and James Jones, those guys are good. Greg who?

    Suddenly the Packers have one of the best rushing offenses in the league. That is consecutive games over 180 yards rushing against pretty stout defenses, and everyone screaming about our O-line is looking pretty stupid. Which is as it should be.

    No one in the NFC North is looking like a contender right now.

  5. vj

    One problem…Claymaker may be out awhile with a broke ass thumb and B Jones has a hammy to add to the pile of hammies on the injury report.
    Let’s hope both injuries are not really serious.
    This also should have been a blowout but was not…and so, what does that say about our team? Guess you gotta crawl before you walk.
    Defenses are still playing 2 Deep Zone against us and limiting Rodgers effectiveness. Plus, why the fuck are we still throwing bombs on 3rd and short and 4th and 1? Pick up the necessary yards and move those fucking chains! This field goal shit won’t cut it against the elite teams.

  6. Andy

    I just couldn’t believe the defensive play that reminded me of the superbowl run when teams couldnt do squat against us. And a running attack that looked really effective? Consistent special teams? I think for the most part we’ve been spoiled by rodgers just throwing it all over the field for the last few years but I like this win tough gritty solid and a lot of guys stepped up.

  7. organicbuzz

    Where in the hell is our no.1 draft pick at? Will we hold onto him for 2 or 3 years before we get rid of him?

  8. rebelgb

    Ok allow me to slow down the Packer circle jerk going on today. First a disclaimer: Fuck yeah the Packers won!!! Sweet!!

    Ok, now some hard facts:
    Mike Mccarthy is still a fucking dolt. It is now obvious his 3rd and short play calling is no longer just stupidity, it is a blatant “fuck you” from Mccartrhy to the rest of us. He is saying “its my way and thats how its always gonna be haters”. Fuck him and his arrogance.

    Aaron Rodgers has had one good game this year. One in 5. Not a good start for him. Lets hope he wakes up a bit. He needs to dump the ball more to our RB’s, and he needs to use the middle of the field. He also needs to audible out of the Meatheads 3rd and short bullshit play calls.

    As for Arodge throwing 40 yard bombs on 3rd and short, fucking give up complaining about it, I have, the guy is never gonna change in that regard. I dont fucking get it, but he obviously isnt going to stop doing it.

    Glad the defense played well but lets not stop building the fire pyre for Capers. It was one game. Look losing Megatron is the single biggest loss for any team in the NFL not counting QB’s. It completely negated Bush, and the play action pass. This allowed our defensive line to get home and our secondary to play more towards the line of scrimmage.

    If Megatron plays, with the shitty play of our offense and Mccarthy’s idiocy, we probably lose that game yesterday.

    This team had better improve soon or we are looking at 8-8. The good news is at 8-8 we will probably still have a shot at a wild card in the pathetic NFC.

    • Andy

      1 in 5? where does that come from, he played well in san fran, just couldnt get a damn stop from the defence, bengals was a truly awful game but the lions game was far from his best but had taylor not dropped that TD pass that was right where it needed to be and jones had kept his foot in then all of a sudden 300yds and a 3td game and he doesnt look so bad.

  9. the real russ letlow

    Detroit Oline is pretty good. Only let up 3 sacks, prior to Sunday. we got 5. That says a lot for our LBs and our coverage. We need to run that ball on 3rd or 4th and 1.

  10. Mike R

    I am normally one to backup MM when he is getting piled on, but the 3 and 1 deep passes are getting old. Lacy is averaging 4-5 yards per carry yesterday. Run the goddamn ball and move the chains. Seriously… enough McCarthy.

  11. rebelgb

    Ok on retrospect im being a bit hard on Arodge. We’ve just come to expect so much out of the guy.

    If Taylor doesnt drop that TD pass and MM calls a few run plays on 3rd down we probably win by 2 more TD’s.

    Still there is a lot of room for improvement on this team. Hopefully they stay healthy and grow game to game. Time to get hot is the last 6 weeks of the season (but you have to stay in the hunt till then).

  12. Mike

    Like I said last week, MM is a dolt! How about those 3rd and 1’s yesterday?? Lacy is running for good yardage each carry and MM continues to call questionable plays. Get the first down! then call a stupid play! Then cover your ass the next two plays!

  13. GBslacker

    Mike R,

    You guys have hit on two things that DRIVE ME NUTS!

    You beat a cover2 with short passes in the middle!
    …our cupboard full of TEs should be able to handle a 5yd pass. Or leak out a pass protecting RB. Complete two of those and you have a first down. Rinse & repeat.

    And 3rd-n-short?
    …put the backup lineman in the backfield, and pound their fucking ass. Every time McCarthy does the pussy-pass-stuff, he just telegraphs the other team that…
    (a) we’re afraid of you
    (b) you’re in our head

    I could just bitch-slap McCarthy !!!

    (and Capers, and whatever that thing is that sleeps on his head — I’ll save that for another post)

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