Uh Oh, Clay Matthews is Still Out

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Clay Matthews injured

Clay Matthews injured

Who’s ready to lose to the Detroit Lions this week?! The Green Bay Packers better prepare for that possibility if linebacker Clay Matthews doesn’t get his ass back on the field.

Matthews missed practice for the third straight day on Wednesday because he’s dealing with his annual hamstring injury. Matthews missed four games with a hamstring injury last season.

The last we saw Matthews he was standing on the sideline during the second half of the Packers loss to Cincinnati. He said, at the time, that sitting out was a precaution.

That would suggest the injury wasn’t that serious. Then again, his not practicing at all this week suggests otherwise.

The Packers defense gave up 13 second-half points to Cincinnati with Matthews sitting out. They gave up 14 points in the first half with him in the game, but he also forced two fumbles.

Cincinnati is 22nd in the league in total offense. Detroit is fifth with an average of 404.8 yards per game.

Ruh-ro, Raggy!

Hey, the news ain’t all bad, though. Tight end Jermichael Finley, fullback John Kuhn and cornerback Jarrett Bush all returned to practice today. Morgan Burnett will also make his first start of the season at safety on Sunday.

Cornerback Casey Hayward and running back James Starks remained out. Hayward, it seems, will never play a down of football again. I’m kidding, of course, but he was supposed to be back this week and it looks like that isn’t happening.

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28 Comments on "Uh Oh, Clay Matthews is Still Out"

  1. PF4L

    Clay will be on the field Sunday. Clay doesn’t need to practice, he needs to play. There have been plenty of practices that he’s been held out of for his hammy through the years. Whats more irritating is Haywards “2 week injury.” Remember MM?

  2. PF4L

    The Packer defense gave up 15pts/game in 2010…22.4pts/game in 2011….21pts/game in 2012…..29.3 pts/game so far in 2013. I don’t like this trend. Not 1 fucking bit!!…It’s ok Dom…Luckily accountability isn’t necessary in Green Bay, your still employed.

  3. valpoPackers


    The Packer defense gave up 15pts/game in 2010…22.4pts/game in 2011….21pts/game in 2012…..29.3 pts/game so far in 2013. I don’t like this trend. Not 1 fucking bit!!…It’s ok Dom…Luckily accountability isn’t necessary in Green Bay, your still employed.

    It’s not 29.3 pts/game, but whatever.

  4. E. Wolf

    I am quickly becoming very pessimistic about this season. Lose this game, and we could quickly be 1-4 after Baltimore.

      • E. Wolf

        Just this one time we might actually agree on something, besides both championing the Packers as our favorite teams. Not sure how I feel about that. …

    • GBslacker

      or they could beat the shit out of Baltimore, and give us false hope — like last year’s team did against Houston.

      • E. Wolf

        Baltimore > Houston, even with the talent dump. Both the quarterback and head coach are head and shoulders above what Houston has. They also rarely lose at home. Houston is far from invincible at home.

  5. PF4L

    The good news is, the Packer defense are 13th right now in points allowed, out of 32 teams. Wait….They just had a bye week…Nevermind

  6. Richard

    With people constantly trying to compare this team with the 2012, 2011, 2010 teams etc, it might be time to admit this is looking a lot more like 2008.

  7. Richard

    They should lose especially if Clay Matthews is out, but it might not matter. Detroit isn’t getting the credit they deserve right now, but they will.

  8. Chungo

    In 2 weeks (After the PUP) the packers front office will place Hayward on IR for the remainder of the season and will also reveal the true nature of the injury (‘nudder misdiagnosis)!!

  9. Shawn

    The Packers beat the Lions twice last season, and Matthews didn’t play in either game.

    One could argue the Lions are better, but the Packers didn’t have Lacy, Franklin or a healthy Jordy Nelson either.

    I agree that Matthews may be just collecting all the rest that he can get. It isn’t like he really needs to practice.

    Obviously, if he doesn’t play, then Mike Neal and Nick Perry better show us something. Regardless, the offense will probably need to score at least 35.

  10. Vijay

    Interesting that we reward players so much money who are always injured. Was that all guaranteed now? Lions may be for real now…better watch out.

  11. PF4L

    The players get the money that the market of the NFL dictates. I’d hardly call Clay Mathews always injured.

  12. GBslacker

    I read recently that hamstring problems create scar tissue that’s more or less permanent.

    I think it’s stupid rushing OLBs against offensive tackles. It would be one thing if it actually worked, but think of the revolving door we’ve had with OLBs — can’t find a guy strong against the run, that also gets QB pressure.

    But the one guy that can do it sacrifices his body to do so.

    I don’t think we’ve ever had true 3-4 personnel, and as such we’ve had to go nickel — oftentimes with OLBs acting as linemen.

    It’s a steaming mess.

  13. Hoops24

    All the gloom and doom people. Tone it down. They are winning there next 3 games. 4-2 going into the vikings game the 27th

  14. PackLethal

    I don’t know if we can win the next 3 as Cleveland & Baltimore are pretty good teams. The Kittens is the story that tells all. If we beat them, as I fully expect us to, there is no reason we can’t win out once past BAL & CLE. Pittsburgh, NFC East, all in a mess, ATL plays the first half & then falters. I mean c’mon people! Chicago? The Viqueens? The Kittens (admittedly, this may go 1-1 but this is the “Lions,” they will implode in their usual fashion, give it time).

    And it is 29.3 pts/g!

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