Packers Rolling… Against Teams With Key Injuries

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Eddie Lacy

Eddie Lacy

When the Green Bay Packers come up in the mainstream media, invariably the talk of injuries follows closely behind. Yes, the Packers have been hit with some key injuries this season, and the frequency at which they have been hit has been alarming. As bad as it’s been though, the Packers have gotten some relief by beating several opponents sidled with injury issues even worse than their own.

Win #1: Week 2 — Washington Redskins

Although a healthier Robert Griffin III hasn’t really elevated the performance of the Redskins in 2013 thus far, it is painfully obvious that he was not even close to 100 percent versus the Packers in Week 2. The read-option quarterback keeper was nothing more than a bluff all day versus Green Bay and that certainly limited Washington’s effectiveness. Even though he looked maybe 65 percent healthy in that game, Griffin still led a comeback that made Packers fans a little nervous in the fourth quarter. If he’s 100 percent that day… who knows? RGIII continues to get stronger every week and with that the Washington playbook has opened up. Green Bay should win that game regardless, but a lame RGIII certainly helped the cause.

Win #2: Week 5 — Detroit Lions

At the beginning of the week when it was assumed Calvin Johnson would be playing, I was fairly surprised to see the Packers listed as hefty seven point favorites. I even announced on Twitter that I would take those seven points and run to the betting window. However, when it was announced on Sunday morning that Megatron would not be playing and the spread moved to the Packers by 10, I touted the Packers were now the play of the day and would win by three touchdowns. Megatron is the most important player to his team that is not a quarterback and the Packers benefited in a huge way because of it.

Win #4: Week 7 — Cleveland Browns

Brian Hoyer had become the talk of the NFL. The former backup to Tom Brady had somehow helped lead his team that had “given up on the season” to three straight wins. But after Hoyer tore his ACL versus the Bills in week five, Cleveland has since rattled off three straight losses under Brandon Weeden, a trend that is likely to continue. Does Cleveland beat Green Bay at Lambeau with Hoyer at the helm? Probably not, but the chances are a hell of a lot better than with Brandon Weeden.

Win #5: Week 8 — Minnesota Vikings

Listen. Can you hear that? Why it’s the sound of circus music symbolizing the quarterback carousel that is the Minnesota Vikings! Look closely and you might spot the juggling clown named Zygi in the luxury suite.

Josh Freeman has had some success against the Packers in the past so there might have been a slight exhale of relief inside the walls of Lambeau Field when it was announced he was out with a concussion. One might argue that Christian Ponder also had some success and a 1-1 record versus the Pack so maybe they wouldn’t want to face him either. Either way the lack of continuity, cohesiveness and consistency at the quarterback position further hindered the most inept franchise in all of sport. A boost in favor of the Packers was probably unnecessary, but they benefited none the less.

That means the Packers have won only one game versus an opponent not suffering from a key injury. That win came against the lame duck defending champion Baltimore Ravens, a team that barely resembles the one that won a Super Bowl less than a year ago.

As if things couldn’t fall into place any better for our heroes in green and gold, here comes division rival Chicago… but without Jay Cutler. Hahahahahahaha!

So here again are the Packers wins on the year.

  • Redskins with a one-legged RGIII
  • Lions without Megatron
  • Baltimore Ravens — A team on the decline, but a quality win on the road.
  • Browns with Brandon Weeden
  • Vikings with Christian Ponder

Next… Cutler-less Bears

In no way does this detract from the fact the Packers have put a pretty good product on the field, nor does it ignore the numerous and serious injuries the Packers have dealt with themselves. It’s just that the Packers haven’t suffered any catastrophic injuries like the teams they’ve beaten. That will remain to be the case as long as Aaron Rodgers is under center.

I like this team a lot and see a ton of potential with them. Yet in the back of my mind I can’t shake the voice of Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction. When Jules and Vincent seem rather proud of the way they cleaned up the bloody car, Winston eloquently states, “Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet.”

People are pretty high on a Packers team that so far loses to the good teams and beats the bad ones. With the Packers remaining strength of schedule or lack there of, they might not be seriously tested again until the playoffs. Only then will we learn if they’re real, and not before.

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14 Comments on "Packers Rolling… Against Teams With Key Injuries"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    Thanks for this.

    I have realized this too. That’s why i’m not getting too excited.

    But a win is a win & i’ll take it any way I can get it. Just like sex.

    We win on Monday night & we’ll be 3-0 in division & 6-2 overall & in high command. Let’s get some key players healthy for a serious playoff run. GPG!

    • TyKo Steamboat

      The obvious Superbowl contenders out there are:

      No particular order.

      These are the teams with the strongest O/D Lines & all have a Franchise QB.

    • Andrew Chitko

      Tom Moore:

      Maybe not catastrophic but losing Matthews andthree of our top four receivers is a serious dent.

      Tom that’s a valid point. If there was one thing I wish I would have included it is…

      The Packers injuries have stretched and tested their depth and shown just how strong of a team Ted Thompson has assembled, while the opponents we’ve beaten have had injuries comparable to if the Packers lost Aaron Rodgers.

      • Arcturus

        Hoyer and fully healthy RG3 and 1-week in Freeman are the linchpins of their respective teams as Rodgers is to GB? That’s simply not true.

  2. Dan

    How about win #3 against the raven at the ravens while missing Mathews and losing both Cobb and jones in the same game, the writer obviously dislikes the packers, poorly written

  3. Rodgers

    An NFL team is an NFL team, and we crushed all four of these. I think the pack looks as good as they have in years, especially in their most recent win.

    Rodgers has been surgical, the d has stepped up, and we’re only going to get better as we get healthy.

    We finally have balance, and this is the first year that i actually feel good about playing pretty much any team.

  4. Cheese

    I agree that we would shouldn’t start sucking our own dicks but some of these points are off from the title of the article. The Vikings started Ponder who is their starting QB, regardless if their backups “might’ do better. Freeman sucked shit against the Giants. Can’t blame it on injuries.
    The Ravens might not be what they were a year ago, but once again no injuries.
    The Lions didn’t have Calvin Johnson which is huge. I don’t watch Detroit play but it seems to me like he’s their entire offense, to a fault. They still had their QB, and Johnson is only one receiver, not their three top receivers. Although that could be debatable. Like KRS One raps ” I’m not number one. Excuse me I lied. I’m number one, two, three, four, and five.”
    Redskins and Browns both suck shit, whatever.

  5. iltarion

    The article is true enough, and well put.

    I don’t think Packer Nation needs to be warned to not get too excited about any regular season win. The regular season is merely a means to an end.

    And the Packers don’t need to apologize to anyone over their injury situation. The Packers have been as blasted by injuries as anyone. They just happen to be a deeper team. So, while the Lions suck after losing their top WR, the Packers lose 3 of 4 and still keep winning.

    Josh McNown could be an improvement over Cutler. He was against Washington. We will see on Monday night.

  6. Abe Frohman

    I can’t argue with the points made here. I can flip the tables and say “we could have won the two games we lost” however. We played SF without Burnett and Hayward. They had one offensive weapon in Boldin and he had like a career day. We shut down Gore and Kaepernick from running.

    Against the Bengals we were without Lacy and really only lost due to Franklin’s fumble. We lost Finley to concussion that game, too.

    In the end, I think we are where we’re supposed to be other teams injuries or not.

  7. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    Pack are contending with some huge injuries themselves, nothing akin to a starting QB, of course.

    It’s about time some good luck bounced our way when it comes to this kind of thing. Seems like it’s always the Bears getting fortunate breaks, playing tough teams with key injuries.

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