Packers Halloween Hijinks and Jenn Sterger’s Return

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Jenn Sterger on Halloween

Somehow, we almost forgot today is Halloween. Then we saw those bags of candy laying around. We also saw this photo of Brett Favre nemesis Jenn Sterger over at The Big Lead.

Like most sluts, Sterger wore something slutty on Halloween. She is Slutty Kitana, which was a character in Mortal Kombat (minus the slutty part).

Jenn Sterger on Halloween

Nice side boob. So, now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’ve got to pull out an oldy but a goody.

Jason Wilde reminded us that this actually existed today. It’s mid ’90s Green Bay Packers gold.

Brett Favre, Don Beebe and Frank Winters dress up in costume and go visit coach Mike Holmgren’s house. Unfortunately, The Walrus is out candy.

Hijinks ensue.

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5 Comments on "Packers Halloween Hijinks and Jenn Sterger’s Return"

  1. The Money Mike

    First, Jenn Sterger, we’d all hit that slut. Second, ah the good old days. “We are either going to the top of the mountain or in the dumpster, but it will be together” – Holmgren to Favre. Too bad Holmgren left and then Bert got stupid. Too many what could have beens.

  2. Phatgzus

    Oh, there’s no doubt that I’d hit her, with a Humvee, utterly useless human being who does nothing but provide impressionables with a terrible role model.

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