Nick Perry Could Play This Week

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Nick Perry sacks Matthew Stafford

Nick Perry sacks Matthew Stafford

Well, surprise, surprise. Outside linebacker Nick Perry broke his foot two weeks ago, but he may be ready for the Green Bay Packers Sunday night game with the Minnesota Vikings.

Perry practiced on a limited basis for the first time since the injury, on Friday. He’s officially listed as questionable on the injury report, which means 50/50.

“Nick Perry did okay. He was a limited role today,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “We’ll see how he feels. Hopefully, he’ll be ready for Sunday night.”

Without Perry, the Packers had just three active outside linebacker against Cleveland last week — Mike Neal and rookies Andy Mulumba and Nate Palmer. Neal was banged up going into that game, but wasn’t on the injury report this week.

The Packers had only three guys on the injury report listed as out this week — Clay Matthews, Ryan Taylor and Jermichael Finley. James Starks, Jarrett Bush and Casey Hayward are probable and will play.

Inside linebacker Brad Jones is questionable, but with the way Jamari Lattimore has played, the Packers could probably hold him out. Receiver James Jones is doubtful and reports are that he won’t play.

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14 Comments on "Nick Perry Could Play This Week"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    We don’t need him this week.

    Spare the roster spot for Special teams depth & let Nick Perry get healthy.

    Encouraging news for when we play against Chicago, though. :)

    • Mike R

      The Vikings suck a fat one this year, but never under estimate a divisional rival. It has the potential to be a tough game.

      • TyKo Steamboat

        I agree.

        I don’t know how bad the injury is…i’m sure a broken foot would appreciate another 8 days rest.

        If we can survive without him, I think we should open the roster spot for someone else. Maybe a receiver or TE…

        But yea, I know what you’re sayen.

  2. FITZCORE1252

    Sit his ass another week. The schedule makers gifted us a J.V. squad as an opponent, we should take advantage…. Let him rest up for MNF, yo.

  3. RelampagoBlanco

    Listen. I know and understand the Vikings are playing like a train-wreck this season, but Mike R and myself can’t be the only people that realize that regardless of records the NFC North plays tough against each other. This being said, I see the Packers obviously winning, I just see the Bahktiari/Allen matchup presenting enough of a problem to make this game less than a blowout. 27-17 Packers.

  4. the real russ letlow

    if you watch the play closely where Perry gets hurt, he was up on his toes (like he was going to start getting up) when the OL from the Ravens fell on his legs. They never clarified what part of the foot was broken, but it looks like maybe it was “toe(s)” instead of “foot”. A broken toe hurts like hell, but you just tape it up to the next toe over and move on. they don’t cast it or anything like that. maybe that is why Perry is ready to roll. Pain tolerance is the only obstacle. Use him in pass rush situations and limit his snaps this week.

    • Phatgzus

      Agreed, unless it’s the big toe; if your big toe is broken you can’t cut, pivot, explode, or do any of that good stuff.

      • Phatgzus

        That said, I believe Perry has a Bennett fracture, whih is a break of the metacarpal, which connects to the metacarpal joint which is part of the foot. So, essentially, it’s a hybrid foot-toe injury, which is more serious.

  5. rebelgb

    While I agree Minnesota is often a trap game for us, especially being our mast hated divisional foe; I see this game as a scrimmage for the Packers. No way we lose. Sit everyone you can.

  6. E. Wolf

    This is in Minnesota. It is a rare exception for the Vikings not to bring it, even when they suck. We have had a lot more luck there after a certain predecessor overcame his difficulties playing in a dome.
    I consider this game a more intense version of last week, a sort of “live round” firing session that does not provide too serious of a risk of loss, while providing a great opportunity to fine tune and hone that offense under adverse conditions. Everyone should be fine, but like a “live round” training exercise, if someone does something stupid things could end badly.
    It may be better to sit Perry, to ensure the defense is not complacent and takes this seriously. GO PACK–destroy the Vikings on their own damn turf. Use their philosophy against them–“run up the score.”

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