Here’s Tim Howard Doing Aaron Rodgers’ Belt

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Tim Howard

Tim Howard

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, who the hell is Tim Howard? Well, he’s a soccer player. Futbol, in other parts of the world. He’s the goalkeeper for the U.S. Men’s National Team, plays for Everton in the English Premier League, which is like the NFL of soccer, and he’s pretty fucking good.

On Saturday, Everton was playing Aston Villa, who’s keeper is Howard’s backup on the USMNT, Brad Guzan. So, big game and Howard was clutch.

Here, he’s saving a Christian Benteke penalty kick. And when he does, he throws out Aaron Rodgers’ championship belt. Or discount double check. Or whatever the fuck you want to call it.

Tim Howard does the belt

Is Howard a Green Bay Packers fan? Doubt it. He’s from Jersey.

Aaron Rodgers, however, has done gone international.

(Via SI)

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15 Comments on "Here’s Tim Howard Doing Aaron Rodgers’ Belt"

  1. bh ring

    Who is Aaron Rodgers? @Fitzscore1252–I’m so sorry you have a brain injury from playing so much passball that you can’t find appropriate vocabulary words. But that’s just one more reason for everyone to stop supporting passball, especially that played by the NFL.

    • Phatgzus

      WTF is passball? Is that what happens when you finally excrete those testicles that you shoved down your throat at the last netball orgy? Thats how you netball-lovin’, light-beer drinkin’, wannabe former-empire queeyahs get your kicks, right?

  2. FITZCORE1252

    BH Ring? Eeew! LMFAO, you’ve got your Butt Hole pierced!?!? Wow! TMI, Bruh… TMI.

    Chocolate Star fish up in this heezy, yo.

  3. Don Q

    Yeah, I’ve never heard of Football being called “Passball”. Whoever comes up with stupid shit like this should be dangled by his Butthole ring over Wembly Stadium for the 49ers Jags game.

  4. MGP

    “Is Howard a Green Bay Packers fan? Doubt it. He’s from Jersey”.

    So what?! :-)

    I am from Portugal and also a Packers fan! :-)

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