Here’s the Latest Comedy of Errors From Packers Medical Staff

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Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson

The Cleveland Browns signed rookie receiver Charles Johnson from the Green Bay Packers practice squad last Saturday.

That wouldn’t be all that notable because teams pilfer other team’s practices squads all the time when they have an injury and need to fill a roster spot. This situation was no different.

The Browns put quarterback Brian Hoyer on injured reserve because he tore his ACL. Then they filled that spot with Johnson, who was a seventh-round pick this year.

Totally normal, except…

When the Browns brought Johnson in they discovered he had a torn ACL.

And here’s a guy who had been practicing on a regular basis when he was with the Packers. That begs the question.

What. The. Fuck.

Tom Silverstein retraces Johnson’s ordeal this way.

One possibility that exists is that the right knee injury Johnson suffered on the second day of training camp was worse than anyone imagined. At first there was a thought that it was an IT band tear, but later Johnson said he had sprained his MCL.

It’s very likely the Packers did an MRI on his knee, but it’s possible they didn’t see the tear. Former tackle Mark Tauscher went into surgery once to clean up his knee and the doctors discovered he had partially torn the ACL. He was lost for the rest of the season.

This isn’t the first time the Packers medical staff has misdiagnosed an injury.

Just last season, Greg Jennings sat with a groin injury only to find out later on he had an abdominal tear and needed surgery. Meanwhile, Nick Perry sat with a knee injury and later went on injured reserve with a wrist injury.


So now the question is what happens to Johnson. The Browns hold his rights, but why would they want to pay a guy who was injured while he was with another team?

Well, for the time being, they probably want to probe him about the Packers offense, since they’ll be facing that offense on Sunday. After that, he could well end up getting shipped right back to Green Bay.

What an embarrassment. Again.

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25 Comments on "Here’s the Latest Comedy of Errors From Packers Medical Staff"

  1. GBslacker

    I’m not a doctor, but if Johnson has been anywhere in northern Ohio — it could likely be a staph infection.

  2. Douche Baggins

    idk whose responsibility this would fall under, but if the entire half our roster getting injured every year falls under their jurisdiction, and they cant diagnose
    injuries for shit… i think its time for a new medical staff. but im sure this is an uninformed and worthless opinion. but what gives for christs sake….

  3. Iltarion

    No, I believe there was no tear while he was here.

    He likely tore his ACL falling out of his chair when his agent told him he was signed by Cleveland.

  4. E. Wolf

    The evidence is really piling up. You guys heard it from me first. Hear me now and believe NOW. They are doing something wrong.

  5. Nick Perry

    It is embarrassing but that’s what happens when you have the tightest GM in all sports. This is a reflection of management for al you in Ted we trust lovers. Jut think of this offense this week with Myles White, Boykin, Stoneburner, and Bostick. Defenses are shaking in their jocks! Thompson is a joke!

    • Iltarion

      Check out where the Packers have ranked in player salaries the last 5 years.

      The joke is your idiocy.

    • E. Wolf

      Those who doubt Ted Thompson, the Polar Bear, offend me. The guy rebuilt the team from a 4-12 team in 05 to a contender almost every year since 07. He stared into the eyes of NFL immortality (number four) and said NO, and went with Rodgers without the advantage of hindsight. He scored big in the 09 draft, a draft largely regarded as bust heavy by many. And now some of the picks that many of us thought might not pan out, such as Perry and Neal, are suddenly showing a lot of promise.
      The man is a genius–a savant. We Packer fans can thank him, perhaps more than anyone else, for XLV and our current status as a strong contender for more Super Bowl Championships. Ted Thompson is the good steward and guardian who oversees the welfare of our beloved franchise. He, in his infinite wisdom, knows it is better to think long-term than pay too much for an overthehiil, overpriced veteran, and he has the genius to find young talent to win far more often than not. THANK YOU, TED!

  6. Nacho dan

    I pulled a hamstring just reading the injury report. Doesn’t Bellin health sponsor the Packers practice jerseys? Very appropriate .

  7. Cheese

    What a joke. They should start sending injured players to Mayo clinic in Minnesota, since that’s where they’re all going to end up anyway after the Vikings snag our sloppy seconds.

  8. GBslacker

    I’ve got this weird, good vibe.

    The depletion of WRs may force McCarthy to learn how to finally beat the Cover-2 with short passes to TEs and RBs.

    The depletion of LBs may have Capers rush four, true dLinemen. Hyde and McMillian can play closer to the LOS.

    It could be revelatory…
    …if they recognize it and embrace it.

  9. rebelgb

    As I said before, the issues really started when Green Bay dedcided to go with local medical professionals. I dont know if this is a money saving issue or just how most NFL teams do it now. In the past the Packers used to look for the best Dr.s in the country and they would try to bring them here to be part of the staff. Now its all done locally.

    I would assume, and I think logic serves it, that even our best Dr.s are not on par with Dr.s you would find in say NY or San Francisco.

    So well, there it is.

    • DevilDon

      You’d be surprised at how good the Doctors are in Wisconsin. They have their own kind of billing here. That will all be gone with Obamacare.

  10. rebelgb

    Also not to defend the shitty ass Packer med staff but you CAN have a MCL, ACL, or LCL tear for years and not even know it.

    It is odd that it would be missed on a MRI though….

  11. ay hombre

    And as always the medical staff is never questioned. No journalist in Green Bay will write that piece because of the jobs the Packers “account” creates at Bellin. When the team owner is the community and the Packers are providing jobs for that community, there will be plenty of pressure to NOT write a scathing review about why it does not work.

    That being said Rebel is exactly right. We can’t possibly compete medically with the rest of the world when we’re using a third rate group of doctors who live in a 5th tier city (population-wise). At some point the Packers and Bellin need to work something out to bring in the best in the world and make them a part of Green Bay and Bellin. So far I think it’s safe to say they’ve failed to do that thus far.

  12. Leon

    The next time you geniuses have a grabber or a cancer scare, let’s see if you have the balls to rely on hombre, rebelgb, Ewolf or douchebag for medical care rather than some “third rater” at Bellin, St Mary’s or St Vincent’s.

    If you don’t, you’re just another loudmouth pussy.

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