Hands Off These Colors

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

Aaron Rodgers vs. Washington

The following is a guest post by E. Wolf, who really likes to get pissed off about things related to the Green Bay Packers. Most notably, the Seattle Seahawks. He is now pissed about about people who are suggesting the Packers change their uniform and logo. 

The Green Bay Packers — the team, its legions of fans, its rich, illustrious history — are not just any football team, but are uniquely defined by truly extraordinary characteristics that separate it not just from other football teams, but really from any other entity on the planet; among them its fans, its location, that very history and greatness, or for that matter the classical, timeless unchanging Green and Gold uniform and that iconic oval G symbol that marks those gold helmets donned by our Packers. This proposition is as obvious as stating that water is wet or that two plus two equals four. And yet it often bears repeating.

Restating this is necessary because of regular utterances that cross the line into sacrilege or blasphemy, utterances which offend and insult those legions of us who bleed Green and Gold. Years ago, one clown called for the Packers to abandon that classical, iconic G that we Packer fans practically worship.

There ought to have been a lynch mob, literally with pitchforks, torches and noose in hand.

Most recently, on Green and Gold Today no less, Jason Wilde and Bill Johnson made similar utterances, stating that the Packers ought to change their colors and uniforms. Wilde thinks that the Packers ought to trade their classic, athletic gold for a metallic gold, similar to what the Rams did the year they lost in a huge upset to the Patriots. He comments that our Gold is not really gold, but rather yellow. It would seem he is unfamiliar with the concept of athletic gold, demonstrated not just by the Packers but the Steelers, Redskins, Athletics, and many other teams as well. Bill Johnson thinks that the Packers ought to switch to an entirely different shade of green along with a metallic gold. He also thinks we ought to rip off the Steelers unique identity of having the logo just on one side.

Personalities on this station have uttered offensive or at least annoying remarks before. Wilde confided that his wife dared to send him a text message with a smiley face emoticon when the Packers lost in San Francisco last year, ostensibly because that means more family life for them. Insofar as your audience is likely millions of Packers fans who take a Packers playoff loss like a death in the family, perhaps such comments ought to be kept private, as they suggest a lack of fitness to cover a team with the requisite enthusiasm and devotion. Bill Johnson regularly bellows and chastises fans for being “spoiled” for wanting and expecting Super Bowl championships every year, as if Packers fans should be happy about squandering two back-to back Hall of Fame quarterbacks (the caliber of which some teams never see) with only one ring apiece, when such elite quarterbacks often win multiple Super Bowl championships. Or on the week of the draft, the two spent several days carrying on about gay rights issues rather than impart their superior, expert knowledge about this year’s draft, a matter of paramount importance to the Packers’ bid to win additional Super Bowl championships during the Rodgers and McCarthy era.

This transgression, however, rises to a whole new level entirely. The Packers uniform — its colors, its schematics, as well as that iconic oval G symbol — are sacred. As a testament to this glorious past and tradition, one of the birthrights of Packer fans everywhere is the unstated knowledge that, unlike other teams that ebb and flow with the gaudy fads of the times, the Packers uniform, colors and schematics will never change. Sure there have been small variations on a theme, such as adding or removing a stripe on the sleeve, but the totality of the uniform and colors remains substantially unchanged.

The history, tradition, this aura of greatness, are some of the reasons why the Green Bay Packers exist in a small Wisconsin town that logic dictates should not have an NFL team, but for the history and tradition of Green Bay Packers football. As part of this history and tradition, and indeed in honor of it, the Packers do not change their uniform or colors like many of those other teams. This is one of the myriad factors that render the Green Bay Packers innately superior to many other teams. Not special, or unique, or interesting, but INNATELY SUPERIOR, the way single malt scotch is superior to lower end malted blends, or premium ribeye is superior to cube steak or stew-grade meat. This is one reason why the Packers are innately superior to, for example, the Patriots, who betrayed their classic look because of a couple of super Bowl losses. They traded classical, timeless aesthetics for a fugly, soulless getup, replete with the flying Elvis that looks more like a bank logo than a symbol representing a football team. Other teams, such as the Titans, with that blue flame T reminiscent of a paint job on a hillbilly’s muscle car, the Seahawks and the Jaguars are patently ugly as well, as their absence of history and an identity renders them meaningless, signifying really nothing at all.

So, as obvious as this proposition should be, let it be declared loudly, passionately and with much anger throughout the land, the Packers uniform and colors are an eternal constant, as iconic as that sacred, illustrious Oval G symbol emblazoned on the helmets and ubiquitously adorned throughout all of Packerland as the undying star that it is. This uniform, these colors which symbolize this great team — this team greater than life itself — will remain as we know them until the end of days. They will never change! They must never change! And woe be to anyone — anyone — who suggests otherwise, be they low-life Vikings fan scumbags or radio pundits inexpicably broadcasting to Packers fans while daring to utter such blaspehemous, outrageous remarks. Green and Gold, now and forever more!

About The Author

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

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  1. James Hurly


    I completely agree with you. We do not need to alter our illustrious history to suit the whims of modern day culture. Seems like the need to change uniforms constantly is reflective of citizens’ need for constant sensory stimulation. Phil Knight may think it is really cool to change the Oregon Ducks’ uniforms every weekend, but Packers Nation sees no such need. Having said that, might I add something for you to consider. I would not mind slightly altering the yellow color from bright lemon yellow to more of a muted, autumn yellow. The yellow of the Oakland A’s is slightly more in this direction. It would be a very subtle change, but I think it would be more appealing. Also, at least for throwback weekend, I’d like to see the Packers elongate the G on the helmet to the elliptical shape that they had up until about 1971. This was the G of the Lombardi Packers. I’d also like to see the double stripe on the shirts and the peculiar striped socks that Lombardi’s packers wore. If you notice the Redskins uniforms, they do this very thing, and it looks great. Our players have straight green socks which look pretty plain. If you recall, Lombardi altered the Redskins uniforms to look very much like the Packers uniforms, right down to the R on the helmet. I really like the look of their uniforms, especially with the black shoes. I might write to Mark Murphy and see if the Packers would consider going with the 60s uniform style as the next throwback. What do you think?

    • E. Wolf

      My name is not Elliott but that is ok. I have not detected a change in the hue of the gold since the 60s. It is hard to do unless one actually has fabrics and color chips in hand for comparison. If they do differ, I was unaware. I will say they look substantially similar to me.
      I was aware that there were some small changes, eg they have played with the sleeves some, adding, removing or altering a stripe here and there. I seem to recall the socks have changed, too.
      Still, the Packers are one of the few teams that don a uniform *substantially* unchanged since the modern era. And that is one of the reasons why I love them so dearly.
      As far as throwbacks, I hate those 20 getups. It would be cool as a one time deal IF they played the bears in 20s gear as well, refs too. If the Packers were to have throwbacks, it should replicate the Lombardi era unis exactly, however little our look has changed since then.

    • DevilDon

      That’s simply one of the funniest things I’ve read here in a long time.
      Change the lemon yellow to a more subdued “autumn” color?
      This isn’t designing the interior of your “man den” there Jimmy. This is the most storied and celebrated franchise in the history of the most popular game in the nation.
      Did you ever notice Corvettes and Camaros come in that yellow? I’ve never seen one in “autumn” have you? That color represents power and speed and yes….. the Green Bay Packers.
      You’re kind of “new age” aren’t you buddy?

        • DevilDon

          I’m using his description. I call it “competition yellow” but you can throw any moniker on it you want. Do colors have an official name? You seem to know your crayolas well.
          I’m at a disadvantage for color names compared to some of you but I know one thing – the bright yellow is distinct in that it is racy, powerful and distinct. Much like Porsche’s “guard red” versus the Redskins “dried blood” red.

          • E. Wolf

            Oh I know and believe me we are on the same page,my friend. Athletic Gold is the term listed on wikipedia and elsewhere. It notes the Packers, Redskins, Steelers, Athletics, and other teams as examples of teams displaying “athletic gold.” A rose by any other name is still the same, however. And cutesy talk about changing anything about the basic color and design scheme of our Packers is tantamount to fighting words, in my mind.
            I can feel my blood pressure every time i even think about this. I feel as if I am staring into the eyes of some worthless piece of shit Vikings fan, or Lance Easley, or perhaps even a member of NAMBLA. Flashes of white-hot anger overtake me.

  2. Leon

    “The Packers uniforms are an eternal constant…”

    Good Lord, if any of you bloviating so-called “traditionalist” late-comers bothered to learn the original words to the Packers fight song, you’d know that those sacred/unchanging/eternal team colors were Blue & Gold.

    The throwbacks they’re wearing tomorrow are a bit of a clue too.


    • E. Wolf

      Would it make you feel better if I would have put an asterisk denoting that the team colors and unis have been constant since 1960 (maybe off by a year), and this is the dawn of modern football. Ie no team has a modern uni that predates a period any earlier?
      I understand full well the earlier history. Since the modern era, with modern rules, modern helmets etc, it has not changed.
      Feel better now, Leon?

      • Leon

        But you didn’t asterisk it, did you. You blathered on for almost 1,000 words about “eternal” this and “sacred” that, and never once mentioned that five of the 13 league titles were won in blue, not green.

        Now you’re fumbling about, claiming that “1960” magically redefines everything as modern. You sound like one of those East Coast clowns who only counts Super Bowl wins as titles.

        No need to worry about how I feel. You’re the self-appointed expert here getting undone by a few simple facts. How’s that feel?

        I’m done. You and Monty can go back to whining about how Wilde, the team doctors, the Press Gazette and pretty much every other insider is full of shit because now we know — so are you.

        • E. Wolf

          One would think some things are understood without being explicitly stated.
          If you really think changing the colors and basic schemes of these classic uniforms are open to discussion and debate, go drive a pinto into the back of a tanker truck, or fall on an icepick standing upright, or try a big swig of liquid draino.

        • DevilDon

          Hey Leon!
          Have you noticed they power airplanes by jet engines too?
          Change isn’t always good though is it? There’s nothing wrong with the Packers uniform. It was so well done back in the 60’s and there’s nothing out there to rival it so why the heck would you change it?
          I’m a really old fan but even I can’t remember back to the blues but I sure as hell can look on these unis with fondness.
          Lombardi’s Packers defined the Packers for the modern era. They named the fucking SB trophy after him. I see no problem with that being the defining moment in Packer history.
          It likely made sure the Green Bay Packers survived into this era. You should be on your knees praying before the grave of Vince. You’d be following the Bears otherwise.

          • Leon

            Reading for comprehension is a skill, DevilDon. Give it a try some time.

            I never suggested changing the uniform. I merely suggested that yet another self-appointed know-it-all keeper of the flame — EWookie or whatever the fuck he calls himself — screwed the pooch by neglecting some basic facts about the Packers uniform history.

            As far as you telling me to prostrate myself before Lombardi’s grave… how many times did you meet Lombardi? How well did you know him? How many times were you at his house? How well did you know his kids? I’m pretty sure I got you trumped there, pal.

  3. E. Wolf

    Hey everyone–I encourage folks to write station management, as well Wilde and Johnson about this.
    As I said, I have other pet peeves about these and other guys, but on the whole I enjoy it more than not.
    Howeever, people talking, even casually, about the integrity of the Packers uniform and colors deeply offend me. It touches a nerve the way the Daisy Coleman debacle touches a nerve for many in the nation.
    The station manager is Shane Blackman, his email addy is:


    Can also write packers@espnmilwaukee.com

    I have not yet written anything because the very suggestion angers me to a point I am unable to be civil.

    • DevilDon

      Hey E!
      You really need to sit down, reflect on what you wrote and consider this:
      Those guys are successful radio talk show hosts. You know, there was a time when there wasn’t any talk radio about sports.
      I’m really glad they are out there along with Steve “The Home” True.
      I’m not even upset if they are controversial as this is the norm for sports broadcasting these days. I listen to that program daily and have never been offended. I thought it was way over the top to spend so much time on gay issues but it’s all in the past now. Chill dude.
      Would you go “egg” Vic Ketchman’s house if he didn’t push a Deere in his driveway?
      Last there buddy – if this angers you to the point of being uncivil don’t you think you have way more on your plate than you can handle?
      I’d put this issue on your backburner for a tad. Might want to seek a balance with nature or some such activity. It seems you’re not quite ready to be dawdling around in society.

      • E. Wolf

        I have never been *offended* until now. Annoyed, angered perturbed, yes–disagree strongly, yes. Messing with our colors does OFFEND me, they are the colors, the standard bearer of a nation, a tribe of sorts. Just don’t go there.
        Hopefully what I have written will raise awareness and spark outrage to deter such comments.

        • DevilDon

          Well if this is the first time in your life you’re offended and it’s pertaining to the colors of a professional football team you’ve confirmed you need to chill-the-fuck out champ.
          And I’ve already gone there so don’t challenge me. It’s weird, over-the-top, convolulted and abberant (well, maybe not for you).
          So you suggest your “tribe” comments will deter any further suggestion of color change?
          Just my observation but you don’t have an opinion, you have a bellum sacrum.
          I don’t mean to offend, this shit is religious to you isn’t it E?

          • E. Wolf

            The Packers are a very important part of my life. They are something I take very seriously. Please respect that.
            I have already written why the Packers are something unique, extraordinary. They are not just any professional football team. Other teams are not in a small midwest town, with the Cathedral of Football seated in a mixed residential and commercial district, across the street from old ranch-style houses built in the 50s. Immunity from trends and fads of the day are another thing that define this great, even mystical power of the NFL.

  4. Iltarion

    That’s a lot of words to simply say- Don’t change the colors.

    Personally, I have always thought about changing the gold to a more metallic color. The problem with that is it wouldn’t go as well with the green jerseys.

    I agree with Curly Lambeau that the dark blue and gold are the best looking jerseys the Packers ever had. However, since this is GREEN Bay, having any color but green as your primary would be idiotic.

  5. FITZCORE1252

    Dark Green (PMS 5535-C), Gold (PMS 1235-C) and White.

    Those are the current colors. If you’re a Packer fan that refers the 2nd one as “yellow”, punch yourself in the face. Have some fucking respect.

    • DevilDon

      Hey Nimrod,
      Look at a PMS CMYK fan deck and there are no names except for Pantone and process colors.
      Guess which named colors are closest to PMS 1235? Yep, yellow.
      Aren’t PMS 610 or 611 more like gold?
      You can call a stop sign blue if you like but everybody else sees color pretty accurately.
      BTW, what color are your panties? Gold or yellow?

      • E. Wolf

        Cmon DevilDon, be cool, Fitzcore is a good guy, diehard passionate Packer fan. Make nice.
        Sometimes context defines what something is–sort of like how blue in the context of heraldry is properly called azure, white is known as argent, and so on.
        In sports the color in question is called gold. It is not metallic gold, but athletic gold.
        Whatever you call it, don’t change it, ever. If I had my druthers that maxim would be on the pain of death.

  6. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    Anyone who seriously suggests changing the Packers colors is a fucking idiot. End of story.

    Name one good uniform update in the league. There isn’t one. Even Tampa Bay was a downgrade. The Bills was good, but only because they went back to their original style.

    Drastic uniform changes are for loser franchises. Sometimes it works (Pats, Broncos) but usually not. My $.02

  7. therealChuckywasCecil

    I have always loved the fact that during all the updates and trends in uni’s the past 20 years or so the Packers have resisted. There was the Ron Wolf scare back in the early 90’s but he backed off quickly with his ideas when the overwhelming sentiment amongst Packer fans was an emphatic no. His ideas were to simplify the uniform, removing stripes and going to a metallic gold (don’t quote me on that exact color – lol). Didn’t fly then and I can’t imagine that a couple of media guys are going to have any influence at Lombardi Avenue now. Fucking relax.

  8. Richard Crainium

    I read 3 lines and it took me 5 minutes to scroll directly to the bottom. Obviously, another over worded stinker from Wolfe. What a waste of fucking time reading those 3 lines… Pffffft

  9. Tom Moore

    I don’t care if they trot out Tootie Robbins in a pink tu-tu.
    They will still be the Green Bay Packers and I will still root like hell for them.
    Go Pack Go!

  10. pbangy

    This article is a giant Green turd wrapped in Athletic Gold leaf. Or, for the more heraldic minded among us, a giant Vert turd wrapped in Or leaf. Right, E.?

  11. E. Wolf

    screwed the pooch by neglecting some basic facts about the Packers uniform history.

    The central thesis of this piece is to attack people who contemplate the sacrilegious idea of changing the colors or uniforms. It was never intended to be an article detailing the entire history of the Packers uniform. There is a site called packersuniforms.blogspot for that.
    As I stated, somethings should be understood without being stated. Adding such material pointlessly lengthens this piece.

  12. DD

    I wish E. Wolf would post a picture of himself along with his “article”. We’d have nightmares for the rest of our fucking lives.

  13. FITZCORE1252


    I only deal in facts. The fact is the official color is listed as a shade of gold, just because this doesn’t fit into your agenda, well… Who gives a fuck! You’re a nobody! An internet bad-ass! Or, more succinctly… Just a fucking peasant who thinks he’s cool cuz he can talk smack/call names on the internet. You are less than a man, I am better than you.

    Last. Word.

  14. Arcturus

    What makes the hyperbolic rantings of this “E. Wolf” character so fun to read is that creepy feeling that this individual is serious about all the blather he spews. “Sacred”, “worship”, “classical”, “timeless”, “iconic” and “INNATELY SUPERIOR.” What a great case study he would make for the right psycho-pathologist.

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