Green Bay Packers Appropriately Destroy Minnesota Vikings

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Micah Hyde

Micah Hyde

The Minnesota Vikings. A joke by NFL or most any other standards. Coming in at 1-5, a joke on Sunday night. The Green Bay Packers did not look past this joke of a team, a franchise, an organization… instead, giving the Vikings the beat down they deserved.

In the end, it was 41-31 and the Packers moved to 5-2, while dropping those shitstains to 1-6.

Season over for the Vikings.


The Vikings returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, which probably gave them some hope.

Of course, idiots started talking shit right there and then. My response was this: not worried. And none of us needed to be worried. We just needed to wait for the offenses to get on the field.

The Packers’ offense didn’t disappoint.

Aaron Rodgers — he’s a motherfuckin’ surgeon! Cuttin’ up that defense and pulling out their heart!

Rodgers threw for 285 and two touchdowns. He was 24-of-29. Most impressively, he threw passes that nobody had any business throwing and completed them anyway.

Rodgers threw two balls to Jordy Nelson, one of which was a TD, that shouldn’t have been thrown… unless you’re Aaron Rodgers. Here’s a window the size of a mouse hole.


Jordy had seven for 123 and two touchdowns.

Meanwhile, Eddie Lacy pounded for some tough yards on the ground.

Even though the Packers said Lacy was going to share carries with James Starks — and Starks had seven for 57 and a touch — Lacy carried the load. He finished with 29 carries for 94 yards and a touchdown.

That allowed the Packers to control the time of possession by a large margin — 40:54 to 19:06.

Defensively, the Packers held Adrian Peterson to 60 yards. Oh, and they held that prick Greg Jennings to one catch for nine yards.

Totally worth $45 million.

Wonderboy, Christian Ponder threw for just 145 yards.

Mike Daniels continued to impress with two sacks and Jamari Lattimore added another.

Otherwise, Micah Hyde.

Hyde went 93 with punt return late in the second quarter. For all intents and purposes, that demoralized the Vikings and gave the Packers the game.

Micah Hyde is a fucking boss.

The Green Bay Packers — they’ve proven they can win regardless. Because they’re a collection of bosses.

Kings of the castle! Kings of the division!

And fuck the Vikings!

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

62 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Appropriately Destroy Minnesota Vikings"

  1. Deepsky

    Greg Jennings, 1 catch, 9 yards, $9 million a year.
    Jarrett Boykin, 6 catches, 89 yards, $450K a year.

    • Disposable Hero

      Best quote of the night, “If I was in that position, I would take a little less money and continue to play with one of the greatest quarterbacks of our generation. He was better off staying in Green Bay.” – Hines Ward on Greg Jennings

  2. BZ in BA

    You are a GREAT writer, with a refreshing honesty and a style that is clear, concise, and funny. I love reading your sentences, and I appreciate the outstanding work you do. Keep it up! GO PACK!

  3. Deepsky

    Two Greg Jennings plays I loved. First, the one where he ran the wrong pattern and Ponder threw to an empty area. And second, when Gerhardt ran into him and knocked him over before he scored the touchdown.

  4. RelampagoBlanco

    Those two garbage time TDs were really the only annoying part of the game tonight. A 20+ point win would have looked so much sweeter than the 13. Maybe I’m being greedy.

    • David B

      Wasn’t a fan of the garbage time rushing TD’s. In fact… wasn’t a fan of the 3 and 8 who is this guy with Peterson on the back of his jersey? rushing TD either.

      I was highly irritated…

    • Tucson Packer

      If anyone actually watched the game they know the real score doesn’t reflect how much ass the Packers kicked in that shit dome

  5. therealChuckywasCecil

    It was a great night to be great, right 15? and then eat a little crow afterwards. By the time you were done yapping at Aaron he was just about rolling his fricken eyes. Desperate, dude. Here’s hoping you enjoy every one of those 2-3 victories you guys get this year. Meanwhile I need to go in for my weekly brainwashing.

  6. Phatgzus

    McCarthy said Hyde was a natural with the ball, I guess he was right.
    Lacy is a beast, pure and simple-great burst for his size, speed to the outside, great cuts- knows when to pop outside and when to cut it up, good hands, solid ball protection, does not go down.

    Boykin- the next Donald Driver.

    Rodgers-after 2 bad games, he’s back.

    Daniels-turning into another TT steal.

    McCarthy obviously doesn’t trut Franklin with the ball.

    Tramon Williams, you were pretty good one time, but please go away, you’re now nothing more than an Interfering speed bump.

    Hayward/Shields-offenses, don’t even bother.

    A lot of misse tackles by the D qnd yet they rolled, holding AD to 60 yards (most on 1 play that the Round Mound of Rebound would refer to as “turrible”) and just over 4 ypc.

    All in all, it’s great day to beat “great”.

    • the real russ letlow

      Hey, Phat, lets give Tramon a little leeway, those were the most horrendous P/I calls I’ve seen. I wish I could watch a Packers game one time and not think the refs jobbed us for a few.

      • Phatgzus

        Yeah, the first PI is the worst one since the one in the Seattle game; together with the call in the Steelers-Cowgirls SB they are the worst PI calls I have ever seen.
        The second call was borderline, still he was beaten and I think he was beaten on that long pass to that white dude on the left sideline. I’ve been cutting Tramon a break ever since injury, I’m done, I think at this point it’s fair to say he will likely never be close to the player he was in ’10 again, unfortunately.

        I agree, yhe refs seem to the screw the Packers at least once majorly (usually a lot more) per game, these observations are likely informed by an availability fallacy in there as I don’t pay as close attention to the opponents, but still, you make a valid claim.

    • TyKo Steamboat


      I like all your points. I love how our team is all-business. Professional.

      The only thing I disagree with is about Tramon. He is still a decent cover-corner. & he is healthy.

      I’ll just hit on the obvious…I love Lacy. I’m actually in love with him. Good ball control. He looks like a bowling-ball with legs & dreads.

      I like Mike Daniels, Hyde & Boykin as well. I like that Boykin isn’t a diva…he just goes out & plays.

  7. tedtomato

    Yeah im greedy too..fucking fucking suck! Ive never seen a guy have so many costly penalties..every week its something even more stupid. You cost us 17 points you fucking turd! I hope your stupidity does not cost us in crunch time..if youre even playing by then..turd. enjoy your last season as an overpaid underacheiver!

    • K.L.

      What a dumbass you are. One of the two penalties called on Tramon was bogus, even the commentators agreed that it was a shit call. Other than the one penalty he did deserve, he played fine. Quit bitching about the small shit and get on with your life. We won for Christ’s sake.

      • Chad Lundberg

        That’s like saying M.D. Jennings shouldn’t have knocked down the ball against Seattle. Yes, it was a BOGUS call, but as a professional, you can’t give the refs even the chance to screw you over. Williams should have kept his hands off of the receiver just as much as Jennings should have just knocked the ball down.

  8. E. Wolf

    The two touchdowns in garbage time (and the opening kickoff) were the only blemishes in an otherwise perfect beatdown on their own god damn turf. FUCK YOU, VIKINGS FANS! TAKE THAT!

    • Abe Frohman

      that…and the two other scores that they got were because of 1) the bullshit PI call on Williams. 2)They didn’t show what Dialtone Jones did, so can’t say much about that. But both of those penalties extended their drives.

      • E. Wolf

        That was some bullshit officiating. Don’t forget the blatant holding that the Vikings oline committed ALL NIGHT LONG, with no calls the whole god damn time.

  9. tedtomato

    If by playing fine you mean pussing out on tackles and having the “bogus”pi penalty..then i guess youre right. Im not a dumb that turd play every week..sure does suck for as much as they pay him. Tired of sloppy play on defense late in games..cost em in 2011..gotta fix this shit now before it costs em again.

  10. AZPackFan2000

    I hate to say it, but they are right. Tramon has never played the same since his injuries. I used to be a supporter, but it is now apparent that he is overmatched out there. We now have better options and must move on. He should be used sparingly in the dime package only….if at all.

  11. FITZCORE1252

    “In the end, it was 41-31 and the Packers moved to 5-2, while dropping those shitstains to 1-6.”

    The GREEN BAY PACKERS actually put 44 on the board, let’s get that corrected Montevious.

    Good game…

    Bare week.

  12. Andy

    I think there’s very little to complain about here. Solid run game, solid pass game, incredible 3rd and 4th down efficiency , a touchdown in special teams which hyde had been threatening for a while and for the most part very good defence made up of spare parts. You look at the schedule now and it looks like we could put together a run thats going to keep us around the 1 and 2 seed playoff spot.

  13. Ryan

    The only time McCarthy or Thompson get mentioned on this site is when you all are destroying one (or both) of them.

    Both of them deserve so much credit for this team.

    MM has managed to create winning game plans despite the fact that so many of his offensive weapons are injured and his defense has more patches than a quilt.

    Did you see the stat about Thompson last night? 50/53 have played for one team. That is incredible. All the bitching and moaning that goes on here about Thompson and yet, once again, he has put together a team of unsung winners. Jarrett Boykin got cut by the JAGUARS. White was undrafted. Hyde, Mulumba, Palmer, Starks… it just goes on and on.

    For once and for all… enough.

    • Phatgzus

      Damn straight. You wanna know why I think MM and TT are some of the best at what they do? When they set a goal, they make sure they reach it.

      ’10: Goal-improve D. Result-top 5 D, SB victory.

      ’11: Goal-improve offense. Result-2nd-most prolific and most efficient O in NFL history, 2nd longest win streak ever, almost perfect regular season record.

      ’12: Goal-Improve D. Result-increase ranking 20 spots from worst defense in NFL history (in terms of yards, at that time) to a top 15 statistical D.

      ’13: Goal-Improve run. Result-Top 5 in rush ypg, 3 100-yard rushers (almost 5) after going 45 games without one (with an o-line consisting of 2 UDFAs and no pick above round 3).

      Add to all if this, the Packers have been one of the 10 most injury prone teams over that time period. Sure I question TT and MM on occasion, but if that’s not good coaching and talent acquisition, then nothing is.

    • Vijay

      It says more about the system, not the players. Ted’s still cheap as hell…if he’d grab a quality, professional vet or two from time to time, we might never lose. Ted’s greatest moves were hiring MM and Dom Capers and drafting #12. He really hired coaches who overachieve in the coach ’em up category. Nice job there. I will get off of Ted’s back about his lack of recent moves in FA if we win another Super Bowl. With #12 at the helm, winning two Super Bowls or at least appearing in two should not be a pipe dream.

      • Phatgzus

        LMFAO, Vij, get tha fuck outta here, you cray, man. It takes player execution to make the system (including the coaching) work, not giving props to players such as Lattimore, Boykin, and Hyde is astoundingly ridiculous.

        Furthermore, TT isn’t cheap, he just has to ya know, pay 2 players who are playing football at or close to the highest level ever witnessed in the pro game. BTW the FAs TT has acquired (Boykin, Harris, Pickett) are paragons of quality.

        Sorry Vij, but I’m pretty sure TT doesn’t give shit 1 about your opinion of him or any other worldly issue for that matter. You also don’t strike me as the take the back type, more like on your knees in the front, ya feel me doggy?

        • Vijay

          I’m well aware that he doesn’t give two shits about my comments but what fun is a comment bored without divergent opinions? Should we all just kiss their asses every week and not hold them accountable? I think they have addressed issues that we, as fans, have made glaringly obvious priorities. I’m sure they did not make those changes by asking fans what they thought, I am only stating that holding your franchise’s brain trust accountable is OK by any fan bases standard. Especially one that is so uniquely owned and represented by its own city and fan base as the Packers are. I said they are doing a good job and I would shut my mouth and criticisms if and only if we make another appearance in the Super Bowl. I don’t think with #12 that’s too much to ask. I actually like most things Ted & Co do for our team, even if I throw out some criticism from time to time. I like that he (Ted) gets quality players who can fill in and contribute when our starters go down. All I am saying is that it would be nice to have an influx of a couple of really good FAs to shore up the few holes we have. Fair enough? Or am I being obtuse?

          • Phatgzus

            No Vijay, not obtuse, just myopic, intentionally ignorant (to such an extent an in a manner that might indicate a superiority complex), and delusional.
            I have been coming to this blog for almost 2 years now (props to Monty, I don’t always agree with his content or style but I respect the honesty and directness, and enjoy the humor), have read the vast majority of the articles, including the comments, and this is the first time I’ve witnessed you award TT with anything that could even be considered a distant ancestor of praise; you have yet to say anything positive about McCarthy.

            Please do not accuse me of harboring intolerance or sycophanticism. I have no issue with those whose opinions differ from mine so long as a) they are not idealogues whose need to unremittingly force their opinions on others is as vital to their survival as oxygen as the final reducing agent in metabolic processes is; and b) they apply some measure of diligence in research and ratiocination to arrive at their conclusions. You, Vij, fail to meet both provisions.

            It is indeed accepted practice of fans to hold the management of their franchises responsible (whether it’s acceptable practice is a debate for another date); however, if one is to deride said management for it’s failings, then one must also laud it for its triumphs, lest he abandon any pretense of accountability and credibility. QED.

  14. iltarion

    It is no use, Ryan.

    The only cure for criticism is winning, and even that is only temporary. The Packers won a Super Bowl just 3 seasons ago, but people on here still talk like Mike McCarthy is a has-been who has never accomplished anything.

    The difference between the Vikings and the Packers is striking, and MM and TT are the main reasons why.

    Sure, you could say the difference at QB is a huge part of it, but TT drafted that QB and MM coached him. The Vikings drafted a QB late in the first round as well. It hasn’t turned out so well.

    Rodgers had his best game so far this season. We absolutely killed them on 3rd down. Our running game makes all the difference. Lacy just kept pounding them, even with a lack of early success, and James Starks looks better than ever.

    The two late TDs actually had me pretty fricking irked. Game was already over, but as far as I know, the guys on defense are paid for 60 minutes. No excuse to let a Viking offense resting Peterson and its starting WRs score twice.

    • Ryan

      Good point about Rodgers. TT was crucified for sending Brett packing in favor of Aaron. MM has had a huge role Aaron’s development as a QB.

      The last two touchdowns really pissed me off too. As did the one before the half. Pathetic tackling on all three.

  15. rebelgb

    “When the heck is the last time the Green Bay Packers rushed for 200 yards on somebody?” defensive end Jared Allen said, slightly exaggerating the total. “If that’s not a punch in the gut and a wake-up to people, something needs to be.” – Jared Allen

    LOL love it. When Allen (who was non-existent) is telling people the Packers are tougher than ever because they now have a running game, you know the shit has hit the fan for the rest of the NFC.

  16. rebelgb

    Dont like MM, mostly because of the way the guy looks. Just how it is. But Itarion is right, the contrast between Lesley Frazer and MM is striking. MM is pretty boss, while Frazer should be coaching the Bay Port Pirates.

    The talent level difference is also striking. The Packers 2nd and 3rd string players are simply that much better than anything the Vikings have.

    • GBslacker

      It’s his eyes, isn’t it?

      It’s not as bad as Marty Feldman or Jack Elam — but he’s definitely got a Homer Simpson thing going on.

      “Look at me when I’m talking to you!”

      McCarthy: “I AM!”

    • Ryan

      I am hoping that (not liking MM because of the way he looks)is a joke. Otherwise, you are the biggest idiot on this blog.

  17. T-Pack

    Great game! Horrible interference call. Completely hosed on that one. Can’t say enough of Jordy-easily top 3 WR in the game right now. Him & Rodgers just get it.

    Have to say I am still not a fan of stacking the box on those 3rd and short downs. Never seems to work then they go for it on 4th spread it out and get the first down easily.

    Crosby has quietly got back to his automatic self.

    Lattimore is a beast. No need to rush back Perry for sure. Lacy/Starks combo seems unstoppable.

    Of course the Cowboys choked again. Thanksgiving game will be a big one for sure.

  18. GBslacker

    29 rushes by Lacy.
    29 pass attempts by Rodgers.

    Next up:
    Dogs and cats living together.
    Human sacrifice.
    Mass hysteria.

  19. Big B

    Greg Jennings’ sister must be operatically obese, because if I listen closely I think I am hearing her sing. Yogi Berra does too.

  20. Chitown Badger

    People talk about us not needing a running game because our passing attack is so effective, but this is exactly the kind of game where the ability to run salts that thing away. Not to mention we can legitimately keep D’s honest. The guys who have filled in have absolutely stepped up and made things happen.

    The D was pretty solid, despite some missed tackles. Crosby was perfect, Lacy a beast, Rodgers ridiculous, Jordy showed off some of the best hands in the NFL, special teams with a huge gaffe early but also put a TD up themselves. All in all, it’s great to pound the effing Vikes. Now let’s dole some out to the goddamn Bears.

  21. buster bluth

    Free agents in 2013. Jennings, Jared Cook, Mike Wallace Danny Amendola, just to name a few. All pretty much busts for one reason or another. I wish TT would be more active in free agency.

  22. nurseratchett

    Was sort of hoping for a “Vikings Shithole Collapses” kind of title…..still one of your best, Monty!

    Great stat from the NBC guys last night-only 3 players on our 53 man roster have played for other teams. One of those is a back-up QB. Well played again, TT.

    Oh, but I hate the ViQueens. Hated them even before they started picking up our sloppy seconds. The running game, receivers stepping up to fill big losses & defense getting it done was a FANTASTIC wrap-up to Vikings Hate Week.

    The scene with Jennings & A-Rog after the game would have been funnier if it wasn’t just so damn sad.

    GO PACK GO!!!!

  23. Don Q

    The Go Pack Go chant was resounding. Too bad the Metro Dome is a pile of steaming shit in all aspects. I’m glad this Is the last time the Pack has to deal with that fuckhole of an establishment.

  24. Phatgzus

    Favorite stats from last night:

    3rd/4th Down Conversions: 15-20
    Rodgers’ 3rd-Down Rating: 158.3

    Rodgers: 24-29/285/2/130.6
    Of the 5 incompletions, 2 were throw-aways and 1 was a drop.

    TOP: Packers (game)-40:54
    Vikings (3rd Qtr)-2:02, 3 plays, 4 yards; didn’t receive the football
    again until 8:00 left in the 4th Qtr.

  25. CO Bob

    No reason for me to say anything. 59 comments so far. Just wanted to be #60. Not sure why. Prolly just because I’m wasted.

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