This is Clearly the Only Good Thing About the Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders

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Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders

Yes, cheerleaders. The Minnesota Vikings have cheerleaders, you say?

Of course they do. Those fucking pussies play a dome. The Humpty Dump. These bitches are going to be cold when the Queens play next season at TCF Bank Stadium, though.

Ironically, the cheerleaders are not called The Queens. They’re called the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders because, well, that’s the best they could come up with over there.

So, you’re probably thinking, are any of these chicks even hot? Yeah, some of them actually are. Fucking amazing, right?

I know!

I mean, they’re not L.A. 10s or anything. None of them would make the Laker Girls. But hell, they must be at least 40s in Minnesota.

Now, why would a hot chick want to be a cheerleader for a joke like the Minnesota Vikings? I can only guess because of self esteem or daddy issues. You know, the same reasons chicks end up in porn.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

12 Comments on "This is Clearly the Only Good Thing About the Minnesota Vikings"

  1. Christian Ponder

    Hey Now, the Packers have Cheerleaders too. Only, we call them pigs on this side of the border.

  2. Christian Ponder

    How do you know that “The Toothbrush” was invented in Green Bay? Because if had been invented anywhere else, it would have been called a “Teethbrush”

  3. BZ in BA

    From left to right, I particularly like the girls in the 1, 3, and 5 positions. Then again, I would probably be quite happy with any of these girls in any position.

  4. Phatgzus

    Not LA 10s? So they haven’t had at least a lip, tit, and facelift operation to go along with a fake tan and stressed platinum blonde hair? You know instead of looking like an actual person with distinguishing characteristics, whatta bummer.

  5. Phatgzus

    For cheerleaders they’re nothing exceptional, and many seem to be a bit more rotund ’bout the midriff than your standard NFL cheerleader, maybe it’s the chili. That said the leftmost 3 in the last slide have the Hilary Duff effect (as presented by Slim Shady).

  6. Vijay

    Most of the LA’s 10s actually migrate from other parts of the country…the natives never are as smart or as good looking as their imports.

    By the way Christina Ponder starting this week?

  7. rebelgb

    Ha ha Monty might as well put a picture of a particle laser up there. The basement dwelling virgins on this site would have as bout as much of a clue on what to do with it…..

  8. Arcturus

    Holy shit, photo number 8, far right – that looks like some male DJ pulling a prank or something… wow!

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