Clay Matthews Says He’s Playing

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Clay Matthews for Chunk Soup

Clay Matthews for Chunk Soup

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews practiced in full for the first time this week on Thursday and he says he’s playing against the Detroit Lions.

Matthews tweaked his hamstring before the bye against Cincinnati and sat out the second half. He said he made the decision to sit in conjunction with the Packers top-notch medical staff.

He expects to be at full strength this week, though.

“It is unfortunate first and foremost, but I’ve come to, not accept it, but to understand the rehab process,” Matthews said. “I think a younger Clay thought the world was over and I was going to be cut the next day and I’m not living up to the billing.

“But I’ve just got to get healthy. It’s part of the deal. When I come back I’m going to be the same player that I’ve been for the past several years, so, unfortunate yes. I wish we all had an answer for it, but I’ll come back and I’ll make the plays that I do.”

While Matthews was making guarantees about Sunday, coach Mike McCarthy was a little more cautious.

“He looked good,” McCarthy said after practice. “He took a step today. I’m optimistic.”

There may be some more good news coming, too. Cornerback Casey Hayward, who’s also dealing with a hamstring injury, was in pads for the first time since training camp, on Thursday.

He was limited and has already been ruled out of this week’s game, but that could be a sign that he’ll return for week six.

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16 Comments on "Clay Matthews Says He’s Playing"

  1. Savage57

    As important as this game is, I hope they let him sit one more week.

    If that thing blows up again, it’ll be another one of those 4-5 week sabbaticals that we’ve all gotten used to seeing.

    Let one of the new guys prove his worth. If they can’t step up, why are they on the team? I know there’s no replacing CMIII, but if there’s not a couple of guys (see Perry, Jones 1, Neal, Hawk, ,) who can dial it up in his absence to carry the flag, isn’t that a glaring indictment of the true state of this defensive roster and the steps that have been taken to create it?

    What happened to ‘next man up’?

  2. I understand your point, but I also understand Clay is the heart and soul of our defense. My hope is he returns Sunday at full strength without compromising the hamstring.

  3. Rich T

    Matthews seems smaller this season. You would think the lack of Roids would keep his hamstrings from popping every other game. Need him healthy quickly.

  4. Richard Cranium

    Season is not over if they lose… On to Baltimore.. Redskins started last year 3-6. Sky is falling already and it’s only Friday?!

    • E. Wolf

      Look at the schedule of the Lions and Bears. 9-10 wins won’t win the division. We will probably lose against Baltimore so a loss tomorrow is effectively a 1-4 start. That would mean we would have to go 9-2 the rest of the season.

      • You’ve already counted the Packers out for next week against Baltimore. And based on that prediction I’m gonna assume you believe that the Packers will lose tomorrow too. That’s a healthy attitude. Way to go.

  5. Richard Cranium

    Skins went 7-0.. If they could do it against the teeth of their schedule so can the packers.. Chin up Wolfe

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