Clay Matthews Could Be Back in Three Weeks

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Clay Matthews injured

Clay Matthews injured

Could the Green Bay Packers have linebacker Clay Matthews back on the field earlier than originally reported? Apparently they could, according to coach Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy was on SiriusXM Radio today and talked about Matthews’ broken thumb with Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray.

“Clay’s injury is very unfortunate. It happens sometimes. It’s a little bit of an unusual one,” McCarthy said. “I look for him to be out multiple weeks. We’re in the three-to-four week range.”

It was originally reported that Matthews would be gone for four weeks. That was one of those kind of open-ended estimates, so pretty much everyone assumed it was four weeks and possibly longer.

So this is good news. Perhaps not coincidentally, if Matthews sits out just three weeks he’d be back for the Packers November 4 matchup with the Chicago Bears.

The Packers play the Eagles the following week.

Jason Wilde confirmed the estimate.

In other injury news, cornerback Casey Hayward practiced for the second straight day on Friday, but he’s been ruled out of Sunday’s game. Jarrett Bush is also questionable.


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10 Comments on "Clay Matthews Could Be Back in Three Weeks"

  1. Abe Frohman

    MM on injuries is not exactly credible. He’s wrong way more than he’s even close to being right.

    I still don’t understand why CMIII can’t simply wear a big cast like Cullen Jenkins did.

    • GBslacker

      The pins that restrict bone movement were made without a surgical incision — they used a portable x-ray to insert them. They erupt through the skin — that way they can be removed easily at a later date, without surgery.

      Don’t see how they could keep the exposed pins from rubbing on the inside of the cast, torquing the damaged area and preventing its healing.

      Not to mention being quite painful and a wonderful source of infection, replete with blood, sweat, spit, dirt from him and others.

      Let’s not ask him to fuck up the rest of his life so we can enjoy a sack.

      Cullen had a different type of injury.

  2. E. Wolf

    Remember how soon Charles Woodson was supposed to come back last year. IF they say 3-4 that means 5-6.
    This training staff. …..

  3. the real russ letlow

    GBslacker – thanks! sheds some light there. Clay in 3 to 4 is as good as we could have hoped for I guess. 3 would be fantastic. I’m thinking we might/shoulda/coulda put Hayward on PUP, and used the roster spot else where. Oh well, who knew, I guess. someone has to be inactive game day.

    • GBslacker

      Hayward played in the Seattle game — plus I want to say he practiced a couple of times prior to the Seahawk game — so that nixes PUP, for pre-season and regular season.

  4. GBslacker

    Abe Frohman,

    the real russ letlow,

    I FINALLY FOUND IT! (Some websites make it tough to find yesterday’s news — it’s all about RIGHT NOW !)

    Pete Dougherty had a good write-up in the GBPG three days ago:

    Be sure to check out the 2nd page — has more info.

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that CM3’s workout buddy — Jay Glazer — said/tweeted that he had the pin-type procedure.

    Check out these google images — long after a meal !!…228.9069.0.10844.….0…1ac.1.28.img..6.14.1823.82D6qsi_g4I

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