Aaron Rodgers: I Wasn’t Going to Let This Team Beat Us

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Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings

Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings

The Minnesota Vikings… You know how we feel about those clowns. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, it seems, feels the same way.

Whether Greg Jennings’ idiotic offseason comments had anything to do with it, we’ll probably never know for sure. But we all know Aaron Rodgers can hold a grudge. After the Packers destroyed the Vikings on Sunday night, Rodgers told Jason Wilde he wasn’t going to let the Vikings beat him.

“I wasn’t going to let this team beat us,” Rodgers said matter-of-factly after directing an offense that was never forced to punt all night long.  “I wanted to make sure I put myself and our team in a position to be successful. A lot was on my shoulders. I wanted to make sure I got us in good runs and our team responded really well. This was a great team win. We all have our roles but I wanted to make sure that my role was one I executed really well.”

He did. Most impressively, Rodgers completed 24 of his 29 throws and the Packers never punted.

After the game, Jennings came up to Rodgers and talked into his ear for a long time. It was a pretty one-sided conversation and afterwards, Rodgers wouldn’t divulge what was said.

You have to think Jennings’ verbal vomit contributed to Rodgers’ focus in this game. Oh, I’m not a leader? Oh, I don’t take care of my receivers? Fuck you.

Rodgers isn’t a big talker. In fact, he’s always taken the high road in that department, but he sure as shit let his play do the talking for him on Sunday night.

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29 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers: I Wasn’t Going to Let This Team Beat Us"

  1. Tucson Packer

    Whats not to love here? well, #15 but thats a given.

    Craig was trying to save face. He realized thats his 1 awesome catch for an amazing 9 yrds was all his own fault of his own actions of last offseason. He knows hes the best WR to ever put on cleats but he sill hasn’t figured how to throw to himself.

    Reality is sitting in for Craig who might still be “brainwashed” enough to remember what it feels like to play for a Championship caliber team.

    Enjoy the hormel-chili-flavored kool-aid!

  2. E. Wolf

    It seems Rodgers shares some of my dislike of that team.
    Btw, what was up with those all purple getups. Perhaps the Vikings should be called the Minnesota Grimace.

  3. therealChuckywasCecil

    The look on Rodger’s face as 15 went on and on chatting in his ear was priceless. I thought Aaron was going to roll his eyes at one point, but as usual was too classy for that. It was a great night to be great, right 15?

  4. Abe Frohman

    24 of 29 with 2 drops and 3 passes deliberately thrown away. That’s about as good as it gets. I don’t understand the QB rating formula, but if Jordy made it in for that third one, I think his number would have been quite a bit higher.

    Other than the garbage time scores, that game was about as good as it gets. Next in line for an ass whipping: Da Bears.

    • Phatgzus

      Actually, 1 drop and 2 throw aways, still damn impressive. Those 5 incompletions cost Rodgers 23 rating points, does that seem right to you?

      Depends on which rating system you’re speaking on.

      If it’s standard rating, I believe the main criteria are completion %, yards, and TD-INT ratio, no idea what the formula is, ProFootballReference almost certainly has it.

      As for total QBR, they use the above and include sacks and fumbles as well (not sure if defensive TDs are also included in the calculation or not).

  5. BZ in BA

    TT made #15 a great offer in the season before his contract expired, but #15 had too high of an opinion of himself to accept it. Now he has gone from being one of the most respected players at his position with tons of catches and tons of yards on a team that is clearly in the middle of a very large window of competitiveness to being a one-catch-for-nine-yards-guy on a team with no QB, an set of aging “stars”, and that sits of the bottom of the division at 1 and 5. Ass hat.

  6. K.L.

    I have a feeling the Vikings will be getting a highly rated quarterback in next year’s draft. Here’s hoping he is a bust.

    • Phatgzus

      I gotta say I’m not that impressed with this year’s QB class-a lot of solid talent but no Luck or RGIII-calibre field general.

  7. the real russ letlow

    this was a very satisfying butt whipping, administered on national TV. Aaron Rodgers was masterful.

  8. TyKo Steamboat

    I’m growing increasingly pissed we’re the only effen team in the NFL that can’t seem to kickoff a touchback.

    I mean, our special teams can’t tackle…so just pooch the full out the back of the end zone already.

  9. pf4l

    I think the Vikings paid Jennings about 2-3mill/year more than TT offered. I guess the money is nice..But it must be a bitch coming to work everyday for a bottom dwelling team with no QB in a QB driven league. What’s that you said about Christian Ponder Greg?

  10. Richard Crainium

    Heinz ward said it best… That’s why you don’t leave an all-pro quarterback for $$$. GJ can eat a purple dick!!

  11. DD

    The morbidly obese illiterate no-lifers are already starting to talk as big as their specially made prescription pants sizes after beating a team that made Eli Manning and the Giants look like Superbowl contenders a week ago. It’s so cute and endearing to see aimless white trash pin their hopes and dreams on a team filled with urban thugs and rapists raised in poverty (who would crush their skulls in if they were ever in the same room) and a California faggot QB running up the score on horrible teams, all while marching towards their annual buttfucking in the first round of the playoffs. I’m right there with you, I can’t wait.

    • Phatgzus

      Your period didn’t come did it, DaisyDuck? Don’t worry, there’s a good chance you won’t have to relinquish your life’s savings to Planned Parenthood-those incest fetuses tend to take the red eye flight to the magic kingdom in the sky more often than they take the scenic Earth route.

    • the real russ letlow

      DD = delusional douchebag. don’t worry pal, the man is coming soon to loosen the straps a little on your “funny” jacket.

    • Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

      I seem to recall another team getting buttfucked by the packers in the first round of the playoffs last year.

  12. Deepsky

    My admiration for Rodgers just went up, which is the opposite of what happened when Favre embraced the Vikings.

  13. Richard Crainium

    DD’s asshole pipe is sore from his Dad pounding him after a Vikings loss. Dickbag, you better get they Ky ready every week or you’re gonna be going to the ER here pretty quick.

    It’s going to be humorous to see purple dick eater wear 115…. Or once they reach double digit losses they just put that number on the jersey?

  14. T-Pack

    I love that a moronic Viking fav (DD) takes the time to troll Packer sites to spew their ridiculous rhetoric. Nobody cares DD. Your team is pathetic. Go crawl back in your hole!

    For the rest of us. Bring on the Bears. Another ass kicking for the Pack on National TV. Gotta love it!

  15. Arcturus

    Pro-rating Jennings output so far for the whole season, he will cost the Vikings $11,719 per receiving yard. Provided he keeps up this blistering pace, that is.

  16. rebelgb

    DD = Definitely into Dicks.

    Honestly I think DD has a crush on Aaron and continues to question his sexuality only to add some pathetic hope to his frequent dildo and Vaseline masturbation sessions watching Arodge highlight videos.

    I get it DD, its fantasy, we should all have the right to fantasize anything we want for sexual gratification. I mean I think of fucking Ariana Grande while she 69’s with Jennifer Lawrence. That shit aint never gonna happen (at least not the part with me in it), just like you aint ever gonna be able to get fucked by Arodge. Hes straight, and even if he was gay he certainly wouldnt fuck a loser like you.

    Really though, try to keep your homo erotic fantasies to yourself ok?


  17. tedtomato

    Haha..and then when they clean house after the season..the new gm will cut him& probably still owe him 10 million a season for the next 4 years. I dont care who they draft as a qb..guys like luck or griffin dont fall out of trees. I love how their fans think spending a high pick on a qb is instantly gonna fix that fucked up franchise. DD..dick deepthroater. What a fucking dumbass..he should talk about fat hillbillies..look at some of those things called people that live in minnyshithole. Hes probably that homeless cave man thats their “mascot” aka gayred allens butt toy.

  18. Don Q

    Sounds like DD got turned down for his weekly butt sex, only because he’s an obese ugly sack of shit. Keep sucking all the dicks off DD!

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