Who’s This Photobombing Aaron Rodgers?

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Aaron Rodgers does not enjoy being captain

Aaron Rodgers does not enjoy being captain

Usually, Aaron Rodgers is the guy photobombing the Green Bay Packers captains’ photo. Well, Rodgers didn’t get the chance on Sunday because he was one of the captains.

In the past, backups Matt Flynn and Graham Harrell would join Rodgers in the photobombing, but neither of those guys are on the team anymore. So instead, we get the dude between Rodgers and punter Tim Masthay with his mouth agape doing some sort of bodybuilding pose. Or, maybe he’s getting a blowjob back there.

The funny thing is, he doesn’t look like he’s suited up, so it has to be either a coach or one of the inactives.

Not quite as epic as these two clowns.

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14 Comments on "Who’s This Photobombing Aaron Rodgers?"

        • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

          Don’t be mad, girl. You should focus that energy into one of your Pulitizer prize award winning articles that you are always bragging about!

      • Tucson Packer

        Sorry, E Wolf contributes to this site with substantial arguments as well as a well laid out thought process. What do you do?

        • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

          On behalf of Wolfina, thanks for coming to her defense. It’s nice to have a big strong man around, isn’t it, Wolfina? Chivalry is not dead.

  1. GBslacker

    Can’t say I see any photo-bombing, much less a b.j. — in the Packer’s picture.

    In the other picture…
    Why is that guy looking at the camera??
    when he could be staring at Erin’s ASS ???
    He looks like a weird mouth-breather that would have shelves of unopened action figures.

  2. E. Wolf

    It looks like Masthay Rodgers and Raji were superimposed on an image–but sometimes that effect results from extreme high definition.

  3. the real russ letlow

    someone mentioned it on a previous article, but how about the tackle the ginger Wolverine made? outstanding!!!!

  4. Backinpack

    I’m a little more disturbed by the head in helmet on Masthays shoulder…he looks a little two headed. Sure you can see a sleeve but why does he have his chinstrap on Gingers shoulder too

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