Did You Throw a Hot Dog at This Minnesota Vikings Princess?

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Minnesota Vikings princess Kendall

Minnesota Vikings princess Kendall

It wouldn’t be football season if Minnesota Vikings fans weren’t bitching about something. This is Kendall. She’s a Fox Sports North girl and unabashed Minnesota Vikings princess.

Do you get Fox Sports North in Wisconsin? I hope not.

My guess is it’s reserved for the part of the country no one cares about, namely Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Montana… whatever.

Anyway, this broad hates Green Bay Packers fans and our insufferable winning.

“I grew up on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border and the rivalry is pretty epic. I once had a fully loaded hotdog chucked at my head during a game. Enough said.”

Alright. Which one of you threw the dog?

Don’t worry, Packers fans pale in comparison when it comes to San Francisco 49ers fans, and San Francisco fans in general, when it comes to throwing things. The last time I saw the Packers play the 49ers at Candlestick Park, some idiot threw a beer at me. And then there’s Giants fans, who like to get stabby with Dodgers fans.

And here we thought the hoods lived in Oakland.

Anyway, this dizzy broad. She’s alright looking, although obviously vacant in the head. A little thick in the thighs maybe.

Minnesota Vikings princess Kendall

And here’s the full slate of Fox Sports North girls…

Fox Sports North girls

Yeah, they’re alright… for chicks from Minnesota.

I don’t think they hold a candle to the Fox Sports Wisconsin girls, though.

Fox Sports Wisconsin girls

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21 Comments on "Did You Throw a Hot Dog at This Minnesota Vikings Princess?"

  1. Mike

    1) Went to Candlestick for opening day and those fuckers are unsufferable assholes. They forgot they had a team until a few years ago and now they can’t fucking shut up about it.

    2) I hate to say anything positive about WI, Jr. but those girls are hotter than the Fox Sports WI girls. Troof.

  2. E. Wolf

    God what a shame–some top notch, quality pussy there. I can’t stand women who–

    -use the word “epic” other than to describe ancient literature, or in other correct contexts.

    -support the Minnesota Vikings. A woman could be a close facsimile of Amy Adams or Gillian Anderson and that would be a deal-breaker. And if it was not I would be whenever we play that team.

  3. GBslacker

    don’t think she’s “thick” at all…

    I think I like the cross-river girls better… (even though “Kendall” is a weird name for a chick)

  4. K.L.

    I would throw my dog at her any day. (If ya know what I mean.)

    By the way, can anyone tell me what the hell “skol” means? It sounds retarded. I think vikings fans take themselves a little too seriously.

    • MarcoBrusa

      Norwegian for “Cheers” or whatever you guys say before you drink. Source: Took a year abroad with norwegian chicks in my class.

      • PackfanInChetek

        It’s not stalking anymore when you just have to type a name into Google search and do 5 seconds of reading. Used to be you would have to hide in bushes, look through trashcans, and by an extremely expensive telephoto lens. Ah, the good ole days.

      • E. Wolf

        Stalkers would take note of the residential information that comes out as about result five when one searches “Kendall Mark Minnesota;” something I did not do. I found the rest just by searching Kendall Vikings Minnesota or Kendall fox sports girl.

  5. E. Wolf

    As for the Wisconsin gals, collectively our rivals have the edge but the Wisconsin blond gal is to kill for–literally.

  6. Montana Joe

    Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, and the Dakota’s are where your food and energy come from dumbass. I at least agree that the Vking Princess is a little fat. Give her a few years and she will be really fat.

  7. Savage57

    The chichas? Meh.

    Skol – a term of Danish origin, traditionally a drinking toast. Modern use associated with brain-damaged people of Scandanavian descent to celebrate the illusion of a professional football team.

    • JackintheBox

      Actually ferris…..I’m danish…and there’s a couple of things wrong with your post….1. No Dane would ever support the Queens – we have one already..more then enough!

      ….and 2. We stopped having brains 1850 years ago…you don’t need them in Denmark…only vodka and a coat. In danish it’s “Skål” not f”¤#”” “Skol”…that’s the norwegians…

      One last thing; If you threw a brat up in the air, those Viking girls would catch it, swallow and smile..before even touching the ground again….that’s what being a Minnnisota Vking does to you…!

      Disrespect the danish vikings again and I’ll have to come over there and smack you with my viking horn….Skål!

  8. Mário Gabriel Pinto

    “The last time I saw the Packers play the 49ers at Candlestick Park, some idiot threw a beer at me”

    What do you expect?!

    They must learn that kind of behaviour with Jim “The biggest douche” Harbaugh…. :-)

  9. rebelgb

    All but one of those girls is average (Brunette on left for Fox North is up to my standards). But you guys swooning over them is no surprise. When you live in your parents basement and get all your sexual gratification from sniffing your sisters underwear (dirty) and jacking off, well you find just about anything with a hole attractive.

    I advise you go back to playing Star Wars the Old Republic (rejoice! the rumor in nerdville is you will soon get to play a gay wookie), and leave the real women to us non-beta fucks…

  10. Don Q

    Skol means skull. The REAL Vikings drank the blood of their enemies out of their sculls, also, the REAL Vikings didn’t wear purple and pretend to be the next best thing since sliced bread, and lastly, the REAL Vikings would be gravely dissapointed what these imposters in Minnesota have done.

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