Seneca Wallace is Now Your Backup QB

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Seneca Wallace

We figured something like this was coming. We didn’t figure on Seneca Wallace, though.

The Green Bay Packers signed Wallace today to back up Aaron Rodgers. They also cut the cord on B.J. Coleman at the same time. Wallace spent time with the San Francisco 49ers this preseason and word out of San Fran was that he was going to retire.

Of course, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is a gigantic dick, so you should never believe anything he has to say. That guy will try to stick it to your sister when you’re not looking.

So, Wallace. He’s a career backup and he’s been in the league since 2005.

He played five seasons in Seattle and two in Cleveland, but he hasn’t played since 2011, so he’s kind of a reclamation project like the last guy Big Ted brought in, Vince Young.

Unlike Young, Wallace does not win games. His career record is 6-15. He has had some success throwing the football, though. In his career, Wallace has passed for 4,808 yards, 31 TDs and 18 interceptions.

His best season came in 2008, when he threw for 1,532 yards, 11 TDs and three interceptions in eight starts.

As you’ve probably deduced, the best thing Wallace does it not turn the football over. That’s something that can’t be said for Coleman, who likes to chuck it into double coverage from time to time.

Now, Wallace just has to learn the offense in a little less than a week. Seems totally doable.

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79 Comments on "Seneca Wallace is Now Your Backup QB"

  1. Big B

    Has McCarthy’s QB School lost its accreditation? What the hell is going on out there?
    It’s only back-up QB, but it seems the GBP Braintrust is befuddled. Not inspiring us minions in Packer Nation.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      It’s obvious. The Packers our desperate to beat the 49ers & that playoff loss must hurt management more than i thought it would.

      Wallace brings us some insight into the 49ers playbook. Looks as though the Pack will take Wallace & the 9ers playbook over VY.

    • buter bluth

      McCarthy can only coach who ever tt pushes through the door. At least thats the line that has to be drawn. Seneca fucking Wallace ? Did Charley Batch turned them down ????

  2. vj

    Ok..ok…I changed my mind about Ted…he is the greatest GM ever! So deceptively smooth in how he goes about his business. Forget Ron Wolf, he is da man!

  3. GBslacker

    I don’t think Vince has the wheels that once helped him to his winning record (…and I also want to say that the Titan defense may have had a hand in some of those victories…)

    I don’t think he ever had the mechanics or accuracy needed in a McCarthy pass-heavy offense.

    So in review it looks much like the desperation signing it seemed weeks ago.

    Hell, there are only a dozen or so good QBs in the league anyway… no sense sweating the backup position.

    I’m somewhat surprised that they had the guts to cut Coleman — normally they’re a bit more headstrong. But, sadly, it seemed obvious that he couldn’t “look off” defenders, nor could he throw to that empty spot knowing his receiver would get there eventually. He seemed to lock-eyes on the “intended” right at the snap, and could never look away. It was something I thought he should have been eliminated by his 2nd camp.

  4. E. Wolf

    With any good fortune, this will all be much ado about nothing, and we will only see this guy in the V formation in the waning seconds of a game.

    • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

      Right, and the Packers seem to have a lot of injury good fortune over the past few years. We have nothing to worry about.

      • E. Wolf

        As I have said all along, god forbid Rodgers goes down, it is over whoever the backup is. This is much ado about nothing.

        • the real russ letlow

          I agree with Wolfie. Our QB has only missed 1 1/2 games since 2009 . A backup hasn’t been important since Earl Morrall subbed for Johnny Unitas. This is much wailing and gnashing of teeth over something that doesn’t really matter.

          • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

            Of course you agree with Wolfie…I think what people are pissed about is the principal. We are picking someone off the street for a position that is the most important on the field, god forbid anything happen to Rodgers. No one is suggesting that we need to have someone behind Rodgers that can win 11 games, but someone who can be a band aid while Rodgers is getting better might be the difference at some point. If TT and MM always have a plan, which they claim, this is an awfully stupid plan.

  5. K.L.

    I just don’t get it. If they thought they were way too late bringing Young in when they did, what makes them think that it isn’t too late to bring this guy in? Are they really so desperate too win week 1, they feel like they need to spy on the 49ers and learn their playbook? Well they better win now, because if they don’t, all this will have been for nothing.

    • Vijay

      Thanks Peter! You are right!!! Lots of trade value in grooming real starting-caliber QBs, well, unless you’re my main man Ted that is (see Matt Flynn).

  6. Packer Bob

    This is the end result of neither Graham nor Coleman developing in a reliable backup. The Packers gambled on those two players and lost. We all know what happens if AR goes down for an extended period of time. But can Wallace come in and win a game or two? Beats me. As far as I’m concerned the backup QB situation has not changed and is still an area of weakness on this team.

  7. PF4L

    Bringing Seneca Wallace in, to pick his brain on how to beat the 9ers is interesting…For 1 reason….If that’s the only way TT thinks the Packers can beat the 49ers, I think it’s time for Teddy to hang it up….With that said, I doubt signing Seneca was to beat the 9ers….It was because of TT’s missed draft picks and signings to secure a decent back-up QB……Ron Wolf never signed his only back up QB 4 days before the season starts…But then again…TT is no Ron Wolf.

    • Iltarion

      PF4L has passed into the territory where you don’t even read beyond his first sentence anymore. He at least used to make somewhat intelligent counterpoints, but not anymore. Not sure what happened.

      When you start saying that the executive considered to be among the best in the NFL by virtually everyone paid to know should pack his bags, you have passed firmly into that nothing-to-see-here territory.

      Ron Wolf passed on Dan Marino and the Raiders haven’t won a Super Bowl since. Just check out an interview with him talking about that once. Even the best have their share of misses.

      It was partially because of Wolf’s choice to use aging and discarded veteran free agents to round out the Packers roster that led to the quick descent of the team even though we still had the best QB in football in his prime. The title in 1996 prompted several to ride off to the sunset (Sean Jones, Keith Jackson) and the Packers never won a title again under Wolf.

      And lastly, Mike Holmgren left town so he could be a coach/GM in Seattle. Ron Wolf hired Ray Rhodes to replace him. Fired him after one season, and then replaced him with Mike Sherman. For a finale, Wolf decided to retire after all and left us with Sherman at GM/coach- the same designation that Holmgren had wanted a few years earlier.

      So, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Ron Wolf fan. He and Bob Harlan were the architects of the Holmgren era. But let’s keep it real about the guy. He wasn’t perfect either.

      And BTW, he had a great scout named Ted Thompson helping him with his draft.

      • cd4packers

        I think you are going way overboard!!. PF4L speaks his mind. And I have always enjoyed reading his comments…he is very football knowledgable. I think you need to go back and read what he said…take your time, mull it around a bit before you jump to conclusions. Everything he said is legit. And as for TT hanging it up? I wished he would have done that years ago. I didn’t get my wish…and look where the Packers are now. At a stand still. Stop kissing TT ass and get real. Oh…and it has nothing to do with the fact that PF4L is a great lover. lol :P

      • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

        PF4L makes a lot more sense than most of written diarreha that is on this site. Can you belive that there are some people still defending TT’s O-line?

    • Iltarion

      I am remember reading about Brian Brohm in Sports Illustrated before the draft. He had one of the most impressive Pro Days in history at that point. He completed like 30 of 30 or something close to that.

      His inability to perform at the next level shocked pretty much everyone.

      Hell, the Bills still thought he was good enough to become a starter even after the Packers cut him.

    • E. Wolf

      Unless you can provide evidence that you expressed dissent AT THE TIME regarding this or any other draft selection, you are simply using hindsight to second guess.
      Draft selections are always a bit of a crap shoot. The pundits lauded the Packers for selecting Sherrod, and universally chided him for selecting Jordy Nelson.
      The 2011 draft is certainly a matter for concern, but he makes up for all those late round and free agent gems he finds, guys like Sam Shields, Tramon Williams, Casey Hayward. I happen to like TJ Lang and EDS, who are simply made vulnerable because of one bad tackle spot.
      This morning Jason WIlde put things in perspective. We are talking about a backup quarterback position, in a league where most teams cannot even find a good starting qb fer chrissake.

      • Phatgzus

        Hayward was a 2nd-round pick last year, but yeah, I agree with the premise that TT always seems to find highly talented UDFAs.

  8. Cheese

    Trying to “pick the brain” of some player who was with the 49ers for a few weeks isn’t going to help the Packers win anything. I think they are well aware of how San Francisco plays football. Just take a look at game tape from last year when they spanked us. The question is can Green Bay stop them?

  9. PF4L

    Exactly…..Want to beat the 49ers?…Tackle, block, hold your assignments, make defensive adjustments (No offence Mr Capers).

  10. Iltarion

    Wallace has been a solid back up wherever he has been. With his signing, the Packers go from being 32nd at the back up QB position to being probably middle of the pack. That isn’t bad.

    Wallace has more than a week to learn the Packer offense because the Packers have zero chance to beat the 49ers without A-Rodge anyway. If A-Rodge goes down, you might as well run Cobb out of the wildcat.

    It is no mere grand coincidence that the Packers now have two ex-49er QBs on their roster. I don’t think we’ve ever seen the Packers make a bigger deal out of a regular season game. They are clearly looking for every advantage possible.

    You would think more people would be excited about ex-Badger Tolzien being on the roster.

    I agree with the above sentiment that the Packers should return to drafting a QB higher than the 7th round in at least every other draft. Flynn and Coleman were 7th round picks, and Harrell was an UFA. Clearly we need to give MM better stock to work with because he is no miracle man at the position.

    • E. Wolf

      Clearly we need to give MM better stock to work with because he is no miracle man at the position.

      I’d say he is, batting .300 out of late round picks when the bust to steal ratio for hind end draft picks is less than 50-50.

      Sure did not take much for all the Ted Thompson haters to come out of the woodwork. I blame Berty Judas. The Civil War he instigated in Packerland rages on still. And while that ridiculous firetedthompson website has long since closed, detractors among us are still in our midst.
      The Polar Bear is a fucking genius, and I only disdain and ire for those who naysay him. YOU GO, POLAR BEAR!

      • PF4L

        Oops wolfie….Ya got a lil Ted Thompson…on your chin…..Yep…Teddy’s a genius….Who else would start Marshall Newhouse at Left Tackle?….Pure fucking genius…YOU GO POLAR BEAR!

          • PF4L

            Sherrod couldn’t beat out Marshall Newhouse before he broke his leg…..Yea…Marshall Newhouse…Nice try…lol

          • Phatgzus

            Yes because Newhouse was chosen over a healthy Sherrod to start the season. Ahh, that’s right, he was a rookie that was injured in his 4th preseason game, in the Lockout season no less. Simply stunning.

        • E. Wolf

          He saw enough in Rodgers to send Berty packing. So few realize what brass balls that required. Cold as ice. Engineered the trade to get Clay Matthews. Sam Shields, Tramon Williams, Jordy Nelson, Cobb, the list goes on. This year we have Datone Jones, Lacy Baktthari all who have a real shot of making an impact this year.
          All of you people make me sick. Go drink some liquid draino, or fall repeatedly on a rusty icepick.

          • PF4L

            smh…I give TT credit for some picks…Problem is, he’s missed a lot more than he hit…..btw….I wouldn’t brag too much about Ms. Tramon Williams.

          • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

            Wolfina – take it are getting all mother bear protecting her cub when we talk about TT. He must really rub you the right way on those cold Green Bay nights.

            Sam Shields was an undrafted free agent – TT didn’t trade for him. You would think with a blogger name like Wolf (Ron Wolf) you would get your facts straight. So, nothing you really say after that carries any credence.

            So, you listed 5 Packers in your post that have panned out (Jones and Bakhtiari are yet to play a regular season game). TT has drafted over a hundred players since becoming GM in 2005 he has drafted about 60 players. So, he is batting .083. Cerano from Major Leaugue does better against the curve.

    • Phatgzus

      Cobb couldn’t be any worse than Tavaris Jackson or whoever the Biqueens started last postseason.

      Thank you for being the first person to finally mention that Coleman was a 7th-Rd. pick and Harrell a UDFA. Seriously when was the last time a 7th-round pick or UDFA became a serviceable QB? oh, that’s right, Matt Flynn; I wonder who drafted him.

      • PF4L

        Wolfie and phat…you can swallow teddy inch by inch for all we care….Whatever trips your trigger….But the bottom line is, this team has more questions than answers. Or are you comfortable that the O line has been in flux for over 2 years?.

        • Phatgzus

          Here’s an answer for ya-Aaron Rodgers. The o-line hasn’t been in flux due to lack of starting talent but as a result of free agency and associated cap management, and inforseeable injuries (Sherrod and Bulaga didn’t have major injury histories at the the college level).

          Keep on hating on someone who get paid big money to do the job and is respected by virtually all others who get paid to perform the same or similar jobs, PF4L, it’s only going to increase your BP and shorten your life.

    • K.L.

      Tolzien isn’t on the roster. He’s on the practice squad. I wouldn’t be surprised if another team grabbed him.

  11. bob at 81

    just a late thought – it’s possible TT is looking at VY if no one claims him. he could come back at less dough after the ist game. yes wolf the polar bear is “A” ok

    • PF4L

      FYI Bob at 81….Young was signed to the veteran minimum of $715,000 with no guaranteed money….He can’t sign for any less money.

  12. E. Wolf

    Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III:

    Of course you agree with Wolfie…I think what people are pissed about is the principal. We are picking someone off the street for a position that is the most important on the field, god forbid anything happen to Rodgers. No one is suggesting that we need to have someone behind Rodgers that can win 11 games, but someone who can be a band aid while Rodgers is getting better might be the difference at some point. If TT and MM always have a plan, which they claim, this is an awfully stupid plan.

    Backup QB is *NOT* the most important position on the field–starting quarterback is. In my mind, these are two different positions. One is the most important, the other ideally does not see the field except in garbage time.
    If 2nd string quarterback were just as important, or nearly as important, teams would regularly draft far higher for these than they do.
    It does not matter, if Rodgers goes down for more than a game, we are fucked no matter what. I cannot name but a handful of backups who could give us a chance. Perhaps Hasselbeck, maybe Shaun Hill, maybe that Collins guy who plays for the Redskins.
    Again–most teams, over one half, cannot even fill their starting quarterback position. This is akin to a first world problem if one had first world versus third world football teams in the NFL.

    • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

      QB is the most important position, if you would actually read my post and take Ted’s old balls out of your mouth for a minute. And if AR gets hurt and has to sit a play, someone else has to take a snap (rememeber the Saints game last year? That almost cost us the game and potentially a playoff spot). It probably pays to have someone who actually understands the offense on your roster.

  13. E. Wolf


    Wolfie and phat…you can swallow teddy inch by inch for all we care….Whatever trips your trigger….But the bottom line is, this team has more questions than answers. Or are you comfortable that the O line has been in flux for over 2 years?.

    More questions than answers, huh:

    questions–offensive line, although Bulaga TJ Lang, Sitton and I would argue (although it is debatable) EDS as well, are all adequate or better. So really the question is one tackle in the wake of Sherrod busting and Bulaga’s freak ACL tear. Get one tackle next year, and with the return of Bulaga, problem solved.

    rush defense particularly re the option. This may have been answered with Datone Jones, the return of Johnny Jolly. Nick Perry may still develop and contribute in his second year.

    safety position. Burnett will continue to grow. Ted’s youngens all show promise. So this may be answered to as the season progresses.

    Running back–I’d argue that has been answered by Lacy, we will see.

    2nd string quarterback–almost every team has a problem with this, as over half the teams cannot even get a good starter, so I wont even count this.

    Answered–starting quarterback

    receiving corp


    tight end (at least for this year). Wish we kept Crabtree.

    pass rush–clay matthews. Again I am hopeful Nick Perry will grow and develop.

  14. E. Wolf


    smh…I give TT credit for some picks…Problem is, he’s missed a lot more than he hit…..btw….I wouldn’t brag too much about Ms. Tramon Williams.

    You are so full of shit. Have you devised a comparison chart tabulating his hits versus his misses, and then cross-compared him with other GMs in the league. Of course you have not.
    It is really hard to build a team through draft and development. But that is what he has done.
    The Polar Bear is one of the best in the league, if not the best.

      • Phatgzus

        Wait, are you not the one who spends his days intransigently sunk in a quagmire of pessimism-complaining about such dire life matters such as your team’s o-line, GM, and BACKUP QB? How ironically droll.

        • PF4L

          lol…No, i’m not the one…..I don’t post during the day, I have responsibility’s and a life to run…..I’ll leave daytime postings to the rest of all you fine people.

          • Phatgzus

            Thinking on a matter doesn’t require commenting on it, duderoni; and days is a colloquialism for time or life, not a reference to the actual metric signifying the Earth,s spun with relationship to the sun. Reach up and grab it my man, if you hear a woosh, it’s too late.

  15. PF4L

    You think Lacy is the answer?…..Its hard to run when the O line is getting pushed back into the runner. So you think the O line is “adequate or better”?…..In contrary to what all knowledgeable football experts and knowledgeable fans think. But you go with that then….lol

    • K.L.

      I have come to the conclusion that you were dropped on your head as a child. Every one of your posts on this page look like they were written by a misinformed retard.

      So you’re drawing your conclusion on Lacy based on the preseason. A preseason in which Rodgers was hardly on the field at all. Of course the opposing team is going to force you to pass when you have a shitty quarterback like Harrell or Coleman on the field.

      We all saw that Lacy can run perfectly fine when Rodgers is on the field, regardless of your so called “less than adequate” offensive line.

      But whatever. Judging by your previous comments, you’re probably not a very reasonable person, are you?

  16. PF4L

    Ron Wolf built the Packers when they didnt have a chance in hell of winning. He also is responsible for putting the Green Bay Packers back on top, from the laughing stock they were in the 70’s and 80’s. No players wanted to be here. Ron Wolf changed the Green Bay Packer culture, to a winning culture. Read Wolfs book ” The Packer Way”. I don’t much care if Wolf didn’t win more Super Bowls than Ted, i’m hoping Ted wins more, because i’m a Packer fan. Ron built this team, and the Packers winning culture, from the depths of a team that didn’t much care about winning. He changed everything about the Green Bay Packers and that winning spirit and culture he built is still felt today, and hopefully for many more decades. So instead of denigrating Ron Wolf. Personally, i’d rather just thank him, for everything he built here.

    • Phatgzus

      And I greatly appreciate Ron Wolf for that, I have never uttered a single disparaging word about the man for I respect him and his ability, and because I do not believe any good can come from denigrating others.
      Other than Favre, Driver, Sharper, and a handful of aging o-linemen, the team was garbage when TT inherited it-we had starters such as Gado, Koren Robinson, and Robert Ferguson. TT has performed at least equally to Ron Wolf to this point; if it hadn’t been for him the Packers may have reprises the role as the doormats of the NFC. The man deserves as much credit for continuing the winning tradition as Wolf does for reviving it, a la mode a less successful tandem of Lambeau and Lombardi.

  17. E. Wolf

    Yes I believe Lacy is the answer, based on what I saw against the Rams, when he played with Rodgers and the first string offensive line.
    Also, if he is not the answer, then no one is. This is because he is the archeypal bruiser type running back who makes holes by crashing through with his size and strength.
    Also, I did not say our offensive line is adequate–I said these guys are adequate or better:

    TJ Land
    maybe also EDS but that is more arguable. Rodgers likes him a lot. He seems to have grown and developed a lot.
    It seems to me that a lot of the problems we are having is from that weak link in the line, Newhouse, which was exacerbated when Saturday was center.
    It is for this reason I suggest that our tackles are the problem. Bulaga because he has been injury prone and Newhouse because he sucks. Bakthairi might just rise to the level (though some pundits say he is undersized for a tackle). I think Barclay has a lot of upside.
    You say you want TT to win another Super Bowl but no one would know that based on what you have written here.
    The fact that we have some hope for recovering from two first round tackles going down (one from being a bust the other from injury) again speaks to the Polar Bear’s acumen.
    I won’t quarrel with you or anyone for expressing concern about our oline. But I will not abide by this obsessive bitching griping about not having a decent backup quarterback I. For as I have stated several times, most nfl teams cannot even get a good starter. Far fewer have backups who can carry them through.

  18. FITZCORE1252

    I originally posted this @ Al’s joint, but it was so great, I decided to copy and paste it here. You’re welcome.

    We can be playing in NJ come February with these 53… We’re going to need a little good luck on the injury front though (we’re due), we’re not as deep as years past.

    2012 Pack vs. 2013 Pack:

    QB= Advantage 2013 Rodgers… Jordy and Craig were oft hurt last year. If QB1 has relative health from his WR corps, that combined with a contract year Finley = better 2013. Oh, and #12 has another offseason, in his prime and will have an improved ground game… Play action could be Ridic this year.

    RB= Advantage 2013 RB’s. Lacy as RB1 coupled with an upgrade in run blocking at RT and C = more production in 2013.

    WR = Push. While the names on the 2012 roster looked better, they weren’t available much of the time. Look for Boykin to become our sure handed chain moving WR, and the big three to do what they do… Yo.

    TE = Advantage 2013 unit. We’ve cut the dead weight, and a healthy Quarless, an up and coming Bostick and a hungry Finley equal no contest.

    OL= Advantage 2013. While losing BB is rough, replacing Saturday and Newhouse makes up for the loss… And then some. Bakhtiari will hit some rough patches, as he’s going to draw several elite rushers, but my guess is the kid has an impressive showing overall.

    CB = Advantage 2013. Tramon was never right in 2012, if he returns to form, that right there gives the nod to 2013, but wait… There’s more! There’s this fuggin BALLER named Micah Hyde who has a nose for the ball and just makes plays. Add Shields in a contract year and Casey with another offseason… This unit is very promising.

    S= Advantage 2012… I guess. Morgan needs to heal quickly, that’s about all I got.

    DL= Advantage 2013. No contest.

    ILB= Advantage 2013. Had Bishop played last year, it might have went to 2012, but he wasn’t, so it didn’t. AJ is AJ… Yawn, but Jones can fill and cover, Lattimore, Francois and Barrington… I’m comfortable if those guys “need” to play.

    OLB = Advantage 2013. No Walden alone gives 2013 the edge but when you throw in the fact that Neal actually looks decent out there, Perry is healthy and Mulumba has flashed… I like this group.

    K= It can’t get any worse… Can it?

    That’s my take… Yes, if I wore glasses, they would surely be rose colored… Eff it, that’s how I roll.

    GBP 4 LIFE!!!!

    • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

      Agree with a lot of what you say, but here is where I would differ: ILB…Jones being hurt, those other guys have to play so we are going to trot out Frenchy and Lattimore against the 9ers this weekend. Looks like Jones may be out for awhile, unless something changed over the weekend.

      I think our O-line and Kicking situation is in the same boat as in this year has to be better as I hope to all the football gods that 2012 was the bottom…

  19. Phatgzus

    Skittles yo-don’t forget about Palmer at OLB either, Masthay kickin’ the ball like it’s Cartman’s head, and possibly a capable successor (or 2) to Cobb on kickoffs and punts.

  20. Phatgzus


    Thinking on a matter doesn’t require commenting on it, duderoni; and days is a colloquialism for time or life, not a reference to the actual metric signifying the Earth,s spun with relationship to the sun. Reach up and grab it my man, if you hear a woosh, it’s too late.

  21. Me

    I dunno how you get that we are due on the injury front, could the injury situation really get any worse than the last couple years

  22. the real russ letlow

    wow. that’s a lot of type on a back up QB article. Damn, we got it good in Packerland! GO PACK GO!

  23. Abe Frohman

    I think a lot of the myopic opinions we all have on the Packers roster is because we follow them too closely. Do any of you guys study any other NFC North opponent to the extent you do the Packers? I’m guessing, no you don’t.

    I read that the NFL free agency “success” rate (and define that any way you want) is about 50%. The same percentage applies to draft picks. So the question is which costs more to sign? Free Agents. Seems to me that TT is more of a coupon shopper than many of you and you don’t like it.

    if 2010 taught us anything, it’s that if you get hot at the right time, and make the playoffs, anything is possible – despite a plethora of injuries. I for one wrote the season off after the loss to Detroit that year.

    Now this year, you can see how they were making moves to improve the line. I can practically guarantee that no one predicted Bulaga’s freak injury and the rise of Bakhtiari in their draft analysis. Do we have issues? Clearly. But do other teams as well? Absolutely. Bottome line is that even if we lose to the 9ers opening week, the sky is not falling. Every team has their areas of vulnerability. Our depth is impressive. We’re in the conversation – and that’s about all you can ask.

    • E. Wolf

      Especially when the one first round draft pick goes down inexplicably with an LC tear. The Polar Bear seems to have supernatural powers, but this is beyond even his purview.

  24. Deepsky

    According to reports, the Rams figured out how gain a pre-snap advantage that allowed them to beat the 49ers last year. The Rams held the 49ers to 13 points. Wallace and especially Tolzien who had a 38 Wonderlic and helped devise offensive schemes the last two years, were certainly hired to help the Packers come up with their own advantages.

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