Scott Tolzien is the Packers Secret Weapon

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Scott Tolzien

Scott Tolzien

The Green Bay Packers signed former San Francisco 49ers third-string quarterback Scott Tolzien to their practice squad this week. Of course, the Packers play the 49ers in week 1.

Coincidence? Probably not and former NFL quarterback and current analyst Trent Dilfer thinks Tolzien could help the Packers solve San Francisco’s offense.

“I think if you’re the Green Bay Packers and you want to be taken behind the veil, so to speak, of what the 49ers do, the best guy to get is Scott Tolzien,” Dilfer told Eric Branch. “Because the whole reason he was on the 49ers’ roster is because he was a smart guy. It wasn’t because he was a highly talented player.”

“There’s tremendous advantage, especially when you play the 49ers because of so much of their success has come because of (offensive coordiantor) Greg Roman’s new wrinkles that he’s given to offensive football, the deception that he’s implemented into this offense. I think if the Packers handle it right – they probably won’t admit it on either side – but if the Packers handle it correctly and ask the right questions, it can really help them with some of the wrinkles the 49ers have that creates such a conflicts for defenses.”

So maybe the Packers won’t be caught totally unprepared like they were the last time they met the 49ers then?

Dilfer went on to detail how he screwed the Seattle Seahawks — then coached by our beloved The Walrus — while he was on the 49ers in similar fashion.

“We beat Seattle those two times my first year with the Niners (2006) because I gave them the entire offensive playbook. I was calling out the plays before they happened. (Seattle coach Mike) Holmgren hasn’t forgiven me to this day. And (Seahawks quarterback Matt) Hasselbeck was so mad at me because we were best friends. But I was devoted to the 49ers and winning the game.”

“We weren’t very good, but we felt like the Seahawks couldn’t move the ball because of the information we had.”

That Seahawks team was coming off an NFC Championship and they won the NFC West the season the 49ers beat them twice. We should also point out that the Packers have much more talent than that 49ers team did.

So is this a major advantage for Green Bay? We sure as hell hope so.

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33 Comments on "Scott Tolzien is the Packers Secret Weapon"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    I have never seen the Packers act more desperate to win a regular season football game than this one. More desperate than the 2011 season when we finished with the Bears to get into the playoffs. More desperate than when Favre & the ‘Queens came into Lambeau.

    They seriously want this game badly. I’m sure they’re grilling Seneca Wallace for their playbook insight to the SF offense.

    • cd4packers

      what are they doing to make you think they are acting desperate? I’m not denying your claim…I just hope you are right.

    • K.L.

      It’s not ‘desperate’. It’s hitting two birds with one stone, I think, for the lack of a better phrase.

      Tolzien should be seen as B.J. Coleman’s replacement. A smart guy with a lot of potential that was exceptional in college. And at the same time (even though I don’t believe it was ever a priority) they can get some inside information on their week 1 opponents because he was with them for two years.

    • Desperate? So they shouldn’t take advantage of anything that might give them an edge to win? No other NFL team would do that? What planet do you live on?

  2. Kal

    Hey Steamboat, the 2011 season ended vs DET at home. Rodgers sat, Flynn passed for 480 and 6 TDs. Desperate? You want to beat the teams that have beaten you before, what is wrong with that?

    • TyKo Steamboat

      My bad…i meant 2010. The Superbowl Season.
      Which was technically won in 2011. But i meant the 2010 season

  3. E. Wolf

    Before I said C is for cookie and that is good enough for me. Had I only known about this, I would have waited.
    I think we have a better chance of winning this game than most pundits will admit.

  4. K.L.

    At first I overreacted to the news that we were signing Tolzien and Wallace. But I suppose it is a good move. Tolzien can give us some insight on the 49ers and also he could easily develop into a long-term backup for us.

    Thinking about it now, the last time we played the 49ers, we were neck and neck with them until the 4th quarter. If not for the mistakes we were making (like Ross muffing a punt and giving the 49ers a free TD) it would have been an easy win for us.

    Now that we’ve been preparing all offseason for the 49ers, we will not make nearly as many mistakes. Not to mention the good draft we had, with much needed improvements to the defense and running game.

    And now we know the 49ers are without their #1 receiver for possibly the whole season.

    I expect that this will be an overwhelming loss for the 49ers.

    • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

      Well said. I also think it’s funny that the same people that say “Players, not Plays or Schemes;” are the same ones that excited to have Tolzien’s and Wallace’s knowledge of the playbook.

      • Phatgzus

        Plays are important, players ate more important; if you have a scheme that if executed perfectly would quash an opponent’s scheme but don’t have the players that can execute it to the required level, then it doesn’t really matter what play you call if the other team is better at executing.

        Put it this way, if you’re trying to land a rover on another celestial body and your team of astrophysicists has accurately identified and calculated the requisite variables for a successful flight and landing in meters, but your mechanical and computer engineering crew is not on the same page and for some reason has calibrated the landing gear in feet, you’re going to have a problem.

        • Hank Williams Jr. Sr. III

          Wow, you literally said nothing with 2 paragraphs other than if a team has a better scheme and better players, they will win. Thank you so SO much for that valuable insight. I had NO idea that’s how it worked. Thanks, fatty.

          Football isn’t astrophysics or any other word you had to google before writing to check for spelling…like Holmgren said before the Niners game in 96 “Football isn’t about who has the better schemes, it’s about beating the guy in front of you”. I would think most coaches would agree. While you can’t trot out the wishbone offense anymore, I would be willing to bet if each guy on your team beat the guy in front of him, it would work just fine.

          • Phatgzus

            Dost thou even infer? If you had one more eye you’d be a cyclops, which explains you missing the premise. Youre implication was that those who adhere to the philosophy of “Players not plays” completely disregard the value of schemes, my point was that this is not so, merely that the caliber of player is much more significant than the caliber of the scheme; scheme is only important insofar as you have the talent to execute it, that is to say if both teams are capable of executing their respective schemes to an equal (or close to) degree, then and only then will scheme become highly significant.

            I did not mean to offend your sensibilities, I did not realize it would be so easy to do so. You have my apologies for now I realize you are one who considers the attempted disparaging “play” on my monicker to be clever and “astrophysics” a Google-worthy word, perhaps you should Google the actual definition if “literally”-you’ll benbetter for it.

          • Phatgzus

            Also, I do enjoy your derision towards those who espouse the mantra, yet proceed to reaffirm it-cognitive dissonance thou art thy name.

  5. buster bluth

    Generally speaking its good that the Pack has the proverbial sense of urgency leading up to this game. This is a tough start to a tough schedule.
    The first three games could go either way and a win in SF would be a promising sign.

  6. PF4L

    As a lifelong Packer fan, and also as a realist. I’d be deliriously happy to watch the Packers beat the 9ers Sunday. I highly doubt Scott Tolzien is going to have any effect on who wins this game.

  7. PF4L

    I’m sure the O line and the D line will have more influence on the outcome of this game than Scott Tolzien. Just sayin.

  8. agreed PF4L You can have San Frans play book, but its all meaningless unless you can execute.Sorry packer fans, but I CAN’T see how we can win this one,unless someone important on the 49’ers has a bad game.Too many unexperienced players and as always dom capers gets out coached again

    • K.L.

      I’m guessing you’re one of those people who is completely ignorant to the offseason’s goings-on and assumes that just because we had a bad game last year and it looked like the 49ers flattened us, we have no chance to beat them this year.

      If you read my previous comment on this page, you might understand that the Packers actually have a really good chance of winning.

      • Arcturus

        Good points – you made me go back and read the recaps of that game… stats were much closer than they seemed when just watching the game. If the Pack just holds Krap to half the rushing yards of that game (would be 90) and his lack of quality receivers knocks back the passing ( he had 263 and 2 TDs last time) I would think the Pack wins.

  9. Deepsky

    There are articles online that the Rams figured out how to tell what the 49ers were doing before the 49ers snapped the ball. That’s how the Rams held the 49ers to 13 points.

  10. Nacho Libre

    It’d be so unfortunate if that count chocula looking piece of shit Copernicus or whatever the fuck his name is, suffered an injury like RG III did… >=)

    • Savage57

      Was watching the playoff game with a bud last year who’s not the biggest football fan, and when they showed a sideline shot before kickoff of Kaepernick without his helmet on, he asked,

      “so who’s the terrorist?”

      About pissed myself.

  11. E. Wolf

    For those saying we have no chance, the Niners are not invincible. The niners may rightfully be the favorites but we have a good chance at an upset.

  12. fake penis

    Historically, the Superbowl loser has struggled the following year. I think the niners take a step back this year. Pack 35 Niners 20

  13. lars1

    Well, we know Capers is clueless and bullo-headed when it comes to his scheme and adapting to the opposition. Anything Tolzein will be useful to MM in combatting the Niners.

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