People Are Getting Back on the Brett Favre Bandwagon

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Brett Favre

Brett Favre

I know a few people this will make reeeeeeeeaaaaaaal happy. People in Wisconsin are starting to like former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre — also known as the Minnesota Vikings all-time greatest player — again.

Public Policy Polling says 50 percent of people in Wisconsin have a positive opinion of Favre, while 28 percent have a negative opinion. That’s quite the difference from when Favre was a Queen.

Then, 26 percent of people in Wisconsin had a favorable opinion of him versus 55 percent negative, according to TMJ4.

So, you’re probably wondering who the fuck Public Policy Polling is. Well, they’ve been lauded by both NPR and the Wall Street Journal, so they’re pretty legit.

This was all pretty predictable. Once Favre retired he started trying to get back in the good graces of the Packers and the fans. More recently, he’s ratcheted up those efforts, starting with his appearance with Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors in February. He also admitted fault for his part in the divorce from the Packers.

So, all is forgiven… for some people.

PPP also looked at Aaron Rodgers favorability. Favorable: 77 percent. Not favorable: 7 percent.

We can only guess that that 7 percent is made up of scumbag Vikings and Bears fans who have somehow penetrated the border.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

49 Comments on "People Are Getting Back on the Brett Favre Bandwagon"

  1. E. Wolf

    He never admitted fault, never actually admitted wrong. He said he was “to blame,” but never said for what. He never specifically apologized for playing for the Vikings, for doing everything he could to sabotage the McMarthy-Rodgers era and to give our most hated rival the hardware.

    • bob at 81

      “OK” so you don’t like him. enough- where is your sense of respect for what he did for us for many years? let it go sir,

    • Savage57

      I think we all get it by now – you’re pissed about the way things played out with Favre and now you want your 15 minutes.

      I just hope that the day the inevitable ceremony arrives, and arrive it will despite your Quixotic efforts to prevent it, you find some way to appease the bitterness and hate that’s eating you up. I sure wouldn’t want to be a girlfriend that just broke up with you – the words ‘restraining order’ come to mind.

      What you got going on just isn’t healthy.

      With all due apologies to Sgt. Hulka and Psycho of ‘Stripes’ fame…

      E. Wolf – “I hate quarterback’s that go play for another team. Any of you homo’s go play for another team, I’ll kill you.”

      Pretty much the rest of the world – “Lighten up, Francis.”

      • E. Wolf

        I am passionate about certain things, Savage. The Packers are probably foremost among these.
        You should see how I act during games. At an Irish bar I used to go, with lots of off the boat Irish guys, they called me Cujo, in part because of my game day antics, but also because I almost got in a bar fight with this Berty nutlicker who a couple of years before called himself a Packers fan but was pulling for the Vikings on Nov 1, 2009.
        When we made it to the Super Bowl, I watched it at a friend’s house, just me and him, with his girlfriend upstairs, blinds closed, no other guests. I wanted to watch it with him because I was at his house to watch that Atlanta ass-stomping and felt it would be good luck. I felt like I was holed up in a bunker. It was intense, I was intense, and I could only really enjoy the experience after Tramon Williams tipped that ball.
        Now I watch the games alone–holed up in my apartment. My neighbors can hear yell and scream now and then.
        Ever watch Trainspotting? My antics are at least comparable to Begbie’s antics when watching that soccer match. People don’t want to be around me, and I don’t want to be around other people during Packers games.
        What’s the point? It is not that I am eaten up with hatred, it is that I am passionate. Passion consists of both love and hate. You cannot have one without the other. They are really part of the same thing, and one can turn into the other very quickly. Listen to “Break on Through to the Other Side” to help you comprehend.
        This is why people regularly come to hate lovers and spouses who betray them. Murder is often a motive when such things turn particularly tragic.
        Similarly, some times a man and woman who dislike each other at first, become lovers as well.
        So it is with Berty. We all loved the guy, blind to his many faults. Then he stabbed us in the back. My love for the Packers is complimented by hatred for the Vikings–and I do hate that team. And so like that, love turns into hate.

  2. the real russ letlow

    1.) they never asked Packers fans that don’t live in WI, so that poll isn’t worth much; 2.) better crank up the border patrol and get rid of those commie bastards that make up the 7 percent!

  3. Chad Lundberg

    I don’t really care to hear anything Brett Favre has to say about the matter any more. It wasn’t just that he played for the Vikings, it was also that he was never sorry that he did. All he had to do was say, I am ONLY interested in winning a super bowl, this has nothing to do with green bay whatsoever. He WANTED to play for the Vikings!! If that’s not enough then consider this. Every time you picture Favre, do you see green or do you see purple? I always see at least a little purple, and ill bet most others do.too. That is how you truly tarnish a legacy. I will NEVER come around to forgiving Favre as a football player.

  4. Doug

    Here’s the problem. Brett wants to go down as the greatest quarterback in Packer history (who wouldn’t?), and his ego won’t allow him to convincingly show support for AARod and the Pack…because he knows that with one more Super Bowl win, he starts to drift into AARod’s shadows a bit. So that’s always going to be an issue.

    Greg Jennings has the same bruised ego for being shown the door, and both of these guys have lashed out like children. Given that they went to the Vikings while doing so will make it tough to ever completely patch things up (even if their egos would allow it).

  5. PF4l

    Favre playing for the Vikings, was no big deal for me, because for me to be upset at Favre about that, would mean I had to give a fuck about Favre at that time. Although i did enjoy the Packers beating him twice in 2010, and watching him suffer through his worst season in the NFL with a 69.9 passer rating throwing 11tds, and 18 picks. Then watching the Packers win the SB, Rodgers winning SB MVP, could it get any better? 2010 was a great year!!!!

    • E. Wolf

      I am past 20–but not by much. At least I tried. I set forth a well-reasoned, well-written, articulate plea to, if not stop this, at least make it a little harder. I defy you to better.
      And the game is not up. I am mulling the id of making a youtube video, doing whatever it takes.
      It is not too late until that dreaded ceremony takes.

  6. E. Wolf

    People just do not seem to acknowledge how perilously close he was to giving the VIkings their first Lombardi Trophy.
    Freak circumstances almost on par with the Steve Bartmann fiasco prevented the Vikings from winning in New Orleans. The difference between what happened and an unimaginable catastrophe is razor thin.

    • Cheese

      Not that I was cheering for them because the thought of it disgusts me and we would never hear the end of it from Minnesota fans, but they should have won it all that year. That Saints game was bullshit. The Vikings were clearly the better team and the refs had there heads up their asses as usual. Blown calls, no calls for roughing the passer that would have negated at least one int. For some reason the NFL was caught up on making a feel good story about New Orleans coming back from Katrina and winning the Super Bowl. What a tear jerker. Vikings would’ve slaughtered the Colts who had no business being in the SB. Hate to say it but Favre should have been the league MVP that year too. He’s the whole reason that team did what they did. Instead everyone hugs Mannings nuts like crazy so he won it. They came very close indeed. I know you’ll probably despise this post but take it for what it is. Fuck the Vikings.

      • E. Wolf

        Actually, we are in agreement. I think we are incredibly fortunate–uncannily so.
        What I take it as a well orchestrated plot that in my mind is worse than murder or treason, that failed because a confluence of fluke circumstances.
        I point this out in my petition. Make no mistake, had that happened, the Packers would not be Super Bowl Champions. McCarthy and Ted would not even still be in Green Bay.
        This is why he must never be forgiven. Too many fucking idiots and simpletons who have the focus and intellectual constitution of a gnat. They are like a dumb raging bull, pissed off at the matador or bull rider for about 90 seconds, before forgetting he even exists at the slightest distraction by a rodeo clown.
        Not me. I will hate his guts until the end of my days.

        • cd4packers

          so….you are are bitter disgusting little weasel and you will be until the end of your days. So be it. You don’t deserve to even spit on the ground Favre walks on. Get real you idiot. I will not waste my time posting facts or record after record…produced by Brett Favre. He is a real person…with a real name. He is a GB packer…and always will be. He made the Packers great….when they were nothing. He brought them into the lime light once again….he played the game….like no one has ever played the game. You are a fool….and you will eat the scraps from the table of those who are great….Favre was great…and he will be in the HOF. He left the Packers….he did not do so of his own volition….he was forced out. Whether he deserved to be is not for me or you or anyone else to say. That…is between Favre and God. This is the NFL!!!!!!!!! You can act like you matter…or what you think or what you say matters…..but in reality it means absolutely nothing. But what matters….stands the test of time. And Brett Favres records and accomplishments will stand and have stood the test of time. If you cannot see this to be true…..then you are a fool. And no one will care what you think or say in the long run anyway. Brett Favres legacy will live on…..your babblings….will not.

          • E. Wolf

            He made the Packers great….when they were nothing. He brought them into the lime light once again….he played the game….like no one has ever played the game.

            Half truths are full lies. He–along with Ron Wolf, Bob Harlan and above alll Mike Holmgren–brought us back. Add Reggie White and maybe even Leroy BUtler to that as well. it was a potent concoction that required all components to set off the chain reaction that occurred. Without Holmgren in particular, there would be no Brett Favre.
            Regardless, it is undeniable that his intention was to sabotage this error of the Packers, which has a great chance of eclipsing what his apologists call his legacy, completely overlooking the figures I named. He also did everything he could to give the Vikigns their first Lombardi in the He made the Packers great….when they were nothing. He brought them into the lime light once again….he played the game….like no one has ever played the game process.
            Go ahead and call me names and foam at the mouth, just as Seahawks fans did. It just shows to me that I touch a nerve-which I like, A LOT.

        • bob at 81

          I do not take, or like your thoughts about my personal being. I am a true packer fan, have been all my life, and served my country so you can spout off about people or me personally about being “dumb”. wolfie you are a fan of the players. I am a fan of the TEAM . . . suggest you learn the difference.

      • Iltarion

        The refs, really?

        That old tired argument?

        I don’t remember a single shot Brett took that wasn’t complete legit.

        The Vikings had too many turnovers to win. There was no one to blame but their CHOKING selves. They CHOKED, which is what Vikings do. Period.

  7. PF4l

    It’s a new era. The Aaron Rodgers era. I don’t much think about Favre or care about him, he’s a nothing to me except for the 96 Super Bowl. It’s in the past, let Favre rot in Miss. I’m not getting bent on things I cant control, What’s done is done…look forward, move on.

  8. PF4l

    Hi sweet soul sister. My nephew has my puter, I just got a new one. And didn’t save any user names, passwords ect….In due time…..and…btw….Watch your tone with me young lady! :)

  9. Iltarion

    You can all bitch and whine and complain and hold your breath until you turn blue like lil chillins do. Whatever.

    The bottom-line is IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

    Either the first home game next season or the following, before Favre is inducted, he will have his jersey retired and return to Lambeau Field.

    He will be cheered, mightily.

    You and I can complain about it or deny it all we want. It won’t change the fact that it is the simple truth.

    I am over it.

    Its all about winning another Super Bowl at this point and forging a legacy with A-Rodge that is better and more successful than the great one we had with Brett.

    The past is just that… the past. Get over it. Peace.

  10. Savage57

    I still can’t figure out what he’s supposed to apologize for or who he has to apologize to.

    Think for a minute of what he was paid to do – QB a PROFESSIONAL football team, which connotates a business relationship where one is paid for their services. Not for creating a legacy, or endearing themselves to the fans. And the last time I checked, athlete’s contracts don’t include non-compete clauses.

    The core of the issue was his ability to be paid for his work and to work for whom he chose. And in a free democratic republic, we all have the right to change our mind. We all expect the exact same freedoms and would protest the absence of those rights as vigorously as some want to protest this ‘reconciliation.’

    Call me mercenary, but if my incumbent employer’s biggest competitor showed the same degree of interest in me that the Vikings showed Favre and backed it up with financial compensation that affirmed it, I’d take that deal. Knowing that I was still one of only 32 people on the face of the earth that could do the job, as much as I might want to be loyal to my former employer after being shown the door, there’s no way in the world I walk away from $12MM because it might upset the people I used to work for or the people who support that company.

    Don’t you get it folks? That competitve fire in him that made him such a legend in his 16 years here, was the same one that burned in his belly after he and the Packers couldn’t continue down the road together. And the saddest part is, all of the angst and teeth-gnashing over ‘what he did’ aside, it turned out to be the best thing in the long term for the Packers. That’s the irony in this whole thing. Even in supposedly screwing over the Packers, what he did was exactly what the team, the leadership and AR needed. No shitstorm? Maybe no SB in 2010.

    For 16 years he gave the Packers and the fans everything he had. Now, despite all the enmity of the past 5 years, instead of railing at the moon over how and what happened, maybe just maybe, it’s time for Packer fans to give back to him in kind.

    Hate only corrodes the container it’s stored in.

    • Mike R

      Savage, you make a very good argument. Not a lot that can be said when you look at it from that perspective, but there are a few issues. Professional athlete’s careers and us regular people’s careers are not apples to apples. The NFL does not exist without the fans, the season ticket holders, the fans buying merchandise, etc. Many of us fans live and die by our teams, and this passion is one of the major reasons professional athletes make as much money as they do. So, this is why Favre’s situation differs from the rest of us going to work for a competitor. I believe Favre does owe the fans something, and by him going to play for the Vikings, was basically giving us a big middle finger. Let’s not forget about the last 4 years of his time in GB, forcing the Packers to beg him to not retire every offseason, and all of his other stupid drama, not mention the situation he put the organization in after they handed the keys over to Rodgers, then he decides just before training camp he still wants to play. What were the Packers supposed to do? We don’t have to argue these points, but he undoubtedly was a drama queen that constantly needed his ego stroked constantly. Yes he was a great player. He is also an arrogant, wife cheating, dick texting, dumb jock, who in my view has no respect for the Packers fans. If you don’t believe he owes Packers fans anything, then your argument is spot on. If you do, I am guessing you are with me and will never respect the guy.

      • E. Wolf

        It goes beyond not having respect for Packers fans. I would characterize it as open contempt. Again, one errant pass of a fluke 12th man penalty. Just think of the year he had-best year of his career at almost forty, all inspired by a hatred for our Packers and a desire to give the Vikings a Championship. And you people want to turn the cheek, as if it never happened.

  11. john

    Savage, you are right on!!!Why would anyone hate one of the primary reasons th ePackers became a contender and a winner after such a long drought

  12. E. Wolf

    Savage, you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. In one passage you say it is about money. This line is particularly comical: “as much as I might want to be loyal to my former employer after being shown the door.”
    Berty Judas not only had no desire to remain loyal, the very reason he did what he did is to “stick it” to the Packers.”
    Ultimately, things happened to work out for the best, but only because of a freakish confluence of circumstances.
    Berty Judas pulled a Gordon Greco. He did everything he could to fuck us over, to disenfranchise us by sabotaging the McCarthy Rodgers era AND by doing everything he could to give the Vikings their first Lombardi. I assert a technical 12th man on the field penalty, on which that interception was predicated on, IS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE. Imagine if Gordon Greco’s effort at a hostile takeover of your enterprise failed ONLY because of some legal technicality. Would you kiss and make up then? Be bestest buddies forever and ever? No, because although he failed he still did everything in his power to harm you. So too it should be with this. But so many Packer fans seem have the focus and intellect of a dumb bull. Enraged, then oooh look at that rodeo clown. …

  13. vj

    Never left the bandwagon…I thought all the drama was entertaining just like Bretts play on and off the field. Look fans, players, Madden crowned him god-like while he was still playing. I dare any of you to say that you would remain humble and not have a huge ego if you were placed in his shoes.

    It’s a business at the end of the day….he was a lot less criminal than heroes like Ryan Braun, and others who have either cheated the game or beat their wives. Give it a rest already haters, your perpertual anger shows you have no class just as much as his arrogant move to the queens was a classless betrayal against the Packers brass…

  14. cd4packers

    Listen you fucktard, and I am talking to you wolf…..Brett Favre did not want to leave the Packer organization. He gave the team everything he had and then some. In his view….the Packer organization spit in his face and rejected him. He was a prima donna….he thought his crap didn’t stink, this is nothing new when it comes to many professional athletes. But no one that I think of was idolized and put on a pedestal like Brett Favre was. Yes, his attitude became that of a spoiled 8 year old……but who contributed to the making of that bratty kid? We did…..the media did….the entire nation did. Brett Favre has a multitude of personality flaws….so what? We created him, if he is the monster that you describe, you and thousands of Packer fans had a hand in making him that way. Very few people could handle the publicity and fame that Favre has endured. He knew….that deep in his heart he gave his all to the GB Packers, it may not have been enough at times, it may not have been exactly as he would have hoped it to be…..that sir….is why he kept coming back. I don’t believe that Favre had any more to prove in his football career……but in his own mind he believed he did. Regardless, he will go down in history as one of the most famed NFL football players ever. As I have stated in previous comments, his legacy will stand the test of time. Love him or hate him…..he has had a dramatic affect on thousands of football fans. I have chose to have fond memories of the old Gun Slinger….and what he meant to the GB Packers. And chose to forgive him for the mishaps and all the interceptions. Why? Because I know that he did his best and he brought life to the game of football week after week for many years. Your obvious hatred of the man will do nothing to harm or revenge Brett Favre…..all it will do in the end is cause you to grow old and wrinkly before your time. So have fun with that….k :P

  15. E. Wolf


    Your screed is beneath discussion. I only skimmed parts of it. Bottom line–he did everything he could to sabotage this era in Packers football and give the Vikings their first Super Bowl Championship. Nothing else matters,

    • E. Wolf

      Actually I do, to you and to all other Berty apologists.
      I do not need to eat a bowl of scabs to know they are scabs.
      Oh and no assumptions on my part. Just facts and reasonable deductions from those facts.

  16. PackLethal

    I must admit I find some amusement when E. Wolf’s nerve has been touched, which when a nerve is touched, he likes ALOT! E. Wolf, you have clearly been touched! AND your so damn smart….. Me, I’m just a simpleton! What I know is from 68′ to 92′ we had only two double-digit wins! How many years is that? Holmgren brought us a winning atmosphere & Favre executed to restore former glory! I don’t know how long you’ve been a Packers fan nor do I know the personal motives of Mr. Favre but he brought back a competitive spirit & honor (I remember those long years of drought) to this franchise & did so going against some of the biggest competitors in the entire history of the NFL!!! Considering last year’s fiasco & how the Seahawks are now hated (like they had something to do with the disastrous call, every team gets those at some point) should we slander Holmgren??? He should have known one day the Seahawks would hurt the Packers in some game, sometime! Either way, thank you for having your nerve “touched” & going on your tirade! It does provide amusement most times!!

  17. Intimidating Cheese

    Why did our greatest player of the modern era not sign a one day contract with us? Instead he opted to retire with the steaming pile of Minnesotans. I believe he didn’t want to be associated with our shitty cowboysesque type of football culture we have in GB. Where were riding off of one good Super Bowl run and were still calling our selves a great team SMH

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