Packers Throwback Uniforms Are Returning, Kind Of

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Packers throwback uniforms

The Green Bay Packers will be busting out their throwback uniforms this season on October 20, when they play the Cleveland Browns.

These will be the blue jerseys with the yellow circle in the middle that contains the number. They also have tan pants and are designed after the Packers 1929 uniforms.

What they won’t be having this season is the usual brown helmet. The helmet has traditionally been brown because guys wore leather helmets in 1929. Well, that’s a no go because the NFL has some strange rule about helmets now.

What and why is that rule?

Well, we just don’t know, dude.

It has something to do with player safety, though. Safer to use the same helmet all season or something.

Instead, the Packers will wear their regular yellow helmets, but without any of the decals on them — no G, no stripe. So that’s going to look like this.

And how appropriate that the Packers will playing the Browns while wearing their throwbacks. They’ve obviously given up on the season by trading Trent Richardson to the Colts yesterday, so their offense should look like it’s stuck in 1929 for the rest of the year.

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12 Comments on "Packers Throwback Uniforms Are Returning, Kind Of"

  1. Andy

    I totally don’t get this helmet thing, surely they’re of the same quality of the regular helmets? And wouldn’t wearing the same helmet all year, with it taking lots of hits and such, wouldn’t that deteriorate the padding etc?

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    These are my favorite Throwbacks in the NFL…

    I preferred the brown helmets…

    But against Cleveland, it could be deceiving…

  3. GBslacker

    why can’t they just take a modern helmet and paint it brown?

    these people have to make mountains out of molehills.

    does anyone really think that these “throw-back” jerseys are original materials, original fabrics, etc?
    is anyone really fooled?
    do they really think we’re that stupid?
    it’s just a gimmicky bit of shit, like expanding the league worldwide.

    just paint the regular helmets.
    because the whole throw-back thing is going to look really stupid with yellow helmets.

  4. Cheese

    I think the rule is stupid and there should be no problem with wearing the brown helmets, but.. I do think the yellow helmet goes better with the uniform because it matches the yellow powerball.

  5. E. Wolf

    The rule is dumb. I like the creamcicle and pat patriot unis, even though I dislike most of those teams.
    I don’t like the Packer throwbacks at all. Get rid of them. Give me the Greens.

  6. the real russ letlow

    The yellow will be OK. I love our throwbacks! I think they are one of the best in League. Some others, like the Steelers, are horrid. Plus, there ain’t too many teams that can back to the 20’s for a throwback uni!

  7. Nacho dan

    I heard the nfl is going to different jerseys for every game therefore they can sell even more overpriced apparel to us that worship the nfl…

  8. Aristomenes

    In 1929 the Browns didn’t exist, but I suspect that’s what you meant about their offense anyway.

  9. Iltarion

    The pool ball jerseys will look fine with the gold helmets.

    We are gonna kick some ass that week. I would advise the Browns forfeit right now.

  10. Savage57

    I think the reason for the tie-in to the current helmets is so that when the little woman walks by the TV and they see the yellow helmet, she can make the connection, and then say, “Oh, honey, the Packers are on? Let me get you a beer and a sandwich.”

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