Packers Fumble Their Way to a Loss in Cincinnati

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Aaron Rodgers: sucking

Aaron Rodgers: sucking

The Green Bay Packers should have rolled into Cincinnati and worked the Bengals and they did… except for those four turnovers. The Packers dropped an infuriating 34-30 decision to a lesser team on Sunday.

First of all, Aaron Rodgers must have been reading his own press clippings last week. “Oh! Aaron! You’re so fucking awesome! You are the greatest ever! You can do no wrong!”

That obviously went to Aaron’s head because he shit the fucking bed like he’s never shit the bed before against the Bengals on Sunday. Rodgers threw for 244 yards, but tossed two picks to his one touchdown.

The stats don’t tell the story though. Rodgers was off all day and more importantly, when he needed to make a play he was too busy shitting the bed.

Let’s be honest, though. The game changed on one play.

Getting his first action of the year, running back Johnathan Franklin was awesome. He ran for 103 yards on just 13 carries. However, his fourth-quarter fumble on a 4th-and-1 run, which the Bengals returned for a touchdown, changed the game. It was ultimately the nail in the Packers’ coffin since Rodgers couldn’t do anything.

We’re not blaming Franklin, though.

The Packers needed six inches on the play. Run the fucking quarterback sneak you fucking buffoon!

Put it in the hands of a rookie running back who hasn’t played all season?

Brilliant fucking move, Mike!

The Packers defense did all they could to win this game, creating six turnovers. Sam Shields was a killer, shutting down Bengals star receiver A.J. Green for most of the day. Clay Matthews was a monster… at least until he went to the sidelines with — guess what — a fucking hamstring injury.

The Packers and their shitty training staff now lead the league in hamstring injuries.

Good job.

Ultimately, the Packers gave up the ball too many times — four in all — and Rodgers was too shitty to make up for that.

That’s how bad Aaron Rodgers was on Sunday.

The good news is the Packers roll into a bye in week four. They should return safety Morgan Burnett, cornerback Casey Hayward and a bunch of other guys after the off week.

Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers comes back as well. The impostor that was playing quarterback for the Packers on Sunday isn’t going to win any games for Green Bay this season.

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74 Comments on "Packers Fumble Their Way to a Loss in Cincinnati"

      • Savage57

        Inarguably one of the best front runners in the game.

        Now, 3-19 record in 4th quarter comeback opportunities.

        If it walks like a duck…

        • Shawn

          I do believe that record though does include some games where Rodgers drove for the go ahead score, only to have the defense give it right back anyway.

          Otherwise, true, Rodgers has many strengths, but pulling out games late is not one of them.

      • TyKo Steamboat

        god fucking dammit…do ANYTHING other than fumble the fucking football you butterfinger having pussies.

        Hold the goddamn football

    • Pio

      Hopefully Rodgers reads the articles that talk about him not pulling it out in the 4th quarter. You can’t say he totally chokes, because he doesn’t do blatantly uncharacteristic things in crunch time. He may have telegraphed his last two throws and that’s why they were batted down, but I’d need to watch the tape again. At least he doesn’t make the backbreaking interceptions like Favre did in pretty much every crunch time situation after 1998.

      • PF4l

        Is that why the pass was tipped?….Michael Johnson came rushing in trotting over Bakhitari running into Rodgers face because Bakhitari attempted some pussy lil low ankle block on him. ………………It’s too bad Rodgers can’t play 100% perfect football 100% of the time for all you “Packer fans”.

  1. Cheese

    I’m pretty sure each team had 4 turnovers. For how concerned the NFL claims to be about player safety they sure don’t care about helmet to helmet hits.

  2. TyKo Steamboat

    I’ve never seen Rodgers so frustrated. We deserved to lose. Bengals are a very good team. Fuck.

    At least the ‘Queens lost. Ginas lost. Go Steelers????

    Ross is a bum. Nothing will ever piss me off more than a fumble. If you’re a pro, don’t fumble you asshole. (Lacy, Franklin, Ross…Grant)

  3. E. Wolf

    It would be great that the VIkings lost, except I chose them in the suicide pool.
    This game is a kick in the teeth.

  4. Najeh Davenportland

    Yeah yeah Rodgers played like Ponder.
    But can we talk for a second that JEREMY FUCKING ROSS was the difference in what, 3 losses in the last 4 games? WTF!?! He is a fucking liability out there!

  5. Savage57

    4th and 1

    Game on the line

    5 wide

    Franklin up the middle

    No gain


    Ball Game.

    And MM wonders why people question his play calling?

    Whatever happened to we’re going to run it. Here’s our heavy package. Now try and stop it.

    Smacks of a lack of confidence in his line.

    Can’t wait to hear the tap-dancing before he gets all testy in his presser.

  6. the real russ letlow

    Ross should be out of a job. He hasn’t done dick in the return game and isn’t a very good receiver, so why all of the patience.? I agree with the 4th down call – I was begging the TV for a QB sneak. Why run a 205 lb rookie into the teeth of a massive front seven? Doesn’t make sense. Lousy loss, just horrible.

    • Phatgzus

      Yup, QB sneak or short pass in the flat to Cobb/Franklin.

      Ross better put on his floaties, one more subpar play and he might just hear something crack; he is now almost indubitably a liability and not an asset.

  7. Najeh Davenportland

    Should have been a QB sneak on 4th down, but Jesus H Christ do EDS and Lang suck. Give your RB a chance. 3rd/4th and 1 is our Achilles heal. Why not get Raji at FB?

  8. Packer Bob

    “The Packers needed six inches on the play. Run the fucking quarterback sneak you fucking buffoon!”

    I knew before even reading this article you were going to blame McCarthy for the loss. Franklin fumbled the rock, dude. You also failed to mention Ross’s fumble. But I guess that doesn’t fit into your “I hate McMarthy” M.O. because it’s pretty hard to blame him for that one, especially after you whined about Cobb being back there all that season.

  9. the real jeff ircink

    so much for the AFC being the “NFL’s fucking junior varsity”, monty. THIS is why i don’t make predictions. ever.

  10. PF4l

    Nice article…Not a word about the shit 0- line….Just that Rodgers sucked. (I’ll take Aaron Rodgers on a bad day…over any other QB in the NFL) Can Rodgers have a bad day once?..Get over it… My only bright spot of the day was the 9ers and Vikings losing…lol…Love it….GO STEELERS!!

  11. GBslacker

    What was Barclay doing?

    Was he hoisting up the defensive end, so he could bat down the ball?

    Was he groping the dude’s boobs?

    It was just a snippet I saw on a re-play — geez, I hope I’m wrong on both counts.

  12. CO Bob

    Is it me, or does Aikman seem to direct his idiotic opinions against GB every time he calls a game?

    No crying about the loss as much as I’m just sick of the dude.

    Just sayin’

    • GBslacker

      how many times did he call the Cinci team the “Bangles” — I’m thinkin’ any second I’ll see both teams walk like an Egyptian…

      and then there’s his unusual possessive tense of GB’s QB: ROD-GER-SEZ…
      …and I heard that over and over and over.

        • GBslacker

          (holy fuck… I responded to the wrong middle finger…)

          Buck is such a puke… the way he preens when he’s on camera.

          Was it Jim Carrey that mocked him perfectly one time? was it on Living Color ??

        • chucks

          “that brings up third and long” – 3rd and 5
          “and he just gets back to the line” – 2 yard loss
          “just a yard shy of the first down marker” – 1st down


  13. Disposable h3ro

    Ross is worthless, not surprised we are dead last in the league in KR. Seems that the coaching staff is growing stale and complacent. Franklin was damn good, minus the fumble, hopefully he gets more reps in the future.

    • A.J. Hawk's Middle finger

      Who cares about the queens, they are a non factor, we need them to get six wins so they can screw up a mediocre draft pick.

      • GBslacker

        Buck is such a puke… the way he preens when he’s on camera.

        Was it Jim Carrey that mocked him perfectly one time? was it on Living Color ??

  14. GBslacker

    I’m amazed that Perry thought he was a defensive end coming out of college — all that talk about playing with a “hand in the dirt.”

    C’mon — with another 20-25 pounds this guy still wouldn’t have it.

    Granted a late 1st round pick is really 2nd round talent — but I’m beginning to wonder about this guy… as in is he Just Another Guy ??

  15. tedtomato

    That is a pussy offensive line! Why cant they block on 3rd down? Dum capers you suck! Defense was great in 2nd and some of 3rd quarter..then give up 95 yard drive for td. How many games are we gonna see this defense fail when the game is on the line? Weve given up more 4th quarter points than we have scored..and dont say burnett coming back after bye is gonna make a huge difference..he is average at best.

    • GBslacker

      “How many games are we gonna see this defense fail when the game is on the line?”

      apparently, only when they have a comfortable lead.

      • PF4l

        I don’t think Capers has anymore to offer. It’s the same ol defense every year…The dude cant change it up….Maybe the game has passed him by……Shawn Slocum?…Enjoy your last season in Green Bay.

    • chucks

      dude.. how many turn overs did they cause? after the initial 14 points we held them scoreless til the 3rd. Dom was extremely good in the first half. Mediocre in the 2nd. We lost because our offense couldn’t get in the damn endzone enough despite having great field position.

  16. tedtomato

    40 whiners scored 34 on us..and only 10 in 2 games since..i bet the bengals dont score more than 17 in their next game..goodbye dum..take slocum..campen and ross with you!

    • PF4l

      I think teams know the Packers..and have adjusted to them…..I just haven’t seen the Packers “adjust”…Its the same schemes….70% nickel….Our receivers don’t seem to be able to get open, as in, beating their defender enough, passes have to be caught in traffic, which leads to picks….IDK…..They just seem stale….Hopefully we can get healthy (hamstringfest) for week 5.

  17. Me

    Did capers announce his retirement at the end of this season, otherwise i dont see him going anywhere

    Especially with mccarthys the more you suck at your job the more we like you attitude

    Seriously how the fuck is ross still out there returning when all that asshole does consistently is put the ball on the ground

  18. Nacho Libre

    Despite Rodgers’ two INT’s, take Ross’ stupid fumble out of the equation and perhaps the Packers come away with a victory. The bye week couldn’t have come at a better time, we need our guys to be healthy for the game against the pussy cats, they finally beat the foreskins at Washington for the first time in how many years, we don’t want them beating our Packers at Lambeau, they haven’t won on our turf since 1991. GO PACK GO!!

    • E. Wolf

      I think the Redskins tied us for longing streak at home against a team (the Lions). The last time the Lions won in Washington was in the 40s. So if we win, then we will have the longest streak in nfl history.

  19. Ivomitonvikingfans

    When are Thompson and McCarthy going to start doing their jobs as if there is a possibility they might lose them? They are squandering Rodgers’ best years by stubbornly sticking to what worked for them 3 fucking years ago. Maybe the constant stream of rookies and budget scrubs will pay off 3-5 years from now after Rodgers gets hit another 200 times. Maybe Shawn “Shooter” Slocum will finally figure out how to coach special teams. Fuck. Too many complaints and my head hurts.

    • Iltarion

      Rodgers just “squandered” that game all by himself.

      Hell, if he just pulls an Alex Smith and hands the ball to Franklin and dumps it to him, we win that game.

  20. Nacho Libre

    Let’s hope to keep that home winning streak against Detroit alive. My main concern though is all the injuries we now have piled up from today’s game. Poor Finley how he just wobbled and fell to the ground after that hard hit, Starks who had a field day last Sunday, his day was cut short, and the clay maker, another hamstring injury. We need our guys healthy.

  21. Iltarion

    Tough to get much out of this game. This was a truly crazy game where neither teams nor the refs performed very well.

    I am still pissed off that for two weeks in a row the Packers had a starter knocked out of the game on an illegal hit with NO penalty called. Considering the Bengals sat in 2 deep all game, Finley was a pretty important player.

    Surprising that a Mike McCarthy team would play that poorly before the bye, and stunning that A-Rodge would play that poorly all fricking game.

    Jonathan Franklin almost single-handedly won that game. Not sure why it took until Week 3 for him to get some carries. Hopefully after the bye, the Packers will finally have the “Thunder and Lightning” combination that they drafted. Could really be a game changer for this team.

  22. SoTxPhil

    AGAIN MM refuses to call any pass plays over the middle.(guess he got scared after Finley got his bell rung on about the only one of the day). I saw Franklin sneak thru the line a couple times and was wide open over the middle, but AR threw the usual out the the sideline, where the defenders were, for and incompletion. I also thought they should have run a QB sneak or some sort or pitchout to franklin. We were blitzing with sucess early, but as soon as CM went to the bench it was all vanilla and pass for first downs. There must be someone on the PS that is better than Ross at KOs and can think and catch. What a gut wrebching loss.

  23. E. Wolf

    This loss really hurts. I am beginning rather pessimistic about this season. It will be a very long two weeks.

  24. FITZCORE1252

    This is an 11 win team, minimum. With just a touch of luck on the injury front, this squad could rattle off 7-8 in a row. We will win the division, we will sweep the division. Book it.

    That said, today sucked balls. Like most, I was pissed about the early bye when the schedule came out, now… Couldn’t have come at a better time. We’re going to put a hurt on Detroit.

    • Disgusted

      The optimism is appreciated, but I can’t help feeling completely disappointed with this team. Have you read Bob McGinn’s article today? This team refuses to get it done when it counts in tight games. That will not win the Lombardi this year. While we obviously need the bye now, what will happen in another four weeks when this team gets injured again and needs another bye? It’s infuriating. I’ll still say Go pack; I’m just absolutely deflated after Sunday’s loss.

    • Mike R

      I like your optimism. I still think we are an 11 win team too. I almost dread coming to this site after a loss cause the amount of overreactions is pretty frustrating. Yes, Rodgers is human and was off, but he certainly didn’t lose the game for us. The 1st interception was Jones’ fault, the 2nd one should not have been thrown. I don’t disagree with the 4th and 1 call at all. The O-line was actually get a fairly good push/opening some holes all day. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess. Let’s not forget that we lost 2 of our offensive starters during the game (Stark and Finley), that certainly had an effect on the offense. Then we were also without our best defensive player all 2nd half.

  25. Andy

    Shitting the bed is the right term. They didnt deserve to win, but still with two opportunities to take the lead late in the 4th you’ve gotta take that in this league. The only consolation’s are Rodgers is rarley this bad, and other so called favourites like the 49ers and falcons are also 1-2 so maybe shit will turn around, if we can keep guys healthy

  26. Park the Shark

    I’m a huge green bay fan, I love this team but I want macarthy gone. He’s predictable, and hes just not a smart coach. Running a rookie on a pivotal 4th down? When I saw that I was stunned. I didn’t think he could be so dumb. And I don’t care what Rodgers says, macarthy and him are clearly not on the same fucking planet, we ain’t winning a super bowl as long as our star qb and our mediocre coach are not on the same page with the same gameplan. I’m waiting for Rodgers to be like Peyton manning and start calling his own plays.when we get our healthy secondary this defense will be a force to be reckoned with though… Thank god for at least that.

    • Mike R

      You mean the same rookie that just ran for over 100 yards in his first game? We won a superbowl with the duo of McCarthy and Rodgers a few years ago. We also had many tough losses that year, that we should have won. Bottom line, is every week is really tough to win in the NFL. You make costly mistakes, you will most likely lose. The Packers made more mistakes than the Bengals, or at least more costly ones. Same thing in the SF loss, we had 2 turnovers. Pretty sure McCarthy has nothing to do with people fumbling or Rodgers being off that day. We still have a super bowl caliber team, if we are healthy going into the playoffs, and we get rolling a little bit. I love how after every loss, everyone starts demanding that coaches be fired, front office needs changes, etc. Take a look around at the rest of the league, and see how the Packers stack up since TT and MM have been in town. No team is without issues, and few maintain the winning that the Packers have been able to since MM and TT have been here. Obviously Rodgers is a part of that, but TT drafted him. The Saints also had Drew Brees last year, and they were awful without their head coach. So don’t tell me that MM is not a huge part of their success. So, everyone screaming for people to get fired, fucking relax and be realistic about things.

  27. therealChuckywasCecil

    “QB sneak” is what I was screaming as Terrance Newman was running away with our victory.

  28. GBslacker

    I saw one play with Quarless in the backfield — and it looked like he got hit with a howitzer.

    For all of these much-vaunted TEs, I don’t really see any that are versatile in our offense, or are really that good at both catching and blocking.

    The weird thing is that a TE could help with short gains over the middle — the weakness of the “cover 2.”

  29. For me, every week is more about the mounting injuries than anything else. Correct me if I’m wrong, but two starting DBs out again, the #1 tailback (at least he was), then Finley goes down with a concussion, Matthews out with a hammy, Starks out with a knee, who am I missing? That’s one hell of a lot of starters and key players. What could this team do if we had our players? That’s what I’d like to see, but our pattern is two-three years old now and I doubt if I will see it. That’s the worst I’ve ever seen Rodgers play.

  30. (G)oldenTATEDONTHATE


  31. Park the Shark

    Look mm is not as good as you think. He’s predictable. Let’s not forget the super bowl we did win was a shoot out, absolutly no running game, and while Rodgers was good. That super bowl was won by the turnovers that Dom capers defense won. MM doesnt manage his team well, I can’t help but think he has something to do with all are injuries that we get every year, and now he and Rodgers are starting to argue. I have the utmost respect for TT but Mike’s gotta go.

    • Mike R

      The fact that you think MM has something to do with the injuries dramatically discredits your opinion. In fact it may be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. It looks like with the right personnel, we can run the ball with MM. The majority of that year, we were running with Brandon Jackson, who was pretty much the same level of Alex Green (sucks balls). James Starks ran the ball well in the playoffs and the Super Bowl, and gave us a spark. You may remember that he was hurt that whole year. This year, we have had 2 100 yard rushers in 3 games. It proves that we did not have the right people back there. You also just said that we won the Super Bowl in a shoot out, and then the next sentence give Dom the credit for the win. Someone needs to get their arguments straight before stating them.

  32. rebelgb

    Mike R to say that MM doesnt have any accountability is ridiculous. Your argument of Sean Peyton and the Saints last year is the total opposite of your original argument of coaches not fumbling or throwing interceptions. So which is it? Does the coach really matter or doesnt he? You cant argue it both way.

    Im not a jump off the bridge after a loss kind of guy, but I have been and continue to be critical of MM.

    To say that Mike Mccarthy doesnt have shortcomings (to me severe ones) is completely ridiculous. I can list tons of examples:

    – Empty backfield on 2nd/3rd and short. (Completely advertising the pass).

    – Poor clock management. (Throwing the ball when we need to burn the clock and we are having some success doing so.)

    -Allowing players to keep playing in a series or a series immediately after making a huge mistake. (See Jeremy Ross).

    – Horrible challenge percentage and poor decisions on when to challenge and when not to challenge.

    I can go on for at least 10 more bullet points. Look I dont expect the guy to be perfect but I do thing he gets out coached way too often. He also tends to believe his way is the only way, even when its not working. Another coach of ours was that way, Lindy Infante. We all know how that turned out. A coach has to be willing to adapt to each game, and to the players he has available.

    Personally I think the #1 thing we can do to fix some of the issues we are having is to let Rodgers call the plays at the line of scrimmage.

    I can go on and off.

    • Mike R

      Read my post again. Where do I ever say MM does not any accountability? I agree with some of your points. He does make mistakes, and always will, he is human. So does Bill Belichick, who is regarded as the best coach in the NFL. Remember him going for it on the 4th down a few years back in their own territory against the Colts? MM has never done any that stupid, and not even in the same universe of stupidity (no need to give me examples, I won’t agree with them).

      My arguments are not contradictory. They are 2 separate arguments.

      I don’t think it is a reach to say that the head coach cannot control a player fumbling the ball, other than taking him out of the game. Like all teams, they no doubt stress ball security in their practices, just like most coaches on all levels of football. I don’t think it is a reach to say that at this point in Rodgers’ career, MM probably doesn’t have a lot to do with him throwing an interception like the one he did on his pass attempt to Cobb.

      My other argument is that MM does provide many of the same things that Peyton does for the Saints, and I think we would feel similar effects without MM. Leadership, stability, discipline, and he is a good offensive mind. These are the things that good NFL coaches provide in my opinion. You don’t win a superbowl, go to to NFC championships with 2 different QBs, in 7 years, without having some coaching abilities.

      Basically, what I am saying that MM does have faults and makes mistakes, but I still think he is a really good NFL coach. I also think people calling for coaches to be fired every time we lose, have no credibility. If you listen to many of the respected members of the media that cover the Packers, they say the same thing. I am merely trying to point out some positives of our super bowl winning coach, since 90% of the people posting here are doing the opposite. So all I am saying is calm down with the doom and gloom after every loss. The grass is not always greener.

  33. Park the Shark

    Perhaps its been awhile since you played any sports fatass so let me enlighten you, injuries are a direct cause from conditioning and fitness. It’s up to the coach to ensure his players are in peak condition for whatever tasks said coach has a plan for. Also in any shootout, the team that wins is the team that actually gets defensive stops is the team that wins. Yes we can run the ball now, even norv fucking turner knows to do that. Macarthy makes mistakes, many that cost us games and in the last two seasons playoff games.

    • Mike R

      You are a genious. Clay Matthews is probably the best conditioned athlete on the team. Look at that dude. Who are the people getting the hamstring injuries? Not the Raji’s and Ryan Pickets. Not the fat asses. I think it’s safe to say that any player in the NFL not on the offensive or defensive lines is in extremely good condition and fit. Great argument. Not sensing a whole lot of brain capacity coming from your side.

  34. Park the Shark

    Well said rebelgb. I’m in agreement. Rodgers calling the plays as manning does would be better.

  35. Intimidating Cheese

    FUCK!!! The Bengals?!? Why was our only source of defense (clay matthews) on the sideline?! It’s like he gave up on the team and decided to just watch for the rest of the game, which wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have that bastard Dom Cappers

  36. Intimidating Cheese

    Well I may not have a whole lot of brain capacity, however I know for a fact when the human body has strength imbalances the hamstring is the first muscle group to get injured, that’s biology. Which either means Clay Matthews is weak and out of shape OR the more likely case that he gave up on our piss poor defense, I don’t blame him, the Matthews lineage should not have to grace the field with one of the most pathetic excuse for a defense in our storied franchise

  37. PackLethal

    Did you really mention the Colts/Patriots game in which Belichick chose to go on a 4th down in his own territory cause Manning had clearly shown he could trample the D & time of possession would be the deciding factor of who would win or lose that game? I’m not sure of your football knowledge outside of the Packers but it would appear your not very knowledgeable about coaching. Let that one go. MM did get us a ring & I’ve reserved criticism since that year but what has he done since? Very predictable play-calling (the only reason we went 15-1 the next year was that we faced a bunch of cupcakes minus 2-3 teams but Rodgers did win the MVP), crappy O-line (basic team-building & coaching is needed here) & the only post-season win was against the Viqueens (which we can do with our eyes shut everyday of the week & twice on Sunday). Rebelgb is spot on & your Payton argument alludes that perhaps you need to get your arguments straight.

  38. Park the Shark

    Your knowledge of fitness is amazingly lacking Mike R there is such a thing as over training, as well as undertraining or not enough rest between contact drills, or the biggest problem I see, which results in the hamstring injuries, stretching. Without proper stretching injuries happen… Now who’s job is it to manage players? Manage if they’re over training, or not committing proper time in plyometrics? Gee… If only it was someones job to ensure the players do their jobs successfully…. I’ve noticed chip Kelly seems to have a knack of keeping his players on the field.

  39. Intimidating Cheese

    Park the Shark I agree about everything you said about the Mike McCarthy except dont be a jackass…. Every NFL team has a team of strength and conditioning coaches, so that duty doesn’t fall on the head coach. And the fact you said Chip Kelly has a knack for anything in the league is disparaging. That guy SUCKS! Which shithole are you from Philly or Oregon?

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