Packers Are Beat Up, But So Are the Bengals

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Morgan Burnett sacks Blaine Gabbert

Morgan Burnett sacks Blaine Gabbert

The Green Bay Packers have pretty much become synonymous with injuries. This year, 35 different guys have come up with a hamstring injury.

Well, maybe not that many, but too many. So, here’s today’s Packers injury rodeo.

Five guys sat out completely — safety Morgan Burnett, cornerback Jarrett Bush, cornerback Casey Hayward, fullback John Kuhn and running back Eddie Lacy. How many of those guys have hamstring injuries? Three of them.

Additionally, tight end Jermichael Finley, guard T.J. Lang and defensive tackle Johnny Jolly were limited in practice, but we expect these guys to play this week.

The bad news is, Hayward is out and Burnett probably is too for the third week in a row.

“He’s coming along. Not the progress I’m sure Morgan wants,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “I think he’s going to be a long shot this week.”

So the Packers depleted secondary is going to be depleted again. Only this week, they face one of the best receivers in the NFL in A.J. Green.

But wait! There’s good news. The Cincinnati Bengals are also in trouble in the secondary.

Cornerbacks Dre Kirkpatrick and Adam “Pacman” Jones were both hurt on Monday night, which has Cincinnati scrambling. They brought in free agent Curtis Marsh, yesterday.

This is a guy who was cut by the Eagles before the start of the season. Do you know how bad the Eagles defense is? It’s bad. And this guy couldn’t make it. And now he’s going to cover Jordy Nelson, James Jones or Randall Cobb?


We wouldn’t be surprised if both teams put up 40-some points and combine for over 800 yards in total passing offense.

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24 Comments on "Packers Are Beat Up, But So Are the Bengals"

  1. SoTxPhil

    Thats’ if we can convince MM to throw the ball alot, especially in the early part of the game, rather than try and prove his crappy Oline can make a hole in the Bengals staunch line for starks twice, then throw a sideways pass, then punt on 2-3 series.

  2. the real russ letlow

    injuries suck. maybe we’ll be looking OK after the bye, in week 5. I can see Hayward, Burnett and Lacy all being ready by then. Bush & Kuhn? who knows.

  3. Mike

    I am still in amazement that people think that he is a great play calling coach! He may be good at some things, but play calling is not one of them. Nor is choosing position coaches . . .

        • Mike

          IDIOT IS A STRONG WORD John . . . so I guess you are a fucktard? The record has nothing to do with the play calling, there is so much talent on this offense. Did our routes look wide open like the 49’rs? or the Skins? NO! we are predictable as hell! The talent takes over. Really John watch the game and break it down next time!!!!!! He IS the most predictable play caller I have EVER seen. . .

      • chucks

        What about winning and getting to the playoffs all the fucking time. What about winning a Superbowl with a bunch of 2nd stringers filling in for injured guys? Come on man get your head out of your ass. MM is a good play caller. How’s Todd Haley doing as Pittsburgh’s play caller? Want a Harbaugh to come in and replace MM? All I’m saying is that it could be a lot worse man.

        • Mike

          I disagree with the play caller part, he is a good to great coach in some ways, just not play calling. Winning games is not just predicated on play calling! get your head out of your narrow minded ass!!!!!! Think about his predictability for a while, you may come around to a new perspective . . .

  4. Iltarion

    You can always criticize play-calling when it doesn’t work. Its a lazy criticism.

    Let’s see, some strengths of McCarthy…

    In seven seasons as head coach, Mike McCarthy has had one losing season, and that was the year he went from a Hall of Fame QB to a first time starting QB.

    McCarthy has won a Super Bowl, only 6 other active NFL coaches can say that (Belichick, Jon Harbaugh, Sean Payton, Tom Coughlin, Mike Tomlin, and Mike Shanahan.)

    McCarthy’s team has gone to 4 straight playoffs. Only 2 other coaches can say that (Belichick, Harbaugh).

    McCarthy’s team won 19 straight games, only 1 other coach in NFL history can say that (Belichick).

    McCarthy owns the division, winning a record 13 straight games against division opponents.

    McCarthy’s teams almost never play poorly in consecutive weeks. The Packers have not lost consecutive football games since 2010.

    Now, I don’t know that any of THAT shit is important, just winning football games and going to the playoffs and shit. I mean, it surely isn’t as important as what play he calls on 3rd and 2. Right.

    • Savage57

      Not an argument in anything you posted. In fact, substantive proof via results that validate the methodology.

      Now are there times when the plays he calls that make me scratch my head? Hell, yeah.

      Are there other times when I see a called play developing, where my imprecations to the TV of ‘no, no, no!’ quickly turn into ‘Yes!’? Not only yeah, but hell yeah!

      When knowledgable and informed football insiders consistently refer to you as ‘one of the best play callers in football’, I think you have the right to stick with what works for you.

    • Ryan

      Preach! You should copy this so that you can paste it every time one of these buffoons start going off on MM and how he is the dumbest thing since Marty Mornhinweg.

    • chucks

      YOU TELL ‘EM, Iltarion!!! YOU TELL THOSE KNUCKLE HEADS WHATS UP! I don’t get how Packers fans can be so pessimistic right now. We are in the age of RODGERS and MCCARTHY!! These are the glory days I’m going to tell my grandchildren about. In this era we have a legitimate chance at a Superbowl title EVERY DAMN SEASON! Its the best of times to be alive! Enjoy it! GO PACK GO!

  5. Abe Frohman

    Mike – I’m sorry to break it to you, but I have to say that NONE of us is in a position to second guess the play calling. 1. We don’t actually know what play was called. Rodgers can make changes at the line of scrimmage. 2. The right call that is not executed properly is still the right call. It simply looks like a bad choice because we don’t know who blew what responsibility. If Rodgers misses a wide open receiver, we can criticize him. If a receiver drops a pass, it’s also easy to criticize him. I’m going to suggest that very few of us watching knows what exactly every lineman’s assignments on any particular play are – especially when the defense stunts, twists, zone blitzes, etc. So, when the line screws up, the play looks like crap – even if it was a good call given the defensive front and/or coverage pre snap look.

    • Mike

      @Abe OK I feel your POV, but with that I will add that because of the reason’s you state, it is fundamentally impossible to blame MM ever, without empirical proof, which under your cognitive dissonance would remove any abstract (grey area) from the argument (predictable play calling for example) thanks for clearing that up Abe . . .

      • Abe Frohman

        If you want to take my argument to the extreme, as you’ve done, then sure it’s going to fall apart. At the end of the day, our offense is awesome and puts up a lot of points. There is empirical evidence in that. it all boils down to the things that Iltarion points out above. What more do you want?

        What I don’t care for about MM is that he takes his foot off the gas too readily. So no, I’m not drinking all the Jim Jones kool aid.

      • Phatgzus

        1. “…It is fundamentally impossible to blame MM ever, without empirical proof.”

        -This is only true if you’re an empiricist.
        -I’m pretty sure you mean evidence, not proof; you need evidence in order to lend validity, that evidence may only be proof after validity is established.
        -Nice sentence structure.

        2. “…Which[,] under your cognitive dissonance[,] would remove any abstract…”

        -That to which you assign the epithet “cognitive dissonance”
        is not.
        -Nice punctuation and noun-preposition agreement.
        -There does exist empirical (as well as rational) evidence that supports and disputes MM’s abilities as a coach, primary among them are: team and individual Offensive Performance/Rankings, W-L record, Playoff appearances/record, Championship Record.

  6. GBslacker

    I’d like to see Franklin in the slot , or pitch-outs to Starks, or some safe screens — get away from the strength of the Bengal’s defense.

    But I have this sick idea that McCarthy will try to run it up the gut, with predictable results.

  7. david

    What a bunch of whiners. You guys when if they lose and then whine when they win. They packers have a very good team this year. There defense WILL be good when they get healthy. There offense is off to a great start and everyone is whining about how bad McCarthy is. Sounds likea bunch of ladys on there period.

  8. Richard Cranium

    Try calling the first 10 offensive plays, just before the snap happens call it. . Pass Mid-L-R or run mid-L-R… I’ll bet you your nut sack (if you have one you don’t get 5 right. I have buddies that bitch about play calling, they tried it and now don’t speak. Try the exercise, shut the F up and watch the game! OR develop a resume and become a coach, not an armchair know it all dickweed.

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