Morgan Burnett is Day-to-Day

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Morgan Burnett

Morgan Burnett

Perhaps the biggest development we saw in the Green Bay Packers loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday was just how important safety Morgan Burnett is to the defense.

Burnett missed the game with a hamstring injury and the Packers secondary was subsequently torched by Colin Kaepernick and an 85-year-old Anquan Boldin, who had more than 200 yards receiving by himself.

Jerron McMillian? Awful. M.D. Jennings? Not much better.

The 49ers were able to exploit those guys all day by running their receivers deep over the middle. Those receivers were usually wide open because McMillian and Jennings just couldn’t seem to make a decent break on the ball.

You have to think it would have been a different story if Burnett was in the game.

So the big question is if Burnett will be back this week. He practiced for part of the week last week, but the injury flared up before the game on Sunday.

“I tried to play it day by day and it went into Saturday and it had the same feeling that it had on Friday,” Burnett said. “Now, we just have to wait and play it day by day and see how it goes.”

Not knowing the nature of the injury, it’s tough to say what that means. When Burnett initially got injured, the Packers termed it as a minor issue.

We know just how good the team’s medical staff is at their jobs, though. This wouldn’t be the first time they screwed something up.

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17 Comments on "Morgan Burnett is Day-to-Day"

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      Nah… No need for that. Ted will bring in some CFL castaways and some guy washing dishes right now who had a really good tape back in ’09. They will be almost as good as M.D. and McMillan but it will reaffirm in his mind that these two tools are great players despite what the rest of the world thinks. Just like the Crosby situation. Bring in a couple of dudes who have no business in a pro camp and then act like you brought in “real” competition. Never mind real NFL kickers are being cut and no effort is made to acquire one.

  1. I agree Burnett in the lineup is very important. The one area where we really stunk, IMO, is in the pass coverage. The Niners QB threw for over 400 yards, and he did it strictly as a pocket passer. He burned our secondary way too many times with big-gain plays.

  2. iltarion

    I think we can expect Burnett back after the bye.

    Anything sooner would almost be a surprise. I don’t expect him back against the Redskins, which means we are likely to have a lot of the same issues on defense.

    Fortunately, the Redskins do not have as good a defense as the 49ers, so hopefully we can control that game with our offense.

    • PF4L

      Good point, The other thing is, I don’t know how much RG3 will be running. He runs too reckless, I doubt anyone, is surprised he got hurt. If he wants a long career, I would have to think, he has to change his style, or at least run smarter. I guess we’ll see tonight.

  3. rebelgb

    Holy shit this is old news. This is the best we can do after a Packer game? Is Monty / Shawn / Andy on a singles gay cruise together?

    Also, Monty WTF is up with the pop ups on the site lately? Im ok with you trying to make a little money, this is the USA after all, but dude a 10×4 flashing pop up that cant be closed is not acceptable.

  4. With this team, he’ll probably get put on IR because of a torn bicep after sitting on the bench for six-weeks. It’s gonna be a long couple weeks if they can’t fix the secondary.

  5. the real russ letlow

    it is very obvious that the safeties played a terrible game. what is not so obvious is how we fix it. Damn, Chuck W. could’ve made some plays for us at safety, even at 36.

  6. E. Wolf

    I still think MD Jennings can turn into a good safety–not the other guy.
    I do not think folks (myself included) realized how important Nick Collins was to that 2010 defense.
    Things are looking precarious. Really hope we do not squander Rodgers the way we did that other guy. Capers has to go if things are not righted, but holes need to be filled at the safety spot, too.

  7. PF4L

    I don’t like the direction of this team…It’s not 2010 anymore. We didn’t have these huge issues back then, we had “next man up” and they performed”. So many holes on the team now, that TT cant seam to fill. O line, D line, linebackers, seconday, ect. I also think part of the problem is bad game time decisions, and game planning….It seems our opponents made game planning adjustments since 2010…But we can’t seem to adjust. As far as the offense, we have to find lineman that are capable of run blocking….Actually knocking back D lineman off the ball, all I see week after week, is the O line being pushed back. Hate if you want, it’s just how I see it….My .02…………They draft and develop….But under that scenario, you have to have consistent picks that mold and can contribute. Otherwise, 1 or 2 years after that, you start to see a downslide, and that’s what I think this team is enduring right now. The bottom line is…..Aaron Rodgers only has a X amount of shelf life, lets stop wasting it. This man is capable of great things, multiple Championships.

  8. Richard Cranium

    Let’s not hit the panic button week one here boys… Lots o shit is gonna change by week 13,14,15. Nik the quick was the 2010 D… Could not throw down the middle late like every qb does now.

    • the real russ letlow

      I was calling for a little Banjo music in the second half. Dom Capers must not have heard me.

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