Look For Packers to Step Up Pass Rush This Week

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Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews

The Green Bay Packers have just three sacks through two games, but they should be able to ratchet up their pass rush when they face the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton is a pocket passer. San Francisco’s Colin Kaepernick and Washington’s Robert Griffin III, the week one and two opponents, run that read-option crap. In the first two games, the Packers limited their blitzes and tried to keep the quarterback in front of them in order to contain the run.

This week, the usual blitz-happy Dom Capers’ style should return.

“[Dalton’s style] allows us to be pass rushers a little bit more,” said linebacker Clay Matthews.

“We can’t ever get too crazy out there and lose our distribution in regards to our rush lanes, but it brings a smile to my face.”

The potential issue with the Packers blitzing on Sunday is their secondary. It’s depleted. No Morgan Burnett, no Casey Hayward and probably no Jarrett Bush. What’s more, Cincinnati receiver A.J. Green is a big target at 6-4 and he piled up 97 catches, 1,350 yards and 11 TDs in 2012.

When the Packers blitz, one or more of remaining guys is going to be in man coverage. The obvious issue with that is safety Jerron McMillian, who hasn’t been able to cover anyone this year.

That could mean you’ll see more of undrafted rookie Chris Banjo at safety or, if Dalton can get some completions against the blitz, the Packers will be forced to back out of it.

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5 Comments on "Look For Packers to Step Up Pass Rush This Week"

  1. PF4l

    Look for Tyler Eifert to have a field day in the middle of the Packers secondary if Dalton can deliver it to him.. With that said…Packers win. I’ll take (Aaron Rodgers vs anyone) any day.

  2. Vijay

    If you have Eifert or Sanu, look for them to have a big day against our secondary. If you are in a PPR league, then Gio Bernard is a good play too. I think they’ll be focusing on containing Green.

    Our guys, Jordy-James-Randall-Finley are all fantasy starts as well.

    Should be a fun aerial show. If it stays that way and we can protect Aaron somewhat, we should come out on top. If their front 7 dominates our line, well…the opposite will happen.

    Look for Clay to pickup at least 2 sacks this game as well.

  3. FITZCORE1252

    Dalton is a statue compared to what we faced the first two weeks. I’ve been excited for this game to get a true feel for where our pass rush is. Perry, Neal, Datone… Have they just been holding contain, or do they not have the juice? Tomorrow should start to answer that… I think it’s the former.

    31-17 GBP

  4. Deepsky

    This is going to be a close game that could swing either way. I’m afraid it could very well be one of those games where Rodgers and the offense score the go ahead TD with 4 minutes left, only to have the defense give up the winning score with 30 seconds left.

  5. I too am anxious to see what Perry, Neal, and Datone can do in this one. The development of those three could well be crucial to our long-term success. I expect us to win this game because I expect Rodgers to burn ’em.

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