At Least the Green Bay Packers Showed Up This Time

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Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews sack Colin Kaepernick

Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews sack Colin Kaepernick

The Green Bay Packers dropped a disappointing 34-28 decision at the San Francisco 49ers to start the 2013 NFL season. While that sucks — especially because the Packers had every chance to win — it’s not really as bad as it looks.

And we’re usually the first ones to panic.

But let’s break this down. As we suspected, the Packers offensive line sucks. They couldn’t establish any sort of running game, primarily because of that line. The Packers averaged a pathetic 2.6 per carry. On every decent run they had, someone was holding — usually Josh Sitton.

Good job, dick.

Aaron Rodgers was his usual self, going 21-of-37 for 333 yards, 3 TDs and a pick, but that pick wasn’t his fault. The ball went right through Jermichael Finley’s hands. Finley played like a man, minus that mistake, catching 5 for 56 and a touchdown.

Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb were as advertised. Nelson had 7 for 130 and a touchdown, including a beautiful sideline catch in the fourth quarter. Cobb had 7 for 108 and a touchdown.

The real reason the Packers lost was because they couldn’t contain Colin Kaepernick. And not the way they couldn’t contain him in the playoffs. Kaepernick didn’t run all over the Packers defense. In fact, the Packers looked like a whole different team from the last time we saw them.

They limited San Francisco to just 90 yards rushing. Frank Gore averaged just 2.1 per carry and Kaepernick only ran for 22 yards.

The problem was Kaepernick passing. Primarily Kaepernick passing to Anquan Boldin.

Kaepernick threw for 412 yards and three touchdowns. Boldin had 208 yards receiving and one touchdown.


The Packers safeties are terrible.

M.D. Jennings and Jerron McMillian started because Morgan Burnett sat out with a hamstring injury. McMillian couldn’t cover anyone.

No one.

Normally, it would be Burnett and Jennings, with Burnett covering up some of Jennings’ mistakes.

Jennings wasn’t much better that McMillian and the Packers, inexplicably, used Jarrett Bush ahead of Davon House in the dime. Call those guys the terrible threesome.

The good news is, we expect Burnett to be back next week. We also expect the Packers to continue to play the physical brand of defense they did on Sunday.

What? The Packers defense, physical?


B.J. Raji was a force against the run. Clay Matthews was, seemingly, a new and improved and more pissed off Clay Matthews. Eight tackles, a sack and three of those tackles went for a loss.

You also saw when Matthews took Kaepernick out of bounds and body slammed that fuckface.

Yeah, it resulted in a penalty, but that’s a dude who’s got some fucking attitude. Not since Charles Martin, my friends.

That’s what I’m talking about. The Packers lost, but at least they showed they’re not a bunch of pussies anymore.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

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  1. chucks

    We lost, but that was a great game. We turned the ball over twice on our own half and still hung in there til the end. Your comments about our safeties are spot on… they weren’t closing fast enough and couldn’t tackle for shit. Also, I hope Matthews stays pissed off for every game. I don’t care about the penalty and I’m happy he slammed Kap out of bounds.

    • K.L.

      Well played indeed.

      Monty forgot to mention a couple things though. Eddie Lacy looked decent, had some good runs. And also when Matthews nailed Kaepernick out of bounds and the teams got in a scuffle, the penalties offset each other, and it should have been a 4th down for the 49ers. But the stupid officials gave them a 3rd down anyways, and they made the touchdown.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      Proud of the PACK…all things considered.

      The turn-overs were our down fall. Don’t turn the MF’n ball over.

  2. the real russ letlow

    his U/C penalty was worth it. That hit said something. it seemed to fire up the D a little as well.

  3. PF4L

    Monty……You forgot 4th quarter…Last play of the game…49ers rush only 3, against 5 Packer lineman…And Rodgers didn’t have time to even set his feet before A Smith had him in his grasp. 5 against 3?….Really?

    • Deepsky

      Kuhn and Barclay were on one guy, then inexplicably Kuhn lets up, going out for a completely worthless 5 yard pass, allowing the guy to get around Barclay to get to Rodgers. I’m starting to think they need to replace Kuhn with a real back that can block.

  4. organicbuzz

    we did have some attitude. James Jones ok? Ross needs some coaching. should have had Cobb handle last kick at end of game. Did appreciate Clay taking it to em. We need to kick serious ass next week. Cobb and Nelson could use some help Jones.

  5. PF4L

    The run defense overall was stellar. I couldn’t agree more about the safety’s. If anyone wonders why the Packers are labeled as soft, watch Jerron McMillian to find out…The same guy who graduated from “The Tramon Williams School of Tackling”. Speaking of T Will. With 3 minutes left in the 4th…9ers went for it on 4th and 2…Williams was lost looking for Boldin (wrong side of the field) ran over just in time…End result?….Boldin made him look silly on his catch…1st down!!! And basically, game over.

    • Iltarion

      You forgot to mention the push off that got Anquan open. That actually was the key to the entire play. Boldin was smothered in coverage until the push off got him free.

      • Deepsky

        I agree. Williams was in position to make a play on the ball. Boldin’s arms were outstretched which is usually when that offensive interference gets called.

      • Savage57

        Seriously? Every receiver in the league worth his paycheck does that every play. 95% of the times it’s not called/missed.

  6. vj

    Well I don’t want to say I told you so…but hey, I was actually impressed with their (Packers) more physical play and I think they grew from last year to this year. However, the differences in talent level, however small, are still showing up. I think most of us would love to have Boldin in our core even if it meant jettisoning James Jones, for example…Damn, they got him for a 6th rounder? Makes you wonder if it was a conspiracy involving the Harbaugh bros–Boldin going from one team to another like that.
    After 3 consecutive losses, after studying and improving greatly defending the read option, we forgot that Colin is now elite QB weapon and can also beat you with his mid 90s fastball.

    Boy oh boy, that first round safety Reid looked like the real deal too. Just can’t figure out why we called coverages to stop the pass and had two guys in Boldin and Davis to defend but still lost one on ones. See, not every free agent is a bad one. The smarter teams get that.

    Poor Clay too…Mike Neal and Nick Perry and Datone Jones offered very modest improvement. I suppose they contained the run well…but did not offer much in coverage.

    The NFL is fluid, however, and i bet if we meet them again in the playoffs fortune just may smile upon us.

    • PF4L

      lol vj…..The Boldin trade went like this……Jim still wasn’t talking to John, he was still crying, so Jogn offered Boldin to him, if he’d start talking to him again…..And i’d bet that isn’t far from the truth. …….Did Perry and Datone James play in this game?

  7. PF4L

    On the front of the defense…Kaepernick had all day in the pocket, not enough push on pass plays…..B J Raji showed up and made plays on run plays!!!! At least 2 tackles for loss, good to see.

  8. GBslacker

    Where the fuck was Slocum?

    Down every damn kickoff in the end zone, if it’s kicked into the end zone.

    At least get the 20 free yards, Ross — you idiot.

  9. Flyboy7588

    Once again the Packer D sucked. Yeah, shut down the run but give up over 400 yds in the air. If the O puts 28 pts on the board away from home you SHOULD WIN THE FRIGGIN’ GAME!!!!! I’m sorry folks but Caper has to go. Pack D has been awful for years now. Even average QBs are going to be able to pick apart our secondary.

  10. E. Wolf

    I am really thinking it is time for Dom Capers to go. That secondary. . .. Also, no turnovers. A minus two turnover deficit is hard to overcome.
    Still there is room for improvement. And as I wrote, the Niners are far from invincible. The Pack will trend upward as the season progresses, the NIners downward.

    • GBslacker

      I am so very much with you about Capers.

      I don’t give a shit how smart (allegedly) that Capers is, our secondary is STOOPID. They aren’t going to get smart hangin’ around Capers, or by being in meetings with him, or by going through playbooks the size of big city phone-books.

      The zones, concepts, hand-offs, transitions, signals — they just don’t get it. These people are young, not-so-smart, likely don’t have good study habits. Look at Collins — he floundered for years until Woodson spoon-fed him and taught him play-by-play, step-by-step.

      It’s sad, but it’s a fact. Dumb down the defense and stand a chance of success… as compared to 400 yds of a Chinese fire drill (apologies to all east Asian partisans…)

  11. PF4L

    OK….Running offense. I won’t spend a lot of time, other than to say, in quarters 1,2,3…They couldn’t open a hole….Actually I did see them open up 3 holes…1 on a facemask penalty on Sitton, and 2 on holding penaltys, on Sitton. I’m giving Bakhtiari a pass…Rookie’s 1st game against Aldon Smith. But overall, not as bad as I figured it would be, on pass blocking anyway.

  12. Donna Wolter

    So did Nick Perry- the guy is soft. Can’t belive the refs blew the dead ball penalties. Should have been 4th down. Screwed on the west coast again

  13. Cheese

    What the fuck was McCarthy thinking when he accepted that penalty making it 3rd & 6 instead of 4th & 1 within the ten yard line? What good could possibly come of that? Their kicker making a 25 yard field goal instead of a 20 yarder. Basically he just gave the 49ers another shot at a touchdown, which they scored. Not to mention the refs still have their heads up their asses and gave San Fransisco another illegal down anyway. Rule book? Who needs to know that? Otherwise take away stupid mistakes and the Packers win this.

    • PF4L

      I saw that….Don’t give them 2 posessions, make them kick a field goal. The Packers didn’t lose this game because of the offsetting penaltys missed call in the 2nd quarter.(Good teams overcome that). They lost because the 9ers scored 3 times in the 4th quarter and the Packers scored once. Real Packer fans don’t cry about the refs, no offense wolfie.

      • K.L.

        So “real packer fans” should just bend over and take it up the ass whenever the refs screw them? You’re a dumbass for saying that.

        Also, what the fuck was McCarthy thinking accepting that 5 yard penalty… What a moron.

        • E. Wolf

          For the record, the Seahawks article was not crying about the refs as much as it was expressing righteous umbrage at Easley and Seahawks players and fans making light of our misfortune. Had PFAIL bothered to read it, or read it competently, he’d know that. I marvel at the stupidity and chutzpah of someone who comments on something he has not bothered to read.

  14. rebelgb

    Thats what we are going for now? Moral victories? The 49ers have beat us 3 times in a row. Thats called domination. Its like the Packers vs. Dallas circa early 90’s.

    Mccarthy was out coached. Again. So was Kapers, Again.

    Taking the penalty instead of making it 4th and 1 during the 49ers second TD drive was bush league high school coaching bullshit. You make them go for it on 4th or kick the FG, you dont give them another shot.

    Ross’s 2, yeah I said fucking TWO!!!! Inexplicable returns out of the endzone are pure coaching issues. Especially when it happens twice. The 2nd one was a killer and was completely ridiculous.

    The defense never got anywhere near KP. I mean geezus Matt Flynn would have had another 400+ yard performance against our past rush. Of course it doesnt help when your secondary cant cover anyways, completely blows coverages (per usual) and your LB’s are nowhere to be found. So you got one half ass WR tearing you a new asshole, a guy who basically alone in the WR corps due to injury and do you man him up with say Williams? Nah, lets sit in zone and let the guy go for 200 yards. Nice coaching! Continued blown calls on defense cannot be allowed. Here we are 4 years into this defensive coordinators career in GB and we are STILL talking about continuous blown calls.

    How the fuck is that acceptable?

    Along the coaching lines, there were SO MANY times when it looked like guys on our offense didnt know what the play was when they got to the line of scrimmage, and the same on defense! I never seen so many guys with hands upside down looking like “what am I supposed to be doing?”

    All that being said we were still in the game thanks to Arod and the team playing with an intensity that we have not seen in years. Props to 15 of the 22 guys out there for fighting hard. There were 7 guys and 2 coaches who should be carted out of fucking town….

    If we are giving up 400+ yards to a second year QB with only 2 guys to throw to and no running game, what the fuck are we gonna do against Detroit? Im betting Stafford drops a 500 yarder on us this year….

    Anyways im expecting a big rebound next week. 1-1 to start is acceptable.

    • GBslacker

      “Thats what we are going for now? Moral victories?”


      I’m pretty sure it can be used as a tie-breaker; it’s somewhere between strength-of-schedule or strength-of-victory.

      Yay !!

    • E. Wolf

      Actually, our d line played very well. Sacked KP four times (I believe), were physical, limited rush to 80 yards.

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      Wholeheartedly agree on the coaching. When do people start questioning TT though. The talent level on this team is not on the upswing. At some point they have to recognize that there is a time limit on Rodgers’ greatness. Filling out your roster with 21 year old projects and what ifs who may turn into nice players is not the way to win Super Bowls.

      • Savage57

        Vomit, I have to agree.

        There is a certain arrogance, an understated air of ‘how dare you’ when it comes to accountability that needs to be fixed. And it runs from TT to MM to DC and beyond.

        They’d get eaten alive in a market that actually had the Fourth Estate with some balls.

    • Iltarion

      Did you watch the Detroit game? They looked like shit. Stafford, per usual, was throwing the ball all over the damn place.

      Yeah, they won. Because Christian Steele looked as bad as ever, and the Viking secondary STILL can’t tackle anyone.

      Someone had to win that game. That doesn’t mean either team looked decent.

    • Vijay

      GEEZUS!!! Players make plays…they have better players people WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY! Stop seeing our team through Rose Colored Glasses and realize they have a more talented roster front to back. That’s why they keep winning. The fault always should lie with the GM…the BUCK stops there. Capers may be not as effective but at the end of the day, players make plays—not coaches.

    • chucks

      remember that SF has pretty much the best O line in the NFL. The fact that we were able to stifle the run means we’re improving. As I see it, the issues in the secondary are pretty much limited to our safeties. Once Burnett is back I think we’ll see a more complete D. Sure there will still be one shitty safety out there, but at least Burnett can make sure he knows his assignment on each play.

  15. no.1 the o-line can’t open up lanes for our running back.M.M. STOP RUNNING Lacy up the middle it does not work.Don’t you get it? no.2 d-line good against the run very bad at getting to the Q.B. But we all love kiss my ass Dom Capers… no.3 fire the d.b’s coach,this group could not cover a corpse.Sick of watching them and sick of 3rd down and 10 or more yards and a 1st down. But m.m. will stand pat…

  16. PF4L

    The O line opened up 3 holes…Unfortunetly, 1 was a facemask penalty on Sitton, then the other 2 were holding calls, again on Sitton.

    • Iltarion

      Those holding calls were bullshit. Soft calls.

      That shit happens on the interior of the O-line on every fricking play.

  17. rebelgb

    We arent going to win with Capers as our Defensive Cord, at least not any championships. Not anymore. They guy is clueless. Seriously fucking clueless.

  18. rebelgb

    On a good note I think our Offensive line is going to be good by the middle of the season. I can see us actually being able to run the ball this year.

    Not that it will matter when our defense gives up 400+ yards to every good team it faces….

    • Deepsky

      Yeah, I thought the tackles were going to get killed against the 49ers, but they looked pretty good, probably better than Newhouse. That’s a positive.

    • Iltarion

      Defense played hard today. You aren’t giving them or Kap enough credit. Kap made fricking plays. The defense was the only reason the Packers were in the game. I think they simply ran out of gas. Offense goes 3 and out or scores in 2 and a half minutes. San Fran offense on the field all game long.

  19. PF4L

    It would be nice if Capers could stop the bleeding during the game when 1 or 2 players are killing us like… AP running for 200 yards a game against us (twice) Kaepernick running for 181 or throwing for 412….Now Boldin scorching our safetys for over 200 yards, over and over and over again….Make adjustments…do something!!!!!!

    • PF4L

      Hey Dom?……Ya think Greg Roman was dry fucking the middle of the Green Bay Secondary?….DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!..Just don’t sit there drinkin your coke F head!!!

      • GBslacker

        there was a shot of Capers in the booth, late in the game — he’s got his wrist bent, with his cheek resting on the top of his hand, as if he’s holding his face up…

        …when you think a DC would be looking over charts/papers, talking on the headset to somebody, acting like he had a pulse. Something besides looking bored…

  20. HEY I have an idea. Next year T.T. AND M.M. take no draft picks. wait until after the draft and take all undrafted and off the street players. Just think of all the money they will save.Then they can stick it up their asses and light it.Sorry but these guys are making me chose my mind

    • Iltarion

      Packers remain in the top 10 in player salaries. Get an effin clue. They are spending just as much money or more so than most the teams in the league.

  21. PF4L

    Capers at LEAST…Needs to come down on the sidelines and interact with his defense….This sitting up in the box in his chair shit has got to end…Whats his reasoning for sitting upstairs?…..He can make better adjustments?…I think Capers is just cashing paychecks, and being “comfortable”.

  22. Richard Cranium

    Good point on T.O.P. 39-21 is not how you beat the niners… Hurry up and 3&out really helps D in the heat. I was calling for McCarthys head in 2010 and they got hot and won the Super Bowl. Just ONE time I would like to see an inventive game plan that doesn’t involve HURRY UP get to line of scrimmage so we can punt. It’s the same shit, middle of d gashed for big pass plays, stupid special teams play aka Ross a 49er in a packer jersey, horrid play calling (1 screen I believe), terrible line play.

    Packers are going to need to stay healthy, get hot, and hope other regress to win the Super Bowl, but who knows its happened once before.

  23. Deepsky

    Considering how defenses need to play the pistol defense, it’s not surprising that Kaepernick threw for a lot of yards. I think the defensive line played very well and against a throwing team without a running QB, they could bring some heat taking pressure off the weak secondary.

  24. Packer Bob

    No point in me repeating what as already been said. Just remember the this last Superbowl team was 3-3 at one point. There is still a lot of football to play. I expect the Redskins are in for a very rowdy and physical game next Sunday.

    • Savage57

      I think P4FL is one whose vision isn’t clouded by what he wants to believe, but rather enjoys the clarity of seeing what is actually there and then has the intelligence to process it and when it looks like shit, has the courage to call it shit.

  25. PF4L

    If anyone is interested…There is a after the game chat at….From the sportswriters of the Green Bay Gazette….When you get to the site, click “chats” up on top of page. It starts at 9:30PM CDT…………..That’s nice Robert..Now go have a cookie.

  26. Nacho Libre

    Our Packers played one hell of a game, a victory would’ve been awesome but it was only 6 point loss. If GB can play this well against the whiners in Dildostick park, the remaining teams on the schedule should be no problem for them. Go you Packers, go! And btw, Harbaugh is a fuckin lil’ cry-baby ass bitch.

  27. Iltarion

    Great game to start the season. Very disappointing end, of course. More bitter because the Packers had the lead at 28-24 with 8 minutes left. The defense looked gassed after that. That is the problem with the hurry up offense. The Packers were either going 3 and out or scoring in 3 minutes.

    With Seattle struggling to beat Carolina and Atlanta losing to the Saints, I saw the two best teams in the NFC playing today in San Fran. We’ll see which team can stay healthier and improve as the season goes on.

  28. Doug

    You say that Clay’s got some attitude because of the play on Kaepernick, but that was a crucial play, and a dumb one that cost us dearly. Yes, he had a hell of a game, but that one basically cost us four extra points…as SF would have been kicking a fg on the next play. Instead they score the TD. All things considered, the D backfield was our issue, as was the fact that the D line couldn’t get a hand on Kaepernick if the blitz didn’t get there. Fucking D. Ridiculous.

    • Cheese

      Clay didn’t cost them four points. McCarthy accepting a pointless penalty giving SF an extra down and the refs not realizing it should have been 4th down after Clay’s penalty offset with another cost them four points.

    • Savage57

      And that, along with scoring drives of about 3 nanoseconds is why the defense was utterly gassed in the fourth quarter and incapable of stopping anyone.

  29. Vijay


  30. Vijay

    Everyone close your eyes for a second…now imagine this team with out Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews on the roster. Now open them and see the record and what you’ve got left to play with…Shocking, isn’t it? Just two players makes all the difference in the world. Amazing though they are, they can’t do this all by themselves. We still have not resolved the dirth in talent when compared to now superior NFC rosters. You will see what I mean next Sunday night when the Seahawks and 49ers square off.

    Oh wait, close your eyes again…now insert Rodgers and Matthews into the San Francisco or Seattle Roster (your choice) and then take out a corresponding positional player for each of these guys, Aaron and Clay…now open your eyes again, do you like what you see? Better now, hum?

    • iltarion

      You apparently missed the Seahawks losing all game to the Carolina Panthers yesterday.

      Yeah, they just managed to pull it off, but I was FAR from impressed.

      Maybe if Seattle had the WR that Schneider threw $25 million at, they could have scored more than 1 TD.

  31. Gary

    You guys all need to stop complaining and crying… the packers made leaps and bounds from lasts playoff game. To beat the niners we need to stop the run first… to beat any team you need to stop the run first and we did it. They couldn’t run at all we totally stopped the option and I’m convinced we will stop it again if we meet. Seriously it’s the first week of the season and the team looked very tough except for the secondary. Pass D will improve big time when we get Casey and Morgan back. We still have a full season of football until we meet in the playoffs Eddy Lacy will have another 16 weeks to learn this offense and play in it. Our run D with Raji Jolly Pickett and Datone is just nasty…. relax all have some faith the season isn’t over yet.

  32. MadCity Packer Fan

    86 comments of expert analysis. lol Dropping the first game always sucks. Corrections need to be made in the secondary..we can not give up chunks of yards like that.

  33. FITZCORE1252

    I saw AJ fucking Hawk drop someone in the hole… Behind the L.O.S. today… Mind… Blown.

    Oh yeah , fuck the 9ers, we can beat anybody in this league, this is a 12 win, bye, team. Belee dat. Burnett and Hayward back… The O line gelling as the season progresses. 12 wins. Bye.

    • Arcturus

      I agree, barring major injuries – this team is going to improve. I hope they can keep the level of intensity up.

    • the real russ letlow

      the whiners didn’t make many mistakes. we made a pot full. if that is the best they have, and they are the best in the NFC, then we are right there.

  34. rebelgb

    If our oline can stay healthy and Lacy starts running for 75+ a game, giving our defense more of a rest between trips to the field we could be pretty tough.

    It will basically take the talent of the team overcoming the sub par coaching to take us anywhere beyond the first game of the playoffs.

    MM’s attitude at the press conference when asked about taking the penalty on the 49ers second TD drive was UNACCEPTABLE. Yes Mike the press DOES have the right to question you asshole. You are not infallible. Fucking blowhard. It was the wrong call.

    As for Kapers, again I just dont see the adjustments. I think matching Kapers up with MM just makes for a more arrogant Kapers. He has the Lindy Infante mantra of, my scheme doesnt need to change, the players just need to execute better.

    Look, in the 2nd half I believe a better Defensive Coordinator matches Williams on Boldin man to man. This alone changes the game I believe and probably its outcome. Its a small adjustment and easily implemented.

    But no, Capers has been telling us all off season that he is playing Shields on one side and WIlliams on the other regardless of the talent on the other team at WR. Well he stuck to his guns and that really worked out for us.

    I do like the intensity the Packers played with. The nastiness. I hope they can maintain that. KP took a shot at us after the game by saying if we dont have more of a game plan than talking shit (in essence) then you suck. I agree, but really it was him just taking a cheap shot at Matthews because Clay was talking shit all game.

    Oh and one last thought, I now officially hate the 49ers. How anyone can like a team coached by that whiny little asshole Harbough is beyond me. Fuck that guy and fuck the 49ers. Heres hoping the injury bug fucks them in the ass hard this year like it has GB the last 2….

    • Ivomitonvikingfans

      ” my scheme doesnt need to change, the players just need to execute better”.

      Exactly!! An entire offseason to focus on this one game, to watch film, interview other coaches, game plan, coach players, watch more film, and McCarthy and Co. come up with yet another inflexible game plan. The plan for the offense was the same one used in every game since ’09. Capers’ secondary (apparently the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet) is getting shredded and nothing is changed (think Reggie Wayne last year) This doesn’t bode well.

      Eric Reid sure would have looked good in a GB uniform. I know, hindsight.

  35. Mike R

    Relax. Everyone please relax. They did contain the run, mostly because anyone rushing was just maintaining their position, rather than rushing the QB. The drawback is the QB has time to throw the ball. The 49ers are a good team, and we had a chance to win. They played mistake free football, we did not. Accepting the penalty instead of a 4th and 1 is debatable. Everyone calling MM an idiot for doing that assumes that Harbaugh would not have gone for it on 4th and 1, I would put money on him going for it, just as he did later in the game when they were on the 35 and could have kicked a FG. We had a very good shot at beating a really good team, at their place, and you take away the 2 turnovers, we do just that, and everyone is not freaking out.

  36. Buster Bluth

    ” At least the Green Bay Packers showed up this time. ”

    Don’t want to see that headline again this year.

  37. Disposable h3ro

    Regelgb, just watched the post game with MM, what an arrogant Fuck. The look on his face and tone of his voice made it seem like any criticism of his coaching is the equivalent of punching a baby.

    Wrong call all day long.

    Other than the back alley abortion that was our secondary, defense played well and the o-line did ok minus the last play of the game and penalties on decent runs. Oh, how the fuck does Slocum still have a job, been saying this for years? Ross needs to be fired and Franklin or Hyde can return kicks.

    All in all, going to be a good year if we stay healthy.

  38. the real russ letlow

    I agree, the safeties played poorly, and that is probably a compliment. But about Coach McCarthy, or any coach for that matter: I would not want to answer a bunch of questions by media folks, questioning all of your borderline calls, your player’s mistakes, and you and your coaching staff’s decisions IMMEDIATELY AFTER LOSINIG A TOUGH GAME! I don’t think I could be very civil. They would be bleeping my whole presser. It would not be for family viewing. The foosball is an emotional game, and 15 to 30 minutes is not enought time to be in a good place, mentally or otherwise, after a loss. ie: Jim Mora’s “PLAYOFFS?….PLAYOFFS!!???!!!” and fat Denny Green’s “THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!” there is more but you get it…..

  39. valpoPackers

    I think MM had the right call on the 4th and less than 1, or at the very least, people are overreacting to the decision and are using an incredible amount of hindsight. Harbaugh would have PROBABLY gone for it on 4th down and trusted his line to get less than a yard, which the 49ers were converting at will. You have to ask: what’s better odds, converting a 3rd and 6 or a 4th and 1? In this case, MM was right. The Packers stopped Kaepernick 2 yards short of the first down line, which would have probably made Harbaugh send out the field goal unit. Furthermore, even with the dumb penalty, it should have resulted in a 4th and 2 anyways. So MM ends up looking like the idiot despite the play call actually working in his favor because 1. Matthews had the late hit after stopping them and 2. the refs bailed out the 49ers by not offsetting the penalties to a dead-ball foul.

    Despite giving up the 4 extra points, I do believe the Packers had some positive outcomes from the penalty fiasco. Kaepernick was sliding by the end of the game, while Rodgers was diving head first like a man to get extra yards. Kaepernick was afraid to keep the ball on the read option and the Packers were able to stuff the run. Ultimately the secondary is what let the Packers down, but I think this play helped calm Kaepernick down take the ball out of his hands on the read option.

    I think two plays later was definitely more infuriating where the Packers managed to start their drive at the 4 yard line after a KICKOFF. Wtf?

    I would have liked to see more heavy blitzes like the Ravens did in the Super Bowl. I think the Capers over-compensated for the read-option and didn’t put Kaepernick in a position where he could make a mistake. Kaepernick didn’t make any mistakes throwing the ball and I don’t recall any ball that had a good chance of being picked off (other than the first drive). Is he able to play a relatively flawless game through the air next time? I doubt it: eventually a receiver drops one, runs the wrong route, the ball gets batted, and the ball gets picked off. The 49ers defense looked very beatable and they were missing tackles all over the place. If the turnover ratio slides the other way, I think the Packers come out on top. Disappointed in the loss, but I’m not too gloom and doom.

  40. Flyboy7588

    Guys, if that secondary doesn’t get its’ act together and quickly, this can be an 8-8 yr. 400+ yds is unacceptable by any team in the league especially one that is viewed as an elite team. And I will ask again, where the hell is the pass rush!!!!???? If you can’t put pressure on a QB even an average QB will tear you up.

    • Mike R

      If you paid attention to the game, you would have routinely seen Perry and Matthews holding their spot, not rushing the passer. They chose to play this way to slow down the run, and it worked. I agree with valpo that they could have mixed in some blitzes to help put some pressure on the QB, but relax on the 8-8 talk. It is the first game, and we barely got beat by a superbowl contender at their house. We had 2 turnovers, and that was the deciding factor. if we win by one, everyone here freaking out is talking about how great we looked and what a great win it was, even if Kapernick had 400 yards passing. Just like if the 49ers lost, many of their stupid fans would be overreacting talking about how they can’t tackle or whatever mistakes they made that they wanted to blame the loss on. If it’s week 7, and we have 2-3 wins, yes freak out and feel free to bitch, but after losing a tough week 1 game against a team the caliber of the 49ers, away, not sure what else to say except relax and take a deep breath. We will be fine

  41. Jim

    I will break this down to the best of my abilities:
    What happened one year after the last time Dallas beat us in the playoffs in 1995 season?
    I agree with you on the D strategy to a point. It’s hard to tell what the D calls were and who was and wasn’t in position. On the one play where Sammy had to make up a mile and broke the pass up he was expecting a quick throw due to a heavy pass rush and the rush didn’t get home. Hey…Fritz Shurmurs don’t grow on trees.
    I don’t think MM was out coached. His team played the best team in football on the road and made the entire viewing nation watch until the last second. The 49ers are an outstanding team. We lost. No moral victories…we got beat which happens in every NFL game every week.
    The 4th and 1 / 3rd and 6 situation was about SF going for it on 4th and one which MM was trying to prevent. He was trying to force a FG instead of giving them a 1st down from a 4th and 1 spot followed by a TD after a 1st and goal from the 5ish or less. I didn’t have a problem with the call at the time (prior to the outcome). I knew some “fans” would cry about that if it went bad.
    I don’t think Ross will be a GBP long term unless he pulls his head OOHA and soon.
    Give CK, AB, and their TE their due…they played great. That was OPI against the 9ers late in the game and that can’t be missed. It creates an unfair advantage if it’s not called. Our D back was displaced from the push. Have some balls and throw the flag.
    Confusion on the O’s part…hey we are in a no-huddle or sugar huddle with 70,000 fans screaming to the top of their lungs. That is going to happen now and then.
    If we play like this the next 15 games the playoffs go through Lambeau Field. Clay Matthews is a complete stud. He committed to that hit a fraction of a second too late and once he committed he, he maybe could have let up a little bit and not “followed through” like he did. Other than that…CK could have turned it up field and got the 1st which would have been “soft” on our part if CMIII let that happen. Nick Perry needs to pick it up a lot even tho he was setting the edge and not trying to all out rush. Getting Barnett back will help too. Go Pack!

  42. Chungo

    We need to pick up up a solid safety (maybe Kerry Rhodes or Quintin Mikell) to pair with Morgan Burnett. Jennings and McMillian are pathetic.

  43. rebelgb

    Good right up Jim. I disagree on a couple points obviously but well stated.

    The game can still be close and you can be out coached. Look theres a few glaring coaching decisions I have problems with. You say MM was trying for a 3rd and 6 and not having the 9ers have a first and goal at the 6 (or whatever it was), but as one announcer pointed out at halftime, you WANT them to go for it. If you stuff them you get the ball back, the momentum and they get ZERO points. Not 3, not 6. Remember our dline was still fresh at this point and they had not been able to run even a yard on us. Further anyone who watches football or played it knows that that last 10 yards in is a bitch to score from. Its the hardest passing zone on the field. I think 90% of coaches and analysts would agree MM made the wrong call.

    As for defensive adjustments, I have an issue with the rigidity of Capers and how he fails to change up his gameplan on the fly. If a single player is killing you, especially an old war dog like Boldin, and you have some young stud corners, go ahead and man them up. There was noone else out there to kill you. If Kap runs because your took that corner out of zone then you spy him or you only play lane control on that corner. We werent getting to the QB anyways.

    I can understand confusion on the O on the road when running a no huddle. Except they make hand signals for that shit and Payton has been doing it for years on the road with no problems. Theres a couple issues I have from that game on offense: Jordy 2 or 3 times set up on the line and was waving at Aaron indicating he didnt know the play. Either Aaron forgot about him, or he thought Jordy already knew. Also there were many plays were Aaron had to tell Lacy where to line up and even would point to a defender as if to say “thats your guy there”. Well this takes away any fear the defense might have of a draw. I said to my wife “hes basically telling the defense right now there wont be a run.” Guess what? Not a single time that Aaron had to set Lacy did we run the draw. Now I know Lacy is a rook, but these things should be ironed out before the game. Maybe thats why MM wanted Harris to start, I dont know.

    As for the defense, just rewatch the game. There were many instances of guys not being sure of their assignments or where they were supposed to be after the 9ers shifted. Maybe thats why Capers stuck with the Zone even though we were getting dashed by Boldin and there was no pass rush. Maybe.

  44. Steve Pederson

    Harbaugh needs to listen to his own advice! Seems to me he slapped someone not too long ago knowing it would piss them off but also that nothing would happen with all the players around. Stop crying and coach!! Whiner!!!

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