Jermichael Finley Wants to Earn His Dough

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Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley

Hi. My name is Jermichael Finley. I’d like to play for your football team.

For all intents and purposes, the Green Bay Packers starting tight end is auditioning for the entire NFL right now. Finley is in the final season of his contract and, yeah, he wants a new one, but he doesn’t expect the Packers to hand him one.

“A good start is important,” Finley said. “It’s a business, and it’s strictly business at that. Ted takes no prisoners, and I’m going to go out and earn every bit of my money, and that’s what I want to do now. I don’t want anything given.”

Ted takes no prisoners. Fuckin A.

Finley is earning $8.25 million this season, which didn’t seem like a very good deal for the Packers at times last season. Finley was pretty much a constant distraction, with his whining and complaining and he became known more for dropping passes than making plays.

That started to change toward the end of 2012. Finley finished strong on the field and during the offseason, he learned to shut his mouth. In week one, Finley put up for the most part — five catches for 56 yards and a touchdown.

That being said, he also dropped a ball that led to Aaron Rodgers’ lone interception and was, at times, a complete liability as a run blocker.

But Finley is going to get his money. He’s a weapon in the passing game. The only question is who’s going to pay him.

Our guess is it will be the Packers. What else are they going to do? Start Andrew Quarless?

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11 Comments on "Jermichael Finley Wants to Earn His Dough"

  1. rebelgb

    Personally I hope the man has grown up and is now ready to do something big with his career. He has to block better though cuss right now he really sucks at it…

  2. Richard

    Too bad they can’t work fumbles and alley-oop interceptions into his contract. We’d probably get him for the league minimum this year if he keeps up his current pace.

  3. GBslacker

    He’s never been a run-blocker.
    He’ll never be a run-blocker.
    A tight-end needs to block.
    Every time I see him “block” there’s no bend in the knee, no bend in the waist — it’s just a total bullshit non-effort.

    I don’t think he uses his body effectively to shield coverage.

    I don’t think his head is in the play to the whistle. There are times when he could play defender on a bad pass — break-up a pass to a cover guy; keep his head and tackle a guy, if there’s an interception.

    I say let him go and weaken another team. He’ll be expensive and bring only half of the qualities to the TE position.

    As far as who starts at TE next year?
    Who cares. Nobody has really blocked and helped the run game in years.

    With the bill coming due for Rodgers and Matthews in the coming years, there’s no way they spend big bucks on Finley and his one-dimensional play.

  4. rebelgb

    You know with Arodge as QB I dont know that you necessarily need an all world talent to get good production from the TE spot. Just a guy who is fast enough to stretch the middle of the field, and maybe tall enough to get some jump balls (and has good hands).

    I have to agree about not over paying Finley.

  5. E. Wolf

    He should have been gone after his comments last year. I would rather have Crabtree. But since that is a done deal, use him now that he is playing in a contract year, than get rid of him (finally). Better late than never.

  6. Savage57

    Anyone else as tired of hearing “I’m going to” come out of this cat’s mouth as I am? He’s never been a ‘football player’ and never will be. He plays soft.

    He set a standard in his second year that he’s pretty much held to: If he fucks up, it’s on someone else, and if he actually makes a catch and gets a first down he thinks it’s the second coming of Christ.

    Based on the way FinMe has played (very average) the last two years, he owes the Packers about $8MM once he gets his new deal.

    Guy’s an empty box.

    • PF4l

      I agree Savage…When he makes a catch, and gains some yards, he acts as if he just won the Super Bowl….Reminds me of Marion Barber after a decent run…..All these players are doing is saying, “Hey, look at me and what I just did!!”………………..How about…..Relax, get back in the huddle, and act like you’ve been there before.

  7. PF4l

    So J Mike wants to earn his money?….How about we pay him for td’s….Deduct money for dropped passes, missed blocks, and when he opened his mouth…..People praise Finley for keeping his mouth shut…in a contract year?…What an accomplishment!!…lol…..Mark my words…As soon as J Mike signs his next contract….His mouth will be running full speed again. I hope the Packers get rid of this cancer.

  8. chucks

    I say don’t pay finME. He’s an attention whore and we don’t need that in GB. Let him go make his money in MN. We could draft a TE or pay a lower profile TE like 2M per year and save a bundle to go towards a Tackle, a safety, or a middle LB.

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