Green Bay Packers Paste Washington Redskins in Home Opener

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Green Bay Packers running back James Starks

Green Bay Packers running back James Starks

The Green Bay Packers bounced back from a tough season-opening loss in style by pounding the Washington Redskins 38-20. The game was over in the third quarter and we’re having a hard time finding something to complain about.

Not even safety Morgan Burnett’s absence for a second straight week mattered, although the Packers did have trouble containing Pierre Garcon, who had 8 catches for 143 yards and a TD.

On the other side, the Packers played a complete game. Aaron Rodgers was Aaron Rodgers, going 34-for-42 for a career-high 480 yards and four touchdowns. James Jones bounced back from his no-catch game with a career high 11 receptions for 178 yards.

Monster game.

Randall Cobb (9 for 128 and a touch), Jordy Nelson (3 for 66 and 2 TDs) and Jermichael Finley (6 for 65 and a TD) were all on. And surprisingly, James Starks, who was filling in for a concussed Eddie Lacy, ran for 132 yards on 20 carries and one touchdown. That’s a healthy 6.6 yards per carry and the first time the Packers have had a 100-yard rusher in, like, forever.

In the running game, the offensive line actually opened some holes. They did, however, give up four sacks.

The Packers defense showed us pretty much what they showed us last week. They were able to contain Robert Griffin III and Washington’s read-option offense, but couldn’t stop the opposition’s No. 1 receiver.

They also couldn’t contain running back Alfred Morris, who ran 13 times for 107 yards — 8.2 per carry. Plenty of missed tackles came into play there, which probably gave you flashbacks of last season.

A week after turning in a dominant performance, Clay Matthews was virtually invisible with just three tackles, although one was for a loss. First-round pick Datone Jones was also invisible for the second straight week, finishing with just one tackle.

Jones’ lack of impact could be chalked up to the Packers being better on the defensive line than they thought they would. Both Johnny Jolly and Mike Daniels continue to make plays.

If there was a defensive star, it was Sam Shields, who had eight tackles and broke up several passes.

So what do we know? The Packers defense still needs some work, but getting Burnett back and eventually, Casey Hayward, should help. The offensive line can be a liability at times, but if they can keep opening holes like they did on Sunday, that will take the pressure off Rodgers and keep opposing defenses honest.

If the Packers can beat a tough Cincinnati team on the road next week, then we’ll know they’re for real.

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66 Comments on "Green Bay Packers Paste Washington Redskins in Home Opener"

  1. thatguy188

    Man, that was something pretty to watch. Green Bay definitely took their foot off the pedal though in the 2nd half or there would have been a bigger difference in score. Sam Shield …. that dude made plays today! wow!

    Brandon Meriweather ….. Karma is a bitch ain’t it? It’s gonna suck being concusses to pieces AND being fined …. which he should be.

    • E. Wolf

      I do not like taking the foot off the pedal. Keep it on.
      I do not understand why Packer fans were applauding when Meriweather walked off on his own power. That fucker made not one but two launches with the head. Clap if he gets off a fucking stretcher.

      • thatguy188

        Honestly people in the stadium may have not known …. no clue, I’ve never been to Lambeau Field sadly.

        I was sitting here in my living room and started clapping … wife looked at me like why do you clap when someone gets hurt …. told her “I hate seeing players getting hurt, but this fucker deserved it” lol.

        • E. Wolf

          Under normal circumstances, it is very distasteful. But that motherfucker was headhunting, against Lacy and then Starks.
          Not many players I want to see hurt, but when they do that, that is how I feel. You can add Randy Moss to that dubious distinction as well.

          • A.J. Hawk's Middle finger

            I was at the game and applauded when a then unknown opposing player got up after being hurt. I’ve always said going to the game is great but you see the game way better on tv. Watching the game live from 80 yards away and being on your 9th beer since 8am it”s hard to tell where the players got hit. After watching the highlights here at home I retract my applause and am putting myself in a time out.

      • Savage57

        I agree.

        When the enemy is down and gasping for breath, step on their fucking necks.

        Meriweather will be doing his Darryl Stingley impersonation if he keeps that shit up.

          • David B

            I think Hawk did some head hunting. RG III was turned around, stopped and defenseless and Hawk came in and blasted him head to head. Knocked off his helmet… which would have came off a bald man.

            That’s the bad thing about wearing dreads as a player… helmet comes off all the time and so the ref’s don’t blink an eye.

  2. Savage57

    Good day so far.

    Packers take names and kick ass.

    Kenseth leading at Chicago.

    Stricker in 2nd at the BMW.

    And sweetest of all, the Shitfucks lose a heartbreaker to the Bears as time expires, 31-30. Jennings still sucks Ponder’s sack.

    • E. Wolf

      I felt conflicted about the Bears game. While I respect the Bears, I hate the Vikings. The ideal situation is that the Vikings wallow in mediocrity, around 6-10, 7-9. That way they lose, but not so much to get a high draft pick.
      On the other hand, the Bears may actually contend despite my initial misgivings about Trestman. Have not watched the Bears yet, but the stats suggest that Cutty is playing better under Trestman. So it might be best if the rest of the NFC North beat up on each other.

    • Iltarion

      No conflict about it. I was definitely pulling for the Vikes.

      The Bears appear to be a bigger threat than the Vikes. Cutler seems to like Trestman’s system, and the last thing we needed was for the Bears and Cutler to pull off some miracle finish.

      That kind of win can propel a team.

      • E. Wolf

        Yes there is conflict–this conflict emanates from the righteous hatred for the Vikings all decent minded Packers harbor in their hearts.
        It seems the Lions and Vikings have truly garbage secondaries, without the prospect of growth and development that ours does. Cutty has committed some turnovers.

        • PF4l

          Who cares about the Vikings….They’re going nowhere while Ponder is there. Would have been sweet to see the Vikes upset the Yogi’s……BTW…..Any Packer fan that calls Cutler “Cutty”…Should be bitch slapped.

          • Savage57

            I care about the Vikings (you’re new here, aren’t you?) and I’m pretty much OK with me calling Cutty, well, Cutty.

            Any Packer fan that uses…… after everything they write. You get the idea.

  3. the real russ letlow

    lets hope Merriweather gets suspended for a few games. that hit on Lacy was bullshit (no penalty?, oh , right, it’s the Packers!), and then the asshole celebrates. he tries the same earhole cheapshot with Starks and konks himself out. What the hell were the refs looking at? penalize those plays! WTF! isn’t the front office emphasizing player safety and no helmet to helmet!! We put a big time ass whippin on Washington, and I enjoyedall of it, but damn I would like to watch a Packers game where the refs didn’t screw us multiple times.

    • E13

      I don’t wish injury on any player, but Merriweather got what he deserved. Looked like two leading-with-the-helmet hits to me, on Lacy and Starks. Physically, I hope he’s OK. But I don’t feel sorry for him at all, and I hope he gets some hefty fines. He’s not an awesome player, he’s a dirty player.

      • E. Wolf

        Why do you hope he is ok? I hope he winds up a fucking paraplegic eating through a straw in a god-damn wheelchair. Du musst lernen zu hassen.

        • E13

          Meriweather’s actions on the field were deplorable, but I hope Meriweather is OK because life is bigger and more important than football. Hoping someone becomes “a fucking paraplegic” isn’t what the Packers or their fans are about. I’m guessing that Eddie Lacy would agree, along with the entire Packers team.

          • E. Wolf

            Paraplegic might be a little strong, but what that guy did was despicable, and I am disappointed that no one got in his face. Stick up for your teammates.
            Also, Packers football is life as far as I am concerned.

        • Packer Bob

          Like I said, you got issues. Fined, suspended, thrown out of the game …fine. But to hope he’s a “fucking paraplegic eating out of a straw” is messed up.

          • E. Wolf

            I do have issues, and I am proud of it. Because of that piece of shit, Lacy is unlikely to play next week in Cincinatti. If that results from honest, decent play, so be it. But cheap shots like that–especially when done so repeatedly–deserve nothing but scorn and ire.
            Don’t applaud when he gets up on his own power. Hold only scorn, contempt, and hatred for him. That’s my way.

        • Ryan

          Give me a break. Yes, Packers football is life. But, that doesn’t mean you should ever root for someone to be a “paraplegic.” That is asinine.

          You need a reality check.

          • E. Wolf

            Again, I do not make these proclamations lightly. That guy is a dirty player, and tried to harm our guys.
            I am not all chocolate and sunshine. I am no Christian, and certainly do not abide by all that “turn the other cheek” talk.

    • E. Wolf

      I think some Vikings fan has mastered some sort of witchcraft and put a minor curse on us.
      Hopefully the power of Mac, Twelve and the Polar Bear will overcome.

  4. E13

    I don’t know how any Packers fans would feel conflicted about the Vikes-Bears game, or feel happy that the Bears won. A Vikes win would have evened out the division standings, and given the Bears a division loss. If I’m worried about division opponents, I’m more worried about the Bears than the Vikes. I wish the Vikes had won. On the other hand, it’s kind of a win-win thing, since at least one of our division rivals had to lose. That’s always good.

    • Savage57

      I dislike the Bears, but respect the organization and their fans.

      I hate the Shitfucks, despise the owner and if one of their in-bred, waterhead fans was on fire, I wouldn’t piss on ’em to put ’em out.

      So I’m pretty much OK with how things worked out. Only thing that would have been sweeter was a season ending injury to Cutty on the last play.

      • E. Wolf

        That’s the spirit. If only I could get you on board re Indian mascots.
        I am not sure I even dislike the Bears. I would characterize my feelings as a grudging respect for them. That respect has diminished given how they treated Urlacher and firing Lovie Smith and hiring Trestman.
        Concerning Vikings fans, does your answer change if you are talking about one of those Minnesota gals of Scandinavian descent? That can be quite a dilemma. I suspect a woman could be a reasonable facsimile of Amy Adams and perfect in every imaginable way, and if she is a Vikings fan, it would probably be a deal breaker. Love-hate relationships never work out.

  5. Iltarion

    Packers did what they had to today.

    They have some issues on the back end on defense, but the offense controlled the game and put it away.

    How ironic that Lacy goes down and James Starks breaks the 100 yard drought against the same team that Brandon Jackson ran 100 against in 2010.

    As long as they stay healthy, the Packers have a monster with Nelson, Jones, Cobb and Finley for other teams to deal with. San Fran struggled to contain them, and Washington failed altogether. They won’t be alone.

    All four guys break tackles, get YAC, and can make big plays.

    Finley is flat out running people over out there. Tag the guy and make him play for a contract for a second year.

    Sam Shields was the guy covering Pierre Garcon, so I’m not sure how both can be highlights for their teams. He can play better, but it was 31-0 before Washington did most their damage.

  6. Tim

    Im just pissed McCarthy went into puss mode in the third qt instead of letting Rog throw for 600 and 7-8 tds passes. Christ i would have said fuck it, blow em away who gives a shit about sportsmanship. Hell, Payton would have called timeout of a blowout game just to let Brees throw one more pass, you know thats true.

  7. Vijay

    Giants aren’t the threat they used to be. I don’t see any magical turnaround with them this year. We’ve got to remain concerned about the NFC West but outside of that, it appears we have a very solid chance of advancing far in the playoffs with the squad built the way it is. I feel they learned a lot last year, but one criticism I have is this taking the foot off the gas deal. I mean, wouldn’t it be better to send a message rather than play the “nice guy” routine all of the time? Aren’t habits like that tough to break? Well, at least it says we remain a classy organization compared to others I suppose.

    Anyway, good job limiting the run again this week, Jolly makes a huge difference on that line. You can’t replace talent like he has that easily. Good thing he was essentially the same guy after 3 years of no football. On to Cincy!

    • E. Wolf

      One can keep the gas on the pedal without running up the score. Running up the score means for example going for it on 4th and three on the 25 yard line.
      Outside of Meriweather and my annoyance with Chris Berman and the rest of the Mouse fawning so shamelessy over Griffin, I do not have anything against the Redskins. Sort like them because I say viva political incorrectness, and because they are the arch rival of the Cowboys and are also anti Eagles and anti Giants (although I have a grudging respect for the Giants). On the other hand, anyone who plays the Pack is the enemy, and must be made an example of.
      Someone some day is going to set up a collapse worse than the Oilers collapse against the Bills by taking the pedal off the gas.

  8. Iltarion

    That “greatest O-line of all-time” in San Fran is getting mauled by the Seahawks’ D tonight, including Buccaneer castoff Michael Bennett of all people.

    • E. Wolf

      Talk about a dilemma! Who do we pull for in this? Both teams are anathema to our cause. I say Seahawks in this game–let them beat each other up. Chaos Theory in application.

  9. FITZCORE1252

    Definitely wanted duh quears to lose, to even out the division. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in quear country but when it comes to which team I would most like to see perish in a plane crash… It’s duh quears, no contest . Maybe it’s still the memories of them owning us pre-burt, but I just fuckin’ hate ’em. And I don’t recall the queens ever owning us like that. The day we overtake the all time wins against eachother from duh quears, well… That’ll FUCKING RULE! Dem bitches won’t have a god dam thing over us… Nada.

    • Savage57

      Fitz – I feel your hate, but for me it’s the greater of two evils.

      I lived in Chicago during the Bears Super Bowl run and it was tolerable because the Packers sucked so bad they weren’t going anywhere, and because in some way the circus that was the Bears was at least entertaining.

      I had to spend a year in Minneshithole building a facility, which instead of a project felt like a fucking prison sentence. By the time I had finished it, those pig-headed, brainless, sing-song motherfuckers had me thinking like Ted Kaczinsky. Buildings that typically took us 8 months to construct took a year, because of “the Norwiegan way.”

      And, the Bears don’t fuck with our players.

      • E. Wolf

        Fitz is one of those old school, old timer types. He probably thinks reformists like us are heretics, that those who regard the Vikings as the greater of two evils should sit at the kid’s table.
        I have never been to Chicago except for changing planes. Same with Minneapolis. I could easily see how my perspective might change if I were in the midwest and had greater exposure to either fanbase. And I am pretty sure if I had to live in either of those places I would come to despise that team more.
        For me, the Bears are our greatest rivals, but the Vikings are our most hated rival. I was in elementary school in Seattle when the Ditka-Forrest Gregg shit went down, and really did not learn about it until later. A pretty dark time for us, although my understanding is that Charles Martin acted in retribution for less publicized hitjobs Bears were doing against us.
        I respect the Bears. It is a grudging respect. My feelings towards them cannot be described as like or dislike, just a desire to see them fail whenever they face us that is stronger against other non rival teams.
        You guys know how I feel about the Vikings. I have no respect for that team or its fanbase. A great part of me wishes Minnesota stood up to that crook Yid Wilf. No taxpayer enrichment for him *and* the Vikings would cease to be. Their failure with Berty succeeded by our triumphant Super Bowl victory would have been the catalyst to their demise. How many teams can say they actually killed their rival? Maybe the Steelers can say they had a hand in the death of the Oilers.
        One thing though–what is the Norwegian way? Perhaps you really are antiwhite. As I said there are some sexy Nordic women in Minnesota. Don’t think it could ever work if any otherwise desirable woman was a Vikings fan.

        • Savage57

          The Norwegian Way? That’s easy.

          It’s when you look up at the sky at midnight and the pig-headed, opinionated, I’m-always-right motherfuckers start arguing with you as to whether it’s dark or not.

          As to women from Minneshithole. Lots of eye candy, but once they open their mouths you can’t get away from ’em fast enough. Tried to go down on one of those Nordic beauties once. She was a straight up dime with a bangin’ body, but halfway there I kind of puked in my mouth, handed her a can of Raid, and on my way out the door I suggested she learn that a pussy isn’t a self-cleaning organ.

          And she had Vikings shit all over her house.


          • PF4l

            lol…Same exact thing happened to me…1/2 way going downtown to eat tonights “special”. I was suddenly “repulsed”. Only difference was we were at my place. So as nicely as I could, I asked her to leave. Took her about 40 seconds to walk out the door….I remember saying outloud….”WOW”

      • PF4l

        Idk Savage….I remember Peppers going head hunting on Rodgers in the 2010 NFCCG…..Helmet to helmet…Got fined.

  10. PF4l

    Cutty, is a bear fans nickname for Cutler. Its a free Country, call him what you’d like. I prefer shitbag. I don’t like a thing about the bears, and I sure as hell am not going to call Cutler his affectionate nickname from bear fans. But ya’ll call him what you like. Maybe you’d like to buy a “Cutty Jersey” too…………Wolf…Monty isn’t GOD…Take his dick out of your mouth and stop being a follower.

  11. FITZCORE1252

    I get that, Savage. I grew up a couple hours outside chi in Sterling Il, I hate to say it but some of my best friends are quear fans, and those Cocksmokers, are, well… Cocksmokers. I love my buddies, as I always had on Packer gear, and they likely saved me from beat downs more than I know (Quear fans are salty after losses!), but, they’re still pole gackers. Thankfully, my parents were raised in the Chippewa Falls area and raised me right, or fuck… I could be wearing an earlicker jersey.

    pf4l – Cutty! (with the exclamation), to me is actually making a mockery of that pouty faced bitch. Now STFU.

  12. FITZCORE1252

    “He probably thinks reformists like us are heretics, that those who regard the Vikings as the greater of two evils should sit at the kid’s table.”

    Not at all, to each their own, Wolf. I just had to sit in class with quear fans all throughout my youth (when their squad was beating us on a regular basis) which obviously heightened my sense of animosity. I’ll never disparage my Packer brethren for their hatred of the pig-tailed wearing, purple uni sporting, D-bags. By all means, hate on!

    • E. Wolf

      I understand that. As a cubs fan I have seen footage of insufferable Cubs fans (from Chicago) acting up against Brewers fans and others. One frat boy was turned around facing seats behind him, belligerently yelling “Go Cubs, Fuck the Brewers, Fuck the Brewers.” Ends with him throwing beer on people.
      Then you have guys like this:

      Bet these and others are Bears fans!

  13. cd4packers

    I was pretty impressed with the Pack yesterday. It was nice to be able to watch a Packer game and relax. AR was outstanding!!! I wish that the Defense had been able to put a halt to Garcions aggressive play. He was determined to do some damage and that he did. Great game for the Pack none the less. Very Happy! Go Pack Go!

  14. E. Wolf

    I was at the game and applauded when a then unknown opposing player got up after being hurt. I’ve always said going to the game is great but you see the game way better on tv. Watching the game live from 80 yards away and being on your 9th beer since 8am it”s hard to tell where the players got hit. After watching the highlights here at home I retract my applause and am putting myself in a time out.

    Bully for you for being at Lambeau. Too bad Mac and Twelve shut things down–you could have witnessed history.
    Don’t they have replay. I think you see different things at the game that you don’t see on tv, and vice versa. The cameras cannot show everything all the time. It depends a lot on where you sit, too. Depending on the venue, about 20 seats up between the thirties.

  15. rebelgb

    “As to women from Minneshithole. Lots of eye candy, but once they open their mouths you can’t get away from ‘em fast enough. Tried to go down on one of those Nordic beauties once. She was a straight up dime with a bangin’ body, but halfway there I kind of puked in my mouth, handed her a can of Raid, and on my way out the door I suggested she learn that a pussy isn’t a self-cleaning organ.” – Savage57

    LOL fuck man that is sooooooooo true. I did some schooling in the Twins and the women there can be nice to look at but man what a bunch of stuck up pretentious bitches. No wonder the men in Minnesota act like a bunch of fucking faggots.

    I applauded when the injured Redskin got up and walked off the field. Shit looked really bad. However, had I realized it was the same guy that put that bullshit hit on Lacy, I would have fucking prayed for a stretcher and ambulance on the 50 yard line to cart that dirty fucker off the field.

    Great game by the Pack and it was a fun game to be at. I do have to say though that Seattle really exposed just how bad our defense is when they played basic man to man against San Fran last night and completely shut them assholes down.

    • Abe Frohman

      meh…not so sure about the Seattle comment. Richard Sherman is a beast at CB and he was more or less locked onto Boldin and shut him out. Vernon Davis went out with a hammy. They have literally no one else to throw to. So, load up and stop the run.

    • iltarion

      Amazingly, it appeared to me that San Fran had prepared harder for the game against us than against Seattle.

      San Fran sucks at Seattle. Maybe they’ve accepted it and figure they’ll get them back in San Fran.

      Kapernick was a totally different guy and his receivers were actually dropping the effin ball.

      Seattle has a VERY strong defense, but their offense is nothing special. I actually think the 3-3 halftime score in the preseason game against them might be a fairly good indicator of what a game against them would be like.

  16. cd4packers

    why do men find if necessary to come on a sports chat site to bash women? Lmao. I could go into great detail about all the shit men have done to me. And about how bad they stink. And how they don’t clean their privates…omg. Really?

  17. SoTxPhil

    You failed to mentin how INVISIBLE Hawk was in this game too, other than the cheap shot on a stopped RGIII. He was late to the tackle as always and out of position. What a waste of money. Sam Sheilds was our best def player with numerous tackles and breakups. J. Jolly must be teaching the other DLinemen how to jump and bat balls because several other guys got their hands in the way yesterday. Prevent def for a qtr and a half spelled out alot of additional yds for the skins too.

    • iltarion

      Should every guy who is invisible every game be mentioned?

      Apparently you missed the near pick that Hawk had.

      Yes, Shields made some plays. He also gave up a bunch.

  18. rebelgb

    I have agree with SoTxPhil about Hawk. Watching the game (at the game) there were several runs outside that our ends did a great job stringing out but Hawk was just too slow to get to the corner. A faster LB would have made plays on those particular runs.

  19. (G)oldenTATEDONTHATE

    Well well Fudge Packer fans, so do you honestly think your awful defense and terrible offense can stop us? Let me just tell you come playoff time, and in a few years Wilson will have more rings than Rodgers and our Defense can kick your ass. Plus Pete Carroll is way cooler and classier than your fatass inbred coach. Bring it on bitches.

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