Five More Things on Packers Win Over Redskins

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James Jones

James Jones

The Green Bay Packers carved out a dominating 38-20 win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday for their first win of the season. Here’s what we think upon reflection.

We’re still not sold that this is a great team.
Yeah, the offense was hitting on all cylinders yesterday, but let’s consider who they were hitting against for a moment. The Redskins are giving up an average of 511 yards per game through two weeks. And yes, that’s by far the worst in the NFL (by over 30 yards per game). So it’s swell to be excited about the Packers offense right now, but they put all those career highs up against what looks like a really terrible defense, on Sunday.

The Packers still can’t cover anyone deep.
Okay, Sam Shields has played pretty well, but a week after giving up 208 yards to Anquan Boldin, the Packers let Pierre Garcon have a monster game. Eight catches for 143 yards and a touchdown. That’s 17.9 per catch. So what’s the deal here? Well, Jerron McMillian was still in the lineup, but the Packers used him around the line of scrimmage. That left M.D. Jennings and undrafted rookie Chris Banjo deep. We presume these guys will get better as the weeks go on, but the Packers really need Morgan Burnett back.

Brandon Meriweather is a dirty S.O.B.
Meriweather, the Redskins safety, is the guy who delivered the blow that knocked Eddie Lacy out of the game. He clearly led with the top of his helmet, which is illegal. There should have been a flag on the play. There wasn’t. Meriweather did the same thing when he went for James Starks on the sideline and, ironically, knocked himself out. This dick better be getting a fine this week from the league. He plays reckless, illegal football.

The Packers receivers really helped Aaron Rodgers.
Rodgers tied the team record for passing yards in a game with 480 and he largely has his receivers to thank for that. They were monsters after the catch. Check out these numbers. James Jones had 96 yards after catch, Randall Cobb had 79 and Jermichael Finley had 59. That’s a total of 234 of Rodgers’ yards right there.

David Bakhtiari, remember him?
The Packers offensive line is really bad at times. I’m looking at you Evan Dietrich-Smith and Don Barclay. The one guy’s name you really haven’t heard through two weeks is rookie left tackle David Bakhtiari. That’s a good thing. There were a lot of questions about whether Bakhtiari would be able to hold up coming into the season. So far, he’s help up just fine. Better than expected, I might suggest.

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29 Comments on "Five More Things on Packers Win Over Redskins"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    The o-line made me sick in the 1st quarter. However, yes, Bakhtiari played pretty well.

    1 think not mentioned, the Offensive & Defensive coordination was good the whole game. Good job by Big Mike even though he still has a hideous “challenge flag percentage”

  2. E13

    Off topic, but: anyone notice the 49ers’ 4 personal fouls for cheap-shot, bitch-slapping the Seahawks? Eat crow, Harbaugh. At least bring some knuckles next time. You and your team are going to have some work to do in repairing your tough-guy image.

  3. the real russ letlow

    Merriweather needs to be suspended and fined. The asshole celebrates an illegal hit that gives a guy a concussion, then knocks his own dumb ass unconscious on another illegal hit. And the refs don’t throw a flag. WTF? overall not a horribly officiated game, but they certainly missed some calls. however, the blind zebras did manage to call their fair share against us.

  4. Arcturus

    That scumbag Meriweather was fined two times previously for the exact same thing. He should be facing a suspension this time.

  5. Rkom

    I listened to game on radio
    Did any packer get in merriweather’s face after that cheap shot on Lacy?
    I saw a quick clip of him strutting around like he single handedly stuffed Lacy for a loss – instead of taking a cheap shot at a rb with a dude holding onto him after 10 yard run…. Which is all he did.
    Cheap shot bastard that he is….

    • E. Wolf

      Not that I saw. Does not mean it did not happen because the cameras do not show all things at all times. The cameras showed the crowd at Lambeau applauding when he got up on his own power. I like to think they did not know who he was, but I suspect it is symptomatic of our fanbase being too eager to show how “classy” they are.
      If it were Brian Urlacher when he was playing or even Richard Sherman–I get it. But not for that piece of shit. Really angers me.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      The hit on Lacy wasn’t “cheap”

      It was just with the crown of the helmet to the side of Eddie’s jaw. It would warrant a penalty & a small fine in my opinion.

      • Abe Frohman

        Sorry Tyko, but I disagree. Both Merriweather hits were textbook examples of exactly what not to do. He was using the helmet as a weapon. Proper technique would be to be looking up so that your hips are low and you’re driving with the legs. What he did was leave his feat and lead with his head – most likely with the intent to injure.

  6. Rkom

    Exactly E Wolf
    Symptomatic of coaches being too classy too.
    Yeah as well….
    If any “good” player did thatto lacy they would have probably hung around lacy to see if was ok or slap him on ass or ask if he was ok. Or at least not act like a dumbass…
    Merriweather is a punk from what i hear anyway.
    At least fans gave merriweather a “glad u ok” applause.
    Cool regardless of his style

  7. “The Packers still can’t cover anyone deep.”

    Apparently neither can anyone nobody can . Did you watch any of the other games? Giving up 300+ yards is average. Teams are gonna throw it 40 to 50 times a game.

  8. Rkom

    Was Lacy down on turf after hit or did he get up?
    Did he show symptoms of being hurt in the head or anywhere else?

    • E. Wolf

      He got up and walked in an obvious stupor. I have heard (not confirmed) that he did not know where he was, as in could see he and others were in uniforms but did not recall what happened, was not really sure where he was or how he got there.. A doctor was looking at him, handling his face neck and shoulders. Then they walked off.
      Again, I don’t get the crowd at Lambeau applauding him getting off, sorry. Another guy on here said at least he could not see who was hurt, and indeed only realized what sort of play was involved on replay at home. I’d think they would have that stuff on replay, to get the team and the crowd into it.
      It angers me because I love this team so much and not having Lacy will affect our chances against the Bengals. But above beyond that, basic human decency should inspire anyone with a potent concoction of compassion, concern on one hand, and rage and scorn on the other.
      At least I can say the Charles Martin hit was (allgedly at least) in retaliation for less conspicuous but equally dirty plays that the Bears had made in the past. Everything I have read about the rivalry in that era was that there were atrocities on both sides. On the other hand, this guy has a reputation for pulling this shit without discrimination. We are not even rivals wtih the Redskins fer chrissake.
      Here is something positive–Starks put his head in and knocked that fucker out. I am sure he and the rest of the team were well aware of what went down. Instead of getting in some dumb fight that would incur a 15 yard penalty and possibly an ejection, perhaps one of our boys bided his time, and then laid the smackdown–head first when it counted.
      Get the trash off the field!

  9. Rkom

    I have been saying for a decade or more that
    The defenders are taking cheap shots at ball carriers who are held up and less than one second from clearly going down and not getting one further foot because they are clearly going down.
    Not the ambiguious reciever being defenseless stuff…. That is still harder to define.
    They slam into ball carriers basically after no further yardage will obviously be gained…. I
    Claimed i was getting older and that those type of late worthless hits may worry me now more because i worry for these young athletes now that i have kids.
    I dunno….
    But coaches gotta teach to cause fumbles and break up passes – not kill somebody!

  10. Deepsky

    Starks deserves the starting job for knocking out a guy who was trying to take him out. I guess the Packers are tough now?

  11. GBslacker

    I think we’ve reached the tipping point concerning officiating.

    There’s a limit to what a few people can do — especially in the immediacy that is a typical NFL play, lasting a very few seconds, involving 22 people — concerning multi-rule enforcement via bad angles and obscured players.

    It’s not that the rules are bad, more that they can’t be enforced consistently.

    The rules are so complex that the SF/GB game officials didn’t even know WTF to do after the Matthews play.
    The Seattle “fail-mary” play had one guy signaling touchdown, the other guy signaling touchback.

    It’s much like the multi-tasking farce: people can’t multi-task; the more things you do at once, the more things you do half-ass.

    It may come down to a team of NFL hawk-eyes that review all game film in the following week and hand out suspensions for the upcoming week based on their observations. Of course, bad plays will stand and teams may lose games as a result.

    Another solution could be air-bags: in the first milli-second of contact, full-body airbags explode, protecting all players involved. Rosters would expand as “blown” players are side-lined as their bags are re-packed.

  12. Rkom

    I just saw a better replay not long ago
    All merriweather had to to do was jump his body into Lacy and stop him for same gain.
    Not launch his crown into Lacy’s head!!!!!
    That shit is cheap shot circa 2013!!!!

  13. iltarion

    502 – 283 yards.

    Those were the respective yardage totals near the end of the 3rd quarter when it was 38-7.

    The game was over at that point. Yardage meant exactly nothing. In fact, even points no longer mattered.

    To complain about anything happening beyond that point is grasping for anything at all to complain about, even things that make no damn difference to anyone.

  14. rebelgb

    I have to agree with Itarion on this. The stats up till the 4th quarter tell the tale. After that its all a wash. If I was one of those guys on the Pack defense in the 4th quarter im taking chances and looking for the big play to pad my stats for more green backs….

  15. (G)oldenTATEDONTHATE

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA awwww whats a matter Slacker fans you can’t hang with physical teams? How in the world are you gonna beat the Seahawks IN OUR house in the playoffs?? CAWCAWCAW bitches! DYNASTY BREWING!!!

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