Davon House is Earning More Playing Time

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Davon House

Davon House

During the preseason it was rookie Micah Hyde who was impressive, while Davon House was the opposite. Now that the regular season is here, it looks like the roles have reversed.

Hyde has gotten plenty of playing time in the Green Bay Packers nickel package and hasn’t done anything with it. In week two, Hyde was supplanted by House in the nickel and made the most of his opportunities.

“We like the way House played from the outside with Tramon, House and Shields out there we feel pretty good about that coverage unit,” Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers said. “I think the way he was playing was good. Not to mention he had the sack when he came in. He had a couple passes defensed. We’re always looking to find our best combination of people on the field. We’ll have to see in practice this week how that thing goes.”

House played on the outside in the nickel and the Packers moved Tramon Williams to the slot. That’s usually where Casey Hayward plays, but he’s been out with a hamstring injury.

In addition to making a few plays on defense, House was also solid on special teams. He took home a game ball for his performance there.

“I like our secondary, the way these guys are rallying. We could probably do maybe a cleaner job this week of defining roles and giving these guys a chance to really lock into certain areas,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “Davon House, I thought he played a heck of a game.”

So it looks like House has played himself back into the coaches’ good graces, which means more work in the nickel, at least until Hayward returns.

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7 Comments on "Davon House is Earning More Playing Time"

  1. rebelgb

    “I like our secondary..” – MM.

    Guy truly is a dripshit. Really Mike? You like our secondary? You mean the group that has given up over 700 yards in 2 games?

    Fucking dumbass. Yeah opposing teams like them too Mike.

    • Chad Lundberg

      The secondary has missed Casey Hayward and Morgan Burnett. With those two, I guarantee that they wouldn’t have given up nearly as much as 700 yards.

      You also must consider that the Packers did not attempt to rush Colin Kaepernick, so as a result, the secondary was forced to play coverage for extended period(s) of time. Not even the game’s best defenders (Darrelle Revis, Jonathan Joseph) are capable of covering receivers forever.

      And third, most of Griffin’s yards came in the fourth quarter. The score was 38-7, and anyone who has watched football long enough already knows what that means. It means the Packers are just going to try to drain the clock, and nothing else which includes not even trying to shut down RGIII. Just drain the clock.

      All that into account and the secondary has played rather well actually.

  2. the real russ letlow

    can’t have enough good players, with experience, in the secondary. when everyone is healthy, all will be experienced as well.

  3. rebelgb

    Chad stopping a mobile QB from running while allowing him to give up 400+ yards in passing is not an Excuse. Its a poor game plan.

    Look people may be able to make an argument for why the secondary hasnt played well; but dont tell people your happy with it…

    Hopefully we arent all over estimating the positive effects getting Burnett and Heyward back will have….

    • Chad Lundberg

      I think you are greatly underestimating them. Casey Hayward did not commit a single penalty, had six INT’s, and opposing passers had a 31.1 rating when throwing at him last season. If anything, you are greatly UNDERestimating him. If anything.

      And Morgan Burnett doesn’t have to be Nick Collins. I don’t even think he’s quite at pro bowl level. What matters is that he’s a bajillion times better than either Banjo or McMillian. If you watched the replay of the 49er’s game, you will see that McMillian was pretty much ran over the entire game by Anquan Boldin. He was so bad that they put Jarret Bush out there for a couple of snaps.

      Casey Hayward and Burnett are not world class players, I am NOT trying to say that. All I’m saying is that the secondary is much MUCH better with them than without them. That much I can say with absolute confidence.

      • Chad Lundberg

        I wish there was an EDIT button for these responses, I left something out.

        Hayward’s 31.1 passer rating of opposing quarterbacks was the lowest in the entire league.

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