Clay Matthews Sitting Out was Preventative

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Clay Matthews strips Andy Dalton

Clay Matthews strips Andy Dalton

Clay Matthews missed the second half of Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury… because everyone on the Green Bay Packers has a hamstring injury.

However, the injury doesn’t appear to be serious even though Matthews injures his hamstring every season. After the game, he said sitting out was more preventative than anything.

“I’ll be good. I think today was more of a preventive measure than anything,” said Matthews, who missed four games last year due to his hamstring. “I felt like I could go back out there, but we have to be smart, especially going into a bye week. I don’t see myself missing any time. We have Detroit coming back and I’ll be out there.”

The question is if he could have gone back out there, why didn’t he? I get that the Packers don’t want to risk long-term injury, but the defense was clearly not the same without Matthews on the field.

Matthews forced two fumbles in the first half and was playing like a man on fire. The other two guys — Nick Perry and Mike Neal — were pretty much invisible.

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20 Comments on "Clay Matthews Sitting Out was Preventative"

  1. Ryan Ellison

    Hes supposed to be “filling the leadership void” lets set an example and play through it. If it falls off tape the fucker back on and play. show the young guys that that’s how we do it in GreenBay

  2. the real russ letlow

    it was preventative – it prevented us from winning the game. All we needed was a stop on one of the second half scoring drives. I absolutely hate these kinds of losses. Because it should have been a victory!

  3. The Money Mike

    “I felt like I could go back out there, but we have to be smart, especially going into a bye week”

    Where does it end?

    Theoretical Examples:
    -Sit out OTAs to be ready for training camp
    -Sit out training camp to be ready for the preseason
    -Sit out preseason to be ready for season
    -Pup list, sit out first six games to be ready for rest of season
    -Sit out first three games and bye week to be ready after bye week
    -Sit out regular season game to get ready for playoffs
    -Sit out playoff game to be ready for Super Bowl
    -Sit out Super Bowl to be ready for OTAs next season

    At what point do you never sit out?

    Seriously, if you can go, then go. It doesn’t matter if you win by 30 points or 1 point, every game matters!

  4. The Money Mike

    Sorry I forgot the example that started my post:
    -Sit out second half of game to get ready for next game

    Also sitting out the Super Bowl is obviously far fetched, but its just to show it can be a never ending circle

  5. Odin VonTogan

    No doubt he is a girlyman, same as all the other Packer D. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of dweebs, high draft picks but no production. Bout time they step it up a notch. Maybe I can play – 5’7″ – 280 lbs – 44.4 forty – don’t make me come down there.

  6. Nacho Libre

    I wasn’t able to hear the game audio at Buffalo Wild Wings due to the cowgirls/lambs game, can someone fill me in on what Joe Buck said that is making us packer fans pissed off??

  7. FITZCORE1252

    Nacho Libre, he referred to Randall as “Reggie Cobb” for about the 30th time over the years… Among other things.

  8. Iltarion

    No surprise that Matthews would take the 2nd half off with the bye coming up.

    The hilarious thing is that McCarthy was quoted as saying the bye doesn’t change anything as far as starting or sitting players.

    For being all about class, MM lies just like every other coach in the NFL.

    Everyone saying how Matthews was getting after the QB whereas the other guys weren’t, not sure what game you were watching. Yeah, the two fumbles were huge, but he wasn’t getting any pressure on the QB either. I think his one sack was when Dalton tried to scramble up the middle and basically ran into him.

  9. If he had gone back in the game, pulled his hamstring again, and was out for multiple games we’d all be going, “how could the Packers have put him back in?! buffonary!! “.

    But I agree, this defense was not the same without him, which is why it probably made sense to pull him. The absolutely need him to get healthy for Detroit and Baltimore.

  10. vj

    Hmm…Nick and Mike…those were Ted picks, right? Yeah…um…we are waiting…maybe neither is quite ready yet, yeah lets give them another year to develop into dominant pass rush threats like Clay

  11. Yerry

    Preventative? Why not get some one in to look at preventing so many of these bloody hamstring injuries?
    THAT MANY! They are surely doing something wrong…

  12. PF4l

    Clay has had a chronic hamstring problem since the beginning. He has been held out of practice’s numerous times. He hasn’t missed much time because of it. To call CM3 a part time player is idiotic. I’m not a Dr. and neither are any of you. They know him and his hamstring issues. If they felt it better to sit him, who are any of you to dispute it? But if you want to “play Doctor” on the internet…have at it…lol

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